11 Best Shopify SEO Services & Agencies (2023 Rankings)

If you have recently launched your first Shopify store, you might have heard about the necessity of having a well-optimized SEO for your store. But what are the Shopify SEO services you need for your store? And who provides these services?

Don’t worry; we got you covered like we always do! We scouted some of the best agencies that provide SEO services, especially for Shopify and your business.

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Overview – Best Shopify SEO service agency

Before diving into the details, here is a glimpse of all the top 10 best Shopify SEO services and agencies!

Sr. NoShopify SEO AgenciesWhy choose?
1Coalition technologiesResearch-backed conversion rate optimization techniques
2Outerbox20+ years of SEO experience
3MeetanshiTransparent reporting
4ThriveAll-in-one Shopify solution
5Whitecap SEOTailor-made Shopify solution
6WebFXClear pricing plans
7Go FishUnique Shopify SEO frameworks
8Eastside COOffer Shopify development services

What is a Shopify SEO service?

SEO service is essential for any Shopify store to mark and improve its presence in the online world. A new store takes time to build authority with search engines and buyers. 

Simply put, SEO for Shopify makes a search engine trust your website and products by optimizing content and site loading speed and conducting an SEO audit.

Learn how much an SEO audit costs and avoid paying extra for it. 

What is included in a Shopify SEO service?

SEO services agencies provide a wide array of services. Most of the agencies offer a custom plan, and very rarely would you get one plan for all. Their services include:

  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Detailed task reporting
  • Support available
  • Planning of the next month’s strategies
  • Shopify website audit
  • Product keyword research
  • Content writing
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Tip: Here is our Shopify SEO checklist that you can refer to choose the service you need.

Advantages – Shopify SEO services

Shopify SEO services do not just focus on your website’s performance. It helps track the weaker areas and potential focus areas. This helps you build up on your mistakes and improve.

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SEO attracts purely organic traffic to your website, which is the highest ROI-providing mode of marketing. With the help of effective link building, targeted keyword research, frequent website audits, curating strategies, and effortless task reporting, your website starts converting more than before.

Factors to consider while choosing an SEO agency

Before jumping the gun and choosing any arbitrary agency, let’s first understand what are the things that you need to consider to find the best suit for you.

  1. Experience

Note the number of years that an agency has been in the industry and working on Shopify SEO to gain an idea of their expertise. The number of years does not necessarily translate to their potential but can serve as a trust factor when considering an agency.

  1. Reputation

Client testimonials and satisfaction are other parameters you can consider. This helps you understand the value you would get from an agency. A good reputation usually means you can expect good service.

  1. Services

Find out what services an agency offers and their expertise with any particular service. Not all service providers would give you an all-in-one plan; some might offer a smaller selection of services and are experts.

  1. Portfolio

The service provider’s previous works can give you a peek into the thinking process of the agency and give you an idea of the quality of the work. Other than this, going through other projects can inspire you with ideas and help your store as well!

  1. Pricing

The prime factor other than the quality of the expected work is the pricing. The pricing will vary depending on your requirements and the agency you choose. Hence, it is necessary to estimate how much Shopify SEO costs.

Bonus Tip:  Ensure that you have thoroughly researched your brand and the product. This would help you find underlying problems and communicate them with the agency. This would add to your knowledge of the position of your product.

Best Shopify SEO services

Here are more details about 8 different Shopify SEO services which you can leverage to shoot up your store’s revenue and performance

1. Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies claims to be the #1 to provide Shopify SEO service. They use research-backed conversion rate optimization techniques. This ensures that each aspect of the store is appropriately positioned to boost the store’s visibility.

coalition technologies overview

Services Offered:

  • Powerful internal-page linking
  • Target keyword in your niche
  • High-quality link building
  • Develop marketing plan
  • Target right audience

2. Outerbox

Outerbox has been in the SEO industry for 20+ years. They are industry leaders with a team of SEO experts and custom Shopify SEO plans. Having the right mix of services that worked for many other clients, Outerbox knows what’s right for you. 

They know Shopify inside out, offer tailored SEO plans, and help you determine the right SEO campaign. 

Outerbox overview

Services Offered:

  • Custom strategy
  • Code review and optimization
  • URL optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Internal and external link building
  • Keyword research
  • Monthly SEO reports

3. Meetanshi

Meetanshi provides guaranteed results and helps spike traffic to your store. With Meetanshi, you have Shopify experts at your fingertips, helping you get a 360-degree review on your website. 

