How To Use Midjourney – Tips & Advanced Prompts

How to Use Midjourney

A while ago, I had zero ideas of how to use Midjourney, and I started learning to use this tool when I was reviewing the best AI image and art generators. Learning how to use Midjourney is not easy and requires a paid subscription with a dozen of patience. 

Ask why? Midjourney can only be run on Discord. But even with the unconventional way the tool works, it is quite popular. Midjourney is a hot topic in the tech world owing to its unreal capabilities and has caught the eyes of many marketers and art enthusiasts with its ability to create hallucinating real images. 

In this guide, I have compiled all that you would need to know about Midjourney, how to use it on Discord, the ways to get creative, and how to make yourself a PRO Midjourney user.

Let’s get into the core details of learning how to use Midjourney, one step at a time. 

We explored Midjourney, understood how it works, and even went beyond! In this article, you will learn how to walk with Midjourney and FLY with our ‘Advanced Prompts’ guide at the end.

With that, let’s get into the details and learn how to use Midjourney to create the best artwork!

Quick Guide on How to Use Midjourney

  1. Sign up for Discord.
  2. Sign up for Midjourney and accept the invitation to the Midjourney Discord channel.
  3. Go to a #newbies or #general channel, and type /subscribe.
  4. Pick your Midjourney plan.
  5. Head back to Discord and start generating images.
  6. Edit, upscale, and download your creations.
Image created with an emoji
Prompt used: /imagine 🌻--s 750

Fun fact: Midjourney can generate an image by a single emoji as well – here’s how I generated an emoji by simply using the “🌻” emoji: 

Easy steps to sign up for Discord 

To get started, you will first need to have a verified account with Discord in order to proceed. 

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to get yourself signed up with Discord: 

  • Step #1: To sign up for Discord, head over to or download the Discord app from your device’s App Store.

  After reaching the landing page, fill in your required details and continue : 

signup for discord
  • Step #2: Once you are done verifying you’re human, you will also have to claim your account. For that, you must verify your account via email or phone
verify your account

If you opt for verification by email, you will receive an email on your registered email account asking you to verify by clicking on the ‘Verify Email’ button.

Upon choosing to verify by phone, you will receive a 6-digit code via text message on the registered phone number. Verify yourself by entering the code.

Congratulations! You are now successfully signed up for your Discord account.

For a more detailed guide, keep reading further!

How to Use Midjourney Like A Pro 

Now that we are verified and have claimed our authenticity for the Discord account, let’s go ahead and get our Midjourney subscription done.

Step 1: Log in to Discord 

Log in to your Discord account on your PC or Phone. Make sure your account is verified with the registered email address to proceed.

Step 2: Subscribe to a Midjourney plan

i) I headed to Midjourney and clicked on ‘Join the Beta’, where you are then asked to accept their invite to join their Discord channel.

invitation to join their Discord channel

ii) Next, to subscribe to a Midjourney channel, you need to go to a newcomer room called #newbies, type ‘/subscribe,’ and that opens a tab above saying ‘Subscribe to Midjourney’

Subscribe to Midjourney

iii) This will bring you to the subscription package options for Midjourney.  The Midjourney subscription plans start from as low as $8/mo to $48/mo if billed yearly. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Midjourney pricing

Once you are done with all the formalities, head over to Discord because this creativity ship is finally setting sail! [ pun intended because Midjourney logo 🙂 ]

Step 3: Head to a #general or #newbie channel 

Now that we are finally set up with the essentials, we can start generating images! To get started, you need to reach the official server of Midjourney, where you will find rooms named – “General Image Gen” and “Newcomer Rooms

Under the rooms tab, you will find channels #general and #newbie:

  1. General Image Gen – #general 
  2. Newcomer Rooms – #newbie 

Click on any one of the channels to start generating images.


Step 4: Generating your first image on Midjourney

Before generating an image, a quick recap of the three important things you need to generate an image on Midjourney: 

  1. An activeDiscord account
  2. An active Midjourney subscription
  3. A creative mind to generate effective prompts

Now, I’ll show you how to generate your first image of choice on Midjourney. Type in the below command. 
Command  ‘/imagine’ and ‘your prompt’ in the message box below.

After you press enter, you will get a pop-up asking you to accept the terms of service. You must agree to them before you can proceed further.

midjourney terms and conditions

Once you accept, Midjourney will start to work on your prompts using its powerful GPUs and send you 4 images in about 60 seconds. Whenever you generate images, you are basically buying time on these GPUs.

