Airtable vs Notion: Which Tool Is The Best In 2023?

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Choosing between two powerful project management tools like Airtable vs Notion can be challenging. However, these project management tools offer some excellent organizational skills for your business.

With these organizing tools, you and your teammates can easily communicate. You can plan projects, delegate tasks, and keep track of the progress to reach your goals sooner. But, how do you decide which tool is the best choice for you?  

After spending a significant amount of time on both platforms, we decide to make an honest and unbiased comparison between AIrtable vs Notion. This article will go through their key highlights, pros, and cons, pricing, etc.

With that, let us quickly dive into the article!

Airtable vs Notion: Key Differences

Here are the key differences between Airtable and Notion.

  • You get customer support in all the plans of Notion, whereas, on Airtable, you need to buy the pro or higher plan to get customer support.
  • It is really easy to use Airtable, and you can learn to use all of its features quickly, whereas Notion has a learning curve, so it will take you longer to get used to all the features of Notion.
  • Notion is quite affordable compared to Airtable; its most expensive plan costs $8/month, whereas Airtable’s basic plan starts at $10/month.
  • You can use Notion’s free plan for personal use only; you can not share your projects with anyone else, whereas with Airtable’s free plan, you also get a few collaboration features.
  • Airtable offers 32 different third-party app integrations, whereas Notion does not integrate with any third-party apps.

Airtable vs Notion: Overview

Before we indulge in the essentials of Airtable vs Notions, let us quickly review the project management tools. It will make it easier for you to understand which tool fits your needs perfectly.

Airtable Overview

Airtable is a robust project management tool that offers you various database functionalities. It is a tool that helps you plan your projects, assign them to your teammates, and keep track of your work progress. Moreover, it also enables you to take feedback from your teammates and communicate with them. 

Airtable vs Notion  - Airtable

Airtable helps build a more robust and better business team in team collaboration. With its user-friendly interface and advanced customizations. 

Notion Overview

Notion is an all-in-one project management tool that allows you to design your layout as per your needs. It is a well-rounded software that enhances your productivity. You can note down important points, create a library of databases, and enable task management and team collaboration. Because of its accessible features, today, Notion has a trusted user base of 20 million worldwide.

Airtable vs Notion  - Notion

Airtable vs Notion: Key Features

Now that we have seen the overview let’s dive into the more intricate details. This section will cover some of the key highlights of Airtable vs Notion.

Airtable Key Features

  • Highly customizable
  • Separate interfaces for all team members
  • Enables you to keep your data up to date
  • Access data at your fingertips
  • Easy to use software helps you keep everything in sync
  • Premade and custom templates available
  • Intuitive designing for your project
  • Extensive reach and deep integrations

Notion Key Feature

  • Unlimited templates and blocks
  • Infinite ranking of pages
  • The drag and drop feature makes editing of database easy
  • To-do lists make task management convenient
  • Offers a Notion Bullet Journal 
  • Notion Kanban board
  • The daily journal helps you keep track of work progress
  • Enables you to categorize tables and databases

Airtable vs Notion: User Interface

After reviewing all the robust features and functionalities of Airtable vs Notion, let’s check out whether these features are easy-to-use or not. 

Airtable User Interface

Airtable is an excellent choice for a project management tool. With its highly customizable features, you can organize projects, delegate tasks, and keep a constant track of them at your convenience. In addition, you can design your project outlet as per your needs which makes the overall project management super easy and beginner-friendly. 

Airtable - Interface

Airtable is a project management tool that caters to everyone’s needs. Whether you are a beginner with minimum knowledge or a business professional with a large team Airtable has options. 

Notion User Interface

The best part about Notion is that its free version has several powerful features to fulfill all your basic project management needs. For example, it provides unlimited template options to manage your task and check the progress of the assigned tasks. 

Notion - Interface

Moreover, you can customize and create a layout as per your needs with its ‘Drag and Drop’ feature. Plus, it has a website that is extremely easy to navigate. Therefore, Notion makes an excellent fit for beginners if you combine all these things.

Airtable vs Notion: Integration

Any project management tool must have powerful integrations to make your work easier and more resourceful. So, below we have mentioned the integrations that Airtable vs Notion are associated with. 

Airtable Integration

Airtable offers you multiple paid and free apps through which you can make your project management more organized. The integrations include powerful applications like  Zapier, Google Calendars, Google Drive, Webflow, etc. As a result, you enable excellent features like documents, developer tools, calendars, website builders, etc. 

Airtable - Integration

Notion Integration

Notion offers you more than 4000 apps. These apps include powerful developer and scheduling tools like Zapier and Slack. For example, Zapier enables you to send emails, add new tasks, create database items, etc. Apps like Slack help you collaborate with your team by delegating tasks and tracking their progress.  

