ChatGPT Code Interpreter (Use Guide & more)

ChatGPT has already broken many records and is in the limelight for its exceptional capabilities and how it responds to the user’s queries with the integration of ChatGPT Plugins. 

But, OpenAI did not stop here. They recently launched a code interpreter for ChatGPT. This code interpreter can now analyze data for you, process images, convert file format, and do much more than the ChatGPT chatbot was not previously capable of. 

Excited to try it out?

In this article, I have mentioned all the details about the ChatGPT code interpreter and its usage. So without further ado, let us get into it. 

ChatGPT Code Interpreter: Key Highlights

Before we get into the details of the ChatGPT code interpreter, here is a gist of information about it. 

  • It is available only for ChatGPT plus users
  • It is in the testing phase and is available as the beta version. 
  • The code interpreter cannot access the internet. Hence, it can only provide information included in its training data. 
  • You can perform tasks like converting a CSV file into a graph or bar chart, applying filters to images, converting a Word file into a PDF file, creating a video from multiple images, creating a GIF from images, and much more with the help of ChatGPT code interpreter. 

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What is ChatGPT Interpreter?

The code interpreter is a ChatGPT feature added recently to the chatbot. It allows users to analyze data, create charts, edit files, solve math problems and logical problems, etc. Plus, it also supports editing and downloading files

With this new plugin, chatGPT users can now upload files like images, documents, etc., and ask chatGPT to analyze the data in those files. 

But, this feature is available only to ChatGPT Plus users

Want more details about ChatGPT Plus? I have compiled all the latest information about ChatGPT Plus in this article. 

How does a code interpreter work?

Usually, ChatGPT generates the answer based on a large language model when you ask a question. However, when you use a code interpreter in ChatGPT, it writes and runs a code to generate the answer. 

ChatGPT code interpreter

Image Source: ChatGPT. 

Hence, the interpreters’ integration with ChatGPT has helped the chatbot perform tasks such as generating charts and graphs, performing complicated calculations, etc., based on the data a user uploads, performing.

Ethan Mollick, who tested the code interpreter for two months before it was released, said that the code objectively does something right

Besides, most experts reported that using a code interpreter in ChatGPT will help the chatbot reduce errors while generating responses through LLM, decreasing the chance of inaccuracy. 

How do you use a code interpreter in ChatGPT?

Now that you know the details about the ChatGPT code interpreter, you might be eager to use it and check out how it works. 

So, let us take a look at the step-by-step guide to using code interpreters in ChatGPT. 

Step 1: Open the ChatGPT website with the help of the link provided.

ChatGPT overview
Image Source: OpenAI

Step 2: Log in to your ChatGPT Plus account. 

Once you visit the ChatGPT website, click on ‘Try ChatGPT.’ You will be redirected to the ChatGPT login page. Click on ‘Login.

Log into Chatgpt plus
Image Source: ChatGPT

Next, enter your email address and password, and then click on Continue

enter your email address

Image Source: ChatGPT. 

Step 3: Open the settings of ChatGPT Plus. 

Once logged into ChatGPT Plus, click on your email at the bottom left of the ChatGPT Plus interface. 

Image Source: ChatGPT. 

Then click on settings. A setting window will pop up. 

click on the settings
Image Source: ChatGPT

Step 4: Enable the Code interpreter. 

To enable code interpreter,  click on Beta features in the settings menu. 

Click on the beta features
Image Source: ChatGPT

Enable the code interpreter from the beta menu by clicking the toggle button

Enable the code interpreter
Image Source: ChatGPT

Step 5: Enable the code interpreter on the main page. 

Once you have enabled the code interpreter from the setting, go back to the main page of ChatGPT. 

 main page of ChatGPT
Image Source: ChatGPT

Now click GPT-4  on the top menu, visible in the middle of the ChatGPT Plus interface. 

Next, hover your cursor on GPT-4 and select code interpreter.

select code interpreter
Image Source: ChatGPT

Step 4: Use the code interpreter in ChatGPT to find answers to your queries. 

