12 Best SEO Podcasts For Marketers in 2023 (Popular & Subtle)

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Are you searching for the best SEO podcasts to increase your knowledge and gain expertise in the field?

Investing your time in listening to podcasts is a great deal in exchange for knowledge. Choosing the right podcast that delivers the content according to your needs may seem difficult. 

There are a variety of podcasts available that covers the SEO domain. From an ocean of podcasts, it sometimes seems impossible to find the right podcast for you.

 We have listed the top 12 SEO podcasts. You can choose the right one after considering the duration, frequency, ratings, topics covered, etc. 

With that let us dive into the world of SEO podcasts in a quest to find the most suitable podcast for you to start with. If you are already familiar with SEO podcasts you will surely be able to find the next podcast episode that you want to listen to. 

Top 12 SEO Podcasts: In A Nutshell (2023)

Before we begin with the details, let us take a look at the podcasts included in the list and their ratings. If you are in a hurry the table below will help you to choose a suitable podcast. 

Sr. NoPodcast NameRatings
1.The Authority Hacker Podcast4.8/5
2.Search Engine Journal Show4.7/5
3Search Off the Record4.7/5
4.WTSPodcast Podcast4.5/5
5.Edge of the Web4.4/5
6.Marketing Scoop4.4/5
7.Experts On The Wire 4.3/5
8.Marketing School4.7/5
9.Azeem Digital Asks4.5/5
10.SEO 1014.6/5
11.The Recipe for SEO Success4.3/5
12.SEO Podcast The Unknown Secrets Of Internet Marketing4.2/5

I have mentioned the details like duration, overview, and other important aspects of the podcasts in the following article. Continue reading to get a piece of brief information about the best SEO podcasts and what they contain. 

1. The Authority Hacker Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Gael Breton & Mark Webster. They discuss their experience with the sites and blogs in their Authority Hacker Podcast.  

The hosts make the podcast fun and entertaining. It is interesting how they have fresh new topics in each episode. I liked the way they share the details about their website building and how they earned a six-figure by selling it.  

Best SEO Podcast - The Authority Hacker Podcast

Furthermore, they cover google updates and discuss the commonly asked SEO questions. The podcast series has nearly 300 episodes, each with new ideas and expert tips. I will surely recommend it to you if you are an SEO enthusiast. 

Episode Duration:40-60 minutes
Frequency:Every two weeks
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

2.  Search Engine Journal Show

This is one of my favorite podcasts when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. The host of the show is Loren Baker. The podcast includes interviews with the top industry experts. 

The host and the guests have a detailed conversation on SEO, tips, and tricks. It interests me, how each SEO expert has their way and hacks to tackle technical issues and match up with the SEO trends. 

Search Engine Journal Show

You will surely like the discussions on content marketing strategy, Google Search and map features, tourism marketing, and unlocking the power of the data. 

Episode Duration:45-60 minute
Frequency:Twice Weekly
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

3. Search Off The Record

Who can provide you with insights into SEO better than Google’s team? Yes, you read that right. The podcast is hosted by Google’s search relations team. 

They take you to the behind-the-scenes working of Google’s search console and its working. You will also get background information about the decision-making behind the launches, feature prioritization, the latest updates on Google’s projects, etc. 

Search Off The Record

The podcast is suitable for you if you are interested in Google’s work and its SEO community. 

Episode Duration:30 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

4. WTSPodcast Podcast

The podcast is named Women in Tech SEO podcast. Interesting isn’t it? The podcast is hosted by Areej AbuAli and Sarah McDowell. Each week they invite women with expertise in SEO to discuss and learn from their stories, knowledge, and experience. 

WTSPodcast Podcast

The episodes mainly focus on technical SEO topics like keyword mapping, structured data, local SEO, and enterprise-level site migration. The other concepts discussed are managing teams, scaling an agency, how to set client expectations, etc.  

Episode Duration:30 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

5. Edge Of The Web

The podcast is hosted by Erin Sparks, an SEO expert. He discusses all the latest trends and news related to SEO and Digital Marketing. Moreover, episodes also include interviews with top marketing industrialists. 

Edge Of The Web

 The series has more than 500 episodes to date. It is surely a great opportunity to learn more from the experts. 

Episode Duration:30 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

6. Marketing Scoop

The Podcast is hosted by Semrush with the hosts Judith Lewis and David Bain. You will discover the latest digital marketing trends and headlines in the podcast that will help in strategizing your business and marketing. 

Marketing Scoop

The podcast episodes cover SEO along with other digital marketing concepts. Some special episodes include the success story that covers the best SEO tactics from all over the market. 

Episode Duration:4-20 min
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

7. Experts On The Wire

 The podcast is hosted by Dan Shure. The podcast episodes feature interviews with famous SEO experts. They discuss new tools, tactics, trends, businesses, and people doing a remarkable job in the SEO world. 

