15 ChatGPT Alternatives & Competitors 2024 (Free & Paid)

Did you know there are ChatGPT alternatives that are arguably even better than ChatGPT? Yes! There’s something similar and even better than ChatGPT out there. Some are very good, yet lesser known.

ChatGPT has seen instant success and growth since it was launched. It now has over 180.5 million monthly users on board. However, it has its own limitations with its knowledge base threshold, frequent errors, and inability to access the internet (with GPT 3.5). 

In this post, I will be listing the most credible ChatGPT alternatives that overcome these limitations. I explored multiple AI chatbots and models available and finalized these 15 as the best ChatGPT alternatives.

Check out more details about these further!

Top 15 ChatGPT Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2024)

Here are the ChatGPT alternatives that caught my eye, along with the AI language model that this list includes. Have a quick overview of the models used and if they offer free access from the table below. 

ChatGPT AlternativeLanguage ModelFree Access
Microsoft Bing AIGPT 4Yes
Google Bard AIPaLM 2 Yes
Perplexity AIGPT-4, Claude 2.1, Gemini and PerplexityYes
SocraticNot specifiedYes
Jasper ChatGPT 4 and otherNo
Elicit AIBabbleLabble – GPT 3Yes
Character AIAn exclusive modelYes
Poe by QuoraMultiple Yes
ChatsonicGPT 3.5 and GPT 4Yes
YouChatTheir own and GPT4Yes
DialoGPTLarge scale pre-trained modelNo
OpenAI’s GPT3 PlaygroundGPT 3No
Google LaMDALaMDANo 
Chinchilla AIBERT and GPT3No
GitHub CopilotGPT 3No

Why Should You Consider ChatGPT Alternatives?

We now know that this AI chatbot is not foolproof and has a bunch of drawbacks that cannot be overlooked. These drawbacks are the reason why you use these ChatGPT alternatives. 

  • ChatGPT has outdated data – Though recently ChatGPT has updated its knowledge threshold for the GPT 3.5 model, the AI bot only has access to information till January 2022. To gain internet access with ChatGPT, you have to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, which will cost you $20/month.
  • ChatGPT crashes a lot – There is a time when I am using ChatGPT with prompts that are fairly complex; it tends to crash at times and display a “network error.”
  • Gives incorrect and biased answers – ChatGPT has been known to cause controversial answers and opinions ever since its inception. There are reports of ChatGPT being culturally, racially, and socially biased, too!
  • ChatGPT does not give a source to its answers – While other chatbots like Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Copilot give out sources to back up their information. ChatGPT fails to do so.
  • ChatGPT cannot access the Internet – The free version of ChatGPT (GPT3.5) cannot access the Internet and, as mentioned, has limited knowledge of a specific timeline. Some alternatives listed offer access to these features and have been for a very long time.

Getting to further details about the selected ChatGPT, like AI tools and software, these 15 alternatives offer most features that ChatGPT does.

However, don’t take these as exact clones of ChatGPT. While some are direct competition to it, others are compared to the specific features that ChatGPT can execute.

With that, let’s dive into it! Many interesting options are coming up!

1.  Microsoft Bing AI (Copilot) – For Using GPT 4 For Free

Microsoft’s AI collaboration with OpenAI is well-known as it runs an AI chatbot on its AI model – GPT 4. 

Microsoft Bing AI

This AI assistance is partnered with the Bing search engine to give a combined powerful experience to a user called “Copilot.” Unlike ChatGPT, the Bing AI chat offers to give responses in three ways:

  1. Creative
  2. Balanced 
  3. Precise

A standout feature of this ChatGPT alternative is that it offers free “Copilot GPTs” similar to custom GPTs for specific tasks such as AI image generation, traveling, cooking, and fitness, which are offered for a price in ChatGPT. 

That’s not all; you can even generate audio from a prompt using “Suno” on the Microsoft Copilot!

Microsoft Copilot Features:

  • Three ways to generate a prompt response.
  • Generate information in tabular form and import it to Excel.
  • Generate AI-powered images for free.
  • Use images and a microphone to enter prompts.

Microsoft Copilot’s Pros

  • Access to OpenAI GPT 4 model for free.
  • Notebook feature to enhance the way you make notes.
  • Copilot GPTs for cooking, vacation planning, and fitness.
  • AI audio generation with Suno.
  • Remembers conversation history.

Microsoft Copilot’s Cons

  • Can be used only on Bing 
  • Underlines and source references disrupt the reading flow. 