You will see multiple results generated by others in the chatbox while you wait for your image. This can help you keep occupied while the images are being generated. 

To set your mind rolling, use this table below to craft a random prompt and play around with the changing and alternating the prompt for varying results. 

SubjectStyle/MediumTime period
CatHyper realisticMedieval
MountainPotrait PaintingRoman
BottlePolaroid Ancient

Step 5: Create variations or upscale 

Like many top AI image generators, Midjourney offers multiple options that make upscaling (enhancing) and creating variations easily. After processing, you will see 4 options of images related to the prompt you entered.

Create variations or upscale

Prompt used – A woodpecker made out of wood

The images numbered as – 1,2,3,4 are called the variations of the images that Midjorney creates as per the given prompt. Each option can then be processed further to create four more variations: (V) – V1,V2,V3,V4 related to the chosen option or upscale (U) – U1, U2, U3, U4 (generate a larger image or add more details) any one of them.

  • Vary Strong and Vary Subtle –  These features offer a custom variation to the generated image, where the “subtle” option does minimal changes, and the “strong” creates maximum variations to the image.
  • Vary by Region  – This option lets you modify an object or any particular part of the image. This new feature finally puts Midjourney on the level platform with DALL E 2 to replace certain parts of an image. 
  • Custom Zoom – Using this button, you can zoom the generated image by custom times. Standard 1.5X and 2X buttons are also available separately. 
  • Pan directions – Another new feature includes the “pan” directions that lets you expand a particular image in a specific direction. This is also commonly known as outpainting in some of the AI image generators.
  • Make Square – Using this button, you can instantly convert any aspect ratio image into a square ratio focusing on the subject. 

The regenerate an image,  🔃option will re-run your prompt to produce a new grid of images if you are not satisfied with the output.

Step 6: Save your image

To finally save your image, click on the generated image to open it to full size, then right-click and choose ‘Save image.’ For mobile devices, long tap an image and tap download in the top right corner. 

Tag your images as favorites to find them easily, open them in the browser, or generate variations again after upscaling your image.

Bonus: We have also listed the best AI image-enhancing tools for you to check out.

Support And Help While Using Midjourney

Some of the most common errors or difficulties that you may face while using Midjourney are when the parameters do not work as you intend them to.

As a beginner, it is difficult to understand certain features and how they work, but anywhere you get stuck inside the Discord or the Midjourney maze, you can simply type the prompts below to get immediate assistance!

/help – Shows helpful basic information and tips about Midjourney Bot

/ask – get an answer to any question

Advanced Prompts For Midjourney (Parameters)

Midjournrney allows you to take the AI image generations above and beyond. Here’s how to use advanced prompts to generate images with more details where you can edit the aspect ratio, the image quality, image style, patterns, and much more.

We have listed some common useful prompts to tweak your results better. We will be sharing the results of the images that we generated by using the listed advanced prompts.

Important Note – Make sure while typing ‘-’ hyphens you don’t leave a space between two hyphens and your parameter. Otherwise, the prompt would not generate the added specifications.

1. Aspect ratio

( --aspect or --ar )

You can adjust the aspect ratio as per your preference by simply adding  '--aspect or --ar' after your prompt. 

The default ratio of a generated image is a square image whose aspect ratio is 1:1. 

Some common aspect ratios are: 

  • --aspect 1:1 – Default Midjourney aspect ratio 
  • --aspect 5:4 – Common frame and print ratio
  • --aspect 3:2– Useful in print photography
  • --aspect 7:4 – Identical to HD TV screens and common smartphone screens

Prompt we used: 

Modern minimalist interior with an office chair on a dark brown color wall background '--ar 16:10'

Modern minimalist interior with an office chair- midjourney

Add the parameters similarly at the end of your prompt every time.

2. Chaos

 ( --chaos or --c )

This prompt will help you create variation in the results received. The more the '--chaos' value, the more unusual or unexpected results are generated. On the other hand, lowering the '--chaos' value will give reliable results.

Simply add --chaos or --c parameter at the end of your prompts. 

Prompt we used:  Human in 3023 driving a futuristic car and sipping coffee  --c 05

Chaos value: --c 05

Image generated on midjourney with chaos value c 05

If we run the same prompt with a higher value, it gives us this result: 

Chaos value: --c 75

image generated on midjourney Chaos value-c 75

3. Quality 

( --quality or --q )

This parameter decides how much time is spent to generate an image. Higher-quality settings take longer to generate an image. This will result in more GPU minute usage. 

