11+ Best Google Sheets Alternatives Of 2023

Best Google Sheets Alternatives

Are you tired of using Google sheets? I got the best Google sheets alternatives!

In this article, I have listed some of the best Google sheets alternatives, their overviews, benefits, and features of each Google sheets alternative. 

In fact, I also shared my final thoughts on the best Google sheets alternatives and recommended the best Google sheet alternative from my personal experience. 

List Of The Top 11 Google Sheets Alternatives (2023)

You might have got tired of using Google sheets or did not like it for some reason, and that is why I researched and came up with the best Google sheets alternatives that do the job of Google sheets but much better. 

Are you excited to look at the list of the best Google sheets alternatives? Let’s go.

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Smartsheet
  • Airtable
  • Numbers
  • Stackby
  • Sheet. chat
  • EtherCalc
  • Coda
  • NocoDB
  • ClickUp
  • Zoho Sheets

1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel allows you to take your productivity to the next level by organizing data, formatting your assignment, and structuring your table. You can use Microsoft Excel as a workbook and categorize daily tasks since you can use it in any way.

Google Sheets Alternatives - Microsoft Exels


The best part about Microsoft Excel is that it instantly analyzes your entry pattern and autocompletes the sheets every time you leave a column or a row incomplete. 

Note: We have already done a detailed Google Sheets vs Excel Sheets here.

2. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is the perfect work management software that lets you allot tasks in tabular columns, which means you can have an eye on your work without getting distracted by confusing graphics. In Smartsheet, you can also use it as an effective tool to maintain your work progress, categorize projects, and share documents. 

Google Sheets Alternatives - Smartsheet

Unlike competitors, Smartsheet is available in multiple languages like Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian, and French. Both IOS and Android are also applicable. 

3. Airtable

Airtable is basically an enhanced version of Google sheets wherein you can create tabular columns, add daily tasks or productivity lists, and maintain a timely record. The Airtable UI is clean and easy to navigate with quick tools. In fact, you can also collaborate with other users like co-workers, clients, or family to track expenses.

Google Sheets Alternatives - Airtable

Tools like checkbox are easy to use if you have plenty of tasks to be checked off.

4. Numbers

Numbers is a solid alternative to Google sheets because of the accuracy it holds with the features. Yet, Numbers stand out with additional benefits like the provision of colorful illustrations and pie-charts for quick understanding. From radar charts to pivot tables to changing texts, Numbers stands one step above its competitors.

Google Sheets Alternatives - Numbers

As of now, Numbers is only available on IOS which means Android users cannot download it as an application or use it in their browser as an additional tab.

5. Stackby

Stackby is robust database storage where you can coordinate with teammates on projects in real-time, use the spreadsheet to maintain records, and create custom 

settings instantly. 

Google Sheets Alternatives -Stacky

The best part about Stackby is that there is no requirement to have learned to code or had prior experience with it. You also get ready-to-use templates in Stackby.

6. Sheet.chat

Sheet.chat is basically the integration of Google sheets into Slack, a popular connecting platform for work-related purposes. You can monitor the spreadsheets, edit them in any way you want, search for pending projects, and update it easily.

Google Sheets Alternatives -Sheet Chats

Although Sheet.chat works closely with Google sheets, you can stay connected with your co-workers and the manager while you are working from home or anywhere.

7. EtherCalc

EtherCalc lets you take your work management directly to the web and edit it on the browser without the installation of any third-party application. Using EtherCalc is neat and simple. Although the interface might look a bit dull, EtherCalc is quite responsive.

Google Sheets Alternatives - EtherCalc

There is no sign-up or log-in options. You can directly dive into your workflow. From maintaining records to taking surveys to organize files, EtherCalc does it all.

8. Coda

Coda is one of the best alternatives to Google sheets. You can customize Coda to however you want in a matter of seconds, wherein you can either use it as a project tracker, task management, all-in-one doc, and many more. 

Google Sheets Alternatives - Coda

Coda lets you smoothen your workflow and productivity instantly. Since each team and organization has different targets, you can change Coda accordingly. 

9. NocoDB

NocoDB is a replica of Airtable, but it has a simplified interface with added features. In NocoDB, you can secure the Sheet by locking it with password protection instantly. Plus, you get an excellent drag and drop designer that lets you customize the Sheet. 

Google Sheets Alternatives - NocoDB

You can also use NocoDB to track progress effectively without any hassles. 

10. ClickUp

ClickUp is a complete project management tool and a perfect alternative to Google Sheets. This is the best tool for team collaboration. The project leaders can manage the workflow from a single dashboard and assign work to their teams. The best part about this tool is that it can easily be customized to different sizes of teams.


ClickUp offers plenty of features that are not available on Google Sheets. For example, you can track the performance of your employees from a single place.

11. Zoho Sheets

Zoho Sheets is another great alternative to Google Sheets that works just like it. You can create, edit, and share a Zoho sheet online with anyone. Just like Google Sheets, you can add data validation on cells of Zoho Sheets, create checklists to track progress, and dropdown lists. Zoho Sheets comes with an AI assistant called Zia, who works as your sheet’s data analyst.

Zoho Sheets

Zia gives you recommendations to add charts and tables based on the data you’ve added to your sheet. You can simply use the drag-and-drop feature to add whatever Zia recommends to your sheet. Zoho Sheets also has over 350 in-built functions that you can use. You can also create your own functions to make your workflow smooth.

Final Thoughts: Best Google Sheets Alternatives (2023)

Although I have used Google sheets earlier, I often find myself crawling back to Microsoft Excel for its appealing interface with easy tools that can be used easily. 

Other Google sheets alternatives offer different benefits like project tracker, checkbox list, and visual representations using pie-charts, so you can choose the best Google sheets alternatives according to preference and usage.

Personally, I’d suggest Microsoft Excel, but you can pick the best alternative wisely!

FAQs On Google Sheets Alternatives

Which is the best alternative to Google sheets?

Microsoft Excel is a solid alternative to Google sheets.

Why do you need a spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet can help you categorize your data, information, or any statistical set of numbers in a clear and confined column. 

Are Numbers only available in iOS?

Yes. Numbers is a Google sheet alternative specifically designed for iOS only. 

Is Airtable worth it?

 Yes. Airtable is basically an enhanced version of Google sheets wherein you can create tabular columns, and add daily tasks or productivity lists.

Can you replace Microsoft Excel with Google sheets?

Yes. Microsoft Excel is an excellent alternative to Google sheets in various aspects, yet both applications are quite similar to some extent. 

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