13 Best Performance Marketing Agencies (2024)

Performance marketing is a branch of digital marketing that has been gaining attention in recent years. The agencies are shifting towards being called performance marketing agencies and have been focusing their service on this branch as users demand more calculative results against their investments. 

But with numerous options available, which one to choose from? Which are the best performance marketing agencies? And would they be suitable for your business? We will answer all your questions and more in this upcoming read.

We covered the best-suited agencies, what performance marketing is, how it works, the channels it operates in, and the benefits so you don’t miss out on anything.

Top performance marketing agencies (In a nutshell)

We covered the agencies in this article with their headquarters location. Please glance and read below to know more details on each of them.

Sr. NoAgencyLocation
1Loudmouth MediaBelfast, Northern Ireland
2No GoodNew York, USA
3Kobe DigitalLos Angeles, USA
4Right side upAustin, USA
5Amsive DigitalNew York, USA
6DirectiveIrvine, USA
7WebmechanixColumbia, USA
8GrowthcurveLondon, UK
9TinuitiNew York, USA
10MutesixCulver City, USA
11yellowHEADGaash, Israel
12PerformicsChicago, USA
13Disruptive advertisingPleasant Grove, USA

What is performance marketing, and how does it work?

This is a type of marketing where the client investment is based on the results obtained and pays if and when the campaign bears fruit. It is a part of digital marketing, but not all digital marketing practices fall under performance marketing.

Before you start, you can go through our guide on performance marketing to understand the term in depth.

Performance Marketing Metrics

To measure the ROI that Performance marketing agencies provide you, there are certain metrics that you can make use of.

  1. Cost Per Mile –  Amount you spend as an investment to generate a thousand impressions.
  2. Cost Per Click – The cost to fetch a visitor to click your ad.
  3. Cost Per Action – Refers to the cost required for a user to take action on an ad.
  4. Life Time Value – Prediction of the lifetime revenue generated from a client.
  5. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) – Refers to the overall advertising ROI.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies – 2024

Here are the mentioned performance marketing agencies with their details about the number of employees, key clients, and their performance marketing services.

1. Loudmouth Media

Office Location Belfast, Northern Ireland
Number of Employees11 – 50
Key clientsBMW, Liberty Information Technology, Harry Corry Interiors

It is an award-winning performance marketing agency that has offices located in Belfast, Dublin, London, and Glasgow. They are a Google Premier Partner and are a part of the top 3% of agencies in the UK.

Their expertise includes digital strategy, search campaigns, ecommerce, social advertising, conversion rate optimization, GA4 migration training, and programmatic advertising.

The agency understands the importance of content and delivers measurable milestones through its performance creative service.

Loudmouth Media overview

Services offered

  • Digital strategy
  • Search campaigns
  • Display
  • Ecommerce
  • Social advertising
  • SEO
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • GA4 migration and training
  • Programmatic advertising

Major clients

  • BMW
  • Tourism Northern Ireland
  • Liberty information technology
  • Harry Corry Interiors

2. No Good

Office Location New York, USA
Number of Employees11 – 50 
Key clientsNike, TikTok, Amazon

This New York-born agency calls itself ‘No Good’ for its client’s competition and has a squad of growth leads, creatives, designers, engineers, and data scientists that help unlock instant growth for startups and even Fortune 500 companies.

By combining purposeful storytelling and data-driven marketing strategies, the agency helps increase the MROI and the brand recall of the client. 

A few of their performance marketing tactics that drive growth:

  • Brand mapping
  • Creative messaging
  • Full-funnel analysis
  • Data & research
  • Audience research
  • Paid Social
  • Creative development
  • Performance analysis
  • SEM
No Good overview

Services offered

  • SMS marketing
  • Social ads
  • CRO
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Performance Branding
  • Email marketing
  • Video Marketing

Major clients

  • Nike
  • Johnsons & Johnson
  • P&G
  • TikTok
  • Amazon

3. Kobe Digital

Office Location Los Angeles, USA
Number of Employees11 – 50
Key clientsLecia Camera, HJC Helmets, Phillips Graduate Institute

This agency helps clients connect with their customers to generate leads and interest, convert that into sales, and keep the client much ahead of the curve. 

They follow a customized approach that welcomes collaboration, implements imagination, and follows continuous improvement. The pillars of Kobe Digital’s success are:

  1. Holistic strategy
  2. Rigorous implementation
  3. Transparent communication

The segments Kobe Design and Kobe Studios extend the client performance with the former, maximizing ROI and the latter enhancing media campaigns.

Our research on lead generation found out that 40% of the marketers stated that lack of resources, improper budgeting, and sufficient staff is the biggest barrier to lead generation. So if you are looking to improve your sales then Kobe Digital is your perfect pick.

Kobe Digital  overview

Services offered

  • Social Media Advertising
  • SEM
  • Display
  • Video
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Email Marketing

Major clients

  • Telesign Corp.
  • Leica Camer AG
  • Survey Monkey
  • LF Stores

4. Right Side Up

Office Location Austin, USA
Number of Employees51 – 200
Key clientsFitbit, Masterclass, Doordash

Right Side Up provides best-in-class marketing services and is partnered by well-reputed startups, tech companies, and established Fortune 500 companies with a common goal – ‘Growth’ in mind.

