Top 11 AI Video Generators of 2024 (Reviewed)

The abilities of AI have been elevated to newer heights as it is now able to generate videos that are so good that they almost feel real. These AI video generators are attracting a lot of attention with their ability to generate videos within minutes. 

Having reviewed AI editor tools previously, these popular tools have impressed a lot of us at Demandsage. We found these 11 tools for this best AI video generator review that can help you save time, money, and effort that can go into video creation. 

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Top AI Video Generators: In a Nutshell (2024)

Here is a quick overview of all our top AI video generators!

Sr. NoBest Video GeneratorsFree TrialRating
1.Synthesia Free Demo AI Video4.9/5
2.InVideo Free Plan Available4.8/5
3.Pictory 15-Day Free Trial4.7/5
4.Lumen5 Free subscription – 5 videos per month4.8/5
5.Flex ClipFree plan available4.8/5 Watermarked Free Trial4.6/5
7.ColossyanNo free plan available4.6/5
8.Elai Free Trial With One Free Minute4.7/5
9.Rephrase.aiNo Free Trial4.8/5
10.DeepBrain AI Free Trial Available4.5/5
11. RunwayFree Forever plan available4.7/5

Now, let’s dive deep into the top AI video generation tools that can revolutionize the way you create videos for your brand.

1. Synthesia

Price$30 per month
Best ForAI avatars
Ease of use4.5/5
Overall rating4.9/5

Synthesia stands out as the top AI video generator tool because of its cutting-edge features, simple interface, and professional-grade, high-quality, and engaging videos. It’s a complete tool and offers way more than the text-to-video generation feature.


From explainer videos to promotional content, product demos, and more, Synthesia has everything you need to bring your ideas to life. On top of that, it boasts a massive library of video templates, support for 120 languages, and ultra-realistic avatars.

Consequently, Synthesia is the ultimate solution for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their video content and stay ahead in the game.

Key Benefits

  • 85+ avatars to give your videos a professional feel and present them in ultra-realistic ways.
  • Custom avatars for your brand or build your own avatar.
  • Allow professional-grade voiceovers in 120 languages
  • Support 55 pre-designed templates and allow custom templates
  • Full-fledged video editor
  • Allow access to a massive media library of Shutterstock and Unsplash.

Synthesia Disadvantages

  • Voice syncing issues with avatars.
  • Sometimes lags in working.
  • Voiceovers in languages other than English sometimes have mispronunciations.

2. InVideo

Price$30 to $60/mo
Best ForExplanatory and marketing videos
Ease of use4.6/5
Overall rating4.8/5

InVideo is another quality text-to-video generation tool that excels in generating captivating marketing and explanatory videos. With its advanced text-to-video generation technology, you can easily turn words into eye-catching videos in no time.


Additionally, InVideo also allows multiple styling options to make videos more professional, catchy, and relevant. On top of that, Invideo also offers 50+ AI video templates and a huge library of filters, music, and iStock media to create intros, video ads, promos, YouTube videos, and more.

Besides, you can also create voiceovers of your text and make the video more personalized and appealing.

Although, like Synthesia, you won’t find avatars here, its powerful features and customization options will give you everything you need to make videos that will make your brand stand out.

Key Benefits

  • 5000+ readymade templates.
  • Single-click shortcut features
  • Can easily convert scripts, blog posts, text prompts, etc., into stunning videos within minutes.
  • Automatically adjust the aspect ratio
  • Intuitive app for Android and iPhone

InVideo Disadvantages

  • No feature to add avatars in the videos.
  • Searching for a desired template can be tricky sometimes.
  • Sometimes, it takes too much time to render a preview.

3. Pictory

Price$23 to $119 per month
Best ForAutomatic catchy captions
Ease of use4.7/5
Overall rating4.7/5

Pictory is a renowned AI-powered visual storytelling tool that allows you to create quick videos with text prompts. The platform offers a wide range of design elements and templates to customize the videos and reshape them into a perfect reflection of your brand’s principles.


