How to Write a Podcast Script (Examples & Tips Included)

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If you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, then you’ll want to know how to write a podcast script. A well-written script will help you create a coherent and engaging show, while also making sure that your content is on-brand for your audience.

Just a few of the benefits of writing a podcast script include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Saves time
  • Ensures you will say what you intend to say
  • Adds structure to your show

Scripts Save Time

Understanding how to write a podcast script can save you a lot of time. A common problem many podcasters face is stumbling over what to say once they actually sit down to record.

How to Write a Podcast Script - Scripts Save Time

This happens for all types of podcasts as well from interview formatted shows to storytelling podcasts. When you have a podcast script, you effectively have an outline that will keep you focused which can be beneficial if your guests have a limited amount of time for their interview or if you’re on the clock paying for studio space.

Scripts Ensure You will Say What You Intend to Say

Scripts can save the day for podcasters – especially ones that have specific points they have to make in their episodes. For example, sponsored podcasts. You likely have key things you have to mention for your sponsors to pay the agreed-upon rate.

Of course, scripts aren’t just helpful for sponsored content. They also help you remember the questions you want to ask your guests, the topics you want to cover, and even the teasers you want to share for upcoming episodes. 

Scripts Add Structure

When you hit record, it’s incredibly easy just to start blurting out random facts and thoughts. Before you know it you have a bunch of audio with no clear focus, which can leave you wasting time editing and/or leave your audience very confused as to what they tuned in for.

With a podcast script, you can have a clear beginning, middle, and end. And, it’s much easier to transition from topic to topic in any order you choose.

What Should Be In Your Podcast Script?

There are a few elements your podcast scripts should include.

An introduction

A podcast script introduction has three essential elements: It should be brief, welcoming, and offer a quick podcast summary.

Introduction for Guests (If Applicable)

You don’t want to misspell a guest’s name or forget to share qualifications when introducing them to your podcast audience.

Having a few bullet points in advance will help you remember what you need to share. It is also a fantastic chance to explain why your audience should be intrigued by your guest.

Advertisement Messages for Sponsor Advertisements

Sponsor messages will vary according to the brand’s terms and control regarding where its advertisements appear.

Some sponsors may give you a verbatim script that you must adhere to, while others want you to weave your own story into the messaging.


Plan what to say in both scenarios so your advertisements sound authentic.


Jotting down ideas for words, sound effects, music, etc… to get you from one topic to the next can make all the difference in the flow of your episodes. They help you avoid episodes that feel forced and/or like they finish abruptly.

An Outro

Your outro is your chance to summarize what you talked about, appreciate the listeners, and unveil future activities or brand promotions.

Call to action

Creating an effective call to action (CTA) can help your podcast thrive in any number of ways. Whether you’re asking your audience to review your show on Spotify, subscribe to a newsletter, or buy a product/service, a solid CTA helps you ensure the conversation won’t end when your episode does.

Sample Script Ideas

How to write a podcast script doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And, you don’t have to write out everything that you will say verbatim.

The goal of a podcast script is really to give you a rough idea of what to say and to have a list of the key messages that you will share.

With that in mind, below are some sample script ideas that may help you in your podcasting journey.

Co-Hosted Podcast

[Music introduction]

[Sponsor message]

Introduce Yourself and Co-host:

Intro to the episode: Provide a setting for your episode. Give your listeners a brief rundown of the topics you intend to discuss and what they can anticipate

Topic one: 


Topic two: 

[Mid roll ad]


Episode recap:



[Sponsor message]

Tutorials (How-to)

[Music introduction]

[Sponsor message]

Intro: Explain to your listeners the issue you’ll resolve and what they can expect to learn by the time the episode concludes

Materials required: 

Step-by-step guide:

[Mid roll ad]

Strategy and tips:




[Sponsor message]

Ask Me Anything Self-Hosted Shows

[Music introduction]

[Sponsor message]

Intro: Share where you got the questions you will be answering in the episode

Question 1 and answer:

Question 2 and answer:

Question 3 and answer:

[Mid roll ad]

Question 4 and answer:

Question 5 and answer:



[Sponsor message]

Completely Scripted

A verbatim script is a fantastic choice for solo shows, audio dramas, and hosts who like to read to their audience.

In this case, you will still have all the typical elements of your intro, segues, ads, etc…, you will just also write out everything you intend to say throughout the entire episode.

It’s worth noting though, that learning how to read a script naturally requires practice.

To avoid sounding forced and unnatural, you will want to include pauses, laughter, and remarks that go off script occasionally.

It’s also important to keep in mind that with a completely scripted show, you’ll have less wiggle room. As a result, recording and editing time may take longer.

Why Is A Podcast Script Important?

Most podcasters think they need to create a podcast script similar to a show or movie script where they have to jot down every single detail, like dialogues, screenplay, and other things. That’s why they don’t usually write a podcast script and just wing it. This perception of podcasters towards a podcast script is somewhat true, but not entirely. 

A podcast script can help you remember what you need to talk about, what questions you must ask your guest, and when you need to advertise your sponsor. A script can help bring out your creative side, free your mind, help you avoid any pauses when you need to think about what you need to say, and more.

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Is Podcast Scripting Right For You?

Now that you know how to write a podcast script, you might be wondering if they are right for you. Some people may feel that it’s better to just “wing it,” even after learning all the benefits of writing a script.

The simple fact is, that you have to do what feels best for your recording situation. Still, we hope this inspired you to at least consider jotting down a few notes before hitting the record. We’re betting you will notice a significant improvement in the structure and flow of your shows.

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