Top 27 Shopify Apps for Your Store (Must-Have)

Even after years of using Shopify, I still can’t get over the selection of the best Shopify Apps that this e-commerce platform offers. 

Shopify offers the integration of apps that can contribute to the success of your business at large. Using a Shopify App helps automate a lot of things, which can take some burden off of your shoulders. 

Shopify merchants can find their app support across categories – store design, marketing and conversion, store management, shipping, and finding and selling products.

From a selection of over 8,000 apps, I have selected the 27 best Shopify Apps to improve your Shopify store’s performance. 

Check this unique list of free and paid options designed for the needs of every Shopify user.

My Top Shopify Apps Recommendations For 2024 (Overview)

The below collection of Shopify Apps is the top 10 free and paid apps you can use for your Shopify store.

Shopify App Shopify Star ratingPrice
Shopify email3.8/5Free 
Plugin SEO4.7/5$ 29.99/mo
Klaviyo3.8/5Free and paid from $15/mo.
Reconvert4.9/5Free and paid from $4.99/mo
Mailmunch4.7/5Free and paid from $24.99/mo
Frequently brought together4.9/5$9.99/mo
Smile 4.8/5Free and paid from $49/mo

To reveal the other Shopify Apps,  keep scrolling further, where I will be sharing more details on each of the apps and their key features. 

Also, learn the details of their pricing and the ratings achieved on the Shopify Store.

1. Shopify Email

Shopify email allows users to create branded emails within minutes with the help of templates and a drag-and-drop editor. You can use sales-focused templates that display products, pricing, checkout links, etc. 

 Best Shopify Apps - Shopify Email

Key Highlights

  • Send emails directly from your Shopify store.
  • Create and send emails for new product launches, restocking, sales, holidays, events, etc.
  • Send personalized emails to the consumers. 
  • Track results of click-through rates, purchases, and the products added to the Cart. 
  • Improve the chances of conversions.

Pricing: Free to install. 

Shopify Rating:

2. Keeper

Keepers enables users to access their abandoned cart across multiple devices. The new items that are added before logging in can be merged with the previous cart items. 


Key Highlights:

  • Reduces the number of abandoned carts and increases the number of orders. 
  • Helps to recover the carts automatically that customers have created. 
  • Mutli-device shopping made easy. 

Pricing: Free

Shopify Rating:

3. Plug In SEO

Plug-in SEO provides insight into your Shopify Store’s SEO and the ways to improve it. You will also be guided to improve site issues and give a review of the improvement reports. 

Plug In SEO

Key Highlights:

  • Improve the store’s search ranking, page reviews, conversions, and overall consumer experience. 
  • Runs an audit for the SEO problems, and then you can provide a step-by-step procedure to fix them. 
  • SEO templates can be used to rank their blogs and pages for the targeted keywords. 

Pricing: The pricing for the plugin SEO app starts from $29.99/mo with an option to test for 14 days for free.

Shopify Rating:

4. Route: Post Purchase Platform

Route provides the customers with tracking their orders. From order to delivery of products, the customers can keep track of their belongings. It also provides shoppers with shopping insurance, which includes protection against theft, loss, or damage.


Key Highlights:

  • Control your customer experience by providing the consumers with details about their product from checkout to delivery. 
  • Gain customers’ trust and give them peace of mind. 
  • Reduces support costs and wins the consumers. 
  • Helps in increasing the conversion rate of consumers. 

Pricing: Free

Shopify Rating:

5. Klaviyo

Klaviyo helps shop owners turn transactions into long-time customers. The app is one of Shopify’s best email and SMS marketing tools. With the help of the templates available in the app, you can send alerts for a price drop, friendly cart reminders, or just product recommendations. 


Key Highlights:

  • The app syncs with your Shopify store to gather the latest price drop, cart data, coupons, etc. 
  • Built-in Shopify automation emails and SMS for back-in-cart, price drop, and cart abandon. 
  • Send dynamic coupon codes for the campaigns, delays, etc.