After enabling the code interpreter in ChatGPT Plus, you will see that the input box has changed. A plus button is added to the left of the input page, and you can input images and videos on ChatGPT and ask it to describe them.

plus button added to input button

Image Source: ChatGPT

Yay! You have successfully used a code interpreter on ChatGPT Plus. 

What are the uses of ChatGPT interpreters?

ChatGPT Plus has got some new powers with the help of a code interpreter. The uses of the ChatGPT chatbot have drastically increased, and you can now ask chatGPT to describe an image or extract the components of the pictures. 

Let us take a look at some of the top uses of ChatGPT Plus code interpreter. 

1. Image processing:

With the help of a code interpreter, users can ask ChatGPT to extract the details of images. 

For example: Let us ask ChatGPT to extract the main colors in the images and their hexadecimal code. 

Image processing
Image Source: ChatGPT

Besides that, you can also increase or decrease the size of your image, compress the size of the image, convert your png image into jpeg and other, etc.

2. Convert an image into an animated gif:

You just have to provide an image and a prompt to convert an image into a gif. 

For example: Here, I have asked ChatGPT to convert my image into an animated gif. Let us take a look at how it ended up.

Convert an image into an animated gif
Image Source: ChatGPT

3. Data visualization: 

Code Interpreter performs data visualization for the provided data sets. It does what a junior data analyst works on. You can create a graph or bar charts for any data set with the help of ChatGPT. 

Example: I took the dataset of the Wholesale trade survey of March 2023 from the Stats website and asked ChatGPT to create graphs for the dataset provided in the CSV. 

Here is what ChatGPT generated.

Data visualization
Image Source: ChatGPT
Graph generated - data visualization
Image Source: ChatGPT 

It’s astonishing how it generated the graph without much information.

4. File conversion:

It can convert any file format into another file format. 

For Example, You can convert any Mp4 format into MP3 or PDF into a doc file. 

5. Generating QR code:

ChatGPT code interpreter can generate QR codes for anything and everything. You just have to provide it with a proper prompt, and whoosh! You get a QR code ready. 

Example: I asked ChatGPT to generate a QR code for our website “Demandsage,” here’s how it went:

Generating QR code
Image Source: ChatGPT

6. Programming:

ChatGPT can generate a code for the game and some other simple programs, The errors while generating a code have been reduced, and you get the code within a few seconds.

Example: I asked ChatGPT code interpreted to generate a code for the ping-pong game, and it generated a whole code to run into a local environment. 

code generated by chatgpt
Image Source: ChatGPT

7. Providing a summary of huge content:

You can ask ChatGPT to provide a summary of a huge document. Code interpreter has the capability to generate a summary for huge web pages, PDF files, or Word files. 

8. SEO:

ChatGPT code interpreter can help SEO analysts analyze SEO trends and understand the Google algorithm. These SEO analyses will allow marketers to rank their pages on Google. 

Here are some examples of how code interpreters can be used for SEO.

ChatGpt interpreting SEO
Image source: Twitter
tweet by Greg Isenberg on engagement analytics
Image source: Twitter

Tip: Check out this page for more examples of how ChatGPT can be used for SEO. 

Some other uses of ChatGPT interpreter are:

  • Solving complicated Maths problems. 
  • Solving logical problems. 
  • Cracking a joke. 
  • Analyzing and answering questions related to it.
  • And much more. 

Note: There are many more uses of ChatGPT code interpreter, and we have mentioned just some of the top ones. You can experiment with the platform and find out the new usages of the code interpreter.  

ChatGPT Capabilities with Code Interpreter

After going through all the new additions made to ChatGPT with the integration of code interpreters, let us take a look at some of the capabilities that ChatGPT gained due to this integration.

  1. You can upload or download files on ChatGPT. 
  1. You can directly work with CSV files, analyze data interpret images and videos with the help of computer vision.
  1. ChatGPT can reflect upon its responses and learn from them. This allows chatGPT to be smarter, and it can correct its own mistakes. 
  1. Code interpreter has created a bridge between natural language understanding and code execution.

Limitations of ChatGPT with code interpreter

Even though the number of capabilities of ChatGPT has increased drastically, the users will still have to face some limitations while getting responses from ChatGPT. 

Here are some of the Limitations of ChatGPT even after integrating code interpreter with it. 

