21+ ChatGPT Chrome Extensions (2023 Edition)

Chatgpt chrome extension

Ever since November last year, ChatGPT has shaken the tech world, and users have been searching for a ChatGPT Chrome extension or another way to integrate ChatGPT into their browsing experience, into the most used web browser preferred by 63.45% of the market.

ChatGPT has over 100 million users, but there are still no official Chrome extensions from Open AI to be used by everyone. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Like us, some curious developers want to use ChatGPTs powers in our everyday browsing experience.

I found these Chrome Extensions on Google’s Official Chrome Web Store. The ratings given to each are the public ratings given by users.

So, let’s get into our complete list and elevate the power of ChatGPT!

ChatGPT Chrome Extension: Top 10 Picks

After testing over 21 ChatGPT Chrome extensions, we’ve noted down our top 10 extensions below. These proved efficient, true to their purpose, and easy to use. 

Sr. No Extension name Best known forRatings
1WebChatGPTInternet access to ChatGPT4/5
2MerlinEnhanced searches4.7/5
3WiseoneEnriching your reading experience4.1/5
4ChatGPT for GoogleAI search assistance4.7/5
5Perplexity AISummarizing4.7/5
6Superpower ChatGPTCategorising  ChatGPT prompts4.2/5
7Scispace CopilotCreate your own prompt templates4.6/5
8AI prompt geniusCreate own prompt templates4.2/5
9TalkberryActs as a Translator4.1/5
10ChatsonicWriting content4.9/5

Scroll down to learn more about these extensions and our other findings on this topic!

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension: In Detail

Below, I have written 21 ChatGPT Chrome Extension, which I personally found very useful.

1. WebChatGPT

User ratings: 4/5

Best for: Internet access to ChatGPT

This acts as a substitute for ChatGPTPlus, letting ChatGPT access the internet to generate results for the prompts. After entering the prompt, the extension provides extra instructions with internet access.

WebChatGPT overview

You can use this inside ChatGPT, it gives you three options, Full insights, Partial insights, and Quick lookup. Although, the generation speed is very slow and takes quite a lot of time.

Link: WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with Internet access

2. Merlin AI Chatbot

User ratings: 4.7/5

Best for: Enhancing searches

This is an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT and works as an all-in-one web assistant. Merlin AI works on every website and is available in the sidebar for assistance.

Merlin AI Chatbot overview

It gives free access to the web and ChatGPT4. This platform can also summarize a youtube video and a blog, help write emails and help you get better search results on browsers.

Link: Merlin AI Chatbot powered by ChatGPT API

3. Promptheus

User ratings: 3.3/5

Best for: Conversing with ChatGPT

Promptheus lets you talk to ChatGPT directly and give voice commands to ChatGPT as inputs. This makes the process more lively and interactive.

If you’re bored of typing or want ChatGPT to work for you while you’re busy, promptheus is your best choice. It also supports multiple languages other than English.

Promptheus overview

Link: Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

4. TweetGPT

User ratings: 3.8/5

Best for: Helping to write tweets

This extension generates tweets out of the blue (because Twitter is blue, get it?). This helps you write tweets per topic, language, and emotional tone.

Even though it integrates ChatGPT into Twitter but it limits the topics that you can choose to tweet about. Get rid of spending hours thinking about what to tweet and let AI take care of your Twitter.

TweetGPT overview

Link: TweetGPT

5. Wiseone

User ratings: 4.1/5

Best for: Enriching your reading experience

It is made for all readers, which helps improve comprehension and makes you read better by letting you focus on the main content. 

Powered by ChatGPT, it gives you additional context while reading, teaches you complex topics, and helps summarize an article.

Wiseone overview

Link: Wiseone – ChatGPT for Reading & Browsing

6. Engage AI

User ratings: 4.5/5

Best for: Replying to LinkedIn comments

It is your Linkedin assistant which helps you reply to the comments of your Linkedin community. Just like TweetGPT, it lets you choose the mood.

Engage AI provides integrations with, Zapier, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Pipedrive, and Integrately.

Engage AI overview

Link: Engage AI – OpenAI GPT For LinkedIn

7. ChatGPT for Google

User ratings: 4.7/5

Best for: AI search assistance

This extension extends how you see a search result and acts as a secondary source of information for anything you search. This saves you from getting lost in the search results.

You can toggle the response generation(Trigger mode) as always on, with a question mark or manual mode.

ChatGPT for Google overview

Link:  ChatGPT for Google

8. Perplexity AI

User ratings: 4.7/5

Best for: Summarizing

Similar to other assistants, Perplexity AI is your real-time browser assistant. You can ask anything, summarize a page and even get references for the information. 

