Top 20 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Digital Marketing Trends 2023

Are you curious about the Digital Marketing trends of 2023?

Then you are at the right place. 

If you are a digital marketer looking for digital marketing trends of 2023, then here we have brought the top 20 digital marketing trends for you. 

Without wasting time, let’s dive into it. 

What Is Trending In Digital Marketing In 2023?

If you are here for a quick overview of these trends, then here I have compiled them for you:

Top 20 Digital Marketing Trends

  1. Voice SEO
  2. Privacy And Cookies
  3. In-Feed Shopping
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Influencer Marketing
  6. Youth-Centered Marketing
  7. Use of AI In Digital Marketing
  8. Chatbots In Marketing
  9. The Metaverse
  10. Customer Experience
  11. Short Videos
  12. Funny Content Will Gain Popularity
  13. Personalization Marketing
  14. Social-Media Stories
  15. Programmatic Advertising
  16. User-Generated Content
  17. Omnichannel Marketing
  18. Mobile First and Progressive Web Apps
  19. Push Notifications
  20. Featured Snippets In Google Search

Now you have a clear idea of these trends. If you want to know these trends in detail, please scroll down. 

Top 20 Digital Marketing Trends For (2023)

Here are the details of these trends which all you want to know. 

1. Voice SEO

“Hey, Alexa, Play Ariana’s Into You.”

“Hey, Siri, Find Italian Restaurants near me.”

Like these commands, we hear every day from many households. 

According to Oberlo, over 50% of people in the United States use voice searches daily. These voice searches make their life easier. 

Many voice assistants exist, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microfot’s Cortana, and Google Assistant.

All these voice assistants make up 20% of all internet searches. 

While preparing for your digital marketing strategy in 2023, consider tailoring your SEO for voice searches. 

Add conversational keywords to your content because people speak differently than when they type. 

For Example, the user might write “Italian Restaurant in Chicago.” but when will speak, it will be like, “What’s a good Italian Restaurant in Chicago.”

So try to make your content more and more conversational so that when people search on a voice assistant, they will get answers from your page. 

There is an excellent opportunity for marketers to use this trend in their marketing strategy and benefit from it in 2023. 

2. Privacy And Cookies

Google aims to improve internet privacy by removing third-party cookies from its websites. Additionally, Safari and Firefox are also not supporting third-party cookies. 

This change can impact your banner ads and onsite ads displayed. The website would not use tracking cookies to populate ads. 

But, thankfully, Google is working on adding an algorithm to help place onsite ads while enhancing privacy. 

Officially cookies would not be gone until 2023. 

You can adjust your digital ads by utilizing keywords and advertising on sites that deliver a logical context for your ads.

Considering this impact of cookies in your next digital marketing strategy can help you to improve your brand’s promotion in 2023. 

3. In-Feed Shopping

You must be aware of shoppable posts on social media. You can now link your social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., to your digital catalogue. 

Users can click posts within their feeds to buy your product or service through your digital catalogue.

“Shopping Campaigns” is another in-feed shopping tool offered by Google Ads. It gives users detailed information about your product before they even click on the product’s ad. 

These ads look like shoppable photos, as shown in the below screenshot. 

Digital Marketing Trends - In-Feed Shopping

Specify your search phrases so that people can use them to find products. Afterward, you must set your parameters, such as inventory numbers and geographical area. 

Once you start selling your product, then Google can pull your ad.

Using an in-feed shopping strategy in 2023 can increase your conversion rate. 

4. Video Marketing

An average video-watching time is crossed over 1 hour and 40 minutes per person daily. 

Watching online videos is one of the favorite activities of Facebook users. You can use videos for your marketing.

After the rise of TikTok, video marketing is at its best. 

You can connect with your audience with video marketing. Share details of your product in videos. 

Video Marketing

Creating vertical ad videos on TikTok will give you extra benefits. TikTok has become a new shopping platform for many people.

People are using TikTok as a search engine to search for products. 

After creating a video ad, share your video with common hashtags so users can find it easily. 

