Demand Sage Premium Waitlist

Data. Beyond.

Demand Sage is already the premiere solution for taking HubSpot data into Google Sheets. More is on the horizon, though - with Demand Sage Premium, which provides sales and marketing leaders with the data and insights they need.

Demand Sage Premium offers:

New Data Connectors

Connect more data sources to your live Demand Sage spreadsheet - ad channels, payment portals, web analytics, CRMs - which you can manipulate with the simplicity and flexibility of our Custom Report Builder and Report Library.

Data Blending

Once your various data sources are connected to Demand Sage, you can blend them intelligently with HubSpot data and each other to provide a cross-platform holistic view of your business.

Pipeline Insights

Demand Sage leverages AI to prioritize and help you more accurately forecast your deals and opportunities based on hundreds of data points.

HubSpot Enrichment

Let Demand Sage add smart properties to your HubSpot deals, contacts and companies. Our HubSpot Enrichment features will include out-of-the-box smart properties that help you prioritize sales and marketing activities as well as the tools to create your own smart properties, like time since last product use or number of submissions of key forms at a company.

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