13 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2023 (Research Baked)

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With ever-changing trends, 2023 Instagram Marketing trends have a lot in store for you!

From Instagram pushing more reel content to stories taking new forms to keep users engaged, Instagram will open doors for plenty of new things. 

In this article, we will explore all the new Instagram marketing trends of 2023 based on all the data I have collected so far. 

Keep reading until the end to know how you can stay on top by following the latest trends!

Instagram Marketing Trends In 2023

If you are here for a quick overview of Instagram marketing trends, I have you covered!

Here is a quick summary of what I will cover in this article. 

  • Pushing more reel content. 
  • “Add yours” stories. 
  • Shoppable posts. 
  • Memes are still ruling over Instagram. 
  • Quality content still wins. 
  • Paid promotions and boosted content. 
  • Affiliate and influencer marketing. 
  • Story links. 
  • No sensitive jokes and misinformation. 
  • Represent diversity.
  • Social justice movements. 
  • Building brand personality with aesthetics. 
  • Responding with reels. 

Now that you have an idea about the trends let’s get into the details and help you understand them better. 

You can also refer to Instagram’s report on recent trends here. 

1. Pushing More Reels Content

It isn’t surprising to see reels taking over Instagram. More likely, Instagram is turning into another TikTok in terms of videos. 

According to our research, Instagram reels gain up to 2.35 billion interactions.

Moreover, compared to normal videos on Instagram, reels get 22% higher interactions, making it an excellent choice for people who want to boost their accounts. 

Reels allow you to spread your message in a better delivery and interactive way to your audience. 

Brands and content creators are opting for reels more than usual posts, and the results are quite impressive. 

Instagram’s algorithm also pushes reels more than regular posts and videos. 

So, if you are just starting with content creation, reels are the best option to get into the limelight. 

Based on my experience with Instagram Reels, the algorithm can make your videos pop out even after days of posting. 

For example, if you post a reel today, there are chances that it will get recognition and attention after a week since there is no fixed timeline for when your reel will be boosted. 

Another tip to remember when pushing more content on reels is to understand the trends in your niche. 

For instance, influencers can opt for dancing videos on songs. Makeup artists can hop on the latest makeup trend and more. 

Similarly, if you are building your brand, you can educate your audience about the product through short videos. 

A handy tip for reels is to pick a song that is trending. You can figure out the trending song by seeing the icon next to the music below. 

Let me help you by showing you. 

Over here (in the screenshot below), you can see the song has the music icon next to it. 

Instagram Trends - Pushing More Reel

This indicates the song isn’t really amongst the trending audios

On the other hand, the arrow icon next to the music shows the song is trending. 

Instagram Trends - Next To Music

Using the trending song can help in boosting your posts, and the chances of people coming across your reel are higher. 

2. “Add Yours” Stories

If even if you spend 15 minutes of your day watching other people’s stories on Instagram, you have probably come across the “Add yours” trend. 

Instagram introduced the sticker that allows you to create public threads via stories. 

With customizable themes, you can add pictures revolving around the same. 

Examples include “March Dump,” “your best days in 2023 so far,” etc. 

Upon tapping the sticker, you can view stories of other people who have participated in the same thread. 

One of the best parts about this sticker is that you can create your own challenge. 

It is an excellent idea for brands to keep their audience engaged and gain their participation. 

Let me give you an example. 

If you own a cosmetic brand, you can create a sticker with “your favorite products from XYZ (brand name).”

Initially, you can upload your story and let your audience follow the same. 

Furthermore, you can also encourage your brand ambassadors and collaborators to use the same sticker so their audience can see it. 

3. Shoppable Posts 

In 2021, Instagram was blown up with shoppable posts. 

This feature gave rise to eCommerce on Instagram, making it an easy option for business owners to get customers. 

While many trends come and go, Instagram’s shopping feature is here to stay!

You can link the products, and a small shopping bag will pop up on the screen where users can know which products you are using. 

In 2020, Instagram launched a “live shopping” feature where brands can sell their products via live. 

Unfortunately, Instagram decided to let go of the feature in their recent announcement. 

Furthermore, Instagram also decided to remove the shopping tab on your feed. 

Previously, brands and sellers could create a separate shopping tab from where the audience could scroll through different products. 

Instagram is highly prioritizing advertising tools, so it decided to cut down a lot of eCommerce features. 

While this can be discouraging, it still lets you create your store. The only difference is that it won’t be visible on your feed. 

If you are a seller, you can link your products, and your audience can see the “view shop” button below your post.


Shoppable Posts 

Upon tapping the option, they will be redirected to your products page. 

You can present your catalog, and users can visit the website from there to make their final purchase. 

Through this feature, you can save people time visiting your website as they can see the product and pricing on your Instagram shop. 

Lastly, you can add a product description and details on the Instagram shop itself, so your audience doesn’t have to switch back and forth between the app and your website. 

Add A Product

Key Takeaway: Brands and small businesses can set up their Instagram shop to let people know about your products. If your customers are attracted to the products, you can redirect them to your website. 