If you are not interested in creating video ads regularly, create ads of 10 to 15 seconds. Utilize these ads as OTT ads. 

OTT ads run over the top of the other videos, as shown in the above screenshot. In the screenshot, the ad is coming from the VALORANT video game in front of another YouTube video

Using the OTT video strategy, you can connect with your audience in 2023. 

5. Influencer Marketing

People like to watch a real person’s experience more than the long pitch of your brand. 

Feature an influencer in your video ads, and let them tell their genuine experience about your product. 

Users are more connected to the influencers on social media. They are looking at them as problem solvers. 

Influencer marketing solves people’s problems and gives them the confidence to buy your product. 

According to HubSpot, 20% to 50% of users watch influencers’ videos before purchasing products. 

Instead of spending extra money on influencers with a million followers on TikTok, Instagram, or any other social media platform, collaborate with micro-influencers.

According to Forbes, Micro-influencers have a more niche audience. 

So just skip your long pitch about your product, and give a chance to influencers in your video, which will provide you with more potential customers in 2023. 

6. Youth-Centered Marketing

Gen Z is not just the next generation of buyers. They are the current generation of buyers who shops 40% of all shopping in the United States. 

They are the more technologically advanced generation of all. They know how to use the internet and social media for the better. 

Gen Zs are now using Social Media Platforms as search engines.

 If Gen Zs want to search for information, they go straight to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram instead of Google. 

Youths like to watch short-form videos with incredible visuals on social media. 

Find out the tastes of youth and plan your digital marketing strategy according to that will add extra benefits to your account in 2023. 

7. Use Of AI In Digital Marketing

As we know, ChatGPT is trending everywhere on the internet. But how can someone use AI in digital marketing, then the answer is– We can write unique human-like text with the help of ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT can help you to write ad content for your brand. 

Another AI tool is DALL.E, which can create an image from text prompts. Instead of using stock photos, you can use DALL.E to develop unique ideas. 

Use Of AI In Digital Marketing

 Many free and paid AI tools are designed for digital markets—for example, Jasper. You can use Jasper for copywriting.

Using a sentiment analysis AI tool, you can know the intent of your customers’ text, as shown in the screenshot above. 

AI will change everything in the future, including digital marketing. Utilizing AI in your digital marketing strategy will benefit you in 2023 and the future. 

8. Chatbots In Marketing

Since the beginning of 2023, chatbots have been trending everywhere. The numbers don’t lie–chatbots are gaining popularity day by day.

Many brands added chatbots in their shopping apps to interact with their customers. Bloggingwizard says an average chatbot’s chat satisfaction rate is almost 90%. 

Additionally, customers are 2% more satisfied with Chatbot chats than live human chats. 

Chatbots are capable of handling many queries from customers at any time. 

According to Drift, people say the availability of Chatbots 24/7 hours is the top reason to use Chatbots. They can interact with chatbots at any time and get a response instantly. 

The customer service agent may get confused with customer issues in live chat or be rude to customers. This can be avoided by using Chatbots. 

Already 23% of customer support companies have started using chatbots, and 88% of people have interacted with chatbots at least once. 

Now it’s time to use chatbots in your digital marketing to give your customers a satisfactory customer service experience in 2023. 

9. The Metaverse

Metaverse is expected to be the future of digital marketing. 

In digital marketing, Metaverse is the most talked about the trend of all. 

The Metaverse is a highly comprehensive term defining an immersive virtual experience online. 

Many big brands, such as Starbucks, Nike, etc., have already started using Metaverse technology.

In Digital Marketing, utilizing the metaverse technology is an excellent opportunity for brands to reach a vast audience and place their digital footprints. 

With metaverse, you can give a visual experience to your customers.

Samsung has introduced its very first Metaverse store in Decentraland. Since its launch, the Digital store of Samsung has gained more than 120,000 consumers. 

The use of metaverse technology can give you a chance to walk with new technology for your benefit in 2023. 

10. Customer Experience

Most of the AI and algorithms in digital marketing optimize for better customer experience because this matters the most. You can check our post on the digital marketing checklist to know more.

