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Need to know the best sales Analytics Software? Worry not; I will reveal here the leading sales analytics software you can choose to gain valuable insights into your sales process.

Sales Analytics software arms you with tools to mine data in order to track sales performance. Regular sales analysis offers deeper insight into how your product is doing in the market and what areas need improvement. Besides, sales analytics software also empowers you with key data to make sales predictions and uncover untapped market opportunities to generate more sales.

But it all starts with competent sales Analytics software. Without it, you will be grappling in the dark with no direction to channel your efforts. If you want to avoid it, read this post until the end. I am sure one of my sales analytics software recommendations will perfectly fit your business goal.

Top Sales Analytics Software – TL, DR

Too long to read? Let me further simplify the process. But I would appreciate it if you read the whole article. You will really get to know some of the most popular sales analytics software in 2023. Anyway, if you want a single answer, go with Hubspot. Its simplicity is unmatched. Besides, the starter plan is affordable and gives you all the essential features to manage your sales analysis. For $45 a month, you can get a two users license with enough functionality to easily track your sales funnel, analyze customer behaviors and make data-driven decisions.

Best Sales Analytics Software: In A Nutshell (2023)

Sr. No.Sales Analytics ToolsSupported IndustriesPrice
1.Hubspot Software & IT, Engineering & Technology, Marketing & ecommerce.Starter – $45/month
Professional – $450/month
Enterprise – $1200/month
2.PipedriveSales management, marketing, and customer relationship.Essential plan – $9.90/per month
Advanced plan – $19.90/month
Professional plan – $39.90/month
Enterprise plan – $59.90/per month.
3.Salesforce Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing.Essentials plan – $25 per month
Professional plan – $75 per month
Enterprise plan – $150 per month
4.Sage CRMServices Industry, Real Estate, Retail, Information Technology.Sage CRM On-Premise Plan – Upon request
Sage CRM Cloud – $45/user/month
5.GongComputer Software & IT Industry, Marketing, Customer Relationship.Custom Pricing
6.NetsuiteTechnology, Media, Healthcare.Custom Pricing
7.ZohoFinance, Education Industry, SoftwareProfessional Plan – $17/month 
Enterprise Plan – $29/month
Ultimate Plan – $31/month 
8.Sugar SellRetail, Banking, Consulting, Customer Relationship.Sell Essentials – $49/month 
Sell Advanced – $80/month users
Sell Premier – $135/month 
9. FreshsalesSales ManagementGrowth – $18/mo
Pro – $47/mo
Enterprise – $83/mo
10.Active CampaignSales Automation, CRM, Sales Engagement, Lead ScoringPlus – $19 per month, paid yearly
Professional – $49 per month, paid yearly

1. Hubspot Sales Hub

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.9/5
Ease of Setup4.9/5
Customer Satisfaction4.8/5

Hubspot tops the chart as the leading sales analytics software primarily for its emphasis on the inbound methodology. With Hubspot, you can track every step of your sales funnel. You can further track customer behavior throughout the sales funnel and mold your marketing efforts accordingly.

Hubspot Sales Hub

Simplicity and ease of use are other strong points of Hubspot. Your marketing team doesn’t have to spend months just filling things in. It’s easy to set up and does not need prior expertise about the platform for the setup.

With Hubspot, you get a complete sales management system that covers everything from marketing emails to ads and process automation.

Hubspot Sales Hub Advantages

  • One-stop solution for marketing, sales tracking, management, and analytics.
  • Easy integration of multiple departments like marketing, sales, and customer services.
  • Advanced features like predictive lead tracking, sales, and email automation, multiple customization options, and more.

Hubspot Sales Hub Price

  • Hubspot is free with limited functionality with no credit card required.
  • The starter Plan costs $45/month and allows 2 users.
  • Professional $450/month and allow 5 users.
  • Enterprise is $1,200/month and accommodates 10 users.

2. Pipedrive

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.9/5
Ease of Setup4.9/5
Customer Satisfaction4.8/5

If the sales tracking and analysis are your only concern, you will find a dedicated solution for sales analytics in Pipedrive. It has a global presence and currently serves over a hundred thousand customers worldwide.


You will greatly benefit from Pipedrive if you are an SME looking to smoothen things in your customer services and relationship department. Pipedrive heavily emphasizes simplicity and usability so that you can focus all your efforts on sales and nothing else.

Pipedrive’s primary benefits include email automation tracking sales processes through funnels, sales forecasting, prospect tracking, and more. Besides, you can easily manage leads, track product performance, and prioritize tasks. However, Pipedrive lags in the support department. Also, chatbot integration in Pipedrive is still pretty daunting.

