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Open AI announced ChatGPT plugins on March 23rd, 2023. These will enable ChatGPT to provide users with real-world information. Now you can find a restaurant, book a flight, buy groceries, and browse the web with the help of ChatGPT and its plugins. 

Open AI is hosting two of its own plugins  – the web browser and code interpreter plugins (more on these two below) and the rest of the plugins are from service providers like Expedia, Instacart, OpenTable, Kayak, etc

To access these plugins, users will have to install the plugins from the plugin store created by OpenAI.  Once a user installs a plugin and activates it, they will be able to perform tasks that would usually require web browsing. Users can take advantage of these plugins and the services provided by them to save time and automate minor tasks.

Excited to know the details about ChatGPT Plugins? Let’s get into it.

What Are ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT Plugins are tools designed to help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, integrate third-party services, and ease out complicated computation processes. 

Besides, they provide ChatGPT access to new information that it was unable to access earlier. Now, you can use ChatGPT to get updates on recent news happening or get real-time updates. Would these plugins help eliminate the hallucination issue that GPT models face?

Let’s read further to find out!

Note: There’s no waitlist to use the ChatGPT plug-ins.

Are ChatGPT plugins safe?

Open AI reviews each plugin getting registered in the plugin store, but as an informed user, you should always verify the developer’s details with their details available below each plugin from the button below:

Check Developer Info Of Plugins

Open AI state that these plugins are operated by third-party applications, and it’s up to the user to trust these applications.

ChatGPT can also send your prompts, responses, and location to the developer for learning purposes.

So, using plugins is safe, but as with everywhere on the internet, malicious softwares can be found anywhere, and a user should stay vigilant and steer clear of such apps.

About ChatGPT Plugins

Who Can Use ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT plug-in features started rolling out only to selected users and developers as per the recent update, now, every ChatGPT Plus subscriber can avail of the plug-ins from the plug-in store to add more value to their AI experience.

Bonus: ChatGPT has over 100 million users, according to the latest data. You can get to know more about the latest trends, figures, and demographics of ChatGPT through our detailed ChatGPT Statistics post here.

How Many Plugins Are Available on ChatGPT?

A ChatGPT Plus user can now access over 800 plugins. Wait WHAT? YES! We reacted the same way you just did. From having no access to plug-ins, Open AI now lets the users access hundreds of third-party plugins in their GPT-4 model.

Here’s how you can access the plug-ins:

Step 1: Select the Plugins from the drop-down menu you get when hovering over the ‘GPT 4’ button.

Select The Plugins From The Drop Down Menu

Step 2: Hover over the ‘No plugins enabled’ and click the Plugin store button.

Go To Plugin Store

Step 3: That’s it you’re through!

This is how your plugin store would look, you can further sort it by Popular, New, All, and Installed or search the plugins by name.

Find Popular Option In The Plugin Store

You can access these plugins, with the pages extending up to 101. Each page has 8 alternatives and 101 pages. That makes them 808! You can install these by simply clicking on the ‘Install’ button below each plugin.

Click On Install Button To Add A Plugin

You can download as many plugins as you want, but the limitation I found with using plug-ins was that you can only use a maximum of 3 plugins at a time.

Enable Three Plugins At Once

You can also toggle between Open AI’s official plugins. Open AI themselves have hosted two impressive plugins, which enhanced the capabilities of ChatGPT exponentially. Let us take a look at the plugins launched by OpenAI:

1. Web Browser Plugin:

It grants access to ChatGPT to gather data from the Internet. The demo provided by ChatGPT shows the usage of the web browser plugin. In the demo, when a question was asked to ChatGPT about the latest topic, it showed answers along with the steps and the sources used to generate answers. 

Web Browser Plugin

2. Code Interpreter Plugin. 

ChatGPT already had the ability to write and debug the code. However, now with the help of the code interpreter plugin, you can easily run the code on ChatGPT. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

 Initially, you could only find a code interpreter demo on the official website of the plugins. It included the following examples of its usage. But with the latest ChatGPT code interpreter plugin update you can now convert images into GIF files, convert documents to PDF and much more!

Code Interpreter Plugin

We dug deep into the code interpreter plug-in after the update. Read our detailed review of the ChatGPT code interpreter here.

3. Retrieval Plugin

It is open-source, allowing ChatGPT to easily obtain the documents from a knowledge base including your own. The demo from the OpenAI page displays how ChatGPT accessed United nations documents and provides answers. 

Retrieval Plugin

On the other hand, the third-party companies that have contributed to creating a few of the earliest plugins are as follows:

  • Expedia
  • Zapier
  • Wolfram
  • Speak
  • Slack
  • FiscalNote
  • Shopify
  • Instacart
  • OpenTable
  • Milo
  • Klarna

In a demo provided by Open AI, the ChatGPT uses multiple plugins in one video. First, the Open Table plugin is used to find great vegan restaurants in San Fransico. Later it uses the Wolfram plugin to calculate the calories in the food. Similarly, as instructed, it used multiple plugins accurately. 

Use Open Table

Let us take a quick look at the roles of some of the third-party plugins that are included in the ChatGPT plugin store. 

  1. Expedia

With the help of this plugin, users will be able to converse about traveling with ChatGPT. You can use ChatGPT as a travel guide with its help. Besides, it will also be able to assist you in planning your trips. Moreover, it can also check the price of flights, car rentals, vacation rentals, and hotels. 

  1. Wolfram:

This plugin boosts the capability of ChatGPT to solve mathematical problems. Besides, it provides easy access to mathematical and computational information available.