4. Memes Are Still Ruling Instagram. 

Seeing memes used widely is nothing new. However, it is also not surprising to see meme marketing gaining popularity. 

The NYU dispatch report stated meme marketing gained 60% higher organic reach than normal posts. 

Furthermore, meme marketing gains 14% more CTR than email marketing.

All this data only shows how memes have become the new normal and a quick way to gain higher engagement. 

When you post content that your audience can relate to, they are more likely going to interact. 

The maximum your audience will do on usual posts is like your post, but if your content is something they can resonate with, they will share and leave comments, too. 

Previously, memes were not incorporated by business accounts. However, the new trends see a shift in large businesses and even professional accounts opting for memes. 

You can use memes through reels, posts, stories, and more. 

Additionally, you can also create carousels of memes with relatable content. 

When you are posting meme content, ensure it is relevant to your niche. 

Tip: You can test video memes through reels for higher engagement and reach. As mentioned above, reels have a higher reach. Your video will likely receive better engagement if it is relatable or funny too. 

5. Quality Content Still Wins. 

Content is always going to stay winning, no matter what. 

Short or long-form content trends may fluctuate, but the content boosting your brand will always be consistent. 

In 2023, users are demanding more authentic and quality content over quality. 

Let’s admit it. We all are tired of the entire “perfectionism” and “richness” that Instagram has filled out brains with. 

However, on the positive side, people are bidding goodbye to this content. 

Instead, everyone is encouraging the “real” content.  

Remember, authenticity has nothing to do with “high quality.” 

You can post content that shows the real side of your brand or yourself if you are trying to build a personal brand. 

You can be authentic with your audience by sharing your failures and downsides and being transparent. 

Previously, brands were focusing more on posting high-quality content. What they failed to see is their posts have zero authenticity. 

The same goes for content creators. As a creator, the luxury you show may lure many people in. 

But in the end, your authenticity and realness will keep you distinctive from others in the same field. 

6. Paid Promotions and Boosted Content. 

Instagram ads have been a thing for a long time now. 

But what changed in 2023 is how Instagram is pushing sponsored content. 

Instagram’s algorithm is ever-changing, and creators and brands have complained about the drastic decline in their organic reach. 

Paid Promotions and Boosted Content. 

As we saw, Instagram is cutting down certain eCommerce features, so it is unsurprising to see brands investing in advertisements to boost their posts. 

When you scroll through your feed, you will notice Instagram rolling out sponsored posts after every two posts. 

Similarly, there will be two sponsored stories after every two stories you watch. 

Previously, there was just one sponsored story, but since Instagram focused more on advertising, you can now see two sponsored stories. 

Sponsored Your Product

The sponsored ads depend on your searches and other Instagram decided factors. 

If you are trying to boost your Instagram account and get more visibility, boosting your post is one of the quickest ways. 

Furthermore, when you are boosting your posts, you can set your own budget and customize your settings. 

For example, you can manually enter your audience’s age, demographics, and more so Instagram can find your targeted audience. 

On the other hand, you can minimize the hassle of manually setting up everything by allowing Instagram to do it for you. 

All you have to do is set the budget and duration, and Instagram will take care of the rest!

7. Affiliates and Influencer Marketing 

Instagram is a popular hub for influencer marketing

The platform has given birth to many popular content creators and influencers as of 2023. 

Influencer marketing has become popular in recent years since people want to stay connected with someone they can relate to. 

One of the popular reasons influencer marketing gained more popularity than celebrities is that celebrities often advertise brand deals that don’t look realistic. 

Let me make it clear with an example here. 

Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo marketing for a local brand that just emerged. 

As an audience, you wouldn’t be able to relate to it because we know he will not use the product he is advertising in the end. 

On the other hand, if an influencer is using the same product, we can count on them for their honest reviews. 

From Instagram’s end, many new features have been introduced to encourage creators, affiliate marketers, and influencers. 

In 2023, Instagram will push more new features, such as a content marketplace, affiliate tools, and collaborations, giving people more opportunities to turn their passion into a living. 

The new creator marketplace was introduced, where brands can find influencers and creators to partner up with. 

This marketplace also rolls out incentives and pays for the creators, making it a win-win situation for creators as well as business owners looking to advertise their brands. 

Bonus: Have a look at some of the best influencer marketing agencies in India and how they are using Instagram to boost client reach. 

8. Story Links 

If you have been an Instagram user for the past few years, you might be aware of the story links feature. 

Previously, Instagram only allowed users with 10k or more followers to add links to their stories. 

However, Instagram removed that restriction and now lets anyone add links to their stories. 

This feature is amazing for people who want to redirect their audience to their website or other platforms. 

Story Links 

For example, I wanted to share the link to my article so others could read it, too. 

All it took was a few seconds, and my followers could click on the link within the story to read the post. 

You can do the same whenever you want to redirect your followers to your website to check new products, launches, and more. 

You can add this external link to your stories when you are uploading them. 

