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Unlock the power of your HubSpot data. Effortlessly connect to Google Sheets with automated data sync, flexible report building, and one-click reports.

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Command your sales pipeline
One-click reporting templates
Command your sales pipeline
Custom report builder
Command your sales pipeline
Automatic data sync
Command your sales pipeline
Granular, record-level data
Command your sales pipeline
Tools to build any view
Command your sales pipeline
Leverage automatic properties
Command your sales pipeline
Attribution across your funnel
Command your sales pipeline
Understand revenue drivers
Command your sales pipeline
Spot pipeline risk

"Reports that would have taken us days to pull together with the right data into usable views unique to our business take minutes with DemandSage."

Cheryl Kardos, SVP Marketing, Numerated

Demand Sage gets all of my data into spreadsheets in exactly the format I need, so I can connect it with my other data; for example, my content calendar, to better understand how different investments drive revenue.

Doug Davidoff, Founder & CEO, Imagine Business Development

"The Report Library has opened my eyes to data that I didn’t realize existed, let alone that I had access to. Even getting access to it wouldn’t have been nearly as useful as the insights gained from simply being able to visually see and manipulate the data so easily"

Kevin Heraly, Sales & Continuous Improvement Manager, DriverReach

"Our weekly customer health reports are one example of how Demand Sage took a very manual process that cost almost an entire FTE to create and maintain and automated it"

Lyle Stevens, Cofounder & CEO, Mavrck

"I have yet to see a tool where you didn't eventually just give up and export things to a spreadsheet. Demand Sage is like having a Sheets power-user that automatically makes the spreadsheets you really want to see."

Vinayak Ranade, CEO, Drafted

Tools For HubSpot Success


Sync your HubSpot data to Sheets nightly to enjoy spreadsheet-powered up-to-date dashboards and reports


Sync your HubSpot data to Sheets nightly to enjoy spreadsheet-powered up-to-date dashboards and reports


Sync your HubSpot data to Sheets nightly to enjoy spreadsheet-powered up-to-date dashboards and reports

One-Click Report Templates

Take advantage of our Report Library of pre-built templates and dashboards with the click of a button

Custom Report Builder

Build your own perfect report that turns raw HubSpot data into answers to your unique business questions

Automatic Data Sync

Make exporting and importing static CSVs a thing of the past with automatic nightly data sync

Put Your Reporting On Autopilot

Get HubSpot data into Sheets for automatic updates and the ability to combine with other data sources

Granular, Record-Level Data

Find insights within your data by ingesting all of your record-level HubSpot data to access via spreadsheet

Tools To Build Any View

Slice and dice your data with familiar spreadsheet tools and our powerful no-code data analytics and table builder

Leverage Automatic Properties

Let Demand Sage reduce the amount of work you need to do by creating properties to enrich contact, company or deal objects

Your Data, Your Way

Demand Sage's spreadsheet flexibility lets you transform your HubSpot data into granular, insightful reports and insights

Attribution Across Your Funnel

Connect sales and marketing activities and content to movement at any stage of your funnel

Understand Revenue Drivers

See what sources, inbound campaigns and activities drive revenue most effectively

Spot Pipeline Risk

Identify pipeline bottlenecks, current and over time, to identify and engage with accounts stuck in the pipeline

Command Your Pipeline

Tapping the flow of data can be difficult. Demand Sage lets you examine what really matters in your pipeline

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