How To Buy A Shopify Store (Definitive Guide)

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Buying a Shopify store could be a smart choice if you plan to invest in an online business. However, you might be confused about how to buy a Shopify store and where you could find one that suits your needs. 

The process might be hectic, and still, you couldn’t find a business that suits your needs. 

So, to ease your work, I have provided a detailed guide on how to buy a Shopify store and where you can find one that suits your requirements.

Where Are Successful Shopify Stores For Sale Listed?

Finding a successful Shopify store may be challenging. But there are two places you can search for Shopify stores to make your work easier: an online marketplace or a private sale. 

You can quickly find a Shopify store through private sales, but you may find difficulty in finding answers to your queries and may face trouble with the paperwork. 

On the other hand, finding a Shopify store may require more time through the online marketplace or broker. However, you get a vast number of options to choose from, an easier buying process, and you get assistance in every step of buying your store. Plus, they support you with all the paperwork and answer all your queries.

Note: If you want to create your own Shopify Store from scratch, then you should definitely get started with a Shopify free trial

In the following section, I have provided detailed information on the marketplaces where you could find your next dream Shopify store. 

Shopify Stores For Sale: Top 3 Reliable Platforms 

The top three online marketplaces to search for successful Shopify stores are Empire Flippers,, and Acquire. 

1. Empire Flippers:

Empire Flippers is a marketplace that sells profitable and established online businesses. Their team has expertise in full-service M&A brokerage and provides a dedicated team for each step of the process. 

Besides, they only list the businesses that will provide you with profit from the first day you become its official owner. 

You also get a dedicated migrations team to help you transfer your new business to you.


Flippa is one of the most popular market place to buy and sell-commerce businesses, Amazon FBA stores, SaaS businesses, Affiliate sites, blogs, etc. It powers more than 12,000 deals in a year. 

The experts in their team assist the buyers at every step, provide the details of the business valuation and sale documents, optimize buyers’ and investors’ interests, and manage deals. 

How To Buy A Shopify Store - Flippa

Besides, buyers can use the platform to have a conversation directly with the seller to negotiate the terms of the sale. In addition, users also have resources to help the buying and selling process, like checklists, transaction management tools, and valuation tools. 

3. Acquire:  

Previously known as MicroAcquire, Acquire is a market palace that helps purchase small businesses listed on e-commerce platforms, including Shopify. 

It helps sellers to create perfect listings with the help of experts. The platform supports the sellers to connect buyers and sellers and allows them to communicate directly with each other. 


Plus, buyers get to find an ideal store that suits their requirements and needs. They get details about revenue, traffic, profit margins, and other metrics of the businesses. 

Furthermore, the platform helps the buyers in all buying and selling procedures and provides them with multiple tools to make the process easier. Also, the purchase agreement will be verified by the platform. 

Buying A Shopify Store From Empire Flippers (Step-By-Step Guide)

Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow. 

Step 1: Open the website of Empire Flippers. 

Open the official website of Empire Flippers with the help of the link provided. 

Step 2:Create your account on the Platform. 

 Click the ‘Get Started’ button in the interface’s upper right corner.  

You will be asked to create an account on the platform. Here, signup with the help of Google or with the help of your email Id. 

 Empire Flippers

Note: I opted to create my account with the help of a Google account. 

Next, select the Google account you want to open your Empire Flippers account with. You can also add a new Google account or opt from the one you are already logged in with.

 Empire Flippers Account

You will then be directed to the welcome page of Empire Flippers. Select that you are interested in buying a business, enter your phone number, and then accept the terms and conditions of the platform. 

 Empire Flippers Create Your Account

Then click on ‘Complete.’ 

 Empire Flippers Click The Complete

Step 3: Enter the required details.

Next, you must fill out details to determine your preferences about the store you want to purchase. Answer all the questions and then click on ‘Next Step.’ 

 Empire Flippers Welcome Page

Lastly, Empire Flipper will ask you about the niches you are interested in buying your business and your goal of acquiring new business. Answer all the questions and then click on next. 

Step 4: Search for the Shopify businesses. 

Once you have finished answering all the questions, you will land on the platform’s home page. Here you can select to view all the listings or view the listing based on your chosen criteria. 

 Empire Flippers Successfully

Note: I selected to view all the listings because we need to find a Shopify store. 

You will then be directed to the listings on the platform. Here in the search bar located at the upper side of the interface, enter Shopify.

 Empire Flippers enter Shopify

All the stores and businesses created on Shopify will be displayed. Select the business that catches your interest and click on ‘View Listing.’

Step 5: Research the businesses that attract your interest. 

Once you have clicked on view listing, you can get insight into the business. The page will provide you with information about the business’s monthly revenue, monthly profit, the reason for the owner selling the business, etc. 

 Empire Flippers Research Business

You can check out other businesses as well that attract your interest. After you have decided that you have to look at other hidden details of the business as well, click on ‘Unlock Listing.’ 

Step 6: Unlock the business listing you choose to go ahead with. 

To unlock the business details, you must first agree to the platform’s terms and conditions. 

 Empire Flippers Unlock The Business

Next, you must provide identity proof and then pay the required to the platform. 

 Empire Flippers Identify Proof

Step 7: Purchase the Shopify business. 

Once you gain access to all the business details and are satisfied with it, you can process ahead to buy the business. If you are unsatisfied with the business, you can check out the details of the other business and proceed to buy it. 

The platform will assist you in all the steps of buying the store, along with the paperwork and legal documentation. 