2. Google Bard AI – Google Backed AI Responses

After the launch of ChatGPT, Google started working on its own chatbot AI called Bard, and now it is available for everyone to test. This AI chatbot harnesses the power of machine learning and NLP to provide human-like responses to users’ queries. 

Bard AI has a very clean interface, and the design is also sleek and aligns really well with Google’s signature design. The chatbot works on the latest conversational and language model called PaLM 2 LLM.

Google Bard AI

Google has worked on bringing generative AI to their search feature, which has definitely been a game changer. This give you quick answers to any of your questions, and you don’t even have to search around to get the answer. Bard also gives you quick responses, maybe a bit quicker than ChatGPT, and can also voice out its answers.

Did you know? – 1 out of 8 people use Google Bard as of 2024. Here are more statistical insights on Google Bard from our research. 

Google Bard AI Features:

  • Clear your chat with a click to ask a new query
  • See your previous requests in the activity section of Bard
  • Give thumbs up or down to the responses to help AI improve
  • Bard has access to more relevant information than ChatGPT
  • Edit your prior requests to get better responses
  • Summarizes texts in an instant

Google Bard AI Pricing

Just like ChatGPT, Bard is completely free to use. It is currently in the experiment phase, so that it may generate inaccurate or inappropriate responses.

Google Bard AI Pros 

  • Double-check answers backed by Google search results
  • Generate a text-to-speech response 
  • Modify responses to sound casual, professional, short or long

Google Bard AI Cons

  • Misses to give out source links at times. 
  • Is still under development

3. Perplexity AI – Best Free ChatGPT Alternative

If you wish to experience ChatGPT on steroids, look at Perplexity. It works on the same model as ChatGPT; however, unlike its rival, Perplexity is not limited by its data. It can access the internet; therefore, it can offer the most relevant information based on given queries.

 Perplexity AI

Consequently, Perplexity represents everything ChatGPT can do without the self-imposed limit based on its training data. That said, Perplexity is more focused on fetching the information regarding a given prompt rather than on the conversational aspects.

Demandsage Bonus: See how Perplexity AI comes close to ChatGPT in this of apples-to-apples comparison of ChatGPT and Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI Features:

  • Delivers accurate answers to given prompts.
  • Has access to the internet.
  • Provide the latest details.
  • Provide sources from where it has fetched the results.
  • Suggest additional suggestions to refine prompts further and receive more accurate responses.

Perplexity Pricing

Perplexity is available for free use, and also has a paid “Perplexity Pro” plan for $20/mo. 

Perplexity Pros

  • Generate specifically focused responses. 
  • Access the internet with a Copilot.
  • Well-organized results with images and videos.
  • Suggests relevant topics for further searches. 

Perplexity Cons

  • Based on a mathematical model which may not be as creative
  • Cannot create custom GPTs like GPT 4. 
  • Limited CoPilot usage. 

4. Elicit AI – For Analyzing Research Papers

Elicit can be a student’s and a professor’s best friend. This amazing ChatGPT alternative brings AI assistance to analyze complex research papers, get their summary, and view sources, which are its strong features. 

This AI software has helped research groups save 50% of their costs and time by providing accurate data on research papers. 

Elicit AI

This platform searches from a large library of academic papers and generates a response with related and credible research papers. What you can do with Elicit:

  1. Find papers
  2. Extract data from papers
  3. Get a list of concepts related to your prompts 

Each type of usage uses credits and differs from each other. From a sidebar, you can quickly access your workflow history, a library of uploaded papers, credit counter guides, and contact information. 

Free access will only allow you to use limited features, though, and to be able to export your results, you need to be on a paid subscription. 

Elicit AI Features:

  • Exports results to CSV and BIB formats.
  • Paid plan offers a higher accuracy mode. 
  • Priority customer support 

Elicit AI Pros

  • Database of over 125 million academic papers
  • Trusted by the likes of Google, NASA, Stanford, McKinsey and Company etc. 
  • Clear display of the credits utilized and topics used for.
  • Ability to integrate with Zotero

Elicit AI Cons

  • Free plan offers only 5000 credits which are not renewed.
  • Cannot buy extra credits if enrolled to a free plan.
  • Cannot export results with a free plan.

5.  Jasper Chat – For Brand-Focused Marketing

Next on our list is Jasper Chat, an AI chatbot with multiple unique features that make it particularly interesting as a ChatGPT alternative. Like OpenAI’s bot, JasperChat can reply to complex prompts and present them in a lucid format.

