How to Fix The “ChatGPT Is At Capacity NOW” Error?

Users trying to get a taste of OpenAI’s ingenious ChatBot, ”ChatGPT,” have been frustrated lately due to the ever-present “ChatGPT at capacity now” error.

OpenAI released ChatGPT in November last year. Since then, OpenAI’s latest innovation has been drawing accolades for its incredible ability to converse almost humanly. Obviously, the demand to try ChatGPT is sky-high. But lately, people are getting annoyed by the ”ChatGPT at capacity” now message.

Here’s everything we know about the issue. We will also throw in some tweaks to get around the problem and fix ChatGPT at capacity error.

What is Chatgpt at Capacity now?

Well, the error itself is self-explanatory. You are getting the error because ChatGPT is overwhelmed with the request and cannot address them at the time. Therefore in most cases, ChatGPT at capacity error arises due to traffic congestion.

Chatgpt at capacity now

Apparently, Reddit and Twitter are strewn with messages from people who cannot access ChatGPT. However, the witty response from ChatGPT describing the ‘at capacity’ error is also winning hearts.

OpenAI made ChatGPT publically available. Users were awe-stricken by the amazing response ChatGPT gave concerning queries. Its popularity soared, and the platform was flooded with visitors trying to test the capabilities of the genius chatbot. Consequently, OpenAI’s servers are sometimes overwhelmed due to an unprecedented amount of requests resulting in ChatGPT at capacity error.

How to Fix “ChatGPT Is At Capacity NOW”

If ChatGPT at capacity error is pushing your patience to the breakpoint, slow down and relax. There are some simple fixes to eliminate the error.

Fix 1: Give ChatGPT Some Time

As mentioned earlier, ‘at capacity” errors arise due to traffic congestion. If you are putting request after request to access ChatGPT and still getting the same error, wait for fifteen to thirty minutes. In my case, the error was resolved within twenty minutes. It may happen that the server load reduces a little, allowing you access to ChatGPT.

Fix 2: Refresh the Browser

Refreshing the browser forces it to fetch the page from the server again instead of loading it from the cache. It means that the browser sends a new request to the server to load the page. Consequently, refreshing the browser might allow you access to the ChatGPT interface.

Fix 3: Use a VPN

During my research to find out the solution to ChatGPT at capacity error, I found a pretty straightforward fix that is simple to try. If you are on Chrome, download any free VPN extension. 

VPN Proxy

Once it is installed, activate it and let the VPN connect to a server. Once a VPN is up and running, try to access ChatGPT again. In many cases, this solution rectified the, ‘at capacity error.”

Fix 4: Flush DNS

It may happen that the issue is not with ChatGPT’s server but with the browser cache. If you are continuously getting the  “at capacity” error in ChatGPT, try to flush DNS. 

Flush DNS

Flush DNS removes IP addresses and DNS records from the browser cache. It might help you fix the ‘at capacity issue.” To flush the DNS, type “ipconfig /flushdns’‘ in CMD and press enter. Once the process is complete, try to re-access ChatGPT.

Bonus: An easy way to fix the ChatGPT ‘internal server error’. Follow our guide here.

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Conclusion: ChatGPT is At Capacity Now

Traffic congestion is the most likely culprit to ‘ChatGPT at capacity error.’ You can try the above fixes to overcome the issues. The good news is, OpenAI is working on allocating more resources to ChatGPT and scaling the system. ChatGPT will then be able to handle the excessive amount of traffic efficiently, and hopefully, we won’t get the annoying ChatGPT at capacity error.

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