Pricing: Available as both free and paid plans from $15/month.

Shopify Rating:

6. Reconvert

Reconverst’s upsell funnels help shop owners grow and maximize profits. It will help you collect birthdays, track orders, reorder, or upscale a customer’s subscription. 


Key Highlights:

  • Helps the users upgrade their thank you page by adding surveys, product upsells, etc. 
  • Access to the drag-and-drop editor that will help you to build and manage your upsell strategy. 
  • Deep segmentation triggers cross-sell, bundle upsells, one-click upsells, etc. 
  • Boost the AOV with one-click upselling. 

Pricing: This Shopify app offers a free 30-day trial, a free plan, and paid subscriptions starting from $4.99/mo.

Shopify Rating:

7. LooX

LooX supports the stores in collecting referrals and reviews with photos and videos from your customers. You can fully customize the look and feel of the review collected along with your brand image. Additionally, it can integrate with your tech support as well. 


Key Highlights:

  • Send automatic review requests in exchange for additional discounts from your shop.
  • Display your reviews in a beautiful grid, list, carousel, etc.
  • Supports multi-lingual stores and operates on auto-pilot. 
  • Access to Google shopping and SEO integrations.
  • Insert reviews everywhere you sell. 

Pricing: LooX, built for Shopify, offers a 14-day free trial and starts its pricing from $9.99/month. 

Shopify Rating:

8. Mailmunch

It is an email marketing suite with tools to capture leads, send newsletters, and behavior-driven automation. You can also send personalized emails to your customers with compelling landing pages and advanced pop-ups. Besides, you can create and publish campaigns within two minutes with the app’s help. 


Key Highlights:

  • The app has behavior-driven automation that drives customers.
  • With the help of advanced segmentation and laser-sharp focus, the app creates and sends personalized newsletters to customers. 
  • AI chat engine and quick creation help store owners boost their marketing campaigns. 
  • Ready to use powerful and appealing templates for every lead generation campaign. 
  • Landing page design to bring in more clicks and conversions. 

Pricing: Mailmunch offers free plan access with a 14-day free trial. The prices for the Shopify app start from $24.99/month. 

Shopify Rating:

9. Frequently Bought Together

This app offers customers personalized recommendations and discounts in just one click. The AI algorithm of the App has been continuously trained for years to enhance its power and drive higher conversion rates. 

Frequently Bought Together

Key Highlights:

  • Uses smart and proven AI techniques for product recommendations. 
  • Adds four types of bundle discounts to increase the conversion rates of the visitors. 
  • Sync with your shop theme and style. 
  • Smoothly works with multiple products, orders, and large traffic. 

Pricing: Starts at $9.99 monthly with an option of a 30-day free trial and a separate free plan.

Shopify Rating:

10. Smile 

Smile promotes loyalty programs, referrals, and VIP reward programs. It helps in creating sales and repeating purchases. Additionally, you can save on acquisition costs and boost your brand and shop. 


Key Highlights:

  • Easily integrates with your favorite apps for customer service, reviews, and emails.  
  • 24/7 support from the technical team. 
  • Customizes reward launcher, panel, reviews, emails, etc., to match your aesthetics. 
  • Encourages customers to repeat purchases and earn more redeem points. 
  • Auto translates loyalty program to any of 6 preset languages. 

Pricing: The Smile Shopify app offers a free plan with an option to upgrade it to $49/mo for more features. 

Shopify Rating:

11. Instafeed

Instafeed helps store owners display custom shoppable Instagram feeds on the store. Displaying Instagram content, like photos, reels, etc., on your store can help you build social proof and convert your store visitors into consumers. 

Plus, it enables consumers to shop directly from the Instagram feed. 


Key Highlights:

  • Displays instagram reels and photos in a grid or slider layout. 
  • You can manually or automatically optimize the layout of your feed. 
  • You can tag multiple products on your posts and create a shoppable Instagram feed. 
  • You can also filter your feed with the help of hashtags.  