The only usable values are  ‘ .25, .5 and 1’

Prompt we used: New York City but in a medieval timeline.

Quality value: --quality .25

This gives the quickest (4x faster) but less detailed results.

images generated on midjourney quality .25

Quality value: --quality .5

This will give a more detailed image compared to a .25 quality image (2x faster)

images generated on midjourney quality .5

Quality value: --quality 1

This generates the most detailed image, the default setting.

image generated on midjourney quality 1

4. Stylize 

( --stylize or --s

To create absolutely stunning artistic images, you can use the '--stylize or --s' parameter.

The low stylization value parameter generates an image that matches the prompt effectively but is less artistic. High stylization values generate more artistic images but are less related to the initial prompt.

Prompt we used: Football stadium on a mountain --s 50

Style value: --s 50

image generated on midjourney Style value-  - s 50

Style value: --s 750

Image generated on midjourney Style value- –s 750

5. Tile 


 Using this parameter, you can multiply a selected version of a generated image and create an endless pattern, much like tiles. 

Prompt we used: scribble of moss on rocks --tile.

moss created on midjourney ( –tile )

6. Blend

(type /blend to merge images and generate an image related to those images)

You can go further with AI generation with your existing image. /blend prompt lets you upload 2-5 images and generate a result based on them.

Let’s say you have a picture of a dog and another picture of a beach. Midjourney can actually merge these two images and give you an image related to these two images.  

Once you type the /blend command, you will be prompted to upload two photos. Drag and drop images or upload images from your device.

Using the above example, we took two random images and ran the /blend prompt : 

 image to be created using  /blend prompt

It carefully picked up subject elements from both pictures and merged them quite effectively!

image generated using  /blend prompt

Prompt Guidelines – How to create the perfect Midjourney Prompts? 

Ensuring you submit the appropriate prompts that follow a proper length, grammar, and text is very important. Make sure you are adhering to these prompt guidelines while using Midjourney.

  1. Length

The generated image will depend on the length of the prompt you enter. But it does not necessarily mean that longer prompts will give you better results. Longer prompts will result in the uniqueness of the image.

  1. Grammar

Midjourney is not case-sensitive and does not understand grammar or sentence structures.

You don’t have to be grammatically correct, but your sentences should make sense for the system to interpret. Use commas and hyphens effectively. 

  1. Details

Focus on the details regarding the Subject, the environment, lighting, colors, moods, perspectives, etc. The more descriptive you make, the more prompt. These extra descriptions will add more value to the prompt and generate a more accurate image. 

Learn how Midjourney stands against DALL·E 2 with our detailed comparison.

My Experience of using Midjourney – Pro Tips 

Within the span that I used Midjourney, I discovered certain things that, if implied, can take your image generation to the next level. Here it goes: 

  1. Subscribe to the private mode – This is indeed expensive but can generate the image separate from the community feed, allowing you to stay clear of the clutter.
  1. Use the "no" prompt – The "--no" prompt actively discards the things you don’t want in your generated image, adding more precision.
  2. Using the "--creative" prompt tag – using this parameter at the end of any prompt can add more life to your prompt.
  3. Using a prompt generator – Use a prompt generator that can help you with the required parameters and specifications needed in the image. Use this prompt spreadsheet to add more fuel to your creative journey. 
  1. Refer to Midjourney’s official guide – One of the most useful means to get better at generating an image on Midjourney is to follow their vast range of product guides.

Here are the official user manuals offered by Midjourney for using a variety of prompts and parameters. 

Bonus: If you do not wish to make much effort but still want to create amazing art using AI? Check out our list of 10+ Midjourney alternatives. 

Final Verdict On How To Use Midjourney!

Midjourney has seen a lot of major updates and improvements in the last few months and now feels even more competitive against its rivals. Advanced features like zoom and panning allow users to do so much more on Midjourney than they couldn’t. 

New users may not like using Discord for image generation that Midjourney demands, but I did not find it bothering me at all. In the end, if you are getting such high-quality results, all the processes are worth it. 

Overall, Midjourney opens doors to multiple possibilities for both professionals and enthusiasts. With some basic understanding of Discord and computer knowledge, a user can literally pull a rabbit out of a hat with Midjourney!

image generated on midjourney- using rabbit promt
Prompt used: Rabbit peeking out of a hat sketch –q .25 –ar 3:4 –s 250

I would love to check out any AI art masterpieces you create and the prompts you used to generate the image in the comments section below.

Let me know in the comments below if you wish to know more about Midjourney and if you need more help in using Midjourney. 

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