You can use it to write poetry or ask it to tell jokes. However, the dexterity of Jasper Chat lies in writing detailed articles, and JasperChat carries these features with it.

Jasper Chat

Similar to ChatGPT, JasperChat is also versed in facts and data not only till the summer of 2021, but also beyond that. However, its super intuitive interface combined with its ability to generate long-form and catchy content allows it to stand ahead of ChatGPT.

Here’s a thorough review of the JasperChat that I covered separately. 

Jasper Chat Features:

  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Ability to remember previous conversations to understand the context better.
  • Ability to generate unique, exhaustive, and rich long-form content.
  • Can generate content in 29 languages.

JasperChat Pricing

JasperChat is accessible for all Jasper users signed up on the “Creator,” “Pro” and “Business plans. The basic Jasper subscription starts at $49/month with the Creator plan.

JasperChat Pros

  • Generates Brand-Focused content generation.
  • Integrates multiple AI models together 
  • Can provide up-to-date information from the Internet.
  • Works with 30+ languages.

JasperChat Cons

  • No Free plan sold.
  • Subscription is very expensive compared to other ChatGPT alternatives. 

Demandsage Bonus: Even though it is expensive, there’s still a way for you to test this ChatGPT substitute for free. Claim your 7-day free trial of Jasper using the attached guide now!

6. Socratic – An Alternative For Learning

Another student’s favorite ChatGPT alternative for learning is Socratic, which was developed by Google. While Elicit AI above is for complex research papers, Socratic is built for students of all ages wanting to learn basic concepts.

It uses your camera, microphone, or phone library to scan math problems, fiction, science, and history problems, and texts to generate a result.


It is better than ChatGPT in ways that it can actually scan your written problems on hard paper. ChatGPT cannot do this and needs you to give input as a prompt. Socratic uses Google AI and explains concepts visually. This makes learning more easy and more fun!

“Saved me in Chemistry. There were so many things I didn’t know how to do, and this app explained to me what my teachers couldn’t. Super helpful; love how it explains and helps besides just giving the answer.”
– High School Student

Source: Socratic Website

Socratic Features:

  • User input via a microphone, camera, or phone media gallery.
  • Available as a mobile application on Google Play and Apple stores.
  • Can access the internet to provide solutions.
  • Highly accurate solutions for over 350,000 questions.

Socratic Pros

  • Explains Maths, Chemistry, History, Earth Science, and Environmental Learning visually.
  • Displays solutions while also explaining the concepts required for the question.
  • Shares related web results for the same problem

Socratic Cons

  • Available only as a mobile application.
  • It wasn’t compatible with my updated Android 14 phone.

7. Character AI – An Alternative For A Conversational Chatbot

The most fun and entertaining ChatGPT alternative to work by far is Character AI. Over 20 million people are using Character AI across the world already. Imagine ChatGPT with its GPT models, but only that the models are actual characters that you can chat to! 

Character AI uses a neural language using models to generate responses just as a certain selected character would, with responses as a text and a voice!

Some of the most popular Character AI characters are: 

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte.
  2. Albert Einstein.
  3. Elon Musk.
  4. Jesus Christ.

Here are some other things that you can use Character AI for: 

Character AI

Apart from these, you can actually use Character AI as an assistant chatbot with its “Character Assistant,” which uses Character AI’s C1.2 model. This chatbot can take prompt inputs via text, images, and a microphone, too, with unlimited free messages!

Character AI Features:

  • Prompt inputs via text, images, and microphone
  • AI image generation
  • Custom AI character creation
  • Community with quick access to tips, guidelines, announcements, and FAQs

Character AI Pricing

Character AI is free to use with unlimited messages, with an option to buy a paid subscription for faster response times, early access to new features, and character.ai+ community access for $9.99/mo. 

Character AI Pros

  • Chat with a character of your choice
  • Feed with humorous conversations of other users.
  • Access pre-trained characters (models) for fun and insightful conversations.
  • A unique and entertaining chatbot.
  • Has a mobile application.

Character AI Cons

  • Not as reliable as ChatGPT
  • Slow response generations
  • Conversations do not always align with the character. 

8. Poe By Quora – For Using Multiple Top AI Models Together

Poe, an AI chatbot from Quora, brings together the powers of multiple AI chatbots in one place. With Poe, you can access their own bot called “Assistant” and “web-search” using the GPT 3.5 Turbo language models.