Notion - Integration

Moreover, it is integrated with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Todoist, and google sheets to make project management accessible and less time-consuming for you. 

Airtable vs Notion: Customer Support

Let us have a quick look at the customer service of Airtable vs Notion. Both the tools have supportive and interactive customer support. 

Airtable Customer Support

Airtable has potential 24/7 customer support with experts to guide you through your problems. In addition, they have an FAQ page where you can post questions and queries. You can also post additional queries in the message box at the bottom right corner. Here you get answers and solutions to your issues.

If you do not find the answer you need, a support executive will reach out to you within 24 hours and provide you with personalized help. 

Notion Customer Support

Notion has highly responsive and resourceful customer support available 24/7, 365 days a year. Their customer support team is filled with database experts who will guide you through various issues and provide you with a positive project management experience. They also have special tutorials, guides, and documents to simplify navigation.

Airtable vs Notion: Pricing 

Both Airtable vs Notion offers a free version. However, to unlock their all-powerful functionalities, you will have to upgrade to their paid subscriptions. So, let us see which tool fits your budget the best. 

Airtable Pricing

Airtable has two fixed premium plans for its users. They have their Plus plan starting at $12 per month and Pro plan starting at $24 per month. Moreover, they have an enterprise plan to provide customized pricing depending on the number of members.

Airtable - Pricing

Notion Pricing

Notion has a similar subscription range. The Personal Pro and Team plans are priced at $5/month and $10/month. Their third subscription is the Enterprise plan with customized pricing according to the number of users.

Notion - Pricing

Who is Airtable Ideal For?

Airtable is a versatile project management platform designed to cater to every user’s needs. Its super easy user interface makes the platform easy to navigate for beginners, while the robust functionalities are perfect for business professionals with large-scale projects.

No matter the profile of your project, Airtable can be a good match for everyone. However, Airtable is comparatively more expensive than Notion. So if you are on a budget, we would suggest you go for a more affordable option like Notion.

Who is Notion Ideal For?

Notion becomes an excellent project management tool for its flexibility and affordability. It is an all-in-one project management tool that provides all the necessary functionalities. In addition, its super accessible free version makes a perfect match for someone on a budget or people who are just getting started with their business and want to save as much as possible by cost-cutting. 

While Notion has some excellent functionalities, it might lack behind in some features like extensive customization  Notion is ideal for beginners; it might not be as beneficial as Airtable for large-scale projects. 

Airtable vs Notion: Pros and Cons

You must have a brief idea about Airtable vs Notion and the functionalities they provide. To know these platforms better, here is a Pros and Cons list from which you can decide which is the best choice for you.



  • Offers automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Software is easy to navigate. 
  • Set permissions of specific data and columns
  • Enables customization of templates


  • Does not work well with complex operations and projects
  • Pricing is based on per user per workspace.



  • Acts as a productivity suite with its flexible functioning
  • Multiple customizations available
  • The free version provides many excellent features for a project on a budget.
  • Clutter-free features help you focus on work by blocking unwanted notifications and alerts.


  • The software is online-based, which means you need a constant internet connection to access it.
  • Can lag with large databases.

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Final Verdict: Airtable vs Notion (2023)

Both Airtable and Notion are excellent and popular project management tools for organizing and tracking your tasks. These organizing tools offer exceptional functionalities to make project management easy and accessible for you. You will be satisfied with either of them.

However, if you are someone with large-scale projects, we recommend you go with Airtable because of its customization options. Similarly, if you are a beginner or someone who is just getting started, we would suggest Notion as it is a more affordable option. The final decision will be yours and whatever suits your requirement the best.

Over to you, which project management tool are you choosing? Let us know in the comment section below!


Which one is better: Airtable or Notion?

Both Notion and Airtable are amazing project management tools. Airtable is good for database management and data organization. But if you are looking for seamless information management and document arrangement, then Notion is the better option. So it totally depends on your requirements to choose between them.

Which one is affordable: Airtable or Notion?

Both Airtable and Notion offer similar pricing. But Notion is a bit more affordable than Airtable, and the difference increases depending on the team members on your team. So if you are looking for an affordable option, then choose Notion over Airtable.

Can I use Notion with Airtable?

Yes, you can use both Notion and Airtable together. But you can do it through only a third-party app, and Unito is an app that integrates two project management tools.

Is Asana better than both Notion and Airtable?

Asana is pretty easy to use, and anyone can learn to use it. Asana is a great alternative to both Airtable and Notion, but it all comes down to user preference.

Can I use Airtable and Notion for free?

Yes, both Notion and Airtable offer free plans for individuals. With the free plan, anyone can see what these tools have to offer.

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