10 Best SEO Content Services In 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

SEO content writing services can help you craft an effective content marketing strategy that drives meaningful SEO traffic.

These services not only help you write high-quality content but also provide strategies to stand out from others. This helps create a unique space for your brand on the search engine and in the consumer’s mind.

After reviewing 30+ agencies/services, I was able to list the top 10 SEO content services that provide exceptional services at a reasonable price and show measurable results!

This list is curated based on factors like – the service quality they provide, client testimonials, and strategies used by them.

So, let’s quickly find the ideal SEO writing agency for you!

10 Best SEO Content Services In 2023

Before we go into the details, I have provided a quick overview of the Top 10 SEO content services.

The listed agencies below specifically provide services in SEO content writing. If you want a complete content marketing service, check out our list of best content marketing agencies.

Note – At DemandSage, our team aims to evaluate various services, tools, platforms, and agencies. The services mentioned below are reviewed by us, considering the quality of service they provide

Sr NoAgencyLocationCharges
1Compose.lySeattle USA Starting at $700 per month
Scribly.ioLondon, UKCustom
3DraftToronto, Canada$0.10 per word 
4BraftonBoston USA Custom 
5AnimalzNew York, USACustom 
6Article-Writing.CoToronto, Ontario Custom 
7VerblioDenver, Co$0.06 per word
8BlogsmithRemoteStarts at $5,000 per month
9PeakDenver, COCustom
10The Urban Writers Toronto, Ontario $6.59 per 100 words

Businesses have widely used content marketing. Around 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing for their content marketing funnel.

Read our Content Marketing Statistics to understand how you can boost leads with content marketing.

1. Compose.ly

LocationSeattle USA 
Clients served WebMD, Constant Contact, Events.com
PriceStarting at $700 per month

Compose.ly is an expert content-writing service that delivers high-quality and SEO-friendly content to its clients. They have served hundreds of companies with original and keyword-optimized content that drives leads.

Additionally, Compose.ly provides you with a dedicated team of SEO content writers, editors, and SEO advisors to make the content creation process effective. This team consists of experts with appropriate backgrounds for your specific needs.

With a focus on EEAT-optimized content, the agency offers a large menu of content writing services that match your business needs and boost your brand. In fact, using their SEO content services, Boreas Technologies, a prominent seller of haptic drivers, increased their clicks from 2,000 to 10,000 per day.


Compose.ly Services

  • SEO copywriting that ranks on Google
  • Quality content writing with timely delivery
  • Topic ideation
  • Proper editing services

Compose.ly Clients

  • WebMD
  • Constant Contact
  • Events.com
  • Calendly 
  • Dolby.io

2. Scribly.io

LocationLondon, UK
Clients served Dixa, Pleo, UB Partner

Scriblly.io offers end-to-end content marketing services that have helped their clients boost traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions. From building content creation strategies to managing and optimizing them across blogs and websites, this agency emphasizes customer loyalty.

They take pride in providing scalable content marketing services for various businesses like agencies, e-commerce brands, and SaaS startups.


Scribly.io Services

  • Performance review and insights
  • Auditing existing content
  • Defining data-driven strategies
  • Creating and managing optimized content

Scribly.io Clients

  • LitFilmFest
    • DB&MH
    • Pleo
    • UB Partner

    3. Draft

    LocationToronto, Canada
    Clients served Freshbooks, Jobbatical, and Opencare
    Price$0.10 per word 

    This service is known for its high-quality content delivery, from SEO-optimized content and blog posts to social media posts. With Draft’s easy-to-follow process, you can simply get matched with the best writer within 24 hours.

    Till now, Draft has served more than 2000 businesses with their fully optimized content. One of their clients, Trolley –a global payouts platform, achieved a 300% increase in content production.

    Their testimonials have been published in publications like Wall Street Journal and Inc Magazine. 

