9 Best Sales Funnel Software For Better Conversion in 2023

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Sales funnels are vital for businesses; however, building one or managing them can be daunting without the right tools. Here comes the sales funnel software – tools specifically curated to design each stage of customers’ journey so they are compelled to move to the next level. Incidentally, the best sales funnel software all have the same characteristics – they offer tools and features to convert users into customers. With a range of features, from lead generation and lead nurturing to conversion tracking, these tools help businesses streamline the sales process and boost their conversion rate.

In this post, we will look closer at the 9 best sales funnel software to help you choose the best fit for your business.

Best Sales Funnel Software: In a Nutshell (2023)

S. No.Best Sales Funnel SoftwareFree TrialBest For
1.Kartra30-Day Free TrialAll-in-One Solution
2.Click Funnels30-Day Free TrialProfessional Tool
3.System.ioFree Plan AvailableCost Effective
4.Groove FunnelsFree to UseBeginner Friendly
5.HubSpot14-Day Free TrialEnterprise Solution
6.GetResponse14-Day Free TrialSales Funnel Automation
7.Kajabi14-Day Free TrialCourse Launches
8.Wishpond14-Day Free TrialMarketing & Sales Campaign Optimization
9.LeadPages14-Day Free TrialHigh Converting Landing Pages

List of Best Sales Funnel Software in 2023

A good sales funnel software will help you design every stage within a few hours and with relative ease. In this segment, we will explore the best sales funnel builder and discuss the key features that make each option stand out.

1. Kartra

Kartra Pricing – $99 to $499 per month

Kartara sits at the top spot in our list because it’s an all-in-one sales funnel software. You don’t have to pay for a separate page builder or email marketing tool. You will have everything in one platform – a great time saver.


Primary Highlights

  • Kartara Pages – Efficiently designed drag-and-drop page builder with hundreds of templates to craft professional landing pages.
  • Kartra Checkout – Expertly crafted checkout forms with PayPal and Credit support to streamline the sales process.
  • Kartra Leads – Excellent features to build, track and manage leads with the capability to organize them through lists and custom tags.
  • Kartara Funnel & Campaigns – Helps you compile multi-page funnels to convert users into customers effectively.
  • Kartara Mail – Help you design live or automated mail sequences for effective communication and engagement with potential customers.
  • Kartara Forms – Exquisitely designed lead capture forms with custom tagging and automation functionality.

Kartara Summary

Kartra is for everyone, whether you are a newbie or a professional marketer. Besides, it’s perfect if you hate switching between multiple tools and love templates that significantly reduce the design process. If you can afford it, it’s the best sales funnel builder in the market.

2. Click Funnels

Pricing – $147 to $297 per month

Click Funnels is a veteran in the market specifically designed to build effective, high-converting sales funnels. One of its strongest points is its easy-to-use interface that is both friendly and intuitive for beginners. Besides, it also includes interactive tools like web page builder, marketing automation, one-click upsell, etc. Therefore, it can be a perfect solution for implementing a sales process covering everything from acquisition and sales to scaling the business.


Primary Highlights

  • Pages Creations – Help you effectively create high-converting landing pages and sales funnels.
  • Lead Management – Provide tools to manage, organize, and track leads easily.
  • Detailed Analytics – Present all the data and key matrices in one place for better tracking and decision-making.
  • Workflows – Helps you implement effective workflows to streamline your marketing process.

Clickfunnels Summary

If you are a small business and entrepreneur, ClickFunnels is a great option primarily for its simplicity and a wealth of intuitive Funnel building and marketing automation features.

3. System.io

Pricing – $27 to $97 per month

System.io is a perfect funnel-building solution for those on budget. Its pricing is ideal for new digital entrepreneurs focused on expanding their marketing efforts and boosting conversion rates. With its minimalist design and super intuitive interface, creating funnels and scaling marketing campaigns feels like a breeze. Its key features include sales funnel creation, online training, webinars, email marketing, sales page, product selling, etc.

