How to Use Google Trends For Market Research In 2024

Are you aware of Google Trends and the great many opportunities it offers? I think you must have heard of Google Trends at least, but you are unsure how to utilize its full potential. Right?

Well, then, you have landed at the right place. Here I am going to reveal how you can use Google trends. And not just for finding ‘trends’ per se but much more.

Why Use Google Trends?

Let me give you some context before you learn to use it.

Simply put;

  • It’s free – no dollars are needed to use it.
  • It’s super helpful to define a marketing strategy and curate a content strategy.
  •  It reveals not only keywords but user interest too.

You can utilize the information to channel your marketing efforts in the right direction. Or, you can use it to uncover new ideas. Well, I have already said that opportunities are plentiful. So, let’s explore them!

How Does Google Trends Work?

To learn how to use Google Trends, it’s imperative to understand how it works. The name itself reveals some details about its working.

It’s a search tool from Big G that reveals the trends – audience interest in a particular term over time. In short, it tells the popularity of keywords over a certain period. The data is presented in a graph format that depicts the rise and fall in popularity over time.

  • Here’s what the Google support page says about Google Trends;
  • It displays what users are searching for in a particular geography.
  • It reveals daily search trends.
  • It presents annual search reports.

And how actually Google Trends collects the data it displays?

The answer is simple: Google and YouTube. It collects, organizes, stores and connects searches carried out on the search engine. While it won’t show you search volume, the popularity generally gives you an idea about the traction a search term has at a given interval.

How To Use Google Trends?

Now we are down to business; how to use Google Trends to your advantage.

Let’s understand the steps involved first;

Let’s say you have a keyword or multiple keywords important to your business. Now, you wish to see their popularity in Google Trends;

  1. You head to the Google Trends page and enter the term in the search bar.
  2. You can adjust filters (more below) as per your need and press the Enter button.
  3. Now Google Trends will present you with relevant data.

What Data Does Google Trends Display?

Let’s enter the search term ‘FIFA World Cup’ and hit enter.

You will notice that Google Trends offer you multiple filter options.

  • Location
  • Period
  • Categories
  • Type of Search ( Images, website, YouTube etc.)
How to Use Google Trends - Display

Likewise, when you move further below, Google Trends also reveals region-wise trends for a particular location.

Here we have set the location for the United Kingdom, and the trends also expose data based on specific regions, like Wales, England, Scotland etc.

How to Use Google Trends - Explore

This gives us a clue about interest in the FIFA World Cup based on region. It reveals that Wales, England and Scotland are more interested in the FIFA event than other regions.

Google Trends-Related Searches

Interestingly, Google Trends also divulges related terms to your search query. It further enriches the information and offers you more ideas.

How to Use Google Trends - Related Search

Below are the related terms to the original search query, ‘FIFA World Cup.’

Google Trends Comparison Tool

Here is an exciting thing about Google Trends. It allows you to compare two terms regarding their popularity among users.

How to Use Google Trends - Comparison Tool

How is it helpful?

You can quickly determine which of them is searched more based on location and period. Then you can adjust your content according to the more popular term. This way, you can easily boost visibility and bring more business.

Let’s compare two related terms, ‘ Table’ and ‘Desk.’ Both carry similar meanings, but we aim to see which term is more frequently used by the users.

To do this, I entered Table in one search box and desk in the adjacent box that says +compare.

And Google Trends shows that the term ‘Desk’ is way more popular than ‘Table’ in the United Kingdom.

Find World Trends With Google Trends

There’s another quite interesting feature of Google Trends. It showcases the most popular searches worldwide over the year.

You can access the function through the menu at the left of the screen. It’s called ‘Year in Search.’

How to Use Google Trends - Find World Trends

It gives away popular searches globally as well as location-based searches separated by categories. You can use it to construct a content strategy catering to a particular audience at a given location.

Use Google Trends To Accelerate Your Online Business Growth

The functionality part is Ok, but how to actually implement it to your advantage?

By now, you will be aware of how to use different features of Google Trends. Let’s explore how you can use Google Trends to analyze different keywords, test different scenarios, compare different terms and extract valuable information to boost your business.

Use Google Trends For Keyword Analysis

The main feature of Google Trends is to reveal the popularity of a particular keyword. However, you can utilize it to perform in-depth keyword research. You have to be a little creative.

Let’s see how you can use Google Trends for Keyword research and push through search ranking. You only have to employ the filters and features already mentioned above;

1. Uncover Popular Products and Topics

It’s the primary function of Google Trends to showcase the most trending topic. Filter it with regions to get more precise data.

