25 Best Chrome Extensions For 2023 (Categorised)

Exploring ways to make life easier, we set on a trail to find the ‘Best Chrome Extensions ’

for your favorite Internet Browser ‘Google Chrome.’ 6 out of 10 users using Chrome as their primary choice as it acts as a junction for all the Google-provided services. 

Available on Chrome Web Store, chrome extensions are handy tools that let you use your favorite apps as a plugin in your browser. Some work in real-time, while others work as needed, making your browsing experience more intimate and quick.

Let’s dive into the details and check out some of the top Chrome extensions!

Best Chrome Extensions: Top Picks

Here’s a quick view of the Extensions we covered and what is their key feature.

Sr. NoExtensionBest known for
1.WebChatGPTGiving Internet access to ChatGPT
2.CopyleaksAudits content if written by AI and checks Plagiarism
3.Grammarly Polishes content to be grammatically sound
4.ForestHelps you stay focused
5.TelepartyStream TV in sync with loved ones
6.Turn off the lightsFor its unique theatre-like feel
7.Mail track Confirms if your message is read.
8.HunterHelps you fetch E-mail addresses
9.Dark ReaderDims your screen, reduces eye strain
10.Swift readHelps you read faster

Top Chrome Extensions

Knowing that there are many needles in the haystack, we scrapped out the hay and categorized them into the below categories and their top picks:

  • AI Extensions
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
  • Email
  • Reading
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Image by storyset on Freepik

Best AI Chrome Extensions

Here I have mentioned some of the best AI extension tools.

1. Wordtune

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.7/5

Plug-in: Wordtune – AI-powered Writing Companion

It helps you speak your mind. It is your AI-powered writing buddy who assists you in saying exactly what you want to. Sound fluent, confident, clear, and much more!

Wordtune overview

You can use it to write emails, rewrite anything, adjust the tone and length of the text, and even translate. All of this across your favorite apps. 

2. Copyleaks

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.6/5

Plug-in: AI Content Detector – Copyleaks

Copyleaks is the best buddy, especially to all the teachers and managers in this world of AI. Copyleaks can read any text and tell you if it reeks of AI-generated content and check for plagiarism

Copyleaks overview

It can even pick out discrepancies where an AI’s written content is rephrased to sound like a human. It can operate across multiple languages, namely English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more!

3. Jasper Everywhere Extension

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.8/5

Plug-in: Jasper Everywhere Extension

Jasper is the Robin to your Batman to help you write content when you’re bored or don’t know where to start writing. It has over 60+ templates for Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, etc.

Jasper Everywhere Extension overview

With this handy extension from Jasper AI, you can generate social media content, summarize, and rephrase 10X faster. 

4. Otter

Chrome Web store reviews:  2.7/5

Plug-in: Otter.ai: Record and transcribe meetings

Otter AI is your modern-day scribe who is your +1 in all of your meetings, taking notes, capturing slides, recording audio, and providing summaries. 

Otter overview

It is an excellent tool for taking notes in real-time and later sharing them with the participants. It works across multiple meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Google Calendar.

5. WebChatGPT

Chrome Web store reviews: 4/5

Plug-in: WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with Internet access

This extension extends ChatGPT’s arms outside to the web. It is the same as ChatGPT Plus. This helps ChatGPT generate more accurate results and up-to-date information.

WebChatGPT overview

This really takes off the September 2021 limits for ChatGPT, and that too for free and on your favorite browser.

Here are more such Google Chrome ChatGPT extensions fueled by the power of ChatGPT.

Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity 

The following are some of the popular Chrome extensions which you can use to enhance your productivity.

6. Grammarly

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.5/5

Plug-in: Grammar Checker and Writing App

Grammarly is a well-celebrated tool and a boon to all writers and editors to help them filter out grammatically correct content with ease and perfection

Grammarly overview

With a thorough review of your tone, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style, Grammarly helps you write more confidently and allows you to learn from your mistakes.

