8 Ahrefs Alternatives & Competitors (2024 Updated)

Do you find Ahrefs too pricey, complex, or overwhelmingly detailed? If yes, then you might do well with an Ahrefs alternative. But what are some good Ahrefs alternatives? Let me help you with that.

#1 Ahrefs Alternative — Semrush

Semrush is the perfect alternative to Ahrefs.🎯
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Ahrefs is a flagship SEO tool whose scope and functionality surpass even the best in the category. It offers unmatched backlink analysis features as well as reasonably impressive keyword research functionality. But, despite being a heavyweight in the SEO arena, it’s not for everyone. To explain more about Ahrefs, I have done a complete Ahrefs Review, which you can check out here.


For one thing, it’s not affordable to many. Secondly, its broad functionality is a hindrance for those still finding their feet in the SEO world. On top of that, SEO experts often find Ahrefs lacking in keyword research.

Whatever the reason, you are here because you are searching for the best Ahrefs alternatives. And that’s precisely what I am going to reveal.

But, before you explore all the Ahrefs alternatives in this article, ask yourself a question.

What’s The Reason You Are Looking For An Ahrefs Alternative?

Why am I asking that? Because the answer to this question will help you pick the most suitable Ahrefs alternative.

Let me ease the process;

Think about where you stand in your SEO expertise. Are you a beginner or an expert SEO professional? If that’s irrelevant for you, whether it’s budget constraints pushing you to find Ahrefs alternatives?

Are you clear about your reason? OK, then let me offer you my Ahrefs alternatives recommendations;

If you are a beginner in SEO, get Ubersuggest.

  • It’s easy and includes almost every functionality to help you structure and manage your SEO strategy.
  • Plus, it’s super budget-friendly so that you won’t put any dent in your pocket.

If you are an SEO expert, get Semrush.

Top 8 Ahrefs Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2024)

Sr. No.Ahrefs AlternativeBest For
1.SemrushTrue Ahrefs alternative for expert SEO professionals, agencies, and businesses
2.SerpstatAll-in-One SEO tool, perfect for entry-level bloggers, affiliate marketers, and SEO professionals
3.SE RankingBeginner-friendly yet through competitor analysis tools on a budget
4.UbersuggestAffordable, practical, and beginner are friendly
5.Screaming FrogSuitable Ahrefs alternative for experienced SEO professionals and bloggers
6.SpyFuA perfect Ahrefs alternative for competitor research and keyword analysis
7.Moz Probest for marketers, agencies & enterprises looking to get more insights into their competitors
8.Mangoolsbest for beginners, intermediates, and SEO experts

Here we have listed some top Ahrefs alternatives.

1. Semrush

If there’s one tool that could truly rival Ahrefs in all its features and functionality, it’s Semrush. It’s indeed one of the best alternatives to Ahrefs.

Functionality-wise, it’s as broad as Ahrefs and even surpasses in some aspects. Whether it’s keyword research, site audit, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, or content optimization, Semrush ace it all.


One thing unique about Semrush is its in-depth keyword research feature. While Ahrefs also has a comprehensive keyword research functionality, Semrush’s depth is still missing. Semrush shows tons of extra data and often real-time changes, including attributes like search volume trends.

Why pick Semrush over Ahrefs?

Semrush encloses around 45 features to offer you comprehensive support to boost. Besides, Semrush offers extensive keyword research, site audit, content management, and domain analysis tools.

On top of that, Semrush is similar to Ahrefs in functionality and complexity; therefore, transitioning from Ahrefs to Semrush won’t be an issue.

How much does Semrush cost?

Price-wise, Semrush is nearly as expensive as Ahrefs. The only consolation is that Semrush offers a free trial while there’s no such facility in Ahrefs.

  • The Pro plan costs $119.95/month.
  • The guru plan costs $229.95 a month.
  • The business plan costs $449.95 a month.

Who is Semrush best forAgencies with big SEO teams, SEO professionals who handle multiple projects, and businesses with in-house SEO teams.

2. Serpstat

Serpstat is another handy SEO tool that offers elaborate functionality at an affordable price. Therefore, Serpstat is also a viable Ahrefs alternative for those with budget constraints.

Like Ubersuggest, Serpstat began as a keyword research tool and evolved over time into a full-time growth hacking suite encompassing everything from keyword research to competitor analysis.


Some claim that Serpstat lacks filters to refine results. Also, the Serpstat database is relatively smaller than Ahrefs or Semrush – however, that won’t be an issue for beginners.

Why pick Serpstat as Ahref’s alternative?

I will emphasize the affordability and functionality of picking Serpstat instead of Ahrefs.