It works by hitting the extension button. Unlike others, it is not always available and works only when needed and commits itself to privacy, and only reads URLs when asked.

Perplexity AI overview

Link: Perplexity – Ask AI

9. Teamsmart AI

User ratings: 4.6/5

Best for: Expert assistance

This extension assigns different services to bots such as a Marketing expert, tailwind CSS expert, mental coach, comedian, and more. You need to copy your API key from your ChatGPT account and enable usage-based billing.

Depending on your need, you can select a  bot for your help and quickly summarize, get insights, and even generate tweets. Without a paid subscription, you can select only up to 4 bots.

TeamSmart AI overview

Link: TeamSmart AI – Get more done with ChatGPT

10. ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail, Messages with AI

User ratings: 4.7/5 

Best for: Writing emails

This extension helps you write emails and relieves you from writing hefty formal emails. Just paste any message or email in the context box, mentioning what and how you want your reply to be.

As claimed, it is privacy friendly, supports all languages, works on all browsers, and works even better for Gmail.

ChatGPT Writer Overview

Link: ChatGPT Writer – Write mail, Messages with AI

11. Superpower ChatGPT

User ratings: 4.2/5

Best for: Categorising  ChatGPT prompts

This is a real superpower extension as it does more than just assist you with ChatGPT. You can bookmark your prompts and the responses and store them in a folder.

You can mark prompts as favorites, categorize them, and can search your history anytime in one place. In addition to this, you can select a tone and language for the desired output using any GPT model.

Superpower ChatGPT overview

Link: Superpower ChatGPT

12. Youtube summary with ChatGPT

User ratings: 4/5

Best for:  Generating YouTube Summary

This extension lets you get a transcript and summarize any video within seconds. On the right side of the video, you will see an option to generate a summary within ChatGPT.

It then sends the video transcript to ChatGPT and gives you a brief summary in bullet points. You can select a GPT model, theme, and language. You also get an option of ‘grasping the bigger picture’ and ‘focusing on details’ modes for longer videos.

Youtube summary with ChatGPT overview

Link: YouTube & Article Summary powered by ChatGPT

13. Scispace Copilot

User ratings: 4.6/5

Best for: Research Assistance

As the name suggests, it takes care of assisting you in your reading journey. While reading an article, it helps you understand complex topics and saves you an extra click.

While reading, this helps maintain the flow and also gives suggestions with FAQs about an article, like conclusion, limitations, and literature survey of the content. It also helps brainstorm questions that you can ask from the article. 

Scispace Copilot overview

Link: SciSpace Copilot

14. AI prompt genius

User ratings: 4.2/5

Best for: Create your own prompt templates

Often we find ourselves stuck while generating a response as we can’t get the prompt right. This extension lets you create your prompts that work as a template and lets you refer to prompts created by others.

Save texts you find online as prompts and categorize them as per category and share your prompts on Redditt with ease.

AI prompt genius overview

Link: AI Prompt Genius

15. Search Got for Chrome

User ratings: 4.9/5

Best for Use ChatGPT as a pop-up window

Similar to AI search assistants, this provides additional information on a search engine. It also lets you access ChatGPT as a pop-up on any website.

An additional feature you get with this extension is it helps you understand a code easier by highlighting code snippets from a conversation. 

Search Got for Chrome overview

Link: Search Got for Chrome

16. Talkberry

User ratings: 4.1/5

Best for: Acts as a Translator

Talkberry, like Promptheus, lets you talk to ChatGPT directly and converse instead of typing in your prompts. This has multilingual support with languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin, and more.

This also allows you to convert ChatGPT into your personal Language tutor. It makes learning fun and gives you an advantage while learning any new language. 

Talkberry overview

Link: TalkBerry – Talk To ChatGPT

17. Botrush browser plugin

User ratings: 4.9/5

Best for Customize ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT often gets boring and dull and gives a feeling of using DOS sometimes. Botrush lets you customize your ChatGPT experience and turns ChatGPT’s boring dark UI into a fresh and lively one with your favorite color. 

It also lets you choose from a range of 25 fonts and 15 color schemes and displays the word count, and threads, with the ability to share your work.

Botrush browser plugin overview

Link: Botrush Browser plugin for ChatGPT

18. ChatGPT summary

User ratings: 4.7/5

Best for: Custom Summary

This can summarize every website you visit and combines this ability with being able to save a guideline for saving future prompts.

You can give custom instructions like “Summarize this article in 200 words” or “Generate a suitable caption for this text” as a preset. This can be a great tool while researching long, complex texts.