9. No Sensitive Jokes And Misinformation.

Social media is one of the easiest forms of communication to spread misleading and hateful content. 

Over the years, social media platforms have taken various measures to ensure the information you share is not misleading. 

Instagram has taken its own step to mark this content as misleading whenever you post something. 

Let’s say you shared a post that is misleading on your stories. 

Your audience can see it as false information when checking your stories. This helps in preventing any unwanted information around the internet. 

Additionally, people have become aware of the misinformation they spread and are unafraid to hold them accountable. 

No matter how popular you or your brand is, if you are spreading misinformation or doing something wrong, the cancel culture will bite you in the back!

Therefore, I highly recommend introspecting the content you are posting on social media, even if it is just a story. 

Ensure you do not accidentally target any specific community or race or post anything sensitive. 

After all, not all opinions need to be said loud and clear to everyone.

Before posting the content, thoroughly review it and refrain from posting anything controversial. 

Remember, brand authenticity is one of the most vital aspects to ensure your brand sees the spotlight you want. 

10. Representing Diversity 

As I mentioned above, being careful about what you post online is crucial. 

Besides that, inclusivity and diversity will help you gain positive reactions from your audience. 

This is because your audience will be aware that you do not discriminate and stand for equal rights, irrespective of gender, race, age, color, and more. 

Over the years, minorities have been mistreated. Treating them fairly and being considerate of them is the least you can do. 

Moreover, you should also practice representing minorities. This goes for everyone, not just your audience. 

Lastly, make sure your support is clear via your message and visuals. 

11. Social Justice Movements

Social media is more than just promoting your brand and your content. 

In 2022, social justice movements gained higher recognition. 

More and more people are participating in activism and advocacy. 

Raising your voice against injustice happening and educating people has become normal. 

People no longer hold themselves silent on the crucial matters happening around the world. 

Furthermore, Gen Z has become more aware of donations to important causes. 

Fundraising is also an option on Instagram. 

You can educate your audience by raising awareness and encouraging them to follow the same. 

12. Building Brand Personality Along With Aesthetics. 

Instagram is no longer just about aesthetics but also about standing out from the crowd. 

We never expected Instagram to shift from posting aesthetically pleasing pictures to building an impactful conversion. 

This goes for posts as well as stories you post. 

When posting stories on your Instagram account, putting your voice through captions is vital. 

Many brands are building their identity by focusing highly on communication with their audience. 

Thanks to Instagram’s interactive features, you can go live and talk to your audience directly. 

Additionally, you can also get creative with the question-and-answer feature. Let your followers ease their curiosity by asking things they always wanted to. 

Many brands are following the method of going live every week and conducting interactive sessions. 

Furthermore, you can also create your own stories every week by showing them a behind-the-scene video, sharing information on the new launches, educating them on a certain topic, and more. 

Remember, be consistent, and have a fixed time. Doing so will make your audience aware of when to expect something from you. 

A quick tip: Spend some time thinking about how your brand can stand out from others and build a strategy around the same. Follow one practice and stay consistent with it. 

13. Responding With Reels 

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a community of amazing content creators showcasing their talents through reels. 

So far, we have seen that Instagram allows you to respond to comments via comments only. 

The good news is Instagram has introduced visual reply features. 

Through this feature, you can respond to comments via reels. The comments you are replying to will pop up as a sticker. 

The feature works similarly to TikTok and is a highly engaging way to respond to your audience and keep in touch. 

You can pick the comments that you want to respond to and create a video for the same. 

This will also help your audience know that you are aware of their opinions and are considering them. 

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Final Thoughts: Instagram Marketing Trends (2023)

Now that we have reached the end of our article, I’d like to sum it up by saying that Instagram marketing trends will fluctuate in 2023. 

Besides considering the annual trends, you should also pay close attention to the monthly trends. 

Understanding the trends can help you stay ahead of the crowd and ensure you build a strategy that walks hand-in-hand with these new trends. 

So, what is going to be your Instagram marketing trends takeaway? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

You can also hire an Instagram Marketing Agency to help you stay at the top of Instagram trends and make you discoverable easily.


Which is the most popular content trend on Instagram?

Instagram is now focusing highly on video content. Simply put, Reels have seen more engagement and will likely boost in the upcoming time too. 

What is the latest Instagram marketing trend of 2023?

Instagram marketing trends of 2023 notice a considerable rise in reel content, memes, and advertisement, being Instagram’s top priority and influencer marketing. 

Are posts more popular than reels?

Compared to regular posts, reels are likely 60% higher engagement. The Instagram algorithm focuses on pushing more reel content, so if you are working on building your brand, we will recommend getting started with reels. 

Will Instagram remain popular in 2023?

Undoubtedly, Instagram remains one of the most widely used social media platforms on the internet as of now, with 230.25 billion people. 

How to find the latest Instagram marketing trends?

I have listed the latest Instagram marketing trends as of 2023. I will make sure to keep the article updated in case of new trends, so you can keep an eye on this page!

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