2. Find out Seasonal Trends

You can filter the search based on months to identify seasonal trends. You can create content that punches at the right time and generates tons of traffic.

3. Curate Content Ideas for the Whole Year

You can easily prepare a content calendar with a year’s worth of data, including popularity, seasonality, and geography.

Use Google Trends For Geographical Segmentation

Let’s say you run paid campaigns targeting different regions. In that case, knowing about the keywords that are already trending could give a massive boost to your ad and might bring the CPC down. Besides, with the Geographical Segmentation of keywords, you can also shape your local SEO strategy to gain maximum traction and visibility.

Use Google Trends to Find Out New Markets to Sell

Are you into online selling or anything that deals in product selling? You can utilize Google Trends to expand to a different market or discover new markets for fresh demand for your products.

You can easily boost sales, but it comes with the strategic use of Google Trends. Here’s how;

1. Explore Potential Markets

Not only can you filter out trending products based on location, but you can also explore how a particular product is doing in that region.

Explore Potential Markets

Let’s take the example of ‘Laptop Bags.’ You can adjust the period for as long as it can show. After all, we want a stable market besides seasonal spikes in demand.

Exploring this way helps you clarify if the demand is dimming or on an upward trend. The graph above clearly indicates that the demand for laptop bags is growing in the United Kingdom.

2. Find out related popular products

Google trends also display relevant and related terms. Remember? You can utilize it here to find out product ideas that might support you in your current business.

Let’s stick with the above example. Suppose you have built an online business selling laptop bags to UK customers.

Find out related popular products

You can now utilize Google Trends to find related profitable and popular products. Just enter the term ‘Laptop Bag’, move to the related topics section, and be amazed by multiple product ideas.

3. Compare More Popular Products

I have already told you the compare functionality of Google Trends is pretty amazing. You can use it to identify a more popular product to adjust your business strategy.

Compare More Popular Products

Let’s compare the terms’ Laptop Bag’ and ‘Tote bag.’ The search reveals that Tote bags enjoy more popularity than Laptop bags – an invaluable insight to aid your business decisions.

Use Google Trends For Content Creation

And finally, the best aid of Google Trends comes for content marketing. You can use it to create content that resonates with your audience. It will definitely help you attract more visitors to your website and lead to more user interaction, brand awareness and, apparently, more sales.

But how to do that?

Let’s take an example! Say you sell Laptop bags and want to create content on how to take care of a laptop bag.

You can enter the term in Google Trends to see related terms and people’s interest in the topic. Besides, the data also gives you a glimpse of the long-term scalability and value of the topic.

Doing the assessment will help you decide whether it’s worth writing on that topic or not. Simple!

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Is it Clear To You Now What Google Trend Is And How to use it?

I have explained everything there is to learn about Google Trend and sincerely hope you understood everything.

Google Trends is a powerful tool (often neglected), and in good hands, it can be used to uncover a treasure trove of valuable information. Always think from the user’s perspective and try to understand their behavior online. Then explore what market trend says and devise your strategy.  Google Trend will be a mighty ally in this, one that will help you bring more traffic, business, and profit.

FAQs On Google Trends

How do I read Google Trends data?

When you search for any term on Google Trends, it will show you a graph that shows you the popularity of that search term over time in real-time. Once you take your cursor to this graph, it will show you a number indicating how many times that search term has been searched for on Google.

Can I use Google Trends for free?

Google Trends is a free tool; anyone can use it to find keywords and the latest trends in the market. You can also use it to plan your content strategy, improve the SEO of your website, and so much more.

How accurate is Google Trends?

Google Trends is pretty accurate, but it does not show you the traffic in the numbers for any search query. It only shows you a percentage of traffic for search queries. You need paid SEO tools to get the actual numbers.

How can I use Google Trends to find a niche?

To find a relevant niche, you need to enter a niche in the search bar of Google Trends. It will show you the interest in that niche over time for the last 12 months. You can also increase the date range to years to see the actual interest in that niche over time. If the interest is consistent and growing, then it is the right niche for you to pursue.

How to use Google Trends for SEO?

When you search a keyword on any SEO tool, it will only show you the current search volume of that particular keyword. But when you search for the same keyword on Google Trends, it will show you the history of that keyword and the interest of searchers in it over time. If the interest in that keyword is consistent, then it is the right keyword for you to include in your content strategy.

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