Bonus: Here is a detailed guide on How To Use Grammarly Chrome Extension.

7. Momentum

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.5/5

Plug-in: Momentum

Momentum is a new tab dashboard for your browser that helps you stay organized, driven, and focused on achieving your tasks. It opens with a new photo, a quote, and a mantra for each day.

Momentum overview

With their Plus plan, you can also listen to focused audio, a Pomodoro clock, To-do integrations, World clocks, Custom photos, and much more to refresh your new tab landing page.

8. Forest

Chrome Web store reviews: 4/5

Plug-in: Forest: stay focused, be present

This is a self-control tool that helps you curb your internet addiction. You basically have to plant a tree and let it grow for the defined time that you want to focus on.

Forest overview

The goal is not to let yourself get distracted and keep you from doing the task without any disruptions. 

9. PrintFriendly

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.4/5

Plug-in: PrintFriendly – Print and PDF Web Pages

Convert your webpages directly into PDFs and printer-friendly. You can easily remove ads and unnecessary content from the webpage instantly.

PrintFriendly overview

It also lets you adjust font sizes and resize an image to suit your needs, along with converting pages into high-quality PDFs.

10. Save to Pocket

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.2/5

Plug-in: Save to Pocket

One of the quickest ways to save whatever you see on the internet to watch or read later. It’s your pocket to find things when you have a better time to consume an article, video, images, links, etc.

Save to Pocket overview

With just a click, it helps you collect your ‘watch later’ content in a clean, distraction-free space, making this your corner in the study room.

Best Chrome Extensions For Entertainment

Here I have listed the top extensions which can be used for entertainment.

11. Teleparty

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.1/5

Plug-in: Netflix Party is now Teleparty

Previously known as ‘Netflix Party,’ this was a great way to watch TV online with your loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in perfect sync and make them more memorable.

It helps you watch in-sync content across Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Disney+, Hulu, and Prime Video.

12. GIPHY for Gmail

Chrome Web store reviews: 3.8/5 

Plug-in: GIPHY for Gmail

Turn your mundane emails into fun for informal conversations with GIPHY for Gmail. You can add GIF files instantly by simply clicking compose and tapping the GIPHY icon on your toolbar. 

GIPHY for Gmail overview

Be more expressive and take some time off from writing heavy formal emails to convey your message.

13. Custom Cursor

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.7/5 

Plug-in: Custom Cursor for Chrome extension

This extension transforms your rather boring cursor into anything of your liking! This truly makes browsing more fun and exciting.

Custom Cursor

You can choose from a wide range of options from Supercars, fashion brands, and even your favorite movie characters. 

14. Turn off the lights

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.6/5

Plug-in: Turn Off the Lights Google Chrome extension

This extension works as a blinder and lets you fall down the Youtube rabbit hole with a cinematic touch.

Turn off the lights overview

It blurs recommended videos and comments and only lets you focus on your video, elevating your watching experience.

15. Honey

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.8/5

Plug-in: PayPal Honey: Automatic Coupons & Cash Back

Honey is your guilty-shopping partner. It can carve out discounts and coupons and save you money while shopping online.

Honey overview

With a click, Honey can help you apply coupons across 30,000 websites and rewards after every purchase.

Best Chrome Extensions To Support Email

The following are some of the popular Chrome extensions that can help you with Email.

16. Mail track – Email tracker for Gmail

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.4/5

Plug-in: Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack

This popular extension is a great accessory to know that the E-mail you’ve sent is actually received and read. E-mails can be difficult to gauge if the recipient has read your message, unlike WhatsApp.

Mail track - Email tracker for Gmail overview

With free and unlimited access, you can also know when and how often your email has been viewed.

17. Checker Plus for Gmail

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.7/5

Plug-in: Checker Plus for Gmail™

This Chrome extension lets your device pop a notification whenever there’s a new email, where you can mark it as read or delete it from the notification and acts as a notification bar.