Pipedrive Advantages

  • Completely sales focus CRM solution to manage and track sales-related data.
  • Intuitive and extremely simple interface that enhances user experience and allows easy navigation.
  • Cost-effective CRM backed by simple functionality and heavy emphasis on usability.
  • It also offers comprehensive integration options. You can easily connect with Zapier, MailChimp, Gmail, and more.
  • Pipedrive also offers an app to manage your sales analysis right from your smartphone.


  • Essential plan costs $9.90/per month.
  • Advanced plan costs $19.90/month.
  • Professional plan costs $39.90/month.
  • Enterprise plan costs $59.90/per month.

3. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.8/5
Ease of Setup4.8/5
Customer Satisfaction4.7/5

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a complete sales analytics and CRM solution that your business needs. Salesforce runs as SaaS and resides in clouds. Therefore, you can access it from anywhere you want. Primary benefits include Lead Management, sales tracking, workflow automation, and advanced account and contact management functionality.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The best thing about the Salesforce sales cloud is the plethora of integration options. You can easily connect Salesforce with SAP or Oracle via API and extend its functionality further. Although third-party integration sometimes deters user experience and makes it hard to manage. Besides, Salesforce has a steep learning curve, and it takes a while before you can be fully comfortable with its features.


  • Powerful features for sales pipeline management and tracking.
  • One-stop solution to easily track sales data from several channels via integrations.
  • Seamless sales operation and easy organization of sales team.
  • Task and customer life cycle management are pretty straightforward with the Salesforce sales cloud.


  • Essentials plan comes for $25 per month.
  • Professional plan comes for $75 per month
  • Enterprise plan comes for $150 per month. 

4. Sage CRM

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.8
Ease of Setup4.7
Customer Satisfaction4.7

Sage CRM is another noteworthy option to consider for your sales analytics needs. It’s more than just a customer relationship management CRM, but a complete, fully stacked solution to track and automate sales, analyze marketing efforts, and unite multiple processes into a single workflow.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM expertise lies in sales pipeline analysis. With Sage, you can make data-driven decisions to boost your sales pipeline visibility, win more sales and retain customers for longer.

Sage CRM’s primary features include customer data automation, a precise sales process overview, and single dashboard management of all customer data. However, Sage CRM needs to catch up in the user interface department. It doesn’t include a modern design and needs refinement to offer a better experience.

Sage CRM Advantages

  • Exceptional features like leads management, Pipeline management, Customer contract, price and listing management, plus multiple reminders to simplify the workflow.
  • Data-driven real-time insights into the sales process for better decision-making.
  • Multiple automation options, plus reporting and forecasting tools to better analyze the sales process.


  • Sage CRM On-Premise Plan – Need to Contact Vendors.
  • Sage CRM Cloud – $45/user/month

5. Gong

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.8/5
Ease of Setup4.8/5
Customer Satisfaction4.8/5

Gong is an advanced solution for sales analytics and customer relationship management. It’s a dedicated solution and has been a top-rated sales analytics software.


Interestingly, Gong offers its patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ to facilitate customer interactions. It tracks the interactions, churn the numbers, and delivers valuable insights to the sales team about how to proceed for maximum impact.

Leading global brands like LinkedIn, Shopify, SproutSocial, etc., use Gongs to empower their customer relations department and sales channels.


  • Patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ offers a unique approach to closing in more customers and driving sales.
  • Nothing goes amiss with Gong; therefore, it provides a bird’s eye view of customers’ standing in the sales pipeline. You can adjust accordingly and bring the customer home.
  • Gong carefully analyzes each customer interaction and presents you with valuable intel about how the marketing efforts are going.


Gong offers custom pricing based on your business and sales team strength. 

6. Netsuite

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.7/5
Ease of Setup4.7/5
Customer Satisfaction4.6/5

Another talked about sales analytics solution in 2023 is Netsuite. It’s a cloud-based solution that offers complete solutions for the omnichannel resource management of a company. While it is mostly recognized as a tool for resources management, its CRM solution offers some interactive sales tracking and analytics features.


It mainly evolved as an ERP solution and has been serving customers for about 20 years but has now transitioned into a complete sales analytics software too.


  • Single dashboard support to easily track leads and prospects for smoothening the process and seamless management.
  • Facilitate easy interaction between the sales team and customer for enhanced conversation.
  • Hassle-free tracking of the product life cycle, from production to sale.


Custom pricing based on your business needs.

7. Zoho 

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.7/5
Ease of Setup4.7/5
Customer Satisfaction4.6/5

Even if you have never tried sales analytics software, you must have heard about Zoho. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular sales analytics CRM solutions.