All algorithms focus on providing a better experience to their users. 

Providing good content to your consumer can protect you from future algorithm updates. 

Good customer experience can increase your loyal customers and word-of-mouth marketing. 

Customers with good experience often tell their family and friends about it. Their family and friends are more likely to buy products from that brand later. 

Customers leave their valuable positive reviews on your website after experiencing a good experience with your product. These positive reviews can work positively for you. 

Satisfied customers help you to build user-generated content. 

But, on average disappointed consumer tells 9 to 15 people about their bad experience. Out of those people, 86% of people quit buying from that same business.

Give better customer experiences to your customers in 2023 and enjoy long-time benefits from it.

11. Short Videos

Instagram and TikTok Reels are trending on social media in users’ feeds. They catch more customer attention than others. 

There is no doubt that this trend will continue in the future. 

Digital marketers should know where their audience is investing their social media time. So it will become easier for them to plan their digital marketing strategy.  

If you are not an active user of these platforms, start watching reels and know the format, content, and appeal of these platforms. 

Making short videos for your marketing will give you a massive audience base because TikTok and Instagram have 1 billion and 1.4 billion active monthly users, respectively.

The engagement rate of users is more with short videos. More engagement rate with your brand’s video can turn users into potential customers. 

As we discussed earlier, Gen Zs are going to Instagram or TikTok to search for new information instead of Google. It is becoming more crucial to plan a strategy for short videos and promote your brand through it. 

In 2023, you must plan a short video digital marketing strategy for your brand to get customers’ attention.

12. Funny Content Will Gain Popularity

71% of internet users watch videos on social media to laugh. 

According to Marketing Dive, 91% of internet users want to watch funny brand videos, but 95% of businesses still fear adding humor to their content. 

Some people use social media to relieve their stress by watching funny content. They say after watching funny content; they feel fresh and less stressed. 

According to The Happiness Report, 90% of people are more likely to remember funny ads of brands. Additionally, 72% of people would choose humorous ad brands over others. 

Funny Content Will Gain Popularity

You can use a meme strategy to create funny content. People are watching and using memes in their daily life. If you also interact with them in this way, they will connect more with your brand. 

You can use a meme for your brand, as shown in the above screenshot. In this way, you can connect with your audience in a more fun way. 

Use funny content in your marketing strategy in 2023, and tell your audience, “Joy In, Stress Out.”

13. Personalization Marketing

How many brand ads have you seen on social media in one day?

There is so much competition between brands to get the attention of their users and sell them their products. 

Nowadays, just showing your ad to your audience is not enough. You need to be more personalized with your audience. 

You need to solve their problems through your posts, videos, etc. 

Make videos of your products with detailed descriptions of them. Find your Niche, and provide them with certain content which they want. 

Send them personalized messages or emails to solve their problems. Email marketing is trending. You can use it in your marketing strategy. 

In 2023, make your digital marketing strategies more personalized to solve your audience’s problems and attract potential customers. 

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14. Social-Media Stories

Social media stories can bring a significant impact on your brand’s promotion. 

Snapchat first introduced the story feature in 2013. After that, almost every social media platform copied this feature in their platform. 

Almost half a billion (500 million) people watch or post stories daily on social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

Through stories, you can reach a vast audience. Stories may be of few seconds, but their impact is imposing. 

You can also embed your products’ links in stories, so customers can click the “See More” button and get your product, as shown in the screenshot above. 

Social-Media Stories

You can humanize your product through social media stories, take customer suggestions before launching it, arrange a poll between two products, etc. 

You can ask your customers to add stories and tag you in them while wearing or using your product. Later you can add their story to your story. It will encourage your audience to shop more from your brand. 

There are many ways to utilize stories in promoting your brand. Use Social media stories in your digital marketing in 2023, and connect with your audience. 

15. Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising?

It is a process of selling and buying digital advertising space automatically. Before programmatic advertising, this process was manual. 

Programmatic advertising makes this process very effective and efficient. It is a very effective way for businesses/brands today to advertise on the digital screen. 

