Shubham Singh

I'm the SEO and Content Head at DemandSage. I began my career in 2017. Overcoming personal adversity, I excell in content strategy and SEO, significantly boosting DemandSage's online presence. Founder of, my expertise spans SaaS, Content Marketing, and SEO. My work is recognized in major publications like Forbes, Techcrunch, BusinessInsider, and more.

Best Rank Tracking Tools - DemandSage

13 Best SERP Rank Tracking Tools (2024)

As an SEO specialist who has used every major rank tracking platform, I’m often asked what truly are the best rank trackers and SERP tracking tools available today. With so many options claiming robust keyword tracking and reporting, how do you determine which solutions will provide the most accurate and actionable data? After assessing criteria

Squarespace Review - DemandSage

Squarespace Review 2024: Is It Worth The HYPE?

As a website builder enthusiast who has used every major player extensively, I’m often asked – How does Squarespace really compare to competitors like Wix and Weebly? Is it worth the higher pricing for serious website builders? After testing Squarespace on several personal projects, I’m ready to provide an unbiased hands-on review from the perspective

9 Best Instagram Marketing Agencies (2024)

Looking forward to boosting your business on Instagram and don’t know where to start and what to do? In this case, hiring an Instagram marketing agencies is the best option.  If done the right way, Instagram marketing has the potential to reach  1.44 billion people on the platform.  To help you out, I have created

9 Best SEO Agency Denver (2024)

Setting up your business and optimizing the website can be difficult. However, Denver businesses are at an advantage as I have compiled a list of the best SEO agencies in Denver.  With the help of experts who have carefully researched and reviewed the agencies, I have created this list based on the services client experiences,

10 Best SEO Agencies Miami 2024

Set up your online business with the best products, pricing, and deliveries from Miami but skipped optimizing the business for search engines? This likely means that your business is not performing as per its potential until now. We are here with the ten best SEO agencies from Miami to aid you in this dilemma. With

8 SEO Certifications & Courses (Free & Paid)

Discover the top SEO certification courses in 2023 that offer in-depth knowledge and industry-recognized certificates in this post. Getting an SEO certification helps. It cements your position in the market and showcases that you have the right qualification. But SEO certification courses are a dime for dozens. It’s another challenge to find recognized SEO courses

8 Best Shopify Development Services (2024 Edition)

Creating a Shopify store is something anyone can do. But, to go beyond creating a store and exploiting some Shopify development services, you can drastically improve your business performance. These services help users do more than what Shopify offers, simplify and automate complex tasks, assist in the visual appeal of the store, and help maintain

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