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts at $5.99 per month. 

Shopify Rating:

12. Size Charts and Size Guide – ESC

ESC has made creating size charts simpler. It helps the store owners to create a chart with the help of a table generator. These size guides can be easily edited to fit the size chart of your products. 

Once you set a size chart, it will appear next to all the associated products in the shop. 


Key Highlights:

  • The app helps shop owners quickly create product size guides. 
  • Saves time with the help of easy chart creation. 
  • Customizable size charts to match the feel and theme of your store. 

Pricing: A free plan is available. Paid plan starts at $4.99 per month. 

Shopify Rating:

13. Printful

Printful helps users to create and sell custom products with print-on-demand dropshipping. They print the products, package them, and deliver them to the customers. All you have to do is brainstorm ideas and print them on your products. 


Interesting! Isnt it?

Key Highlights:

  • Connect your shop to Printful to sell customized products. 
  • Easy to use interface and easy to create custom products. 
  • Custom branding is supported on the packaging, pack-ins, packing slips, etc. 

Pricing: Free to install with a paid plan starting from $24.99/mo.

Shopify Rating:

14. TikTok

This app helps users to create TikTok video advertisements, track the results of the TikTok campaign, and manage their orders. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt urged many people to buy the products they saw on TikTok. 


Key Highlights:

  • Build a TikTok ad in minutes by just adding images and videos. 
  • The automated advertisement solution helps optimize product conversion results. 
  • Measures the performance of your ads and provides you with detailed insights. 

Pricing: Free

Shopify Rating:

15. Google & YouTube

This app helps to display your products in front of new shoppers searching for what you are selling. You can list your products on Google Search for free with the help of Merchant Center. This ad will be displayed on the search page. 

Google & YouTube

Key Highlights:

  • Easily sync your products to Google Merchant Center. 
  • Free of charge listing on Google. 
  • Connects with the audience on YouTube. 
  • The ‘buy on Google’ option for eligible merchants helps to increase their conversions. 
  • Total analysis of user journey with Google Analytics.

Pricing: Free to install. 

Shopify Rating:

16. Pinterest

This app allows users to connect their store with their Pinterest account to publish products and pins quickly. You can automatically update your products daily and track your performance on Pinterest. 


Key Highlights:

  • Increases the reach of your shop with the help of campaigns. 
  • Organically surface your entire product catalog to the pinners. 
  • Track all the conversions and view the detailed product data with the help of a Pinterest tag. 
  • A $100 ad credit is provided to the users when they launch their first ad campaign. 

Pricing: Free

Shopify Rating:

17. Help Center – FAQ Page Builder

Help Center helps the shoppers improve the customer experience with the help of FAQ builder, chatbot, live chat, help desk ticketing, etc. The app provides users with an automated chatbot and live support that can be integrated into their shop for 24/7 business accessibility.

Help Center

Key Highlights:

  • Creates SEO-friendly FAQ pages with the help of templates. 
  • Resolves queries from multiple channels in one place. 
  • Widget that integrates with order tracking, contact forms, and FAQs. 
  • Translate FAQ pages and product FAQs for global reach. 

Pricing: This app offers a free plan with limited features. You can pay $8/mo or more for more relaxation on the limits of its other plans.

Shopify Rating:

18. Omnisend

It helps users to create email marketing campaigns quickly and uses pop-ups to sell the product. You can build an email list with landing pages and pop-ups. The platform also provides users with ready-to-use email templates. 


Key Highlights:

  • Easy to create email marketing, global SMS campaigns, and newsletters. 
  • Grow your email list with the help of pop-ups, sign-up forms, and spin to win.
  • Easy setup with one click.
  • 20+ pre-built automation for better personalization and performance improvement. 

Pricing: Omnisend offers a free plan with limited features and offers paid access starting from $16/mo.