    Draft- SEO Content Services

    Draft Services

    • Original high-quality content
    • In-depth Research
    • Unlimited revisions
    • Live chat support
    • Plagiarism detection

    Draft Clients

    • Atomic Agency
    • Freshbooks
    • Jobbatical
    • Opencare
    • Zapier

    4. Brafton

    LocationBoston USA 
    Clients served Decorating Den interiors, Clemens Food Groups, MoEngage, Stanford University

    Brafton has a proven track record of delivering exceptional content in SEO writing services. 

    They are an exceptional team of writers, strategists, and consultants who work together to develop personalized strategies for your brand.

    Additionally, the Brafton team’s exceptional strategies help their clients solve user intent for each keyword they want to target. Moreover, their data-driven approach has satisfied thousands of clients across various industries.


    Brafton Services

    • Up-to-date SEO strategies
    • High-quality content delivery
    • Keyword optimization
    • TF-IDF evaluation details

    Brafton Clients

    • ESpatial
    • FFVA mutual
    • Decorating Den interiors
    • Clemens Food Groups
    • MoEngage

    5. Animalz

    LocationNew York, USA
    Clients served Exer Health, SupportLogic, Sellbrite

    Yet another excellent SEO content agency –Animalz, focuses on connecting writers and companies across industries with quality content made for websites and blogs.

    With an expert team of strategists, writers, researchers, and editors, they help their clients leverage quality content to boost their business.

    Furthermore, Animalz has significantly helped its clients to gain around 500% qualified organic traffic with services tailored to their needs. This can be a wise investment, especially if you are an enterprise company or a startup.

    Sage Bonus: Here is our comprehensive guide on Content Marketing For Startups where you will understand how content marketing works for startups.

    Animalz- SEO Content Services


    • SEO Consulting
    • Brand Awareness
    • Keyword research
    • Editorial planning
    • Content audit


    • Frontify
    • Exer Health
    • SupportLogic
    • Sellbrite
    • 360Learning

    6. Article-Writing.co

    LocationToronto, Ontario 
    Clients served Shopify, Wishpond, Overstock

    Article-Writing.Co aims to provide rigorously edited, engaging, and high-value content to their clients. 

    With more than 12 years of experience, this SEO content agency is trusted by more than 6000 companies. 

    Besides, Article-Writing.Co stands out because of its focus on intentional keyword research, competitive analysis, and a proper understanding of the target audience. 

    Lastly, promises atleast 10x ROI with its effective strategies and eye-catching content. 


    Article-Writing.Co Services

    • Personalized brand content strategy
    • In-depth keyword research
    • Six-month content calendar
    • Competitive analysis
    • A Full Editorial PR and Backlink Plan

    Article-Writing.Co Clients

    • Ebay
    • Oberlo
    • Shopify
    • Wishpond
    • Overstock
    • LegalZoom 

    Interesting Fact: 81% of marketers use content marketing to generate leads and increase brand engagement. 

    7. Verblio 

    LocationDenver, Co
    Clients served GrowthSquad, Nextiny, Ulistic
    Pricing$0.06 per word

    Verblio understands the importance of the latest SEO trends and staying up-to-date with algorithm changes. 

    It smartly combines human and AI writing to make helpful and effective content for your brand. 

    Moreover, they provide a personalized experience for your marketing funnel that satisfies your needs and content strategy. That’s not all. Verblio also assigns a dedicated content manager who reviews and approves each content before publishing.

    Verblio- SEO Content Services

    Verblio Services

    • Topic ideation
    • Technical writing
    • Local landing pages
    • On-page SEO
    • Strategic recommendations

    Verblio Clients

    • GrowthSquad
    • Nextiny
    • Ulistic
    • SeerRankings.io
    • Wildwest pool supplies.

    DemandSage Bonus: Similar to Verblio, you can check out some of the latest SEO trends to stay aware of the best SEO practices for the current times.