Utilizing the programmatic advertising process in 2023 will save you time and money. 

16. User-Generated Content

If you are not using user-generated content– you are missing out. 

If you have a question, what is user-generated content?

Here is the answer:

User-generated content means reviews left by customers on online platforms. 

People like to leave reviews of their favorite products and services. Good customer experience also makes people share their reviews with the rest of the world. 

User-Generated Content

User-Generated content is more reliable, trusted, and authentic. 

UGC is helping customers as well as businesses. 

Businesses get the most authentic content from their users, which they can use for marketing. 

And customers read reviews of the product before buying it. Other customers’ experiences make users confident to buy that product. 

Use user-generated content in your digital marketing strategy in 2023, and get extra sales. 

17. Omnichannel Marketing

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing means the presence of a brand or business across multiple channels.

No internet user is just using a single social media platform. Then it becomes essential for businesses to promote their brand on multiple channels such as social media, email, messaging, blog posts, etc.

This digital marketing strategy will be here to stay.  

According to Single Grain, purchase frequency is 250% higher in omnichannel marketing than in single-channel marketing. 

Additionally, the customer retention rate is 90% higher in omnichannel.

Omnichannel marketing ensures you reach customers where they are and provide them with on-hand and relevant offers. 

Some most prominent organizations use omnichannel marketing, such as Bank of America, Disney, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Google Chrome, etc. 

Use omnichannel marketing in your marketing strategy, and reach your customers better in 2023. 

18. Mobile First and Progressive Web Apps

There are over 7.4 billion mobile users in the world as of 2023. Almost 94% of the world’s population uses mobiles. 

Mobile internet traffic also surpassed desktop traffic. Mobile internet traffic makes up almost 60% of all traffic. 

Its become essential for marketers to prioritize a mobile-first strategy in digital marketing. 

Websites of your businesses should be mobile-friendly and fast responsive. So, your website’s bounce rate will decrease, and user engagement will increase. 

In the United States, m-commerce sales expect to be $510 billion by the end of 2023. You have a great opportunity to connect with your audience through their mobile. 

Mobile devices should support your business’s progressive web app. Users can access them by mobile. 

Prioritize mobile-first strategy in your marketing and get extra benefits in your account in 2023. 

19. Push Notifications

Push notification marketing means sending messages via push technology. You can send push notifications to mobile as well as to desktop devices. 

Push notifications allow you to reach your audience where they are through their mobile devices. 

Push Notifications

You can send a personalized message on users’ devices, home screens, or SMS messages, as shown in the above screenshot. 

Marketers should learn how to use Push notifications in their digital marketing strategy in 2023. 

20. Featured Snippets In Google Search

You can get more clicks through featured snippets. 


The answer is that your website can feature at the top of the SERPs, giving user a better visibility.

Here is an example of featured snippets, as shown in the above screenshot. 

Featured Snippets In Google Search

According to Single Grain, the average click-through rate of featured snippets is more than 8.5%. 

Optimizing featured snippets in your digital marketing strategy can increase the visibility of your website in 2023.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing Trends (2023)

We are at the end of this article, and I want to sum up this article by saying that these digital marketing trends will impact your business in 2023. 

You can succeed significantly by using these trends in your digital marketing strategy in 2023. 

We will update these trends from time to time. For more updates, keep revisiting this article. 


 What are the types of digital media?

According to Rock Content, three types of digital media exist. They are as follows:
Earned Media
Owned Media
Paid Media

 What are the future trends of Digital Marketing?

According to McKinsey, using artificial intelligence and machine learning will be the future digital marketing trend.

 How is digital marketing growing?

Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry. According to IIMskills, Digital Marketing is growing by 25% to 30% annually. 

 Why is Digital Marketing so successful?

Because Digital Marketing is more cost-effective than other marketing methods. 

 What are the types of SEO?

According to USChamber, There are four types of SEO. They are as follows:
On-page  SEO
Off-Page SEO
Local SEO
Technical SEO

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