13 Best Marketing Podcasts of 2024 (Don’t Miss)

After subscribing to dozens of marketing podcasts over the past few years, I have narrowed down my favorites – the shows that have personally delivered the most value to me. These 13 best marketing podcasts have directly impacted my work and helped me advance in my career. 

These podcasts come from well-known marketing gurus who moved mountains in the marketing sphere. 

Personally, these hosts’ expertise and practical, intuitive advice from professional guests have been extremely beneficial for my career. And I hope it will do the same for you. 

So, let’s check out some of the top marketing podcasts below.

Top 13 Best Marketing Podcasts of 2024 (Expert Picks)

Here is a compilation of the best marketing podcasts that offer tremendous value for any marketer looking to stay competitive. 

S.No.Best Marketing PodcastBest For
1.Marketing Made Simple Proven marketing tips
2.Unthinkable Aspiring marketers
3.This Old MarketingThe best marketing practices 
4.The Long GameLong-term marketing tips
5.Marketing SchoolLatest marketing news and trends
6.Everything is MarketingActionable tips for both new and seasoned marketers
7.My First MillionInspirational interviews of top marketers and business owners
8.The Agents of ChangeAll about digital marketing
9.iDigressDigital marketing strategies
10.Social Pros PodcastSocial media marketing
11.The Influencer PodcastInfluencer marketing 
12Everything Email PodcastEmail marketing 
13.The Marketing Intelligence ShowData-driven marketing tips

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Now, let’s get into the details of what each of these podcasts have to offer to you!

1. Marketing Made Simple

HostsDr. J.J. Peterson
Duration20-40 Minutes
Listen On Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Audible 

StoryBrand expert J.J. Peterson thinks that marketing shouldn’t be very complicated or costly. That’s why he started the Marketing Made Simple podcast with April Sunshine Hawkins.

Marketing Made Simple

In this series of weekly episodes, they discuss practical marketing tips you can apply to your marketing campaigns to connect with your targeted audience. I personally learned a lot from JJ, and his methods helped me increase sales through marketing. 

2. Unthinkable 

HostsJay Acunzo
Duration15-45 Minutes
Listen OnApple, Spotify, Podbean

The Unthinkable podcast has been inspiring marketers and entrepreneurs since 2016. The podcast host, Jay Acunzo, is an acclaimed marketing consultant who interviews start-up founders, industry executives, and popular marketers. 


Acunzo’s storytelling tips helped many brands convert visitors into customers who were struggling to stand out in the crowded marketing industry. 

3. This Old Marketing

HostsJoe Pullizi & Robert Rose
Duration45-75 Minutes
Listen On Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Podbean

With icons like Joe Pullizzi and Robert Rose steering the wheel, This Old Marketing quickly became one of my favorites. I rely on their decades of experience to get perfect ideas for my content marketing campaigns. It is also one of the top-rated content marketing podcast.

This Old Marketing

Their balanced analysis of the latest technologies and channels has prevented me from investing time and resources in transient trends. The podcast mainly focuses on marketing fundamentals that drive consistent returns. 

4. The Long Game

HostsDavid Ly Khim, Allie Decker, Alex Birkett
Duration45-90 Minutes
Listen OnApple, Spotify, Google Podcasts

If you are looking for long-term returns and growth, tune in to the Long Game podcast. Hosted by Omniscient Digital experts, the show features long-form interviews with strategic marketers and brand owners.

The Long Game

After listening to this podcast for a while, I proposed a 12-month growth roadmap for one of my clients. Surprisingly, it started showing outstanding results within 30 days. This is one ultimate show that nullifies quick-win tactics. 

5. Marketing School

HostsEric Siu & Neil Patel
Duration5-10 Minutes
Listen OnApple, Spotify, Audible, YouTube, Podbean

With daily micro-episodes, Marketing School fits perfectly into anyone’s busy schedule. The online marketing experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu provide bite-sized lessons covering various topics from SEO and PPC to email and CRO.

Marketing School

More than 2,500 episodes might feel a bit overwhelming, but you will surely find answers to your questions related to marketing school. Thanks to the search option on their website, that makes it easy for anyone to search for any marketing topic. 

6. Everything is Marketing

HostsCorey Haines
Duration60-90 Minutes
Listen OnSpotify, Apple, Audible, Podbean

Hosted by marketing strategist Corey Haines, Everything is Marketing covers every aspect of marketing through exclusive conversations with industry leaders and honest marketers. 