Pictory uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to transform the text into engaging, highly-shareable videos. On top of that, it can also make short, crisp videos from webinars and meetings, extracting the most relevant and important aspects.

Key Benefits

  • Employs powerful AI to turn scripts into stunning videos.
  • You can put your own voiceover or generate it through AI
  • Powerful video editor features that take text suggestions to do the editing
  • Create smaller, more crisp videos from long-form videos, automatically extracting the most relevant information.
  • Automatically insert catchy captions to boost the reach and CTR.

Pictory Disadvantages

  • Limited customization options.
  • May produce low-quality videos if the input texts are not clear and precise.
  • Limited library of stock images and media content.

4. Lumen5

Price$29 to $199 per month
Best ForAutomatic link insertion from blogs to videos
Ease of use4.4/5
Overall rating4.8/5

Lumen5 is another quality AI video generator tool with a super easy interface and a highly streamlined video creation process. Over 10 million videos have already been made using Lumen5, and the platform continues to grow in popularity.


With Lumen5, you can turn your text or blog post into appealing videos, condense Zoom meetings into catchy clips, or build videos from scratch using hundreds of customizable designs.

Key Benefits

  • Lumen5 allows drag-and-drop and click functionality
  • Can fetch links from the blog to create videos and embed images from the original blog post.
  • AI-enabled video editor to make final edits, adjust aspect ratio, add watermark, and more.
  • Extensive learning resources
  • It can automatically generate and insert captions in videos and clips.
  • The text-based editing feature is a real highlight,

Lumen5 Disadvantages

  • UI is confusing, and video layouts appear dated.
  • Switching templates clears the text formatting.
  • Sometimes, it takes too much time to render videos.

5. Flex Clip

Price$19.99 to $29.99 per month
Best ForGenerating script for videos
Ease of use4.5/5
Overall rating4.8/5

Flex clip can generate automatic subtitles to the videos, has an AI Video script generator, and many more AI-powered tools necessary for video generation. Generating video from Flex clip is an easy 3-step process. The user simply has to:

  1. Add media from their computer or Flex clip’s library
  2. Customize with music, text, and elements

The likes of YouTube, Windows, and Google trust export via sharable links and post on social media Flex Clip. The tool has hundreds of templates, animations, and royalty-free stock assets, making it one of the best AI video creators. 

Key benefits

  • 1,000+ text animations and preset styles
  • Millions of dynamic vector elements
  • Provides rich transitions and overlays
  • 4,000,000+ Royalty-Free Stock Assets
  • Seamless video sharing and collaboration

Flex Clip disadvantages 

  • Free plan cannot generate full HD videos


Price$25 to $70 per month
Best ForSocial media templates
Ease of use4.5/5
Overall rating4.6/5 particularly excelled in creating quality videos from small footage. On top of that, it can also craft impressive videos based on text prompts and images.

The platform’s advanced artificial intelligence algorithms are designed to analyze the content you provide and generate a video that effectively communicates your message to your audience. Likewise, creating videos with is a breeze and doesn’t need prior experience with the platform.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive tools-based functionality addressing different aspects of video creation.
  • You can add subtitles, convert audio to text, transcribe and translate video, and convert video to text too.
  • An array of templates coupled with transitions, special effects, music, subtitles, and other elements
  • Beginner-friendly user interface Disadvantages

  • Media options like stock images and videos are limited.
  • Text-to-speech feature is limited in features with only a few voice effects.

7. Colossyan

Price$35 to $120 per month
Best ForWorkplace learning
Ease of use4.3/5
Overall rating4.7/5

Colossyan can act as a great learning tool when worked efficiently. It can convert PDFs and PPTs into videos with the availability of templates to enrich the learning experience. It provides 50+ high-quality avatars that can speak in 70+ languages.


You can add your own voice as part of the generated video, which helps you target and capture a larger range of audience. With a team plan, you can collaborate and leave feedback for ongoing projects easily. 