Shopify Rating:

19. Jebbit

This app helps Shopify store owners to create personalized product finder quizzes. These quizzes create confident purchase decisions and help in building trust with consumers. 

Additionally, you can capture leads with the help of these quizzes, recover abandoned carts, and increase conversion rates. You also get in-depth analytics and metrics of views, engagement, leads generated, etc.


Key Highlights:

  • Sync the recommendations directly from the Shopify product catalog. 
  • Directly integrates with apps like Attentive and Klaviyo to promote personalized communication. 
  • Easy to create, optimize, and update. 
  • Helps to boost conversions and AOV.

Pricing: Free plan available. 

Shopify Rating:

20. Tidio

Tidio empowers your store with add-ons like live chat, AI chatbots, and multichannel communication. It is an all-in-one consumer experience solution that can turn visitors into active buyers. 

It helps to manage all your customer messages in one place and immediately answers your customers’ most common questions. 


Key Highlights:

  • Ready to use sales and support chatbot.
  • Uses pre-made chatbot strategies for increasing sales and solving consumer issues. 
  • Customers can check their order history, find product recommendations, and preview carts directly in chat. 
  • Simple ticketing system to manage consumer queries. 

Pricing: Tidio offers a 7-day free trial, a free plan, and paid subscriptions starting from $29/mo. 

Shopify Rating:

21. Hextom: Free Shipping Bar

The app displays a progressive message of free shipping to motivate customers to buy more and increase sales. Users can see the order value you must add to your cart for free shipping. Plus, you can have multiple free shipping offers for different customers, countries, regions, and cities. 


Key Highlights:

  • The bar can be customized with advanced targeting options that include location, page, etc. 
  • Displays messages that include shipping goals, boost sales, etc. 
  • Helps you to plan free shipping for events like Black Friday and Mega Sale. 
  • Just one click to enable a fully customizable and supportive page. 

Pricing: This Shopify App is available as a free plan and paid access at $9.99/mo.

Shopify Rating:

22. AfterShip Returns

One of the major problems that online shop owners face is product returns. No matter what, you cannot escape it. 

Hence to make returns hassle-free and improve customer satisfaction, AfterShip Returns comes to the forefront. Besides, it encourages consumers to exchange instead of return your products. 

AfterShip Returns

Key Highlights:

  • Manages branded returns and automated email updates. 
  • Flexible return and exchange options.
  • Multiple courier and warehouse settings for cheap and quick returns. 
  • Reduces manual work with the help of auto-refund and auto-exchange. 

Pricing: This app is available as free to install, but the paid access starts at $23/mo.

Shopify Rating:

23. Shogun

Shogun is a drag-and-drop page editor that can be used to design landing pages, blogs, product pages, and theme sections. The app includes unique templates and supports various elements like sliders, countdown, product tabs, videos, etc. 

In addition, you can save your creations as snippets and use them in the future. 


Key Highlights:

  • Includes marketing tools like highly customizable forms and SEO controls. 
  • Certified by Shopify Plus. 
  • Sections can be edited individually, and direct changes can be made in themes. 
  • Easy to use builder with drag-and-drop control. 
  • Content can be synced across all your stores. 

Pricing: Shogun can be used for free for 10 days and accessed at $69/month.

Shopify Rating:

24. Gorgias

It is a customer service platform that unifies all the support conversations in one place. It helps to centralize all the customer interactions from social media comments, DMs, and all other conversations in one feed. 


Key Highlights:

  • Provides customer context before you answer the queries. 
  • The ticketing system is used to answer the queries of the consumers. 
  • Self-service menus help to answer consumer queries instantly.
  • Prioritizes chat, emails, Whatsapp, voice, SMS, social comments, and DMs in one feed. 

Pricing: Starts at $10 per month. (a 7-day free trial is available on the App.)