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a Shopify store. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Shopify Store

Before we start with the details, here is a checklist you must follow before buying a Shopify Store online. 

  • Check out the Trend
  • Decide a budget for buying your store. 
  • Find the business that suits the trends and your interest. 
  • Research in detail about the store. 
  • Check out in detail about the products that are being sold by the business. 
  • Is the business safe to invest in? 
  • Check out your availability. 
  • Growth opportunities the business has. 

Now that you have a checklist let us take a detailed look at the importance of each step in the list.  

  1. Check Out The Trend 

Think about a recession-proof business that does not just bring seasonal sales. Besides, consider the products required throughout the year and are mainly in demand. 

Make a list of businesses that suit your idea and will support you throughout the year. Besides, you can cut down the ideas that will not bring you enough profit. 

  1. Decide Your Budget

A budget is the most important resource for buying a new business. You can decide on a budget for purchasing a new business. This will save you from losing or buying a very cheap business when you could have purchased a better one. 

  1. Find A Business That Fits The Trends.

Once you have understood the trends and jotted down the products and businesses you wish to invest in, the next step is to find a business that fulfills your needs. 

You can search for the businesses on Shopify or other marketplaces that will provide you with the details of the Shopify business on sale. 

I suggest you prefer brokers that provide you with all the details of the business you intend to purchase. They also help you in each step and assist you with all the paperwork. 

  1. Research The Businesses And Revenue. 

Once you approach a broker, they will provide you with various business options that match your interests. 

You can list the ones that attract your attention and research the business, its revenue, traffic received by the business, the target audience, the type of people that purchase from the store, the trending products of the business, etc. 

  1. Check Out The Type Of Products That Are Being Sold

The next thing you must check about the business is what kind of products the store sells.  I would also recommend you check out the details about the products like: ‘Is the niche of the product evergreen,’ ‘Will the business survive economic downturns,’ ‘Will the products continue to generate profits in the upcoming years,’ etc.  

Also, check if the products are easy to replicate or are the products unique. 

  1. Is It A Secure Investment?

Next, you will have to check if the money you are investing in the store is a secure investment or will the store lag behind in the competition. 

The business must be sustainable even in the highly competitive environment, and the customers must trust your store products over your competitors. 

Also, note the number of products sold by the store and the resources you will need to manage them. 

  1. Can You Invest The Required Time In The Store?

The number of products and the traffic on the business will determine the number of hours you will have to spend on your business. If you are looking forward to buying a store as your part-time earning, you will need to buy a store that you can manage in the time you have. 

On the contrary, if you are looking forward to it as your full-time work, you can count the number of hours you can spend on the store you are buying and select the one accordingly. 

  1. Growth Opportunities In The Business. 

Check out the traffic received at the store. It will determine the future growth of your business. Consistent increase in traffic shows positive signs. However, uneven traffic or decreased traffic in the store will be a questionable decision.

The growth of your business also depends on your interest in the type of store you are buying. If you purchase a store just because of the profit it yields and you have no knowledge of the products or the business, your business will soon have a downfall. 

Why Should You Buy A Shopify Store?

Here are some of the key reasons why buying a Shopify store can be a smart idea:

  • Fast start – Purchasing an existing Shopify store allows you to hit the ground running instead of starting a store from scratch. The products, customers, branding, marketing assets, and operations are already set up. This saves significant time and effort.
  • Proven business model – An established store has an existing customer base and proven product-market fit. The business model is already validated, which reduces your risk as a buyer.
  • Revenue from day 1 – Buying a revenue-generating store means you start earning money from the first day of owning it. There is no lag time to build traffic and make sales.
  • Operational knowledge – When you buy a store, you gain the knowledge the current store owner has developed from running it. You can avoid mistakes they made early on.
  • SEO benefits – An older store likely has good SEO already, with positive metrics that boost its search ranking. The domain age and history build trust.
  • Cost-effective – Acquiring an existing business with its assets in place is typically more affordable than building one up fully. The costs involved with starting a new ecommerce store from nothing can add up.
  • Seller support – Many sellers offer consulting time and training when you buy their store to transition it over to the new owner smoothly.

Overall, buying an already functioning, proven Shopify store has many advantages compared to shouldering the costs, risks, and effort of launching a new one. As long as you do thorough due diligence on the store you buy, it can be a strategic investment in a business with less risk.

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Verdict: Buying A Shopify Store Right Way

I hope the above article has helped you buy the Shopify store online. 

Before you leave, here’s a tip for you. Check out the source of traffic that the shop is receiving and the number of consumers that prefer to repurchase from the store. You can also reconsider if the seller has a valid reason for selling their business. 

Lastly, make sure to buy from a trusted broker, or it would be best that you buy from Empire Flippers. 

You can check out our website for further details related to Shopify. 


Is it profitable to buy a Shopify store?

There is no guarantee that your Shopify store will turn profitable. However, buying a profitable store is a strong indicator of having a profitable store in the future. According to Shopify, 81% of merchants generate a profit after two years of starting a business. Hence, if you buy a business with a good and profitable record, buying that Shopify store will surely be profitable. 

How do I find Shopify stores to buy?

You can buy Shopify stores from e-commerce marketplaces that sell Shopify stores and businesses. Empire Flippers is one of the most trusted and preferable marketplaces to buy Shopify Stores. They provide you assistance in finding the Shopify store that suits your needs. 

Where can I buy a Shopify Store?

You can buy a Shopify store from an individual seller or an e-commerce marketplace. The top e-commerce marketplaces where you can buy successful Shopify stores are Empire Flippers,, and Acquire. 

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