Their experts are strategically skilled, have vast in-house experience, and can execute efficiently. They cover all the major performance marketing channels and have mastered Google ads, SEO, Facebook & Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin, and affiliates.

The agency can provide clients with a wide range of workforce, from a single freelancer to a full-service team.

Right Side Up overview

Services offered

  • Performance marketing
  • Lifecycle marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Ecommerce marketing

Major clients

  • Gillette
  • Honey Brook
  • Yelp
  • Zenefits
  • Brightwheel

5. Amsive Digital

Office Location New York, USA
Number of Employees501 – 1000
Key clientsRoscato Wine, Voss Water, Zoa Energy

Amsive Digital is a perfect data-led growth partner for your business and empowers clients to push their limits. The name is a product of ‘amplify’ and ‘responsive’ and brings together a bright team.

They help you break new ground, keep the best audience around you, and ensure that you get expert perspectives for your strategy. They are a Google, Meta, Oracle, Microsoft, BigCommerce, and WP engine agency partner and proud winners of Davey, Marcomm and W3 awards.

Amsive Digital overview

Services offered

  • Digital Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Paid Social
  • Video

Major clients

  • Voss Water
  • Roscato Wine
  • ZOA Energy

6. Directive

Office Location Irvine, USA
Number of Employees51 – 200
Key clientsGong, Uber freight, Snap Inc.

Directive is a performance marketing agency for tech companies that promises to deliver the results expected by clients and has helped innumerable clients skyrocket growth. 

They focus on financial modeling to ensure the client’s revenue goals are reached, break barriers to gain lifetime customers and follow a methodology to build strategies that build with the company.

Their customer generation approach is to generate high-value customers across their lifecycle with all the required tech company needs. 

Directive overview

Services offered

  • SEO
  • Paid Media
  • Designing
  • Strategy
  • Video 

Major clients

  • Sentinel One
  • Amazon
  • Calendly
  • Zoominfo
  • Stack overflow
  • Sumo Logic

7. Webmechanix

Office Location Columbia, USA
Number of Employees51 – 200
Key clientsKettlebell Kings, Zephyr Smartbear, Opentrons

This is a top digital marketing agency that is not limited to just providing services but aims to drive business for their clients via a method called Revenue-Driven Optimization (RDO). Webmechanix is also a partner with Google, WP Partner, Microsoft, HubSpot, Facebook, and Pantheon.

They follow a data-first approach and combine automation with impressive creatives that get you profitable business, not only leads or sales. Their data speaks louder with their impressive portfolio for their clients

Marketing Automation saves you big bucks, and over 96% of marketers have used or are planning to use marketing automation software.

Webmechanix overview

Services offered

  • Revenue Driven Optimization
  • Paid Search
  • Conversion rate Optimization
  • Web development
  • GA4 Implementation
  • WordPress Development

Did You Know? Almost 49% of marketers believe that organic search has the best ROI. To know more interesting facts read our digital marketing statistics.

Major clients

  • Gong
  • Thermo fisher
  • AAG
  • Everfi

8. Growth Curve

Office Location London, UK
Number of Employees11 – 50
Key clientsUnilever, Chelsea FC, Coinbase

The next agency offers companies of all sizes a tailor-made marketing team of varying sizes. That team includes experts who know customer acquisition, growth marketing, and design without the expense of hiring a full-size agency.

They have offices in London and New York, with resources dedicated to growth marketing and a platform to let the customers control their growth activities as per their perusal. 

Growth Curve overview

Services offered

  • Conversion Optimization
  • PPC
  • User Acquisition
  • Facebook Ads
  • Retargeting

Major clients

  • Midnite
  • Reverb
  • Monopoly
  • Jumanji
  • Koyo
  • Hubpay

9. Tinuiti

Office Location New York, USA
Number of Employees1001 – 5000
Key clientsPoppi, Instacart, Nestle

Performance marketing has more or less been combined with the brand, and collectively everything has become digital and measurable, and for this, Tinuiti is an accelerator for their clients. They are the largest independent performance marketing firm for TV, streaming, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

The agency understands the big picture and has over 1000 experts as part of their team who bring along higher-level experience across fields with them. 

Tinuiti overview

Services offered

  • Programmatic 
  • Display
  • Paid Social
  • Lifecycle marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Major clients

  • Nestle
  • Etsy
  • Instacart
  • Converse

10. MuteSix

Office Location Culver City, USA
Number of Employees201 – 500
Key clientsHoney, Fender, Pinterest

Mutesix is a performance marketing agency that is a part of the Dentsu Group. They provide innovative omnichannel solutions, real measurements, insights, results, and real-time performance marketing.

The difference between Muteisix (M6) and other agencies is that M6 offers integrated media and creative, dedicated growth marketing support, advanced measurement solutions, custom omnichannel planning, and are fast to market.