Other models that you can access are:

  • GPT 4
  • Playground v2
  • Claude instant 100k
  • DALL E 3
  • StableDiffusionXL 
  • Gemini Pro (Beta)

And many more!

Poe By Quora

The thing that sets this ChatGPT alternative is that it allows you to bring together the abilities of multiple language models and truly enrich your AI experience. Like GPT models offered by the paid version of GPT 4, you can create and access custom models created by the community!

What’s more, is that Poe offers a mobile and desktop application for a flexible user experience. 

Poe Features:

  • Insert prompts via text, microphone, and attachments. 
  • Powered by Open AI’s GPT 3.5 turbo architecture. 
  • Monetization feature for creators
  • Access to GPT 4, Gemini Pro, Claude 100K

Poe Pricing 

Poe is completely free to use, but to access the likes of GPT 4 and Claude 2 100k, you need to shell out $19.99/mo for the subscription. 

Poe Pros

  • Offers prompt suggestions for responses.
  • Quick prompt reponses.
  • Custom bots creation and access.
  • Can access the web for free.

Poe Cons

  • Responses generated by the assistant are not always direct.
  • Subscription is required to use other high-quality AI models.

9. Chatsonic – For Generating Content

Chatsonic from Writesonic is the best alternative to ChatGPT that exists right now. Chatsonic works similarly to ChatGPT; however, it effectively overcomes the limitations tied to OpenAI’s ChatBot – it can integrate with Google and produce relevant, up-to-date responses.

ChatGPT Alternatives - Chatsonic

Moreover, ChatSonic can also connect with AI image generator models like DALL-E or Stable diffusion to generate images, as you requested. On top of that, Chatsonic is also compatible with voice commands and can generate long articles. 

The only downside with Chatsonic is that it only allows 25 daily interactions – a weak point that might upset those who are accustomed to using ChatGPT without any limitations.

ChatSonic Features:

  • Easy Integration with Google.
  • Knowledge of current events and trends.
  • Compatibility with voice command.
  • Integration with AI art generators.
  • Mobile apps and Chrome extension.
  • 16 different Persona modes

ChatSonic Pricing

ChatSonic is available with a Writesonic subscription. Its free plan allows up to 6,250 words, while the paid plans range from $19 to $999 monthly, depending upon the number of words generated.

ChatSonic Pros 

  • Access real-time data
  • AI image generation
  • Works with a Chrome extension as well
  • Includes a prompt library 

ChatSonic Cons

  • 10000/month word limit with the free plan.
  • Image generation quality is not at par with ChatGPT’s DALL E 3.

Demandsage Bonus: Here are the best AI writers and software for more ways to write and generate content 

10. YouChat – Search Engine-Backed Alternative

If you used ChatGPT primarily for its extensive database and knowledge, YouChat could be the perfect ChatGPT alternative. Unlike other tools, YouChat focuses solely on offering quick answers to specific queries. Therefore it’s perfect for extracting quick information. And the best is that it fetches information from the You.com search engine, providing relevant and up-to-date details.


 YouChat Beats ChatGPT In Two Aspects;

  • YouChat integrates with its search index, therefore providing relevant answers.
  • It includes the source website as a footnote for referencing and verifying the facts.

Moreover, YouChat is available both as a web version and a mobile app for iOS and Android, significantly enhancing its ease of use. Incidentally, if you are looking for an AI ChatBot and a search engine in one product, YouChat can be a worthwhile option.

Demandsage Bonus: You.Com is one of the best search engines powered with AI. Check this list of the 18 best search engines focused divided by categories.

YouChat Features:

  • Available right inside a search engine.
  • Answers questions, summarize texts and does translation work.
  • Can write code similar to ChatGPT.
  • Cite sources for verification
  • Free to use

YouChat Pricing

YouChat is available as an additional feature in the You.com search engine and is free to use. But also offers a subscription plan priced at $9.99/mo. 

YouChat Pros

  • Free To Use
  • Real-time information 
  • Uses GPT4 for its paid plan
  • Human-like conversations

YouChat Cons

  • Answers provided are often inaccurate.
  • Slow result generation.

11. DialoGPT – Large-Scale Pre-Trained Alternative 

Microsoft’s DialoGPT is in many ways similar to ChatGPT. It’s a large-scale pre-trained model designed explicitly for multi-turn conversation. Therefore it can hold conversations in a similar fashion as ChatGPT and provide crisp responses as per the query. Incidentally, DialoGPT is trained on a massive dataset of 147 million multi-turn conversations from Reddit dialogue threads.


