Google Bard AI — All About Google’s AI Chatbot (2024)

With the growing demand for AI and the hype created by ChatGPT’s launch, Google has taken a step to reach the forefront. Google launched Bard soon after releasing a ‘code red’ when ChatGPT crossed 1 million users within a week of its launch.

Bard is based on Google’s own language model, “LamDA,” which fetches data from the internet as soon as the query is processed.

Unlike ChatGPT, Google Bard provides users with the latest data and current updates from across the globe.

After researching in detail and gathering data from trusted resources, we have compiled all the information about Google Bard in the following article.

Google Bard AI — At A Glance

The table below gives you an overview of Google Bard AI:

Launched onMarch 21, 2023
Became Public onMay 10, 2023
Language ModelLamDA
(Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Application)
Parent CompanyAlphabet
HeadquartersMountain View, California.
Active in180+ Countries
Cost of UsageFree
ExtensionsOfficial: No
Third-Party: Yes

Want to explore more about Google Bard? I have listed all the latest facts and figures related to Google Bard that you can check out!

What Is Google Bard?

Google Bard is a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence and neural network. It responds to the queries of the users in a conversational manner. However, as of now, Bard has been launched as an experimental conversational AI service by Google. 

According to the claims made by Google, Bard uses freshly fetched online information to respond to queries from users. The answers delivered by Google Bard are reported to be of high quality and precise as compared to ChatGPT.

Google Bard AI - Google Bard

Furthermore, Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) said that Google Bard relies on LaMDA, which requires less computing power. Hence it can serve more users and has the ability to improve with their feedback. 

What Does Bard Stand For In Google Bard?

The name “Bard” refers to the traditional role of a poet, storyteller, and musician who preserved and transmitted oral traditions and played an important role in society as an advisor, historian, and entertainer.

Bard is a fitting choice for Google’s AI chatbot, as it is capable of creative and informative communication, generating text, translating languages, writing creative content, and answering questions.

How Does Google Bard Function?

Google Bard operates using machine learning. It is trained on a vast dataset of text and code, including books, articles, websites, and code from GitHub repositories. This dataset allows Bard to learn the patterns of human language and generate text that is similar to human-written text.

When users pose a question or provide a prompt to Bard, it identifies the keywords in the input. It then leverages its knowledge of the world to search for relevant information. Once the relevant information is found, Bard uses its understanding of human language to generate a comprehensive and informative response.

To Carry out all of the above tasks, Bard is dependent on the ‘LamDA’ technology. It is a Google language model built on Transformer neural network architecture.

Here is a Quick overview of the Lamda language model which powers Bard AI:

Full nameLanguage Model for Dialogue Applications
Developed byGoogle
TypeTransformer-based neural language model
Parameters137 billion
Training data1.56 trillion words of public dialog data and web text
MetricsQuality, safety, and groundedness
ApplicationsChatbots, customer service, education, and research

Is Google’s LaMDA better than OpenAI’s GPT? We will find that later in the post. First, let me show you how you can start using Bard!

How To Use Google Bard AI — (Step-by-Step Guide)

Using google bard is really a walk in the park. Here is how you do it in four simple steps:

Step 1: To use Google Bard, go to and Click on “Try Bard”

Google Bard Homepage

Step 2: You will see a popup that will display Google Bard’s Terms and Privacy policy. You won’t directly get the option to agree to it. Scroll down to the very bottom to unlock that option. Once done, click on “I Agree”

Google Bard Terms and Privacy

Step 3: You will see another pop-up that will have additional info about Google Bard. Click on “continue” to finish the process.

Google Bard Experiment Popup

Step 4: Give commands to Google Bard in the box which says “enter a prompt here” to start using the chatbot!

Google Bard Chat Section

That’s it, all it took was a few clicks to get started with Google Bard

Uses Of Google Bard AI 

Google Bard has innumerable uses that will help users simplify their lives and save time. Let us take a look at all the potential uses of Google Brad. 

  1. Get Solutions to Any Of Your Queries. 

People can use Google Bard to search for all their queries and find the answers to complex questions. Besides, users can use it to find answers to anything and everything out there. 

  1. Find Information On A Familiar Search Engine.

The Google search engine powers the Google Bard AI chatbot. Hence you will get accurate information on the weather forecasts as well as the latest match scores. 

  1. Automate Tasks. 

Google Bard AI can book flight tickets for you and make restaurant reservations. Google was already finding the reservations for you, and now Bard will simplify your work. 

  1. Your Personal Assistant Powered By Artificial Intelligence. 

Google Bard can set reminders for you, notify you about your appointments, manage your schedule, and help you to increase your productivity. 

  1. Bard Will Also Work As A Social Hub:

It will help users in conversing on groups as well as converse one to one with the users. 