Shopify Rating:

25. Dsers-AliExpress Dropshipping

Dsers helps shop owners import products from Aliexpress. You can find suppliers, place orders, and resell them on your Shopify Store with better profits. It also helps to automate time-consuming tasks and makes the work smoother. 

You can also place hundreds of orders in just one click and within a few seconds. Plus, you can manage multiple Shopify Stores with just one account. 


Key Highlights:

  • Find cheaper and better suppliers. 
  • Finds, imports, and edits products (overall product management for your shop).
  • Updates the stocks and prices of the products. 
  • Automatically track the orders and package status. 
  • Bulk order placement with hundreds of orders with a single click.

Price: This Shopify app can be installed for free, and used for 14 days for free. But the paid plans start at $19.90/month.

Shopify Rating:

26. Joy: Rewards and Loyalty Program

If you are struggling to retain your customers or bring in new customers to your Shopify store, then it’s time for you to add Joy to your store. This app lets you create rewards and loyalty programs for your customers. So whenever they buy anything from your store, they get points which they can later redeem on your store for discounts, goods, or some other rewards.

Joy App

Key Highlights:

  • The app is optimized in a way that won’t affect your website’s loading speed.
  • Create rewards for placing orders, giving reviews, following your socials, signing up, and more.
  • In-built email notifications & automation in all plans.
  • It supports Shopify POS and is customizable for multiple languages.

Pricing: This app offers a limited free plan with a paid Pro plan starting at $29/month.

Shopify Rating:

27. Buy Button

The best way to generate leads and demand is through content marketing. But to convert that traffic, you need the help of the Buy Button app, which allows you to place a Buy button directly on blogs or websites so visitors can directly buy those specific products from your store with just a click. 

The best way to bring organic traffic to your store is through a blog, so create one alongside your store and place those buy buttons to convert that traffic.

Nuy Button

Key Highlights:

  • It leads customers to the checkout page on your store from any blog or website.
  • Customize the colors, layouts, and fonts to match the brand and style of your store.
  • Update your products’ information without even touching your Shopify store’s code.
  • Track sales & conversions directly from the analytics & sales page.

Pricing: Completely free of cost.

Shopify Rating:

Please note: All the above Shopify Apps can be accessed from the official Shopify App Store. This is the best place to get the ideal app for your store, with 8000+ apps to choose from.

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Best Shopify Apps You Need To Have For Your Shopify Store

The best Shopify Apps to have as a must for your Shopify store are: 

  1. Shopify Email – Improve conversions and AOV.
  2. LooX – Collect visual referrals and reviews for your Shopify store.
  3. Buy Button – Effective to lead the customer to the checkout page. 

Remember, these are just the top 3 of the selection of the 27 best Shopify apps that I chose for this review. The Shopify App Store is a goldmine with over 8,000 apps to choose from.

Check out more such apps from the store and pick the most ideal fit for your business needs to smoothen your Shopify store operations. 


What apps should I get on Shopify?

Some of the best apps you must get on Shopify are Keeper, Route, Reconvert, Printful, TikTok, and Pinterest. These apps will help you to upgrade the performance of your Shopify Store. 

What is the best app to turn your Shopify store into an app?

You can use MobiLoud to build a Shopify Mobile App. It is fast, easy to use, and affordable. Plus, you can launch your store on the app stores within a month. 

How many Shopify apps should I have?

Every business requires different types of applications to support its stores. You can download the best apps for your business and your store. However, avoid adding unnecessary apps that may clutter your operations. At most, 25 apps are enough to run your store smoothly with all the required integrations. 

How many stores can I run on Shopify?

From a single account, you can create up to 10 Shopify stores. Each store can have a different domain name, settings, products, etc. Creating multiple stores can help business owners to target different audiences from different stores and increase their sales. 

How much does the average Shopify app make?

On average, Shopify App developers can make more than $90,000. The developers on the lowest earn between $43,000 and $56,000 per annum, and at the most, they can earn anywhere between $173,000 and $186,000 per year. 

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