Consequently, it can be a viable alternative to ChatGPT. However, there’s no direct interface available to access DialoGPT. One way to use it is to create a Telegram bot and integrate it with DialoGPT.

DialogGPT Features:

  • Generates human-like text responses
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Can handle long-range dependencies
  • Understand the context and generate conditional responses.
  • Can do NLP tasks, such as Q&A, summarization, and translation.
  • Can hold complex and open-ended conversations.

DialogGPT Pricing

DialogGPT is available free of cost license, only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices.

DialoGPT Pros

  • Has been trained on over 147 million multi-turn conversations and Redditt dialogue threads.
  • Conducts good conversations that are light and lively.

DialoGPT Cons

  • Cannot use it separately on its own website or app
  • Based on GPT 2 model.

11. OpenAI’s GPT3 Playground – To Build Your Own OpenAI powered Assistant.

Before ChatGPT became all the rage, there was GPT3 Playground, an intuitive platform to test OpenAI’s GPT3 model. It could be partly due to its tricky interface and lack of serious effort to advertise it to the general public. 

That said, the GPT3 playground is still available if you wish to have something similar to ChatGPT. The best thing is that OpenAI’s GPT3 model is far more exhaustive and robust than ChatGPT’s GPT 3.5 model.

OpenAI's GPT3 Playground

If you have some technical knowledge or are a power user, GPT3 playground can be a viable alternative to ChatGPT. You can reshape it to do what ChatGPT can do and more. Likewise, there are tons of customization options to mold the model to do your bidding to the best of its capabilities.

OpenAI’s GPT3 Playground Features:

  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Translation Work
  • Generate Content Ideas
  • Offer Text Suggestions
  • Allow multiple models to test, like Curie, Babbage, Davinci, and Ada

OpenAI’s GPT3 Playground Pricing

Pricing depends on your usage of the language model. It ranges from $0.0004 to $0.0200 per 1K tokens.

OpenAI’s GPT3 Playground Pros

  • Ability to switch between different AI models.
  • Easy content editing and expansion. 
  • Build your own AI assistant. 

OpenAI’s GPT3 Playground Cons

  • Expensive compared to ChatGPT. 
  • Much more complex to use than ChatGPT.

12. Google LaMDA – AI for Google Workspaces

Another excellent alternative to ChatGPT is LaMDA, which Google developed. Incidentally, it’s widely regarded as more powerful than ChatGPT. It is trained on 137 billion parameters and 1.56T words of publicly available documents on the web. 

Incidentally, LaMDA generates more human-like responses that are context-appropriate and accurate. Google’s LaMDA model is refined according to quality, security, and groundedness.

Google LaMDA

These parameters ensure that LaMDA produces accurate and to-the-point responses. Interestingly, unlike ChatGPT, LaMDA is capable of holding an open-ended conversation and is more adept at dialog-based interactions. 

Moreover, it has the unique ability to answer follow-up questions, making it an excellent alternative to ChatGPT.

LaMDA Features:

  • Ability to gauge complex requests spanning a wide range of topics.
  • Enable to perform generation and classification tasks.
  • Generate the most accurate, relevant, and safe response.
  • Can hold open-ended conversations.
  • Can be fine-tuned for specific use cases.
  • Generate coherent responses based on context.

Google’s LaMDA Pricing 

Google’s LaMDA is available for testing on Google’s AI Test Kitchen site. However, you have to register and join the waiting list before you can get approval to test LaMDA.

LaMDA Pros

  • Work across Google Workspaces
  • Trained on 137 billion parameters
  • Generate more human-like responses than ChatGPT

LaMDA Cons

  • Not exclusively available as ChatGPT

13. Chinchilla AI – A Three Times Larger Model Than GPT3

Chinchilla AI is another powerful ChatGPT alternative that can rival it in most aspects and even beat it in some. It’s developed by DeepMind and based on a 70 billion parameters compute-optimized model. Incidentally, Chinchilla works on transformer models like BERT and GPT3; however, it has outperformed ChatGPT on the MMLU math dataset.

Chinchilla AI

This allows Chinchilla to generate far better responses and makes it an ideal choice for those more inclined toward the training aspects of the language model. Likewise, Chinchilla can be a perfect model for writing tasks, search engines, or art generation.

Chinchilla Features:

  • Chinchilla is more adept in downstream tasks compared to Gopher, GPT-3, Megatron-Turing NLG, and Jurassic-1 models.
  • Need much fewer computations for fine-tuning.
  • More accurate than other models.
  • Three times larger than GPT-3
  • Can be used to deploy Chatbots, virtual assistants, and more such applications.