    8. Blogsmith 

    Clients served Trello, GoDaddy, Skyword, Adobe, and Bigcommerce
    PricingStarts at $5,000 per month

    Founded by Maddy Osman, this agency offers tailored strategies to help clients increase organic traffic, build brand awareness, and establish themselves as authoritative thought leaders.

    Their writing team aims to establish itself as a trusted source of information relevant to the target audience by crafting content that’s valuable to them.

    Moreover, Blogsmith follows Google’s EEAT guidelines to build credibility with the audience and optimize content for search engines. 


    Blogsmith Services

    • SEO strategy and content
    • Website copy
    • Sales and lead generation assets
    • Content for your entire sales funnel

    Blogsmith Clients

    • Adobe
    • Bigcommerce
    • Kinsta 
    • Sproutsocial
    • Hubspot

    9. Peak

    LocationDenver, CO
    Clients served Polaris, SmartPayables, Modus Law

    Peak content writing services include keyword research, content strategy pipeline, and quality content written for humans and not just for bots.

    They follow a step-by-step process to ensure the accuracy of the content and the ability of the content to improve the search engine. 

    Furthermore, Peak promises to increase your presence with measurable growth in terms of traffic, impressions, and conversions.

    Peak overview- SEO Content Services

    Peak Services

    • Development and market research
    • Content and SEO strategy
    • Landing page content
    • Guest posts

    Peak Clients

    • Polaris
    • SmartPayables
    • Modus Law
    • Residential Systems

    10. The Urban Writers 

    LocationToronto, Ontario 
    Clients served 
    Price$6.59 per 100 words

    Unlike other SEO writing services, this service follows a different approach to providing highly optimized content. They conduct in-depth research on your business model and analyze the target audience.

    Additionally, the team of trained writers and SEO experts at Urban Writers flows a data-driven approach to ensure your content ranks well on search engines. 

    The agency proudly takes pride in serving more than 20,000 clients with exceptional content catered to solve user intent.

    The Urban Writers 

    The Urban Writers Services

    • SEO-optimized content
    • Title and meta description
    • Internal and external page linking
    • Research and FAQ section
    • Effective keyword optimization

    The Urban Writers Clients

    • No data was found

    How to pick the right Content-writing service?

    When choosing an SEO content writing service, it is essential to understand if the agency or service is providing quality content for your specific needs. Understand the ROI you will be able to gain after partnering with an SEO content writing service. 

    Your primary goal should be getting the maximum impressions and clicks with a high conversion rate. Consider the following factors before choosing an SEO content writing service:

    1. Check the agency’s reputation. Understand what brands they have provided their services.
    2. Make sure to acknowledge the pricing and the ROI you will gain.
    3. See if the agency is providing content services in your niche.
    4. Understand what other SEO services are included with the content creation.
    5. Consider if they are providing SEO-optimized content writing services.

    Your content reflects your brand. So, consider these points before investing in SEO content services. Do research and choose the service that matches your specific needs.

    Bonus: If you are specifically looking for small business SEO services, refer to our list of small business SEO services to gain insights.

    Benefits of hiring professional content writing agencies

    Hiring a professional SEO content writing service not only helps you write high-quality content but also converts leads. 

    The true benefit of hiring such services is gaining a page ranking and improving your brand awareness. Apart from these, below I have listed the crucial benefits of hiring content writing services.

    1. Saves time
    2. Proper understanding of your target audience.
    3. In-depth research of your content marketing funnel
    4. Helps in generating organic clicks and revenue.
    5. Better understanding of your industry and competitors.

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    Final Verdict: Best SEO Content Services

    Investing in high-quality content creation that is SEO-friendly can be a wise decision to improve your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website.

    All the SEO content writing services listed above have the potential to increase your website traffic and elevate your brand to a larger audience.

    Still, if you are struggling to find the best one for you, then here are my top 3 recommendations that do the job a bit better.

    1. Compose.ly
    2. Scribly.io
    3. Draft

    With the agencies listed above, you can definitely improve your online presence, increase your organic traffic, and ultimately grow your business.

    Hope you make a wise decision!

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