13 Best SEO Affiliate Programs in 2023 (High CPA)

Digital marketing and SEO go hand in hand. The SEO industry has over $50 billion worth and can grow further. One of the easy and low-risk secondary income options for a digital marketer is enrolling in an SEO affiliate program.

Though there are plenty of fish in the sea, finding the perfect fit for you can be a bit tricky. We know the trouble it takes as we faced it while researching about this to come up with top picks.

Finally, after days of research with our expert SEO team, we jotted down 13 programs that you can boost your income with.

Bonus: We read and publish a lot of SEO-related content and came across some informative statistics and thought of sharing them. Get to know about some interesting facts here.

SEO affiliate programs – overview

These are our top 13 SEO affiliate programs you can partner with to generate a passive source of income.

Sr. No.Top Affiliate ProgramsCommission Rate
1.Semrush$200 – new subscription
$10 – new trial
$0.01 – new signup
3.Mangools30% ($487 avg/mo)
4.Accuranker$220 – for every paid
$12 – for every free trial
5.Link Whisper30% recurring
6.Surfer SEO25% 
7.SE Ranking30%
8.SEO PowerSuite33%
Upto $165 per sale commission
9.Longtail Pro30%
11.Ninja Outreach20%
13.Authority HackerUp to $1,979 potential per sale

SEO affiliate programs – What is it? How do they work?

An SEO affiliate program is where you become a spokesperson for the affiliate program provider and gain a commission based on your conversions. This is what we see/read every day across platforms titled – ‘sponsored post’.

You can choose this as your secondary source of income if you’re a marketing agency, content writer, or social media influencer, and can even turn this into your main hustle.

We learned about such popular SEO affiliate programs for beginners as well as professionals. 

Let’s pace up and learn more about it!

Top SEO Affiliate Programs

Before we discuss the best SEO Affiliate Programs, here are some technical terms and their meaning to help you through the article:

CPA Cost Per Action
CPSCost Per Sale
Commission rateThe percentage that is given as a commission of the sale made by an affiliate partner
Cookie durationThe time duration for which a subscribers info is linked to the affiliated partner, to verify purchases and process payment
Commission modelThe structure by which an enrolled partner would get commission
(Lifetime = time for the user is enrolled)

1. Semrush

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate $200 – new subscription
$10 – new trial $0.01 – new signup
Cookie duration 120 days
Commission modelCost per Action

With access to over 24 Billion keywords and 130 countries, Semrush is among the best in the market for all your SEO and digital marketing analysis.

Semrush runs an affiliate program and offers quite impressive compensation for it whether you’re a content publisher, marketing agency, paid search specialist, course creator, or an all-around marketer who pays you every step of the way.

With over 40+ tools to promote, Semrush offers promotional tools and a dedicated support team to the partner with $200 for new subscription sales, $10 for new trials, and $0.01 for new sign-up.

Semrush Affiliate program

Bonus: We have used Semrush for multiple years and can surely add to the hype it has got. Read our detailed review and learn more about Semrush here.

2. Nitropack Affiliate Program

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 20%
Cookie duration 30 days
Commission model18 months 

Nitropack increases conversion rates, gives a refined user experience, and speeds up 178,000+ websites every day and 3.6 billion optimized pages as claimed. 

Nitropack affiliate program

They offer a 20% commission for 18 months from when a customer buys from you in their affiliate program. The cookie duration is of 30 days to facilitate conversions. Payouts are upon request with a minimum of $100 account reach.

3. Mangools Affiliate Program 

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 30% ($487 avg/mo)
Cookie duration 30 days
Commission modelLifetime

Mangools gets you higher Search engine rankings with its effective keyword research tool, with over 2 million + users using it.

It also has other SEO tools, such as SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, LinkMiner, and Siteprofiler, under its profile. 

Affiliate Program Mangools

They offer recurring payments and 30% commissions, where users who register and subscribe through an affiliate link will get a lifetime commission. The commissions vary per the plans purchased, with a potential of $612 monthly earnings.

4. Accuranker Affiliate Program

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate $220 – for every paid$12 – for every free trial
Cookie duration 120 days
Commission modelCPA

Accuranker is known for its confident claim of being the world’s fastest and most accurate keyword rank-tracking tool. 

With partners like IKEA, aira and Jellyfish, and more, Accuranker is surely a preferred SERP analytics and tracking platform, which also offers an organic site explorer, dynamic CTR, and tagging features.

Accuranker affiliate program

Paying high commissions of $220 per purchase and $12 for a free trial sign-up. They offer a last-click attribution model and a cookie lifetime of 120 days. Accuranker also gives you a 14-day free trial for affiliates to understand the product.

5. Link Whisper

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 30% recurring
Cookie duration Not specified
Commission modelLifetime revenue share

Link whisper helps you drive search with interlinks. It uses AI to make suggestions automatically as you write.

It provides in-depth link reporting, which is under your control, with the data needed to optimize your site. Additionally, you get the number of outbound internal and external links coming from every article.

Link Whisper affiliate program

Link Whisper lets you earn a 30% commission for the initial payment and any recurring annual payments per year. Affiliates can analyze their progress visually with earnings reported graphically.

