9 Best SEO Agency Denver (2024)

Setting up your business and optimizing the website can be difficult. However, Denver businesses are at an advantage as I have compiled a list of the best SEO agencies in Denver. 

With the help of experts who have carefully researched and reviewed the agencies, I have created this list based on the services client experiences, quality of services, and years of company experience.

Before you check out the list, understand the latest SEO trends that will help you evaluate the agencies and find the best one. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Best SEO Agency In Denver: At a Glance

Check out the following table for the list of the top SEO agencies I discussed in detail in the article. 

Sr. NoAgencyKey Clients
1NewMediaFord, Stanford University, CBS, etc. 
2Thrive AgencyPARC Urology, Accurate Leak and Line, etc. 
3Boulder SEO MarketingData unavailable
4Epidemic MarketingSan Diego Thyroid Institute, Authenticity Associates, etc.
5Peaks Digital MarketingData not available.
69th WonderSamsung, Memorial Hermann, etc.
7Volume nineMurad, Dillard’s, Teleflora, etc.
8WebFxSubway, Zagg, Wrangler, etc
9VEA technologiesNo data available

Factors to consider while choosing an SEO agency

93% of the experiences begin on Search Engine, and an efficient SEO company will help you to reach the right audience. 

So, here are some factors you can consider while choosing the agency that best suits your needs. 

  1. Agency Experience:

The agency’s experience affects the quality of the service it provides and its expertise in creating strategies. Hence, ensure they have good knowledge and expertise when looking for an SEO agency. 

  1. Reputation

An SEO agency with a good reputation is likelier to deliver the services on time and fulfill all your requirements. Spending your dollars on an agency with a bad reputation can be unreasonable, and your company may suffer losses. 

  1. Services:

Check out the services offered by an SEO agency. This will give you an idea of their knowledge and the expertise they hold. Hiring an agency that doesn’t provide the services you expect may result in ineffective work. 

  1. Portfolio:

Check out the portfolio and the agency’s clients. You must also check out their reviews and the testimonials of their clients. It will give you a clear idea about their service quality and what you can expect from them. 

  1. Pricing:

The pricing of the agency is a crucial factor to consider before making a contract. Their services must fit your budget, and look out if they charge unnecessary dollars for the work that requires minimal effort. 

Bonus: Here is a checklist that includes all essential SEO practices you can follow to optimize your website with the help of the SEO company hired.

Let us take a detailed look at the top SEO agencies in Denver and their services. 

1. NewMedia.com

Number of Employees50 – 249
Key clientsFord, Stanford University, CBS, etc. 

NewMedia is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO. It has helped many clients with PPC optimization, conversion rate management, etc. 

Its 25 years of expertise in the field helps them to stay updated with the most effective techniques for SEO optimization. They have helped clients in improving their ranking on different search engines.

Additionally, they have major expertise in organic SEO, paid ranking, etc. 

newmedia.com overview

Services offered

  • PPC campaigns
  • Local SEO
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Franchise SEO
  • Website analysis
  • SEO Consulting

Major clients

  • Ford
  • Stanford University
  • Delta
  • CBS
  • PostNet

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • Fastest growing agency in USA
  • #2 Global Award Winner
  • #1 Global Digital Agency ranked by Business Journal
  • Top-rated SEO Agency ranked by SEO Blog 2023

2. Thrive Agency

Number of Employees51 to 200 employees
Key clientsPARC Urology, Accurate Leak and Line, etc. 

Denver SEO company is an all-in-one stop for your SEO needs. They provide white Hat SEO services and integrated marketing strategy. Additionally, they claim to provide 100 percent client satisfaction rates. 

The agency specializes in different niches and helps to increase your SERP rankings. 

Thrive Agency overview

Services offered

  • Keyword research
  • Link Building
  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • Franchise SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO

Major clients

  • PARC Urology
  • Accurate Leak and Line
  • Roatan Real Estate

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • Thrive was Named 2021 Top SEO Company in Denver by Clutch
  • Thrive was named the 2021 National Excellence Award Winner in Denver by Upcity

3. Boulder SEO Marketing

Boulder SEO Marketing claims that they help small businesses in increasing their organic traffic within six months or less. They use micro strategies to boost the website’s reach and increase its SERP rankings. 

The agency believes in publishing less content, but the ones published are high-quality and provide value to the readers. Plus, they tailor the pages of the websites for mobile traffic as well. 

Boulder SEO Marketing overview

Services offered

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword mapping
  • Website content optimization
  • Hyperlink optimization
  • Meta Tag and Alt tag optimization

Major clients

  • Data unavailable

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • Initial strategy sessions
  • 100+ SEO strategy frameworks
  • Regular meetings with the business owners

4. Epidemic Marketing

Number of Employees2-10 employees.
Key clientsSan Diego Thyroid Institute, Authenticity Associates, etc.