Besides, Serpstat includes 30 unique SEO tools that help you beat and stay ahead of competitors.

Features like Competitor Intelligence, Content Marketing, Full cycle SEO Management, Market Intelligence and Analytics and Advertising, Paid Search Intelligence and more aid in perfectly structuring your marketing strategy.

How much does Serpstat cost?

Serpstat offers five plans to choose from;

  • Lite Plan is $55/month and includes 20 tools to run SEO, SEM, and PPC campaigns.
  • The standard plan comes at $119/month and allows upto three users.
  • The advanced plan comes at $239/month and allows upto 5 users, plus APIs and an extended interface.
    • The enterprise plan comes at $399/month and allows 7 users and white labels.

Who is Serpstat best for – Serpstat is a growth hacking tool ideally suited for marketers, small agencies, and SEO professionals.

3. SE Ranking

Small Agencies, affiliate marketers, and small-time SEOs could greatly benefit from SE Ranking if Ahrefs is not on their list of preferred SEO tools. It’s complete in all respects and includes powerful features to revamp your SEO strategy.

SE Ranking

Whether keyword rank Tracker, Website audit, Backlink Tracking, Keyword Suggestion Tool, SEO/PPC Competitor Research or Backlink checker, SE Ranking provides accurate data and detailed information.

Why pick SR Ranking as Ahrefs alternative?

SR Ranking is notorious for its data accuracy – something quite essential in SEO and a good reason to select or discard an SEO tool.

The functionality part is also a good motivator to choose SR ranking over Ahrefs. Apart from all the standard SEO tools, SR Ranking also comes equipped with features like White Label, Social Media Management, and Marketing Plan to boost your marketing efforts to a new level.

Additionally, the platform’s price and simplicity are big reasons to go with SR Ranking.

How much does SR Ranking cost?

SR ranking offers three plans to choose from;

  • Essential Plan – Costs $31.20/month.
  • PRO Plan – Costs $71.20/month.
  • Business Plan – Costs $151.20/month.

Who is SR Ranking Best For – Those moving up in their SEO journey, like multiple website owners or agency owners, will benefit from this powerful all-in-one SEO toolkit.

4. Ubersuggest

I will begin with an Ahrefs alternative that is simple to use and includes practical SEO functionality. I am talking about Ubersuggest, a popular keyword research tool now thriving under the patronage of SEO industry great Neil Patel.

Well, it’s certainly not as comprehensive as Ahrefs in data or features, but it does solve the affordability issue. It also packs enough functionality to help you devise an optimum SEO strategy. The interface is pretty simple and, therefore, suits beginners well.

Ahrefs Alternatives - Ubersuggest

Initially, Ubersuggest was only a keyword research tool, but Neil Patel has added enough functionality to make it a full-fledged SEO tool package. You will find features like Rank Tracking, Site Audit, Keyword Analysis, Traffic Analysis and Backlinks Analysis. Pretty much everything to position yourself up in SERP.

Why pick Ubersuggest as Ahrefs alternative

Ubersuggest addresses two issues that often prevent would-be SEOs from going with Ahrefs – affordability and complexity. Thankfully, Ubersuggest is cheap and pretty simple to use.

Also, you aren’t trading much in terms of functionality for the low price. Ubersuggest is a pretty decent SEO toolkit, and beginners will find everything they need to boost their ranking in search results.

How much does Ubersuggest Cost?

Ubersuggest comes in three different packages, each designed for different SEO requirements;

  • Individual Plan – Costs $12/month
  • Business Plan – Costs $20/month
  • Enterprise/Agency Plan – Costs $40/month

Who is Ubersuggest best for – Entry-level bloggers, marketers, and website owners on a tight budget.

5. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is perhaps the best option if you want a quick, lightweight SEO tool that offers deep SEO insights about your website. And compared to Ahrefs, it’s less complex, more affordable, and equally functional.

 Screaming Frog

Besides the paid version, Screaming from also comes with a free offer that allows upto 1000 pages audit. If there’s something wrong in terms of SEO on your site, the Screaming Frog will find it.

Why Pick Screaming Frog as Ahrefs Alternative

Screaming Frog’s technical site audit capabilities are more advanced than Ahrefs. Besides, the On-Page SEO insights the Screaming Frog provides are comparable to Ahrefs results.

Additionally, Screaming Frog offers a free version that allows you 1000-page audits for free. Unfortunately, Ahrefs does not include any free plan. 

Who is screaming Frog best for – Screaming Frog is suitable for both beginners and expert digital marketing individuals.