6. Surfer SEO Affiliate Program

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 25% 
Cookie duration 60 days
Commission modelRecurring 

Surfer SEO helps you research and skyrocket your organic growth. It integrates AI into your writing experience and helps you attract traffic towards you.

With their affiliate marketing, you can earn as many sales as you can make and get access to material to help you maximize your potential earnings.

Surfer SEO affiliate program

They offer a 25% cost of your customer’s commission with every time a subscription is renewed. The cookies last for 60 days and work on a last-click-attribution basis. They also provide access to promo materials to boost affiliate potential.

7. SE Ranking

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 30%
Cookie duration 120 days
Commission modelLifetime commission

SE Ranking offers a cutting-edge toolkit for your perfect SEO and offers monitoring, research, content marketing, and local marketing services.

Affiliate of the SE Ranking program gives you a 30% commission from each sale on a lifetime basis. It works on a ‘First Cookie wins’ attribution model, and the cookie duration is of 120 days.

SE Ranking - SEO Affiliate Programs

Payouts happen twice a month through PayPal upon reaching the $50 threshold, and users are also able to track statistics with real-time updates. We have also done a detailed review of SE Ranking for you to check out.

8. Seo PowerSuite Affiliate Program

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 33%
Upto $165 per sale commission
Cookie duration 120 days
Commission modelRecurring

It is a one-stop SEO tool providing automated functions, custom solutions, and branded reports. A rank tracker and website auditor are some of the features. 

SEO PowerSuite undercuts others and offers a 33% percent commission for all orders that your referrals make. The cookie duration offered is 120 days. 

Users get double affiliate support from the affiliate network and the SEO PowerSuite team. Double the money!

9. Longtail Pro Affiliate Program 

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 30%
Cookie duration Not specified
Commission modelRecurring

This helps you find profitable long-tail keywords and tools for SERP analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and site audit with over 70,000 marketers using it.

Longtail Pro Affiliate program 

They offer a 1-2-3 affiliate program where signing up, promoting, and earning money is a three-step process. By putting their affiliate link and putting it on your emails, conversations, website, and social media posts, you receive a 30% commission for every subscriber.

10. Hunter.io Affiliate Program 

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 30%
Cookie duration 45 days
Commission modelRecurring for 12 Months

Hunter is an email-outreach platform that lets you connect with anyone relevant to your business. It uses careful calculations and artificial intelligence to find, verify contact details.

Hunter.io Affiliate Program 

Their affiliate program gets you 30% commissions but only for 12 months and not for the entire lifetime of the customer purchase. The commissions are rolled once the minimum $100 mark is reached. 

11. Ninja Outreach Affiliate Program 

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 20%
Cookie duration Not specified
Commission modelRecurring

It is an all-purpose influencer marketing tool that helps you find Instagram and Youtube influencers with their search engines by username or by niche. You get the entire stats, including engagement, avg. likes and replies statistics.

 Ninja Outreach affiliate program

The affiliate program gives you a 20% monthly recurring commission whenever a customer purchases from your affiliate link. The payout is every month, and the minimum payout is $100, with the maximum varying as per the sales.

12. Serpstat Affiliate Program 

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate 30%
Cookie duration 15 days
Commission modelRecurring

Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform with more than 30 tools for professionals in SEO and PPO and marketers. They have a multi-user mode for team management, ready checklists, and custom pricing plans as some of their features.

Their affiliate program gets you a 30% commission for getting new Serpstat users. They even pay bonuses for all the subsequent extended subscriptions after the initial purchase.

Serpstat affiliate program

An affiliate partner can also utilize the money made from affiliating to get a Serpstat subscription.

13. Authority Hacker

Affiliate program Link
Commission rate Up to $1,979 potential per sale
Cookie duration 60 days
Commission modelLifetime

Authority Hacker has been in the industry and probably needs little introduction, but they are a well-known platform that offers step-by-step value in every course that they produce. They teach the users to make profitable businesses. 

Authority Hacker affiliate ranking

The affiliate program offered by them includes a lifetime commission with a potential $1,979 commission per sale. Commissions last a lifetime on product purchases with their proven $10+ EPC. Their top products include The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro.

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Verdict: SEO Affiliate Programs (2023)

All of the above programs are quite worthy and have the ability to boost your income, provided that you generate equally worthy content for them.

Out of the above, we were most impressed by three programs, given their products, the value that they provide, and the additional value an affiliate marketer gets. 

We liked: 

  1. Semrush  – for their dedicated support
  2. SE Ranking –  for longer cookie duration
  3. Authority hacker – for higher avg. income potential

So, get ready to start your affiliate journey and soon make the most of your digital marketing expertise!


Do affiliate programs help in SEO?

No, as they have a much different purpose. Affiliate links from a program doesn’t make or break your SEO, as they are not considered as backlinks for content.

Do SEO affiliate programs offer good money?

That depends on your work and the customers that you help convert your partner. The commission rates range from 20%-33%, and maximum earning potentials go beyond $900 also.

Is it difficult to earn money from an SEO affiliate program?

If you have the right code for it, it is not difficult. Just make sure you give out correct and verified information about a partner, not make false claims or hamper the partner’s image in any way.

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