The agency provides a free website performance analysis to clients. Besides, it helps businesses to drive traffic with the help of SEO and designing strategies. They personalize the website according to the needs of the clients and the requirements of the industries. 

Apart from that, the company claims that they consistently work on optimizing the website by monitoring and auditing all the pages. 

Epidemic Marketing overview

Services offered

  • SEO optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Technical on-page SEO
  • Content creation
  • Page speed improvement

Major clients

  • San Diego Thyroid Institute
  • BrightStar Investigations
  • Authenticity Associates

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • Top SEO Agency 
  • Top Local SEO Agency

5. Peaks Digital Marketing

Number of Employees2-10 employees.
Key clientsData not available

The agency is an all-in-one solution for lead generation and full-service SEO. It helps in paid-per-click advertising and content marketing, eventually boosting the SERP rankings. 

Additionally, this can be one of your best options if you are from the medical industry. It will help in increasing traffic and boost the performance of your website. 

Peaks Digital Marketing overview

Services offered

  • SEO
  • Adwords (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Medical SEO
  • Enterprise SEO
  • White label SEO

Major clients

Data not available

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • Has helped many companies to boost their website performance. 

6. 9th Wonder

Number of Employees201 to 500 employees.
Key clientsSamsung, Memorial Hermann, etc.

9th Wonder helps to increase the reach of startup companies and helps them to challenge their abilities. The SEO experts in the company create a strategy that helps businesses improve the user experience and boost their content marketing strategies. 

Apart from that, the agency will also help to increase your visibility and engagement with your audience. 

9th Wonder overview

Services offered

  • SEO Audit
  • Foundational SEO
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Franchise/ Multi-Location SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • SEO Reporting & Dashboards

Major clients

  • Samsung
  • Memorial Hermann
  • Honda
  • Panasonic

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • Helps boost the foundational SEO of the websites

7. Volume Nine

Number of Employees11 to 50 employees.
Key clientsMurad, Dillard’s, Teleflora, etc.

The agency assists clients by providing a team of SEO specialists with experience, knowledge, and proven strategies to attract large traffic in your industry. 

They claim that they update their strategies with the changes in the SEO algorithms and make sure to crack the code by increasing the website’s authority and performance. 

Volume Nine overview

Services offered

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword research
  • Page optimization
  • Website optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Site launch support
  • Ecommerce SEO

Major clients

  • Murad
  • Dillard’s
  • Teleflora
  • Vail
  • BreastCancer.org

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • The agency helped Murad company to increase the traffic for their SEO page by 67%. 
  • 234% increase was observed in the bikes plus local traffic. 

8. WebFX

Number of Employees201-500
Key clientsSubway, Zagg, Wrangler, etc. 

The agency helps in SEO audits and builds the foundation of your SEO Plan. For best results, they use several SEO tools that boost the website’s ranking. 

The platform analyzes your website and creates a customized plan for your needs. Additionally, their team also assists you in analyzing the competitor’s strategy and monitoring lead generation. 

WebFX overview

Services offered

  • SEO Optimization
  • SEO strategy
  • First-party data activation
  • Full-funnel ROI tracking
  • SEO-optimized content

Major clients

  • Subway
  • Zagg
  • Wrangler
  • Verizon
  • Peapod
  • Stanley security

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Mate Business Partners

9. VEA technologies

Number of Employees11 to 50 employees
Key clientsNo data available

The agency helps to increase the visibility of your website. It boosts the local appearance as well as helps the company to excel in on-page SEO and off-page SEO. 

They also assist you with content planning and creation, significantly boosting your SERP ranking. 

VEA technologies overview

Services offered

  • Search Engine Basics
  • Content Planning
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research

Major clients:

No data available.

Agency Awards and Highlights

  • Helped to increase the online revenue by 55%. 
  • Increases site visitors by 48%.
  • 20% increase in the organic traffic of the companies.
  • Names as the Agency of 2022 by Colorado Biz.  

Conclusion: Best SEO Agency Denver

I hope the above article has helped you pick the best SEO services in Denver and increase your presence. 

However, if you are still confused about which company to choose, our top recommendations are:

  1. New medi.com: With their 25-plus years of experience, you can level up your optimization game. 
  2. Thrive Agency: A one-stop solution for all your needs.
  3. Boulder SEO Marketing: For increasing organic traffic. 

As a bonus, you can read our handpicked list of overall best SEO Agencies.

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