Google Bard AI - Social Hub

Is There a Waitlist To Access Google Bard?

No, Google Bard is now accessible to users in over 180 countries without any waitlist.

When Google initially launched Bard AI, it was not accessible to everyone on the internet, people had to join the waitlist or could only join via an invite.

Google finally made Bard public on 10th May 2023.

How A Google Bard Error Swept Off Millions From Alphabet Inc.

On February 8, 2023, Reuters reported that Google Bard made an error in a promotional video. In the video, Bard was asked, “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year-old about?” Bard responded by saying that the telescope had taken the first pictures of an exoplanet outside the solar system. However, this was not true, as the first pictures of an exoplanet were taken by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope back in 2004.

Google Bard Error That Swept Off Billions From Alphabet Inc.

This post spread across the internet as wildfire, Google’s parent company, lost $100 billion in market value. Concerns were raised that Bard was not as accurate as Google had claimed. The popularity of ChatGPT added to the downfall. Some users also shared the responses of ChatGPT responding correctly to the same query.

Although Google has since apologized for the error and stated that it is working to improve Bard’s accuracy. This incident proved the concern about LLM chatbots’ potential to spread misinformation.

Google Bard Use Cases

The uses of Google Bard are countless. While we all know it can give answers to your basic queries and tell you a poem, here are some other interesting ways that you can use Google Bard to leverage its awesomeness:

  • Reply To Emails: Google Bard can draft Emails based on your past conversations.
  • Help You Find Keywords: You can do basic keyword research using Google Bard, as it is Google’s own tool, you can sometimes get good KW ideas that even SEO tools might not give you.
  • Be Your Writing Buddy: You can use Google Bard to lengthen, and shorten texts. You can even ask it to paraphrase and improve grammar in pre-written texts.
  • Reply To Tinder Messages: You can use Bard to reply to your Tinder conversations. Just copy and paste the message that you want to reply to and ask Bard to give you possible replies.

Let us know other interesting use cases that you discovered for Bard AI in the comment section.

How Is Google Bard Different From Google Search? 

Google Search provides users with links to articles that solve users’ search intent. The top articles listed are the ones with the most relevant data and will help the users to answer their queries.

On the other hand, Google Bard provides answers to queries in a conversational manner. As it is powered by the search engine, it fetches the most relevant and specific answers to the questions asked by the user. Bard does not provide any links, nor does supplies the users with the most relevant list of articles. 

It gives answers in the dialogue format and works to solve the users’ search intent with the help of the information available on the internet. 

Google Bard vs OpenAI ChatGPT

Google Bard is predicted to be more intelligent and better than ChatGPT due to the LaMDA model used as its heart. Moreover, Google Bard gains the upper hand in providing the latest information to users.

It is developed to handle many users and interact with them, providing a touch of personalization. On the top, it uses an advanced deep learning algorithm to understand the context of user interactions. 

Apart from that, Bard is reported to be integrated into Google’s customer service platform, which will provide users with instant and latest answers to their queries.

On the Contrary, ChatGPT is based on GPT-3 language model and is developed by Open AI. This is also based on a transformer created by Google.

ChatGPT is trained on a large amount of data limited to the year 2021, which allows it to generate human-like text and helps it to respond to various user queries. However, it cannot provide the users with the latest information and updates. 

Besides, the model uses deep learning to understand the requirements of the users and provide personalized answers along with understanding the context of the user interactions. 

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Here is a table comparing both Chatbots at a glance:

ParameterGoogle Bard AIOpenAI ChatGPT
Language ModelLaMDAGPT
Training Parameters137 billion175 billion
Number of Words for Training1.56 trillion300 billion
Real-Time DataYesNo
FeaturesAnswer questions, generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative contentAnswer questions, generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and access and process information from the internet
CostFreeFree and Paid

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Conclusion: Google Bard AI (2024) 

That’s all about Google Bard. 

It will be interesting to see how Google Bard turns out to be and how it will respond to users’ queries in the upcoming years. Will it be better than ChatGPT? Or will it lag in the battle of the AI?

What are your views about Google Bard and ChatGPT? 

Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

The only honest answer is it depends, Both ChatGPT and Google Bard are unique in their own ways. After testing both tools extensively, I have come to the conclusion that ChatGPT performs better in text processing and Bard AI takes the lead in real-time access to the internet.

How Do I Get Access To Google Bard?

Bard is now publicly available to users in 180 plus countries, You just have to visit “” and get started with it.

Does Google Bard Have An Application?

There is no official application of Google Bard on any platform. Google said it has plans in future to reveal an app. It’s competitor ChatGPT recently got an official app for iOS users in the USA.

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