I particularly liked the free version that is particularly cut for marketing and sales management. Besides, you can easily manage customer interactions from the platform. Also, Zoho resides in the cloud, therefore, is easily accessible through multiple devices from anywhere you want.

Zoho offers a dedicated section for sales analytics, known as Zoho Analytics. You can generate sales reports, follow key sales indicators, track leads, and organize the sales pipeline.


  • Single dashboard to manage all key sales data.
  • Widely popular CRM solution that caters to a user base of over two million customers.
  • Multiple sales analytics features, including win-loss rate analysis, performance measurements, trend identification, alerts, and more.
  • Affordable pricing to support small to medium size enterprises.


  • Professional Plan – $17 per month billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan – $29 per month billed annually.
  • Ultimate Plan – $31 per month billed annually.

8. Sugar Sell

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.7/5
Ease of Setup4.8/5
Customer Satisfaction4.7/5

Sugar Sell is another recommended sales analytics software that I found pretty intuitive.

The best part about Sugar CRM is its extensive functionality that encompasses sales tracking, sales pipeline analysis, social media interactions monitoring, sales funnel monitoring, renewal pipeline creation, and more.

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell takes customer relationship management to the next level. It offers the sales team immensely powerful tools to boost sales operations and bring more customers.


  • A hassle-free solution to integrate sales, customer relations, and marketing into a single workflow.
  • Simple dashboard, particularly suitable for growing businesses that are developing their process flow.
  • Seamless integration for easy management. You can even connect other CRM like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Infor, and more.


  • Sell Essentials – $49 per month for 5 users.
  • Sell Advanced – $80 per month and allow a minimum of 3 users.
  • Sell Premier – $135 per month with a minimum of 10 users.

9. Freshsales

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.6/5
Ease of Setup4.7/5
Customer Satisfaction4.5/5

Freshsales is a sales automation software designed to help out sales teams in building their relationship with leads and customers. Users can create analytics dashboards on their own and use pre-made templates to create the reports. Freshsales have all the tools a sales team needs to engage in meaningful conversations with leads/customers, attract potential customers, nurture their relationships with customers, and drive sales using AI-powered data.


Freshsales makes it easier for salespersons to make the sale by automating the entire sales process so they can only focus on closing the sales and be more productive and efficient. Freshsales AI identifies the best leads for you and sends them your way so you can focus on them while the AI talks to other prospects.


  • AI-powered chatbots that allow you to interact with visitors in real time to help you understand the intent of visitors.
  • Shorten your sales cycle with the date you see on the activity timeline so that you can find the best opportunities.
  • AI-based deal insights to help you find the best deals to close. It also has dynamic forecasting, which creates revenue goals for your team.


  • Free – $0
  • Growth – $18/mo or $15/mo paid annually
  • Pro – $47/mo or $39/mo paid annually
  • Enterprise – $83/mo or $69/mo paid annually

10. Active Campaign

Overall ScoreRating
Usability & Convenience4.4/5
Ease of Setup4.5/5
Customer Satisfaction4.3/5

If you are searching for analytics software that can automate your entire sales process and also prioritize the best leads, then Active Campaign’s Sales & CRM software is the best option for you. It has a predictive scoring feature that gives scores to leads distinguishing good leads from bad ones so you can focus on them and nurture them accordingly. The sales software also acts as a centralized platform and keeps updating your contacts regularly.

Active Campaign Sales & CRM

This also helps you analyze any lead, such as the contact information and previous interactions with it. You can decide the next steps according to that data. You can manage all your contacts from a single dashboard and see the next steps in the sales pipeline. Active Campaign also integrates with your favorite apps like Slack, DocuSign, Facebook, and many more.


  • Access to over 900+ app integrations
  • Get access to dozens of marketing tools for free
  • Manage all your leads and contacts from a single dashboard
  • Send one-on-one emails to strengthen your sales pipeline
  • Qualifies leads without your interaction


  • Plus – $19 per month, paid yearly
  • Professional – $49 per month, paid yearly

Conclusion: Best Sales Analytics Software (2023)

That will be all for my post on the best sales analytics software in 2023 you should take advantage of. I have handpicked each software listed here after a thorough analysis. Each of my picks is a leader in its own space. The choice ultimately comes down to individual requirements; however, I recommend going with Hubspot and Pipedrive if you want a complete solution.

They are both easy to set up and backed by an excellent support team. Their starter plans are affordable and offer you almost everything to effectively track your sales data. In addition, they are feature packed and introduce timely updates to keep the platform relevant in the rapidly changing online landscape.

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