Experts On The Wire

The episodes cover the concepts of technical challenges, growth stories, eCommerce, growth stories, content marketing, mobile SEO, etc. The podcast attracts an insane amount of listens, despite posting just 4 episodes in 2021 and 7 episodes in 2020. 

Episode Duration:60-90 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

8. Marketing School

If you are occupied by a busy schedule and still want to expand your SEO knowledge, this podcast series will surely satisfy your needs. I love how they deliver on-the-point information and content in bite-sized episodes.

Neil Patel and Eric Siu, the top-notch SEO experts host this podcast series. It has more than 2200 episodes to date. 

Marketing School

The podcast will surely help you to learn various new tips and hacks for SEO. The hosts also discuss the efficient SEO tactics that they use. 

Episode Duration:4-20 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

9. Azeem Digital Asks

The podcast is hosted by Azeem Ahmed. If you want to own the treasure of  SEO knowledge, you should listen to this podcast. When I was introduced to the podcast I was stunned by the value he provides to the listeners.

The guests invited to the podcast are true gems of SEO. They discuss and cover all the topics of digital marketing, ranging from SEO to content. You will also come across episodes that mainly focus on search engine marketing. 

Azeem Digital Asks

A must-listen-to podcast that will help you to increase the brand value of your company and will help you gain command over your business. 

Episode Duration:30 minutes
Frequency:Twice monthly
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

10. SEO 101

The podcast hosted by John Carcutt and Ross Dunn is one of the best podcasts for beginners that I have come across. It helped me in learning SEO and its concepts from the scratch. If you are a beginner, you must consider listening to SEO 101. 

SEO 101

The topics are easy to understand and are less technical. The podcast is great to listen to on the go and won’t affect your schedule. I will surely recommend this to beginners and SEO enthusiasts. 

Episode Duration:30 minutes
Frequency:Once every 3 weeks.
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

11. The Recipe for SEO Success

The podcast is hosted by Kate Toon. The episodes of the podcast are differentiated into two categories as newbie and techie. The newbie episodes are for beginners. While the techie episodes are for the ones already with some knowledge of SEO.

The Recipe for SEO Success

The podcast covers topics like SEO, content marketing, social media, link building, local e-commerce, etc. The host invites SEO experts to discuss their personal experiences and recommendations. The episodes are usually engaging and fun. 

Episode Duration:30 minutes
Frequency:Twice Monthly 
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

12. SEO Podcast The Unknown Secrets Of Internet Marketing

This podcast was released in 2009, and since then, it has released over 650 podcasts. It has over 3.6 million downloads making it one of the best SEO podcasts. The hosts of this podcast are Matt Bertram and Chris Burres, and the website of this podcast is called Best SEO Podcast. The purpose of this podcast was to bring an audience to their training courses, but it became more than that.

SEO Podcast The Unknown Secrets Of Internet Marketing

They release their podcast almost every two weeks. They also do live streams of the episodes on Facebook and YouTube accounts. On the podcast, hosts discuss various topics like Google Algorithm updates, branded traffic, enterprise SEO, local SEO, and many more.

Episode Duration30 Minutes
FrequencyEvery two weeks
Listen OnSpotify
Apple Podcast

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Final Verdict: Best SEO Podcasts (2023)

That was it about my list of the best SEO podcast. 

When selecting a podcast to hear, first take a look at your schedule and the amount of time that you can invest in podcasts. You can choose the commute time or the free time you have to listen to the podcast.

Second, decide the duration according to your schedule and what it allows you. Remember not to mess up your schedule or delay important tasks. 

Third, choose the platform that you would use to listen to podcasts. If you are an apple user you can choose Apple podcast or you will be fine with Spotify.

Last but not least, consider the content according to your level of expertise. You should also consider the ratings of the podcasts and other factors. 

If you are still confused about which podcast to choose, here are our top picks for you:

  1. The Authority Hacker podcast
  2. Search Engine Journal Show.

If you are a beginner try starting with SEO 101 as it covers all the basic concepts in simple language as required for beginners. If you don’t have enough time, you can start with Marketing school as they offer episodes of small duration.

Remember to mention your picks in the comment section with the reason for selecting them. 


Is podcasting good for SEO?

The podcast is an extremely useful asset of SEO. It helps in gaining rankings and visibility. 

Why is my podcast not growing?

 If your podcast is not growing, you must recheck the content of your podcast. You can consider points like
Is your content solving the problem?
Are you providing value to the listeners?
Is the information provided on the point? 
Answering the above questions will surely help you to grow your podcast. 

How do I make my podcast viral?

 To make the podcast viral, you must make your show easily discoverable on the internet. You can add informative and valuable content that attracts the listeners. 

How often should a podcast post?

If you are a beginner, you can start by posting your podcasts weekly. You must be consistent and sincere in uploading the episodes to make your show a success. 

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