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Common Tasks

Getting started with Demand Sage

Welcome! Follow the links below to get started in 2 minutes or to explore our features.
Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Quick Start Guides

Getting started only takes 2 minutes!


Feature specific guides and references

  • Report Library - An ever-expanding collection of reports prebuilt by Demand Sage
  • Smart Tables - A widget for building automatically updating tables out of your HubSpot data
  • =Sage() - Use SQL to query your HubSpot data

Common Tasks

Examples of how to use Demand Sage to accomplish specific tasks

  • ABM Reporting - YouTube video showing how to use our ABM report to view your data by account

Having Issues?

The common problems we see are:

  • Users who are logged into multiple accounts (such as work and personal) may accidentally install the add-on to one account and then open Google Sheets on another
  • Some reports won't work if the authorized HubSpot account does not have access to the underlying data

Other questions? Happy to help!

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