MuteSix overview

Services offered

  • Google Ads
  • Retail Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Youtube advertising
  • Programmatic

Email Marketing holds a lot of potential, read a super-indepth statistics on email marketing here. You can read our guide on email marketing to explore its true potential.

Major clients

  • Disney
  • GNC
  • Zumba
  • Dave
  • Ministry of Supply

11. yellowHEAD

Office Location Gaash, Israel
Number of Employees51 – 200
Key clientsTinder, X (Twitter), P&G

This is an Award-winning performance marketing agency with Sammy, Marcom, and the Drum awards under their belt. Yellowhead has offices in Israel, the USA, and Europe and is also partnered with Google, Meta, TikTok, and Snapchat.

The agency is transforming performance marketing and is known for publishing its own performance marketing guide and expert tips. They provide the perfect growth formula to the clients curated by their experts, who are masters in the field of performance marketing.

yellowHEAD overview- Performance Marketing Agencies

Services offered

  • Paid user acquisition
  • Media management
  • Organic optimization

Major clients

  • WB
  • Pampers
  • Fortnite
  • Miniclip
  • Tencent
  • Ubisoft
  • Snapchat

12. Performics

Office Location Chicago, USA
Number of Employees1000 – 5000
Key clientsLenovo, HP, Kellogg

This is one of the oldest firms from our list, formed in 1998, Performics is also one of the largest performance marketing agencies. They connect marketing to the client’s intent using data, consumer choice, technology, media, and content.

They buy media, create content, optimize user experience, and curate user journeys. They follow an intent-based marketing that helps curate a custom, dynamic strategy that aligns well with what the clients or the users want. 

Performics has also been featured in our best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. Check how it stands against its competition.

Performics overview- Performance Marketing Agencies

Services offered

  • Performance media
  • Performance content
  • Planning & Insights
  • Analytics & Technology

Major clients

  • Toyota
  • H&M
  • Bayer
  • Samsung
  • Michelin
  • Lionsgate

13. Disruptive advertising

Office Location Pleasant Grove, USA
Number of Employees51 – 200
Key clientsKPMG, Conoco Phillips, Adobe

This is an experienced agency has served over  90 clients and are #145 in the Inc. 500 list and managed $450M+ ad spend for their clients. They help good businesses become great with their disruptive difference and purpose-driven magnetic marketing. 

They provide irresistible marketing that makes your work look great with their lead generation, Ecommerce, Paid social, lifestyle marketing, and other services. With their predictable results, the company gains financially and emotionally with growth in finances, company mission, and impact of work.

Disruptive advertising overview- Performance Marketing Agencies

Services offered

  • Paid search
  • Paid social
  • Amazon
  • Lifestyle marketing
  • Creative

Major clients

  • Adobe
  • KPMG
  • Maritz CX
  • Guitar Center
  • Firstlite
  • Xactware

Advantages of Performance Marketing

Out of many, there are four major advantages of using performance marketing. They are:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency
  2. Improved ROI
  3. Low Risk
  4. Easy tracking of progress

These are always better when compared to other forms of marketing as they provide quicker results and do not take a long time to give results. 

Performance Marketing Channels

As with every type of marketing, performance marketing also relies on certain marketing channels to work effectively. The four major performance marketing channels are mentioned below:

1. Search engines

These provide a higher ROI, and performance marketing is done by utilizing ad campaigns on these engines.

2. Social media platforms

The trending search engine platforms can be used to place ads, and unlike the search engines, these are not placed in search results but in the user feed.

3. Blogs and Content

Placing ads on relevant blogs and websites is also an effective way to advertise a product.

4. Video-streaming platforms

Platforms like YouTube that display ads between and before a video are again a great way to advertise content that can be tracked.

How do you choose a Performance marketing agency?

Some of the basic considerations you can make before opting to commit to a performance marketing agency. These are not all and can include more, but they cover all the essential parameters.

  1. Set goals to know your requirements 
  2. ROI expectations
  3. Agency reputation
  4. Price consideration
  5. Client reviews

Final verdict: Which Is The Best Performance Marketing Agency?

We wrap up our list with these 13 performance marketing agencies to boost your business growth while also being able to track the progress. Every option is different, you get many options to choose from and select the best fit for your requirements. 

We have three favorites on our list that we felt deserve some extra attention. Our top picks are

  1. Kobe Digital
  2. Directive
  3. Performics

Get ready to tackle any marketing challenges and scale your business to a height you might have never imagined.


What does Performance marketing do?

Performance marketing helps increase the efficiency of your marketing spend and increases conversions while being able to get measurable results.

Is Performance marketing worth it?

If done properly, performance marketing can be an efficient tool to track business growth and is more precise than other forms of marketing.

How do you choose a Performance marketing agency?

Before choosing a performance marketing agency, you should do thorough research about your business and understand what your business really needs. Next, you can assess the agency’s services, price, testimonials, reputation, and past work to understand their potential.

What is the difference between Performance marketing and Digital marketing?

Performance marketing is a part of digital marketing where the investment can be directly linked to the performance. Where Performance marketing is efficient for robust high-volume revenue, digital marketing is a long-term investment.

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