6. SpyFu

The opponents of Ahrefs often claim that it struggles with keyword research. It’s true to some extent because Ahrefs was initially meant to be a backlink analysis tool. However, advanced keyword research is your concern, and SpyFu presents itself as a viable Ahrefs alternative.


Its powerful spying capabilities allow you deep insight into paid as well as organic keywords your competitors are ranking. In short, it’s the most comprehensive keyword research and analysis tool.

Why pick SpyFu as Ahrefs Alternative?

Firstly, it brings powerful keyword research functionality; however, it doesn’t cost a fortune. Besides, SpyFu also offers a wealth of PPC and SEO data to rank higher in SERP.

With SpyFu, you have solid SEO tools at your disposal that allow unlimited search results, unlimited data export, keyword rank tracking, unlimited domain overview, custom reports, backlink searches, and competitor analysis.

How much does SpyFu cost?

  • The basic monthly plan costs $39 a month.
  • The professional plan costs $58 a month.
  • The team plan costs $299 monthly and 149/per month if billed annually.

Who is SpyFu best For – SEO experts with budget constraints yet in need of a powerful SEO tool with reliable data can do well with SpyFu.

7. Moz Pro

We all know Moz as the creator of domain authority (DA) which has become an industry-standard metric to check the authority of any website. They are also known for their famous beginner SEO guides. Since then, they have added so many features and tools in their arsenal, that’s why they became an amazing Ahrefs alternative today.


Moz Pro offers tools like site crawl, keyword explorer, backlink explorer, and rank tracker, which are similar to Ahrefs’ toolset. These tools have large databases similar to Semrush and Ahrefs. One of their best features is competition analysis which can give actionable insights into your competitors that you can use to your advantage.

Why pick Moz Pro as Ahrefs alternative?

The pricing of Moz Pro is similar to Ahrefs, so I will choose Ahrefs over Moz Pro in a heartbeat if we talk about affordability.

The feature that will make me want to choose Moz Pro over Ahrefs is its competitor analysis tool which gives you accurate data on your competitors.

It can help you analyze your competitor from top to bottom, and then you can use their strategies to your advantage as well. One more thing that I like about Moz Pro is that they offer a 30-day free trial which you won’t find on Ahrefs.

How much does Moz Pro cost?

Moz Pro’s pricing is almost similar to Ahrefs. The only thing that differentiates it from Ahrefs is its 30-day free trial. Here I have explained its pricing. 

  • Standard Plan – $99/mo or $950/year
  • Medium Plan – $179/mo or $1719/year
  • Large Plan – $299/mo or $2868/year
  • Premium Plan – $599/mo or $5750/year

Who is Moz Pro best for – Moz Pro is best for marketers, agencies & enterprises looking to get more insights into their competitors.

8. Mangools

Mangools is another great alternative to Ahrefs, which offers similar features as Ahrefs. This tool is best for those who are not very tech-savvy. Mangools does not offer any complicated features, and you can easily use all of its tools. It offers five different tools, and they are SERPChecker, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler, KWFinder, and SERPWatcher.


With all of these tools, you can track the rankings of your keywords, do keyword research, analyze the backlink profile of any website, and get detailed SEO insights and metrics. You can also try all of its tools for ten days for free without giving out your payment info.

Why pick Mangools as Ahrefs alternative?

Ahrefs offers a lot of complicated tools that can be overwhelming for a beginner, whereas the tools of Mangools are pretty easy to use, and it is perfect for beginners to get started.

With their KWFinder tool, you can find keyword opportunities and SERPChecker to analyze the SERP of important keywords.

You can use SERPWatcher to track the rankings of your keywords, LinkMiner helps you analyze the backlink profile of any website, and the SiteProfiler to audit your website or your competitor’s website to get detailed SEO metrics.

How much does Mangools cost?

There are three pricing options available on Mangools, and they are as follows:

  • Mangools Basic – $49/mo or $360/year
  • Mangools Premium – $69/mo or $540/year
  • Mangools Agency – $129/mo or $1080/year

Who is Mangools best for – Mangools is best for beginners, intermediates, and SEO experts.

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Best Ahrefs Alternatives – Final Verdict

That’s all in my best Ahrefs alternatives guide. I have divided the whole content based on where you stand in your SEO journey. Semrush and Ubersuggest are two of my favorite SEO tools. The former suits SEO neophytes more, while the latter is an all-in-one SEO tool equipped with highly advanced features.

Understand that all Ahrefs alternatives aren’t equal. Some favor beginners more, while some are more apt for pro SEOs.Therefore, choose the one depending upon your expertise level and only then could you extract maximum benefits from these Ahrefs alternatives.

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