How To Manage Multiple Social Media In 2023 (Tools Listed)

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Managing multiple social media accounts can be hectic. Do you need a solution?

I gathered some of the best social media management tools that can ultimately ease your workflow and save you a lot of time. I also suggest some vital strategies. 

In this article, you can find useful tools and proven social media strategies that can help you to grow your brands’ social media presence and gain active followers.

7+ Useful Tools to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts In 2023:

As a social media manager, you are expected to constantly lookout for new updates, keep up the accounts to the current trend, and ensure that the posts are relevant on all the accounts simultaneously. I mean, isn’t it quite challenging? 

I got the best tools to smoothen your workflow and make it 2x faster efficiently:

  • ContentCal
  • Reply
  • BuzzSumo
  • Buffer
  • SocialPilot
  • Agorapulse
  • Hootsuite

1. ContentCal

ContentCal lets you visualize your content calendar without actually posting it on your social media accounts. This way, you can properly decide the number of posts and their quality accordingly. In fact, ContentCal allows you to plan the content either as a carousel post or an individual post. You can save a lot of time using ContentCal.

How To Manage Multiple Social Media - ContentCal

You can use ContentCal to schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. If you need to check out the benefits, you can use the 14-day free trial.

The pricing starts from $59/m onwards in ContentCal, but you can also customize it!

2. Ripl

Ripl is the perfect content creation tool that every social media manager must own. In Ripl, you get pre-designed templates, which means you don’t have to spend hours curating content and get it done within 5 minutes. 


You can also look out for statistics of each post on your social media in real-time so you can track your client’s social media presence through engagement.

You can either use the 7-day free trial or purchase Ripl at $14.99 per month.

3. BuzzSumo

As the name suggests, BuzzSumo shows you what’s the buzz about in a particular field. For instance, if you create content for a food brand, BuzzSumo highlights popular posts in the food sector that are ranking and going viral on social media. 

Using BuzzSumo, you can monitor your social media accounts and find what is working and what is not instantly. BuzzSumo gives heads-up on the viral posts.


You can alter and modify your posts by considering the stats from BuzzSumo. In fact, finding potential social media influencers is instant in BuzzSumo. Going viral is easy! Yes, this tool also helps with Influencer marketing.

You can either use BuzzSumo for free with limited features or BuzzSumo 30-day free trial or purchase BuzzSumo starting from $99/m onwards. 

4. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most powerful social media management tools out there. From tracking engagement to automated reports to detailed analytics, you get everything in one place in Buffer. In fact, you can also partner up with your marketing team. 

Being a social media manager, you need to constantly respond to every comment and message that you receive in the business accounts, and Buffer makes it easier. 


Basically, Buffer allows you to get an overview of all your social media accounts. This way, you can look over multiple social media accounts at once without switching. 

You can access Buffer for free or access Buffer Essentials using the 14-day free trial.

5. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is the ultimate account management application to create multiple groups for different social media accounts. You can instantly automate and differentiate automated and sponsored posts from one another. 

The best part is that SocialPilot lets you customize your feed without affecting the original feed. You can plan, strategize, and check your sample posts in SocialPilot.

It is evident that social media managers have to answer and respond to several followers daily, so SocialPilot allows you to create a single inbox.


You can integrate SocialPilot into any social media platform – Instagram, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and even Google My Business. 

SocialPilot charges from $30/m to $150/m depending on the plan. You can also use the 14-day free trial in SocialPilot and easily explore all the premium features.

 6. Agorapulse

Agorpulse is an underrated management software for social media managers. You can record the timing of brand mentions and active followers from your accounts. 

Eliminating inactive followers who reduce brand engagement in social media is easy with Agorapulse. You can also get a detailed insight into your accounts’ activity. 


Like SocialPilot, Agorapulse also gives easy replies through single inbox options. Additionally, Agorapulse gives exclusive add-ons like shared calendars and reports.

You can purchase Agorapulse starting from $79/m onwards or use a 30-day free trial. If you are looking for enterprise options, you can customize the pricing.

7. Hootsuite

If you are looking for a tool that can help you manage multiple social media accounts all at once, then Hootsuite can be a great choice for you. It can help you monitor your inboxes, schedule messages across all social media platforms, create & publish your posts, run & monitor your advertising campaigns, and so on. It can also help you find the best time to post on your social media platforms based on the metrics of your social media accounts over the past 30 days.


You can manage up to 35 social media accounts with just one Hootsuite account. Hootsuite also has a mobile app that allows you to manage your social media accounts directly from your mobile device. Create an interactive calendar with Hootsuite to schedule your posts on all your social media platforms. You can also customize a single post for different social media accounts.

Hootsuite comes with a 30-day free trial, and its base plan starts at $49/mo. If you think Hootsuite is a bit expensive, then you can also check the best & affordable alternatives to Hootsuite here.

3+ Best Ways to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts: 

Despite using different social media management tools, you might get lost at some point and so let me suggest some proven strategies that might help you instantly. 

I narrowed down some of the best social media strategies that you can follow if you struggle to manage multiple social media accounts all at once.

  • Create an Adequate Schedule

Every brand has some content to feed on social media every day, and the social media manager might get lost in the plethora of posts they have to upload. 

A simple trick is to get the post details and relevant images beforehand and plan it accordingly so that you don’t get burnt out by handling all the accounts.

You can curate an exclusive content calendar for each brand and fix a date to post. 

  • Understanding Target Audience

Uploading posts for namesake will result in loss of brand credibility, and so you need to ensure that you are uploading posts according to the brand’s understanding of the audience. For instance, if you are handling three brand social media accounts, do this:

Pick a target audience – Food/Fashion/Sports/Health/Fitness – Create a post. 

If you start posting according to your target audience, you can develop the brands’ social media presence, instantly scale up its growth, and gather engagement. 

  • Analyze The Insights Carefully

Every social media manager has to look out for the performance of the posts they upload and analyze the insights to boost the post organically. 

If a particular post like a giveaway contest, product announcement, or brand collaboration occurs, you need to ensure a need for paid promotions. 

Only the insights of the brands’ social media will help understand the metrics.

Final Thoughts: Manage Multiple Social Media [2023]

Maintaining the social media presence is tricky as building a brand from scratch because the social media manager has to draft, edit, and post all at once. 

Some social media managers have to manage multiple accounts for a single brand, from clothing to accessories to food items, so it can eventually get complicated.

If you prepare an adequate plan, curate a compelling content calendar, and gain an understanding of the brand’s targeted audience, you are halfway there to making it. 

Nowadays, many use social media management tools have rolled out, which has smoothened the workflow double times easier. You can use them to your advantage!

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