Everything is Marketing

Corey brings out actionable tips and what’s working now in marketing through his interviews. With tactical tips mixed with higher-level strategies, the podcast suits both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned marketers.

7. My First Million

HostsSam Parr & Shaan Puri
Duration30-75 Minutes
Listen OnYouTube, Spotify, Apple, Audible

My First Million is not completely focused on marketing, but the podcast features the best behind-the-scenes stories of renowned leaders and founders. Hosts Sam and Shaan also draw out the best business insights from every journey. 

My First Million

Hearing the early challenges and decisive moments that led to success for startups and brands can spark marketing ideas and strategies. 

8. The Agents of Change

HostsRich Brooks
Duration30-45 Minutes
Listen OnApple, Spotify, SoundCloud

The Agents of Change is one of the best digital marketing podcasts you can find on the internet. The host, Rich Brooks, covers topics like lead generation, social media marketing, and sales enablement through a series of interviews with marketing experts.

The Agents of Change

The podcast’s recent episodes covered how AI can give your business a competitive advantage through marketing. 

9. iDigress

HostsTroy Sandidge
Duration20-30 Minutes
Listen OnApple, Spotify, YouTube

While many marketing podcasts rely on interviews, iDigress sets itself apart as a solo show where host Troy Sandidge dives deep on topics himself. 


A digital marketing consultant by trade, he shares strategies, frameworks, and marketing tactics across social media, content, personal branding, and email. I love watching his podcast on YouTube. Watching him feels like he is talking to you. 

10. Social Pros Podcast

HostsAdam Brown & Jay Baer
Duration30-45 Minutes
Listen OnSpotify, Apple, Podbean 

If your business relies completely on social media marketing to generate leads, the Social Pros Podcast is going to be on your favorites list. The talented hosts Jay and Adam keep their listeners up to date with insider tips from their guests, making it the best Digital Marketing Podcasts.

Social Pros Podcast

The podcast’s “rapid fire” round is the main highlight of the show, where both hosts ask quick questions related to their guest’s marketing tactics. 

11. The Influencer Podcast

HostsJulie Solomon
Duration15-60 Minutes
Listen On Spotify, YouTube, Apple, SoundCloud

For marketers interested in working with influencers, The Influencer Podcast provides the best guidance from influencer marketing expert and branding coach Julie Solomon. 

The Influencer Podcast

She interviews creators from various social media platforms about how to identify the right influencers and activate campaigns that drive real results. This podcast helps marketers avoid common mistakes while doing business with influencers and creators. 

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12. Everything Email Podcast 

HostsKen Countess
Duration5-15 Minutes
Listen OnApple, Spotify

Email marketing may not be the newest trend, but it remains one of the most effective channels for customer engagement and retention. On the Everything Email Podcast, the host, Ken, talks and highlights proven email strategies you can implement right away. 

Everything Email Podcast

Ken recently talked a lot about leveraging AI tools to build an effective email marketing campaign. His methods will also help you understand your customers’ behavior so you can write the perfect copy to entice them to visit your website again. 

13. The Marketing Intelligence Show

HostsAnna Shutko & Evan Kaeding
Duration25-45 Minutes
Listen OnApple, Spotify 

The complexities of data-driven marketing are increasing day by day, and the Marketing Intelligence Show helps you break down all. Each episode from the hosts Anna and Evan provide strategic guidance and tactical tips on using data for marketing campaigns. 

The Marketing Intelligence Show

Whenever I need information on the latest news and trends, I instantly tune in to this show and get help from it. This show keeps marketers informed on analytics innovations so they can stay ahead of the curve. 

We have curated the best of podcast worlds with our curated lists. Tune into some additional podcasts below!

Which is the best marketing podcast?

There is no shortage of new ideas and insights in the marketing industry. It can all be explored through a marketing podcast for free of cost. But you won’t be able to know until you listen by yourself. 

My job is to find what’s best for you. Now, it’s your turn to utilize your spare time to listen patiently. The podcasts listed in the post provide the best actionable advice that will help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns. 

If you are looking for all-around advice, This Old Marketing is the best option, while Marketing School will keep you updated with the newest marketing trends. 

So, which one is your favorite marketing podcast? Let me know in the comments section. Happy Listening!

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