Systeme IO

Primary Highlights

  • Sales Funnels – Build powerful funnels with multiple ready-made templates.
  • Email Marketing – Help build effective email campaigns for impactful communication with prospects and customers.
  • Website Builder – Robust website builder to build a workable website within minutes.
  • Business Automation – Includes multiple business automation tools to make the workflow hassle-free.

System.io Summary

If you are starting out with online marketing, System.io is the most cost-effective choice, with its affordable pricing and powerful funnel-building features.

4. Groove Funnels

Pricing – Free to Use

Similar to Kartara, Groove Funnel is also an all-in-one Sales Funnel Software. It boasts similar features; however, its user interface is a bit hectic and needs a while to understand how things work. But if it scores low in terms of interface, it makes up with its features as well as the unique in-built webinar hosting platform. And the best thing about Groove Funnel is that it’s free.


Primary Highlights

  • Groove Pages – Simple drag-and-drop functionality with 63 customizable elements for building attractive pages.
  • Groove Funnels – Ready-made Funnel templates to help you change your marketing campaigns.
  • Groove Sell – Intuitive upsell and OrderBumps with the ability to customize checkouts, input multiple price points, transactional emails, etc.
  • Groove Webinar – In-built Clconversion-focused webinar tool to give wings to your marketing campaigns, with one-on-one customer interactions as well as live sessions.

Groove Funnels Summary

If you are okay with the basic interface or limited customization features, Groove Funnels is worth checking. It suits those on tight budgets but still wish for an all-in-one sales funnel software.

5. HubSpot

Pricing – $45 to $1200

The HubSpot Growth Platform boasts an array of powerful tools to effectively build, maintain and manage an effective and functional sales process optimized to deliver results per your business needs. The platforms include traditional sales funnels tools like landing page templates in addition to multiple features like email automation and content and offer distribution infrastructure. Moreover, HubSpot boasts multiple tools to tackle your business’s sales and marketing needs.


Primary Highlights

  • Sales Hub – An assortment of powerful marketing tools for better conversions, effective sales pipeline management, and enhanced engagement.
  • Reporting And Analytics – Helps you effectively track your marketing activities and their performance.
  • Multiple Integrations – Help you further boost your marketing efforts via integration with over 1,340 apps.
  • Marketing Hub – An array of tools to tackle marketing roadblocks and attract and convert customers.
  • Email Marketing Automation – Help you streamline email campaigns and boost customer engagement.
  • Reporting Tools – Helps you track ROI and optimize your marketing campaigns.

HubSpot Summary

HubSpot is an enterprise solution that packs extensive resources to attract, engage, convert and retain customers. Besides, HubSpot efficiently adapts to the requirements of businesses of all sizes, helping them build and manage sales processes with a strong user base.

6. GetResponse

Pricing – $15.58 to $97.58

Next on our list GetResponse – an excellent software for businesses looking to automate and manage all their sales funnels with minimum intervention. The software boasts an impressive list of features like built templates for conversion-centric landing pages, resources to invest in Facebook and insta ads, plus a webinar tool to engage customers on a more personal level.


Primary Highlights

  • Email Marketing – GetResponse particularly excels in email marketing and includes professional email templates, effective delivery solutions, and simple design tools.
  • Landing Page Creator – Powerful landing page builder with over 100 ready-made landing page templates.
  • Conversion Sales Funnel – Robust sales funnel creator to help you achieve better conversions, automated email sequences, boost product sales, and more.
  • Website BuilderAI-driven website builder to create a catchy website that reflects your brand’s identity.
  • AI Suggestion – It’s a recently added feature that draws power from AI to offer helpful suggestions, email campaigns, product recommendations, and more.

GetResponse Summary

GetResponse is a budget-friendly option for businesses seeking a more tailored approach to managing their sales funnels and marketing campaigns.

7. Kajabi

Pricing – $159 to $319

Kajabi is the best sales funnel software for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to boost product awareness and convert interest in conversions and sales. Kajabi includes a host of content creation tools to effectively engage your audiences, plus an exhaustive list of marketing tools to build funnels and campaigns in minutes. Besides, it also includes features to effectively manage your marketing efforts, such as PayPal and Stripe integrations, built-in CRM, and a host of analytics tools for data-driven decision-making.