ChatGPT summary overview

Link: ChatGPT Summary for Chrome – OpenAI

19. Chatsonic

User ratings: 4.9/5

Best for: Writing content

This Chrome extension is an all-in-one AI assistant covering all the aspects others do. This can help you write emails, generate LinkedIn content, help write tweets, and give you factual information using Google, you name it.

This is a packaged deal that you can get and would help you save your browsing speed by eliminating the need to have multiple apps with one.

Chatsonic overview

Link: ChatSonic – ChatGPT with super powers

20. Text Reader by Read Me

User ratings: 4.4/5

Best for: Text-to-Speech output

It is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool. This helps you listen to blogs, articles, books, or any written content with a hands-free experience. 

You can adjust the speed, choose a male or female voice, and it also gives you a summary of anything you read online. This proves beneficial to boost your productivity and helps you consume content even when away from your devices.

Text Reader by Read Me overview

Link: Text Reader (Text to Speech) TTS by Read me

21. Monica

User ratings: 4.9/5

Best for: All-in-one functions

Monica is a full-fledged co-pilot who is there with you for all your ChatGPT needs. It enhances search, accesses the internet, creates ad copy, has a prompt library, summarizes content, and has a  chat PDF function where you can chat with a document to get relevant answers and can do much more.

It can connect to GPT–3.5 and GPT 4 models and has over 80 templates that help you write articles, ads, outlines, blogs, resumes,s, etc.

Monica overview

Link: Monica – Your AI Copilot powered by GPT-4

22. Talk-to-ChatGPT

User ratings – 4.2/5

Best for – Talking to ChatGPT without a keyboard

This extension helps you speak to ChatGPT using your microphone directly and enter the prompts using your voice instead of typing.

The tool also talks back with a response in a language that is preferred by the user. It supports all the major languages and makes it easier to interact with ChatGPT when you want to have hands-free interaction with the AI chatbot.


Link – Talk-to-ChatGPT 

23. YouTubeDigest

User ratings – 4.7/5

Best for – Gettings concise summary of your favorite YouTube video

YoutubeDigest is a great summary tool that uses the abilities of ChatGPT to get a brief summary for a YouTube video. This helps ingest larger videos and understand all the key points mentioned in them. 

Users can also export their extracted summaries as PDF, DOCX, or as simple plain text to share. This can be your best option to save time when you don’t have enough of it to consume an entire video.

YouTube Digest

Link –  YoutubeDigest: summarize and translate using ChatGPT 

24. ChatGPT – Chatonai

User rating – 4.4/ 5 

Best for – Prompt templates

This next Chrome extension can help you with giving ChatGPT prompts for almost everything. It has 70+ of the best ChatGPT templates, and you get chatGPT responses with your browser search.

You can also export top prompts that can be useful for SEO, Marketing, and Art from a community that shares and votes for the effective prompts. The Chrome plugin uses Open AI’s GPT3 and GPT4 for its artificial intelligence abilities. 

Bonus: Use these 11 best SEO Chrome extensions for all your SEO needs available right into your favorite browser. 

ChatGPT -Chatonai

LinkChatGPT for Search Engines – Prompt Templates 

25. FancyGPT

User rating – 4.4/5

Best for – To style up conversations with ChatGPT

This extension allows users to save the conversations they have with ChatGPT in an aesthetic way and share them in different styles. The tools even highlight an area of interest in the responses by ChatGPT. 

Users can select from neon, sketch, dark, and light styles to share snippets of their conversations and make them look fancy if they want to share their interesting prompts and responses on social media. 


Link: FancyGPT

Explore the list of the best Chrome extensions that can enhance your browsing experience without the powers of ChatGPT.

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Conclusion: ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

Having tested these extensions for a couple of days, I realized that other AI tools like Bing AI and Google Bard could efficiently do all these functions. These two can do it all, be it summarizing, accessing the internet, helping translate, or helping you research a topic.

Though these extensions can work with Google Chrome, adding too many of them will affect your browsing speed experience.

If you are committed to using ChatGPT, you can take advantage of these extensions or wait for access to Open AI’s official plugins.


Are ChatGPT Chrome extensions safe?

These Chrome extensions are safe, but still, before installing, check the developer’s website and the user reviews about that extension. Along with knowing its legitimacy, you can also get to know more about its use cases.

Does ChatGPT have official extensions?

On March 23, 2023, Open AI released a statement mentioning the active work happening on creating ChatGPT plugins. Currently, there’s a waitlist for both users and developers to be a part of these.

How to use ChatGPT in Chrome?

ChatGPT in Chrome has options like WebChatGPT, ChatGPT for Google, and other extensions using the ChatGPT model.

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