Chinchilla Pricing

The pricing of Chinchilla is not yet public

Chinchilla Pros

  • Works with its own AI model – BERT
  • Has a 67.5% accuracy rate
  • 3 times the size of GPT 3

Chinchilla Cons

  • Model exists as a research paper.
  • No clear way to use this AI tool. 

14. GitHub Copilot – An Alternative For Coding

If you only wish to have an AI model that can generate code similar to ChatGPT, you can go with GitHub Copilot. It’s the best ChatGPT alternative when it comes to code generation. 

Like ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot is also based on OpenAI API; however, it takes a more refined programming and code generation approach.

GitHub Copilot

That said, GitHub Copilot doesn’t have any interface; instead, it can be installed as an extension on nearly all the popular editors such as Neovim, JetBrains, Visual Studio, IDEs, etc. On top of that, GitHub Copilot supports multiple frameworks and programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Go, C#, and C++. With GitHub Copilot, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manual coding and push your skills to the best levels with the power of AI.

GitHub Copilot Features:

  • Understand prompts in multiple languages.
  • Trained on billions of lines of code.
  • Quickly generate code based on the given logic.
  • Offer helpful AI-based suggestions as per the given context.

GitHub Copilot Pricing

GitHub Copilot offers two plans – The Copilot for Individuals plan costs $10 per month, while the Copilot for Business plan costs $19 per user per month.

GitHub Copilot Pros

  • Best AI tool for developers.
  • 55% faster coding than normal.
  • AI-based real-time suggestions.

GitHub Copilot Cons

  • Code can be found to have minor errors.
  • Takes time to complete code. 

Demandsage Bonus: But hey! ChatGPT is still good and even better than before. It can now be used on an app, can hear and interact with voice prompts, and much more. Read everything that’s new with the ChatGPT chatbot here

Things To Look For In A ChatGPT Alternative:

When evaluating a substitute for ChatGPT’s capabilities, it should at least have the basic features that ChatGPT offers. What are they?

Here are the must-have ChatGPT features in an alternative:

  1. They should be developed on a high-quality NLP.
  2. Should be able to converse and remember references.
  3. Easy to use ad-free interface.
  4. User interface features to stop, revise, and edit a prompt or a response. 
  5. Should have multiple use cases.
  6. Ability to give feedback on responses and corrections
  7. Can add plugins and extensions to enhance specific tasks.

While a ChatGPT alternative will not have each of the above features, having most of them is important. 

Worthy Mentions — Upcoming ChatGPT Alternatives

While these are the best ChatGPT alternatives that you can consider using, there are some more AI language models and chatbots that are expected in the future to redefine the whole AI assistance grounds. 

Here are some of the most notable ChatGPT alternatives that are very new and upcoming:

  1. Llama 2 by Meta

Having the fifth largest market cap of the generative AI market with $762.633 Billion, Meta entered the AI competition with Llama 2. This AI model is trained on 2 trillion tokens and is also backed up by human feedback.

Source: Llama 2 – Meta AI 

  1. Google Gemini 

Google recently announced its most advanced AI model, Gemini, that overtook GPT4 across many parameters when compared. Gemini can understand text, images, audio, and advanced coding pretty easily, too.

Source: Introducing Gemini: Google’s most capable AI model yet  

  1. AI Pin by Humane

A unique AI chatbot introduced by Humane is the “AI Pin,” which has taken the AI world by storm with its ability to replace a mobile phone entirely. Starting at $699, it takes the artificial intelligence into a pin that attaches to your apparel and works via projection.

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Conclusion: ChatGPT Alternatives (2024)

ChatGPT kicked off very early in the AI market and has been very quickly matched with many quality alternatives. Some have even surpassed what the basic ChatGPT user can do.

Out of the lot, these are better AIs than ChatGPT:

  • Google Bard – For using Google’s AI model that can access the internet.
  • Microsoft Copilot – For accessing GPT 4 for free
  • Poe by Quora – For multiple AI models clubbed under one roof. 

These three tick off more boxes and are more similar to what ChatGPT offers as a whole than other use case-specific ChatGPT alternatives in my list.

I am very excited to see further updates to these existing AI alternatives and upcoming new announcements in the AI market. I will keep you updated with the latest ChatGPT alternatives in this space.

Let me know in the comment section with the ChatGPT alternative that caught your attention!

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