  • Internet access is not available:

The code interpreter is not integrated with Internet access. Hence, you do not get the latest fetched data and can not interact with the online APIs. 

  • The maximum file size allowed is 250 MB: 

You can upload an image with a maximum size of 250. However, you can zip your image file to upload your image on ChatGPT.

  • Code interpreter supports only Python language:

As we know, a code interpreter runs codes to generate responses. This code is generated in Python language, and it presently supports only Python language. 

  • Installation of an external Python environment is not supported. 

You cannot install any external Python environment in ChatGPT. However, the pre-installed environment comes with more than 330 packages,  which include numpy for numerical computations, OpenCV for computer vision tasks, matplotlib for data visualization, etc. 

  • The Python environment may die, and you may lose your downloading links.

The issue persists as the code interpreter is still in its testing mode. The Python environment may die, and you risk losing your data. 

  • Code Interpreter has a knowledge cutoff issue. 

As the code interpreter cannot access the internet, it does not have access to the latest data and has the knowledge cutoff issue. The data of the code interpreter is limited to the time ChatGPT was trained. 

  • Code Interpreter cannot generate images. 

The code interpreter is not capable of generating images and videos. Plus, it can’t identify the contents of the image. 

Code Interpreter cannot generate images

Is the ChatGPT code interpreter down?

ChatGPT interpreter was last down on 14th July. The feature is still in the testing phase and requires maintenance occasionally. 

Currently, it is not down and is working. I have tried it for various purposes and have added all the detailed examples above.  

past incidents of ChatGPT code interpreter

Tip: If you are facing some temporary issues with ChatGPT, you can resolve them by following our guide

Tips for using code interpreter

Last but not least, let us look at some of the tips you must remember while using ChatGPT code interpreter. 

  1. If you cannot get the expected answer, try changing the prompt and ask ChatGPT to generate the response. 
  2. The prompt plays a major role in generating the content correctly. Hence make sure you provide proper prompts to ChatGPT. 
  3. It will not provide you with the latest data and facts, so use ChatGPT plugins instead of ChatGPT core interpreter to generate the latest data. 

Are you confused about which prompts to use on ChatGPT?

Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here we have mentioned all the ChatGPT prompts for you to check out. 

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That was all about the ChatGPT code interpreter from my side. 

Seeing the progress ChatGPT has made, I hope that we will be able to use the code interpreter with plugins and web access in the upcoming days. 

This integration will wipe away all the limitations of ChatGPT and revolutionize the way chatGPT works. 

This will also open doors for various experiments and new usage of the chatbot. 

I hope the above article has helped you to understand the code interpreter and its capabilities. 

You can check out here for further details on the ChatGPT chatbot. 


What is the code interpreter in ChatGPT?

Code interpreter is an official ChatGPT plugin available was initially made available in the beta version for ChatGPT plus users. It makes ChatGPT more capable by allowing it to analyze data, accept image and file inputs, code editing, etc. It can also solve logical problems, mathematical problems, data analysis, visualization, converting file formats, and more. 

How do you use a code interpreter?

To use code interpreter in ChatGPT, you will require ChatGPT plus account. Next, you will have to open the settings of ChatGPT and click on Beta. Then click on the toggle button and switch on the Code interpreter.

What is a code interpreter? 

A code interpreter is used to generate responses on ChatGPT. Just like ChatGPT generates answers with the help of the Language learning model, code interpreter generates answers with the help of Python code. Plus, the code interpreter helps you to analyze the information provided in the image, doc life, CSV file, etc. Plus, it adds various new functionalities to the ChatGPT model.

Can I use the ChatGPT code interpreter for free?

You cannot use the ChatGPT code interpreter for free. It is available only in the ChatGPT plus model, and the users who subscribe to it can test the code interpreter in the beta version. 

Is Code Interpreter available for all ChatGPT users?

Code interpreter is presently available to the ChatGPT plus users. The feature is presently in testing mode and is available only in the beta version. 

Can ChatGPT code interpreter access the internet?

ChatGPT code interpreter cannot access the internet. It utilizes the data on which ChatGPT was trained. This means you do not even get insights into the latest data and facts on the code interpreter.

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