Midjourney vs DALL·E 2 — Detailed Comparison (Unbiased)

In the search for the ‘Best AI image generator,’ we could find two gladiators rising up worthy of an equal fight, and that is between, Midjourney vs  DALL·E 2. Having tested multiple AI Image creation tools, these two stood out most of the time.

Both these tools are highly efficient in drawing your thoughts on a page. They are effectively trained in natural language and work with some high-quality GPUs. But still, they operate differently and are opposite poles at times with the generated images.

If you have also been interested in finding the best-suited tool for your needs or just want to know more about these tools, keep spinning the scroll wheel down! 

Comparison Table: Midjourney vs DALL·E 2 

Here’s a quick analysis of the tools’ specifications and the parameters we used to compare them.

Language ModelEnglish, Korean, Japanese, German, and other languages are availableEnglish only
Operating PlatformDiscordOwn website
Ease of Use3/54.5/5
Privacy & Data protectionExtra $20 for stealth modeNo such option
Pricing$8/mo ( ~200 images/ mo)$15 for 115 credits
Prompt generationUsing commands in DiscordDirectly into DALL·E 2
Response/Down time3.5/54.5/5

Note: The ratings we provided below are based on our user experience and the results we got using the parameters; these aren’t official ratings.

Bonus: You can learn the basics of AI art generation from our comprehensive guide here.

Midjourney vs DALL·E 2: Detailed Comparison 

We narrowed down to some parameters on which we can compare both tools. These are pretty basic, like prompt generation, ease of use, the downtime for the tool, and their image-generating potential.

Let’s head ahead to see who makes it to the top!

image generated on Midjourney
  Image generated on Midjourney

1. Prompt generation

Both these models interpret prompts differently. Midjourney takes a rather creative approach together with mystic hints as default, while DALL·E 2 follows a more direct approach.

Midjourney prompts need to be entered as commands on Discord. It takes time to understand the prompt and generates images in about a minute from a given prompt.

In order to get a high-quality and photorealistic image which well matches your thoughts, you need to be well-versed in the advanced prompts of Midjourney and how to use them. 

Midjourney prompt image

These advanced prompts give you access to various styles, variations, aspect ratios, and a higher level of control over quality and even patterns!

When it comes to DALL·E 2, image generation from the prompt is quite simple. You just have to type in your prompt subject, a few more details about the subject, or the style you want your image to be in, and voila! It’s that simple.

DALL E 2 prompt image

You can edit a certain result further, where you can hand-pick objects in an image and add, remove, or even replace them. Uploading an image is also very straightforward and doesn’t require a command. 

My verdict: I really liked the simple approach that DALL·E 2 follows, but I liked how Midjourney made me work for my desired response even more. Hence, this one goes to Midjourney.

  2. Ease of use

Infamous for its long, tedious process to get signed up to Discord and then onto Midjourney, ease of use is definitely Midjourneys chink in the armor.

While a computer geek or hardcore enthusiast won’t mind spending a few hours to get to know the basics of Midjourney, but someone who just wants to have fun with an AI image generator tool might not even reach the image generation step because of the hard work needed to be a part of Midjourney.

Start your Midjourney account with the help of our step-by-step guide, and master Midjourney with our simplified guide on How to Use Midjourney.

Midjourney Discord server - Home channel
Source: Midjourney Discord server – Home channel

DALL·E 2, operating on its own user interface and on its website, swiftly overtakes Midjourney in this aspect.

 By signing into your Google, Microsoft, or Apple account and purchasing the credits, you can get started with using DALL·E 2. It is as simple as Google-ing an image and getting results for the same.

DALL E 2 overview

My verdict: Without a doubt, DALL·E 2 is simply miles ahead of Midjourney and will remain to do so in usability.

3. Response time/down time 

Depending on the plan you are on, you can generate faster images to that specific limit. With the basic plan, you are limited to up to 200 image generations per month with Midjourney.

You get 200 fast GPU minutes/mo with a basic plan. Faster minutes mean Midjourney assigns you a GPU instantly and puts you on a priority for eligible time.

Depending on the mode chosen (Fast/Relaxed), Midjourney will give you results. Fast mode means priority results, and Relaxed mode means joining a queue! This again varies as per the server and its traffic.

With DALL·E 2, there isn’t such an option available. There is an equal generation time for everyone using, and you don’t need to stand in a queue and wait for your prompt to be served.

You get a response within a noteworthy short time with DALL·E 2, but that’s only until you have credits.

My verdict: DALL·E 2 takes the lead with this round because of its nimble results. 

