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As a sales leader evaluating every top AI sales solution on the market, I’m constantly facing this question: What is the most effective AI sales software for boosting team productivity and closing more deals?

With new vendors offering virtual selling assistants, conversation intelligence, lead-scoring AIs, and more, how do you determine what will move the revenue needle?

With each sales tech vendor touting “AI-powered” features these days, it’s tricky to cut through the hype and identify what solutions deliver real results. After thoroughly vetting and piloting dozens of AI sales tools hands-on over the years, I’m ready to recommend the creme de la creme that rises above the rest.

In this guide, I’ll share my picks for the leading AI sales software making an impact right now based on tangible boosts to sales development productivity, pipeline growth, and closed deal volumes from my testing.

Best AI Sales Software: In A Nutshell

Sr. No.AI SoftwareBest For
1.ClariBest for thriving enterprises and businesses
2.SetSailBest for growing small businesses
3.HubSpot Sales HubBest for thriving small enterprises
4.Exceed.aiBest for conversational processes management
5.People.aiBest for full-fledged sales teams
6.SaleswhaleBest for new businesses 
7.DriftBest for growing small and medium-sized businesses
8.VeloxyBest for sales engagement and shortening the sales cycle
9.Seamless AIBest for finding prospects and automating the sales process

Here is a detailed list of the best AI sales software, including their features and honest reviews!

1. Clari

Clari is known to be a great sales software due to its AI that provides sales forecasts through infographic content. Clari helps its users in making solid conversations and presentations with the use of its data. It arms its users with the best sales tools, content, and data-driven data insights.

Best AI Sales Software-Clari

Clari uses the current deal data to continuously and automatically roll up forecasts across the regions, reps, channels, product lines, and overlays to provide every other data point. Clari’s transparent UI also provides complete visibility into different aspects, such as deal status, prospect engagement, rep activity, etc.


  • Accurate AI-based quarterly projections
  • Revenue Health Indicators
  • Forecast creating for different revenue segments
  • Risk identification
  • Revenue change indicators
  • AI-driven team working insights
  • Complete overview of your rep time expenditure and work focus

Pricing: Clari does not reveal its pricing on its page or anywhere. You can contact its 24×7 open customer service and obtain the pricing info on request. 

2. SetSail

SetSail is a sales software with an AI that makes it the ideal option for tracking sales and pipeline and gleaning sales insights at a certain scale. SetSail provides users a complete view of their business data and uses machine learning to highlight buying, selling, and productivity patterns. 


To make them available and easy to access at all times, these insights are present in your CRM, data, and SetSail’s intuitive dashboard. SetSail also highlights your success’s leading indication in your deal data. Thus, helping you pinpoint the activity of your reps that causes such an effect.


  • Provides a versatile CRM and Business Intelligence tools integration option
  • Automatically data completion
  • Identifies trends in historical data
  • Provide metrics for sales rep performance and improvement suggestions
  • GDPR-compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 certified

Pricing: SetSail provides pricing on a request basis. No pricing information is made available by it on its official page.

3. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot is a CRM software that provides an all-in-one suite of features that enable sales teams to efficiently and effectively manage their leads and customers. Being a HubSpot product, HubSpot Sales Hub also provides a better worth when used with other HubSpot products such as Marketing Hub and Service Hub. Hence, it can be a comprehensive AI sales software for different businesses.

Best AI Sales Software-HubSpot sales Hub

To put it clearly, HubSpot has all that a business can ask from sales software, be it facilitating better lead generation, tracking, automation, or any such thing. Its lead scoring features also help you understand the performance of each different area of your sales cycle. 


  • Sales content library creation
  • Automatic detail capturing from every call
  • Automatically logs all your day’s calls into your CRM
  • Provides a chatbot builder
  • Provides a complete business suite

Pricing: HubSpot Sales Hub offers its users three pricing options. These options are Starter (costs $45/month), Professional (costs $450/month), and Enterprise (costs $1,200/month).

3. Exceed.ai

Exceed AI is a sales and productivity acceleration software that helps teams close deals much faster. Exceed AI provides the perfect suite of features to its user. Its tools help sales reps manage their leads and opportunities, collaborate with other teams, and keep track of their progress. 

Best AI Sales Software-Exceed

Excess AI is a versatile software that provides integration options with various CRM and ERP systems, which helps them manage their sales pipelines and data.


  • Qualifies leads from your playbook with its conversational AI
  • Integrates your site 
  • Automatic lead assigning
  • Automatic reps meeting scheduling
  • Makes updates to CRM about any status change of leads
  • Integrates with the most widely used CRMs and ERPs.