Key benefits

  • Great customer support
  • Automate video translations
  • Custom avatar creation

Colossyan disadvantages

  • No free plan available 
  • The tool can be a bit complex to use for beginners

8. Elai

Price$29 to $125 per month
Best ForPremium voiceovers
Ease of use4.
Overall rating4.7/5

Pick Elia if you want a tool that excels in bulk video generation. It’s an AI-powered video generator geared to produce videos in large numbers without compromising on quality.

Besides, there’s an automatic translator that allows you to create videos in multiple languages and an inbuilt avatar maker to customize videos further and give them a professional touch.


Key Benefits

  • Custom font download feature, which is unique to Elai.
  • 25+ avatars available
  •  Dedicated account manager to help you with video creation.
  • Premium voiceovers to help you create appealing and catchy videos.
  • Large workspace and simple interface. Disadvantages

  • Slower video rendering.
  • The narrator’s avatars are a bit too small in size.
  • Voiceovers lack variations.


Price$25 per month
Best ForSeamless integration with third-party tools
Ease of use4/5
Overall rating4.8/5 is a cutting-edge solution to create engaging and personalized videos at scale. It uses advanced AI coupled with digital avatars of real humans to bring your message to life.

Moreover, it’s trusted by over 50+ brands for effective communication with customers, stakeholders, and audiences.

Rephrase AI

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-realistic video creation from video scripts.
  • Humans like avatars to give the video a realistic touch.
  • Video creation at scale through API.
  • Seamless integration with third-party tools. Disadvantages

  • A bit technical and requires effort to learn how the tool works.

10. DeepBrain AI

Price$30 to $225 per month
Best ForSpeaking 200 languages
Ease of use4.4/5
Overall rating4.5/5

DeepBrain AI is another great AI video generator that you can use to create videos just by using text. You just need to create a script for your video and then upload it to the tool, and it will create an AI video within a few minutes. You can create different types of videos using this AI tool, from sales pitches to advertisements.

DeepBrain AI

It also creates an AI avatar for your video to look like a human-created video. You can also create how-to and training videos using the tools of this AI video generator. They have in-built AI avatars, but you can also create custom AI avatars, especially for your video.

Key Benefits

  • The AI human can understand and speak about 200 different languages.
  • Create an AI human chatbot for your website to engage with your audience
  • Choose from various custom-made AI avatars for your video
  • Various templates are available for your videos
  • Create subtitles for your video with just one click
  • Generate questions for an interview based on the interviewee’s resume

DeepBrain AI Disadvantages

  • Expensive compared to other tools on the list
  • The audio quality of the video may not be as good as they say
  • The user interface can be improved

11. Runway

Price$15 to $95 per month
Best Forquality videos
Ease of use4.5/5
Overall rating4/7/5

Runway is an impressive tool that has 30+ AI magic tools. It can remove the backgrounds of videos, create custom LUTs, add subtitles, and also allow sharing them as transcripts. With its Gen2, you can generate videos of 4 seconds per credit, and it is one of the best AI short video generators. 

Run away Ai

This tool allows users to collaborate in real time, keeping the process of working on projects seamless for everyone involved. The pricing for runway works as – 1 credit = $0.1 USD, and for Gen 2, it costs $0.5 for each second of generated video. 

Key benefits

  • 30+ AI Magic tools
  • Text-to-image generators
  • Slow Mo videos
  • Can remove background
  • Erase unwanted objects

Runway disadvantages

  • Gen 2 video generations limited to 4 seconds
  • No text-to-speech feature
  • No avatar that can be used for the generated video

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Conclusion: Best AI Video Generator (2024)

With the rise of AI in the content creation process, previously with images and music, video generation with AI is slowly gaining pace with these efficient AI video generators. Whatever your use case may be, scenic visuals, human faces, or nature, AI can do it all!

Out of these, we feel that these three AI video generators can be the perfect fit for your needs and more. Have a look:

  • Synthesia – For its impressive range of avatars and the languages they speak
  • Lumen 5 – It’s impressive ease of use
  • –  For it’s affordability

These are simply our recommendations; you can choose the one that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Do let us know in the comments below which AI video generators you choose. 

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