Rohit Shewale

Hello! I'm the lead Data and Statistical Analysis expert at DemandSage. I began my writing career in marketing. I have seamlessly transitioned into research and statistical data content. In my current role at DemandSage, I create and supervise statistically driven content, guaranteeing precision and contextual relevance.

Smartphone Statistics

How Many People Own Smartphones (2024)

54% of the population worldwide own a smartphone. These smartphones have become integral to our daily lives, from early-morning alarms to late-night calls and social media scrolling.  The popularity of smartphones took off with the launch of Apple’s iPhone in 2007. Later, Android took over the smartphone market with more affordable variants and unique features. 

Customer Loyalty Statistics

21+ Customer Loyalty Statistics for 2024

Retaining a customer costs 5 to 10 times less than acquiring new customers. Plus, loyal consumers spend 67% more on average than those new to your business. Good experiences and rewards help the brand to retain its consumers and increase its loyal consumer base. These loyal consumers advertise your brands through word of mouth, online

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