  1. FiscalNote:

It provides users with the latest information related on topics related to political, legal, and regulatory data. Besides, it advises the users about real-time government policies. 

  1. Insta Cart:

This plugin helps ChatCPT users to place orders for groceries and other items from the local supermarket. Moreover, you will also get details about the prices of groceries and other household items with the help of the InstaCart plugin. You just need to list down your needs, and ChatGPT will order them for you. 

  1. OpenTable:

You can now book a table at a nearby restaurant with the help of ChatGPT. This plugin offers suggestions to the users about the restaurants available in the vicinity and the type of food they offer. It can also book a table or place a home delivery for the food. 

  1. Kayak:

This plugin helps users to plan their trips. Whether it is a short holiday or a long holiday, it will help you to manage and plan everything in advance. Besides, it also assists users in making a list of arrangements required for solo trips and family trips. 

Benefits Of The ChatGPT Plugin

Using ChatGPT Plugins will help users to access real-time data. Besides, users can now use ChatGPT as their assistant as it can assist them in all minor tasks and automates them all. 

ChatGPT plugins make it easy for the users to track the calorie intake of the food that they are supposed to have, it can order food for you, can reserve a table at a nearby restaurant, and order groceries and home items from the nearby supermarket. 

Besides, it can also browse a user’s query from the web and retrieve data from the documents available on the internet. Moreover, along with writing and debugging a code, now it can also run a code for you. 

Astonishing!! It’s really a surprise to all the users that were yesterday complaining about the hallucination problem of GPT-4

Open AI has done a splendid job at launching the plugins, which will make all the jobs of humans a lot easier. 

How To Use The ChatGPT Plugin? (According To Demo Provided By OpenAI)

AS ChatGPT plugins are not out yet, we referred to the demo provided by Open AI about how to use the plugins, and surprisingly, the method is pretty easy. All you have to do is upgrade to ChatGPT Plus and use the alpha mode of ChatGPT. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the ChatGPT plugins:

Note: If you are already a member of ChatGPT Plus, you can follow the steps to use the ChatGPT plugin from step 12. 

Step 1: Visit the GPT-4 official page. 

GPT-4 official page

Step 2: Click ‘Try on ChatGPT Plus.’ You will be directed to the ChatGPT account page. Here you will have to create your ChatGPT account. If you already have a ChatGPT account, you can skip to step 9. 

ChatGPT account

Step 3: Click on sign up. 

Step 4: Enter your Email address in the block provided and then click on continue

click on continue

Step 5: Create a password to log in to your ChatGPT account, and click on the ‘Continue’ button

Step 6: You will then have to verify your email using the mail that was received on your email id provided to the ChatGPT. 

Step 7: From the email, then click on Log in. 

Step 8: Enter your First name, Last name, and the name of your organization, and then click on Continue.

Step 9:  You will then be redirected to the ChatGPT chatbot page. This is the free version of ChatGPT and is based on GPT 3.5. 

Now, you must upgrade to the Plus version to access ChatGPT Plugins. Hence, click on the ‘Upgrade to plus.’ option from the menu located on the left side of the window. 

Upgrade to plus

Step 10: A pop-up window will appear that displays the pricing of the ChatGPT plus. Click on Upgrade Plan. 

Click on Upgrade Plan

Step 11: Next, you must fill out the payment details and other billing information. Once you have provided all the billing data, click on make payment. 

click on make payment

Congrats Now you have access to GPT-4 and GPT Alpha models. 

Step 12: Now from the ChatGPT chat interface, choose the Plugin model. 

choose the Plugin model

Step 13: From the Plugins drop-down menu, click on Plugin Store. 

click on Plugin Store

Step 14: From the plugin store, install the necessary plugins you need by clicking on the Install button. 

 clicking on the Install

Step 15: Once you have installed the plugins, You can ask ChatGPT for restaurant recommendations, or to order food, etc. 

Chat GPT - recommendations

ChatGPT will use Plugins to fetch answers to the questions that you have asked using the installed plugins. 

Congratulations, you have successfully used ChatGPT plugins. 

ChatGPT Resources:

Conclusion: ChatGPT Plugins

Open AI rolled out ChatGPT plugin as its fourth release in the Month of March 2023. It launched ChatGPT API and Whisper API on 1st March, GPT-4 on 14 March, and then plugins on 23rd March. Hence, it will be interesting to see when it rolls out the later versions of GPT.

Besides, it will be interesting to see how ChatGPT plugins turn out and how they help users to automate their tasks. However, we are excitedly waiting for the release of the Plugins for the users and to get early access to them. 

Stay tuned for all the latest updates related to ChatGPT and OpenAI. 


What are ChatGPT plugins?

OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Plugis as a way to have ChatGPT execute different actions using the web. Besides, they provide ease in executing various tasks such as booking a restaurant, finding a flight, providing recipes, etc. 

How do I get plugins on ChatGPT?

To access the Plugins on ChatGPT, you need to have access to ChatGPT plus. If you have ChatGPT PLus access, you can download plugins from the plugin store. 

How do ChatGPT plugins work?

ChatGPT plugins help ChatGPT to access the internet and provide users with the latest information. Besides, users will have to install these plugins to use them from the Plugin store. Once you have installed them, ChatGPT will automatically use them when needed. 

What can plugins do?

Plugins add extra functionalities to ChatGPT and make it more advanced. Users get to use extra features that were not originally available in the application with the help of the plugins. 

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