Cloud Hosting vs VPS: Which One Is Right For Your Website?

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Are you about to switch from shared hosting to a better hosting service but have confusion between Cloud Hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server)? In that case, take a look at this detailed Cloud Hosting vs VPS comparison to decide.

To create a website from scratch, you have to make a lot of tough decisions. For instance, which hosting service will be best for your website. After deciding on a hosting service, find the best hosting provider to take your website online. There are many types of hosting available on the internet, such as Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, and more.

To make it a little bit easier for you, I have compared two hosting types: Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting. The comparison is based on their performance, scalability, customization controls, security, and pricing. Stick till the end to find out which hosting type is the right option for you.

Let’s get started right away.

Cloud Hosting vs VPS: Overview

Here is the overview of both hosting services.

Cloud Hosting: Overview

Cloud Hosting is one of the best hosting solutions available on the internet. More and more websites & applications are using the resources of the cloud nowadays. Cloud hosting uses the resources of different physical servers, and it gives virtual access to all the resources to the user. So you won’t have any lack of resources, and your website will never facetime downtime or slow speed. 

If a website uses up all the resources of one server, then the rest of the websites will be moved automatically to other servers. All the physical servers are interconnected and work as virtual machines. You get to use the resources of multiple servers instead of relying on just one server. You won’t have to worry even if one server stops working because other servers will bear its responsibility. 

Cloud Hosting vs VPS  - Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting

There are hosting providers who offer cloud hosting, but I personally like the Elementor Cloud Website. Because it not only provides the best hosting service but also gives you access to Elementor Pro features so that you can also design every aspect of your website. Along with hosting, it also solves your problem of installing WordPress on your website. 

VPS Hosting: Overview

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting is a type of hosting that works on a single server, but that server is divided into multiple smaller virtual servers. It is more like dedicated hosting minus the high price point. These smaller subsections work as dedicated servers for the user. It also gives you the option to configure the operating system & software of your dedicated server in VPS hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs VPS  - VPS

The only issue with VPS hosting is that if one virtual server faces any issue or crashes down, then the user’s website or application will be unavailable to its visitors until the issues get fixed. You will have to depend on one server, and whenever it faces any issue, your website will face the consequences. But if the main physical server goes down, then all its virtual subsections will also go down.

It will create chaos for all the users who are using all those virtual servers. You also might face performance issues if one virtual server uses more resources than it is allotted. But the risk of something like this happening is very low.

Cloud Hosting vs VPS: Detailed Comparison

I have compared both Cloud Hosting and VPS in detail in this section.


The performance of Cloud hosting is top-notch because it draws power from many physical servers worldwide. It will work just fine even in times of very high demand. It will deliver the same reliability and speed to its users at all times. If a website faces unexpected traffic spikes, then it will not affect other websites, unlike shared hosting. The reason behind this performance is its capability to use the CPU power and RAM of multiple physical servers.

If you want a dedicated server but don’t have that much budget to spare, then VPS can be a good option. You will get the complete resources of one virtual private server, and you won’t have to share those resources with anyone else. You will have much better performance than shared hosting. But still, you might have to face some performance issues because the server you’re using is a part of a physical server, and if other websites on other virtual servers use more resources than they are allotted, then it will affect your website for sure.

Verdict: Performance is the very first metric you should always consider before choosing a hosting service. Performance-wise, Cloud hosting is a much better option than VPS.


The security levels on cloud hosting are very high because your website is separated from all the other websites that are on that same server. You can also implement your own security measures to make your website more secure than ever. But the only issue is that your hosting is completely web-based, making it vulnerable to attacks.


On VPS hosting, your website will get high levels of security better than a dedicated server. Your website won’t face any issues even if a website on another virtual server gets hacked or crashes. Being every server on one physical server makes it more secure than Cloud hosting. But you should know that you’re not completely secure on VPS as well, so you should always implement your own security measures.

Verdict: VPS hosting offers much better security than Cloud hosting because all the virtual servers are part of one physical server.


It is always good to know if your hosting will be able to keep up with your website when the traffic to your website increases. Cloud hosting can always keep up with your website even if it faces a sudden surge of traffic because it is not bound by one physical server. That’s why the scalability options of cloud hosting are unlimited. There is no scarcity of resources on cloud servers. There is always more, so your hosting grows with you if your website grows.

You can get much more resources on VPS than on shared hosting, but there is a limitation to it because all the virtual servers are part of only one physical server. You can increase CPU power and the memory on your server, but they are still limited. If you want to get more resources, then you will have to upgrade your plan, which will cost you more than what you are paying.

Verdict: The resources are practically unlimited on Cloud hosting; that’s why for scalability, you should always prefer cloud hosting over VPS hosting.

Customization Options

The more customization options you have on your hosting service, the more control you have over its resources. Cloud hosting gives a lot of customization options than most hosting services. You will be able to change the network architecture, configure your firewalls, balance the load, and more. But there are a few limitations to customization because cloud hosting is built on a cluster of servers.

You get customization options similar to a dedicated hosting server on VPS hosting. That means you will have complete root access. You will be able to control all the aspects of your virtual server. But there are still limitations to it because all the virtual servers are part of one physical server and the hosting provider has the configuration control of the physical server.

Verdict: VPS hosting offers much better customization options than cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs VPS Pricing

The pricing of cloud hosting is more than shared hosting, but it offers better scalability and unlimited resources, which makes it worth every penny. It is more affordable than a dedicated server which is a plus point. However, the pricing of cloud hosting is unpredictable because you will end up paying more in a month if your website has more traffic surge, and you will end up paying less in a month if your website has less traffic in that month.

The pricing of VPS hosting is predictable and much more affordable than a dedicated hosting server. You can choose the plan of your liking, and you will only have to pay for that. In exchange for that, you will get promised resources for that price. If you want more resources, then you will have to upgrade your plan, which will cost more.

Verdict: Both cloud hosting and VPS hosting is affordable, but you may have to pay more for cloud hosting than VPS hosting. But in terms of scalability and resources, the expensive pricing is justifiable, so it is a tie between cloud and VPS hosting when it comes to pricing.

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Final Verdict: Which Hosting Is Right For You?

So this is my detailed comparison between Cloud hosting and VPS hosting. The only question remains: Which hosting is right for you?

It completely depends on your choice. If you don’t want to get bound by resources, then you should choose Cloud hosting. If you want better security, then you should go with VPS hosting. I would personally recommend you to go with Cloud hosting because it offers better performance and scalability. One of the best cloud hosting providers is Elementor Cloud which you should definitely check out.

Let me know your thoughts on this Cloud Hosting vs VPS comparison in the comment section below.

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