Checker Plus for Gmail overview

You can access multiple accounts with different sounds for each ID. This also comes with a Voice notification option when you are busy, it can read the E-mail for you.

18. Mailbutler

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.5/5

Plug-in: Mailbutler for Gmail

It is an email extension for Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail. You can track emails with real-time notifications and schedule an email where Mailbutler also suggests the best time for you to send that email. 

Mailbutler overview

You can add notes and tasks to contacts and also sync your to-do lists across multiple platforms. It also lets you add signatures and templates effectively.

19. Hunter – Email finder extension

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.7/5

Plug-in: Hunter – Email Finder Extension

Hunter lets you hunt all the email addresses related to a website you visit. It can also find an email if a name is provided.

Hunter - Email finder extension overview

Trusted by many people, Hunter gives verified results and a confidence score next to an email if not verified yet.

20. GetProspect

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.8/5

Plug-in: Email Finder – GetProspect

This helps you find an email of your connections or anyone across Linkedin. This can help you find your target audience, compile the contacts and find the best fit for an open role.

GetProspect overview

Ideal for lead generation and tracking, this is a great free tool for any sales professional.

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Best Chrome Extensions For Reading

Below I have mentioned a few Chrome extensions that can definitely ease your reading process.

21. Speechify

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.5/5

Plug-in: Speechify Text to Speech Voice Reader

Speechify reads any document, even emails, out loud. This suits best when you want to multitask and also listen to what’s written on a document. This lets you adjust the speech speed and pace up or slow down as per your need.

Speechify overview

It uses natural human-like voices with over 130 options to choose from. This can be a great accessibility feature for visually challenged individuals.

22. Dark Reader

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.7/5

Plug-in: Dark Reader

For all night owls, Dark Reader gives you shades and turns the theme to dark for many websites. This helps you take care of your eyes in bright environments.

Dark Reader

You can also adjust the contrast, brightness, filter, font settings, and much more.

23. Clearly Reader

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.7/5

Plug-in: Clearly Reader – Your reader mode solution

This provides a reader mode for ease of reading articles, books, or information across the internet, with options like copy, translate, speech, and PDF.

Clearly Reader overview

This lets you read anything cleanly, blocks ads and popups and is an amazing tool to simplify reading.

24. Google Scholar Button

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.6/5

Plug-in: Google Scholar Button

This is the real-time encyclopedia that guides you or teaches you about anything on your webpage. 

It gives detailed additional information and gives a source of an article for a student.

25. Swift read

Chrome Web store reviews: 4.5/5

Plug-in: SwiftRead – read faster, learn more

Helps you read faster and skim pages to increase your reading speed. It helps you diminish your inner voice that pronounces each word in your mind while reading.

Best Chrome Extensions

It works on Rapid Serial Visualization Presentation (RSVP) used by some of the fastest-speed readers in the world.

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Conclusion: Best Chrome Extensions (2023)

Out of these bundles of options above, we tried narrowing them down and giving our verdict on the standouts across each category.

These are our favorites as they suited the best to our requirements. You may find others as per your taste, even outside these 25 options! So plunge into the never-ending ocean of Chrome extensions and save time, work efficiently, and have fun!


Can adding too many extensions slow down my computer?

Adding too many unnecessary extensions can hamper your browsing experience. If the developer doesn’t optimize the extension or if your system specs don’t support the number of extensions you have, it can slow you down.

Can Chrome extensions track my activity?

Not all, but according to a recent report by McAfee, they found some of the extensions to be using tracking user activity and inserting codes for affiliate commissions. Hence, check permissions and verify the source of the extension.

How can I know if a Browser extension is safe?

Before installing any extension, make sure to check the developer’s website and check its legitimacy.
Read the description and the permissions it needs from your device. Check out the user reviews and if any concerns regarding the extension.

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