4. Generated Image — Using Advanced Prompts 

While generating an image, Midjourney follows a more artistic and imaginative path. It won’t unnecessarily try to generate a human-looking image. Probably it focuses more on the emotion or an in-depth meaning of the given prompt. 

Generating vague, surreal, and mystical images is a strong suit for Midjourney. No one comes close to generating variations of a prompt. 

As you can easily tweak the results where each image generated out of the four will be different from the previous.

Image created with Midjourney Using Advanced Prompts
Prompt used: Humans in the year 3023 are engrossed in VR headsets, fat, unhealthy, wide shot, plants dying, apocalyptic, and ultra-realistic.

DALL·E 2, as mentioned, follows a more direct approach. It sees the world from a real-life perspective.

It will, by default, generate humanized images unless told otherwise. Completely different from Midjourney. It sticks more to realism. DALL·E 2’s capabilities in generating human faces and hand postures are quite commendable.

With DALL·E 2, you can expand an existing image even further than its existing limitations. You can add more life to your old family portraits or even masterpieces from great artists with ‘outpainting’.

Image created with DALL E Using Advanced Prompts
               Source: DALL·E 2 website

My verdict: I feel Midjourney is worthy of equalling the score, as the majority of people are looking to generate abstract results and not real photographic images from AI. There are other sources available for that.

Which one is affordable — Midjourney vs DALL·E 2 

Both these tools are a bit expensive, and you would need to loosen your pockets. Midjourneys basic plan starts at $8/mo, where you get 200 image generations and 200 fast GPU minutes.

With Midjourney, the price you pay is basically for the powerful GPU minutes. As you buy a more premium plan, you unlock more doors to what Midjourney can do. 

Standard and Premium plans give you access to more fast GPU minutes, more concurrent fast jobs at a time, and a ‘Stealth mode’ in the premium plan.

Midjourney Pricing Plan- Midjourney vs DALL·E 2 

DALL·E 2 has a pay-per-credit model, where you only pay for the credits (number of images that can be generated) you wish to exhaust. They offer 115 credits for $15 dollars

Additionally, you get 50 free credits in your first month of joining DALL·E 2 and another 15 free credits per month from the second month onwards. These free credits expire each month and cannot be accumulated.

DALL E 2 Pricing plan- Midjourney vs DALL·E 2 

Verdict: From an affordability perspective, Midjourney gives you more value for the money as you can generate more results for a lesser price.

Midjourney vs DALL·E 2 – Pros and Cons: 

I understand if there can still be a little confusion in your mind regarding choosing a victor because both of them are that good!

If we look into this from a general Pro and Con perspective, we can maybe come down to a conclusion. Maybe!

Midjourney Pros and Cons:

Here, I have mentioned the pros and cons of Midjourney.


  • Longer aspect ratios which many top-generated images have
  • More freedom to tweak your prompt
  • Vague and surreal prompts are its strong suits
  • Abstract and descriptive images
  • Takes a creative stance in each generated image


  • Chats and comments of others can scare you away in the result feed
  • Its Discord-only interface
  • Complicated Subscription plans
  • Difficult to understand ‘advance prompts’

Even after reading this if you think Midjourney is not the right fit for you, we got you covered with 10+ Midjourney alternatives. Read here!

DALL·E 2 Pros and Cons:

Below, I have mentioned the pros and cons of DALL·E 2.


  • SIMPLE interface without any third-party app involved.
  • NO complicated commands to generate an image.
  • No NOISE from other creators in the result feed.
  • Attention to detail and sticks more to realism
  • 50 free credits the first month and 15 free credits each month after that.
  • Pay ONLY for what you need


  • Follows a more photographic approach in each result
  • Lesser freedom in the variations of the images
  • Limited to 1024×1024 resolution
  • Less options when it comes to stylizing an image

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Final verdict: Which one Excels — Midjourney vs DALL·E 2?

For me, this is still a battle drawn as both are completely different and cannot be directly compared.

DALL·E 2 is more like grab-and-go fast food where you enter a prompt and be assured that you get effective results quickly. While Midjourney is more like an intricate 5-course meal in a fancy restaurant where you need to have an acquired taste and be patient!

DALL·E 2 is like a class scholar, while Midjourney is that kid who excels in arts. Both hold crowns in different fields.

To sum up, It’s really kind of amazing living in a time where we’re able to see all of these AI models evolve and learn in front of us. This is truly a turning point in how we interact with Artificial intelligence, teaching them the human way of life and, in turn, getting taught by them how other humans see the world.

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