Pricing: The platform reveals no pricing information. You can request a quote by visiting Exceed AI’s pricing page.

5. People.ai

People AI is an AI sales software that helps businesses close a bigger number of deals and increase their sales productivity. People AI has based its research on the client business’ past sales data and identifies patterns. 

Best AI Sales Software-People

With these patterns, it builds an algorithm to predict which deals are more likely to close. Therefore, helping the sales reps put all their focus on the deal will turn into a sale. 


  • Sales activity tracking
  • Multiple platform integration
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales pipeline management

Pricing: To know the price of the software, you have to contact People AI or request a quote through its pricing page.

6. Saleswhale

Best AI Sales Software-Saleswhale

Saleswhale helps sales reps in increasing the count and quality of leads. Along with that, Saleswhale helps sales reps focus on the other important aspects of sales. Saleswhale focuses on being an email-based assistant whose AI nurtures it to put less manual work strain on the user’s part of sales reps and help close more deals.


  • Configure email reply scenarios
  • Customize emails’ natural impact
  • Referral handling
  • Out-of-office notifications
  • Automatic CRM updates
  • Integrates with various CRMs and ERPs

Pricing: Saleswhale offers its users a single plan, Starter, for $2,495/month.

7. Drift

Best AI Sales Software-Drift

Drift is renowned as one of the best sales tools. Its AI helps bring in more sales, increase a business’s productivity, and close more deals. It is a great choice for businesses that want to automate tasks such as lead capturing and selling processes without having to scale their headcounts. 


  • Live chat customer interaction
  • Easy to set up chatbots
  • Polyglot chatbots
  • Account-based marketing 
  • Google and Outlook integration
  • Drift Fastlane 
  • It can be integrated with other sales tools

Pricing: Drift offers its users four pricing plans. They are Standard (costs $40 per month), Professional (costs $400 per month), Premium (costs $1,500 per month), and Enterprise (contact Drift for pricing).

8. Veloxy

If you are looking for AI sales assistant software to improve the efficiency of your sales team, then Veloxy is the right option for you. This software helps you improve your customer engagement and outreach. In this sales software, you will get features like email marketing, sales engagement, artificial intelligence, Salesforce automation, sales analytics, and so much more.


Veloxy can help you increase your customer retention rates, and with its data & analytics tool, you can create engagement plans for a targeted audience that will ultimately lead to more sales. This can help you reduce the sales cycle allowing you to focus on closing the sales only. You can also sell from your mobile phone with its app.


  • Put Salesforce activities on auto-pilot on Veloxy so you don’t miss any leads
  • Track your email campaign and its performance
  • Geo-location leads discovery feature to help you find leads near your location
  • Track your progress via analytics & reporting dashboard
  • Inbox alerts & a proactive calendar to help you get all the messages on time
  • Never lose a sale or lead with Veloxy

Pricing: There are two types of plans available: Veloxy and Veloxy lite. The Veloxy plan costs $65/month or $49/month, paid annually, and the enterprise version of this plan costs $899/month. The Veloxy lite plan costs $35/month or $25/month, paid annually, and the enterprise version of this plan costs $499/month. Both of these plans have a 14-day free trial for you to try.

9. Seamless AI

Seamless AI is a sales automation platform that assists sales teams in qualifying prospects, initiating meaningful conversations, and closing deals faster. It uses artificial intelligence to automate tedious sales tasks.

Seamless AI

The software integrates with email platforms to track outgoing messages and analyze responses. Based on interactions, it identifies qualified leads to prioritize following up with. This saves time manually reviewing countless emails and threads.

Once quality leads are identified, Seamless AI can automatically send customized talking points and information to advance conversations. The AI draws insights from previous email exchanges to engage prospects.


  • Lead qualification and scoring to identify promising prospects
  • Automated follow-ups and talking points to advance conversations
  • Insightful prospect profiles pulled from email and social data
  • Personality analysis to adapt outreach and communication strategies
  • Writing enhancement to improve email and messaging effectiveness
  • Negotiations coaching with AI-generated strategies
  • Email activity tracking and analytics to prioritize leads

Pricing: Seamless AI offers a free plan that gives you 50 free credits. Other than that, it has three premium plans called Basic, Pro, and Enterprise, and you need to contact their sales team to know the pricing of these plans.

Conclusion: Which is your favorite?

AI sales software tools have become necessary for businesses worldwide; therefore, you need to find the best one for your business. The better match you get, the more sales it will be able to turn in for your business, help your business create better leads, and be more productive. The above list includes everything you need to know about the best AI sales software. 

We hope you found this article useful. Over to you. Which software are you choosing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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