Primary Highlights

  • Pages & Website Builder – Translate your ideas into catchy landing pages and websites for more traffic and conversion.
  • Email Marketing Software – In-built tools to curate engaging emails plus interesting features like email automation or email blasts, multi-touch sequences and more.
  • Ready Made Funnels – Helps you eliminate the hassle of designing everything from scratch yet build highly effective sales funnels.
  • Kajabi Mobile App – Helps you engage customers on mobile devices to increase conversions.
  • Analytics Tools – Offer you deeper insights for better decision-making and faster growth.

Kajabi Summary

Kajabi’s platform is more suitable for established brands, businesses and content creators looking for an effective solution to facilitate their sales funnel strategy.

8. Wishpond

Pricing – Available on request

Wishpond is another budget-friendly sales funnel software that can easily fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, whether they are veterans in their space or just starting. It compiles powerful tools to accelerate marketing efforts, manage the process, and increase sales. Interestingly, Wishpond boasts an impressive list of customers, including Sony, Walmart, and CBS, which boosts its credibility and confirms its effectiveness.


Primary Highlights

  • Marketing Automation – Its powerful marketing automation suite helps you nurture leads, engage customers and achieve better conversions. For example, you can send personalized emails to potential customers based on their demographics.
  • Leads Database – Helps you easily segment leads, organize them and enable easy leads management for optimized marketing campaigns.
  • Pop-Ups – Helps you convert website traffic into leads by creating urgency, collecting emails etc. Besides, the tool includes dozens of ready-made pop-up templates to simplify the process.
  • Sales Automation – This helps you convert more leads into customers with features like automated follow-ups or personalized messages.
  • Shopify Marketing – Suitable for those into ecommerce. The tool seamlessly integrates with Shopify stores and offers advanced reporting, multiple integrations, etc., all geared to achieve more sales.

Wishpond Summary

Wishpond is a complete sales funnel and marketing solution for businesses of all sizes looking for a comprehensive tool.

9. LeadPages

Pricing – $37 to $74 per month.

If you are focused more on landing pages to achieve your marketing and sales targets, there’s no better tool than LeadPages. The Software boasts an impressive price-to-performance ratio and offers tons of features for building high-converting landing pages, with the possibility of tweaking the design to achieve better leads or conversions. Besides, the tool also includes a checkout system to help you manage conversion more efficiently. On top of that, it packs other features like drag-and-drop functionality, A/B testing, and numerous integrations.


Primary Highlights

  • Site Builder – Help you build landing pages geared for better conversion.
  • Landing Pages – DIY landing pages builder that offer you more control to curate landing pages that bring tons of sales effectively.
  • AI Engine – Help you craft customer-centric content with the help of AI, like catchy headlines or AI-driven content suggestions.
  • Alert Bar – Helps you out non-intrusive alert bars to swiftly gain customers’ attention.
  • Integrations – Multiple integrations ( Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, Contactually, etc.) to enable you effectively track leads, organize them, and optimize your marketing campaigns.

LeadPages Summary

LeadPages is better suited for entrepreneurs venturing into paid marketing campaigns and needs a tool to design simple yet powerful sales funnels and impressive landing pages.

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Conclusion: Best Sales Funnel Software (2023)

That’s all the softwares that can easily meet your sales funnel requirements. Kartra stands out for its all-in-one approach, and robust features among the best sales funnel software. Besides, if you are on a budget, System.io will be better, offering a simple interface and key sales funnel functionalities. And for small to medium-sized businesses, Wishpond will be best, primarily for small to medium-sized businesses’ intuitive working and marketing automation features coupled with robust sales funnel builder. Regardless of your chosen option, you should know that implementing a high-converting sales funnel could radically transform your business and streamline your marketing efforts. So pick a sales-to-funnel software from the list to take the leap and open the door for new possibilities.

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