They can help you make your e-commerce dreams come true and find and fix issues with your store with a focus on delivering results and increasing profits for your store with transparent reporting.

Meetanshi overview

Services Offered:

  • Website audit
  • Product keyword research
  • Content writing
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Cost-effective

4. Thrive

This agency is a registered partner for Shopify and provides an all-in-one solution for your Shopify SEO. They provide data-driven SEO solutions to generate more customers and sales for your store.

They provide dedicated project managers, integrated online marketing solutions, transparent campaign monitoring, monthly reports, and SEO strategy.

Thrive overview

Services Offered:

  • Shopify Website audit
  • Shopify Web design
  • Shopify Pay-per-click advertising
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • On and off-page SEO optimization

5. Whitecap SEO

Whitecap SEO does not provide a size-fit SEO solution. They focus on giving a tailor-made solution to your store. Whitecap SEO’s strategy helps you diversify your online traffic, boost brand visibility, provide a user-friendly experience, and boost sales revenue. 

Whitecap SEO combines Shopify’s user-friendly features and SEO strategy to provide an unparalleled ecommerce solution. Additionally, they also offer expertise for Shopify Plus clients. 

Whitecap SEO overview

Services Offered:

  • Custom meta tags
  • Keyword research
  • Content marketing
  • Product page optimization
  • Monthly reporting

6. WebFX

WebFX helps mid-size enterprises to reach their sales goals with Shopify SEO. With a team of experts that understand your business goals and leverage the power of the web to increase your store’s performance.

They follow a holistic approach and focus on the back end and front end equally. This helps the user to get a better user experience and save time. 

Unlike our other options, WebFX offers their services starting at $1475/month with services like Shopify store optimization, Dashboard setup, Website design analysis, and more. Visit the link below to learn more about other plans.

WebFX overview

Services Offered:

  • Store analysis and configuration
  • Product category and subcategory suggestions
  • Build product content feed
  • Search volume analysis
  • Competitor product and pricepoint analysis
  • Store Optimization

7. Go Fish

Go Fish follows a two-way approach for their Shopify SEO service, contextual and technical. For the first, they identify strategies to improve your product category optimization, find content gaps, and work on the website’s UX. 

For the technical, Go Fish helps find duplicate content, site crawls, and indexation issues. They have driven high-value results like fetching an 1125% ROI for one of their clients.

Go Fish overview

Services Offered:

  • Keyword research
  • Technical SEO
  • Content optimization
  • Shopify speed optimization
  • UX improvements
  • Analytic

8. Eastside CO

They are an award-winning agency that specializes in e-commerce marketing development and design solutions. Eastside CO helps you find the right marketing strategy for your Shopify store and convert more sales. 

They focus on getting to the core of their client’s business for a detailed understanding of their business for a more fruitful result. Other than SEO for Shopify, they also provide development services like Shopify migration, site audit, website development, and Shopify apps.

Eastside CO overview

Services Offered:

  • Pay per click
  • Shopify Social media
  • Paid social media 
  • E-mail marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization

9. Urtasker

Urtasker is a full-service E-commerce consulting agency. They offer digital marketing services to online business owners for Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and Shopify. 

They have a team of 20+ dedicated Shopify experts and have served 75+ Shopify store owners. At Urtasker, they are committed to providing a customized design, a dedicated expert team, and other features for optimization.


Services offered

  • Forming a digital strategy
  • UI/UX design
  • Website maintenance
  • Integrations
  • Shopify development

10. Webspero Solutions

This agency can take your online store to newer heights with its SEO services. Launching a Shopify store as a beginner is an overwhelming task, and Webspero solutions can make it easier for you.

They can help you increase the visual appeal of the store, customize your store, make it secure, and optimize your Shopify store SEO.

Webspero Solutions

Services offered

  • Mobile SEO optimization
  • Secure and reliable eCommerce store
  • Shopify code review and optimization
  • eCommerce Keyword research
  • Shopify Speed Optimization
  • Internal and External link building
  • Store conversion optimization
  • Robust monthly SEO experts

11. eCommerce Shop 

The eCommerce shop has been working for 13+ years, has worked with 120+ Shopify store, and have a team of 30+ certified developers. They offer Shopify development services with Shopify SEO services as well. 

They ensure a quick turnaround time, have a great track record and also provide 24/7 technical support.

eCommerce Shop 

Services offered

  • Built-in SEO features
  • Custom meta tags
  • Optimzie store content
  • Keyword research
  • Implement effective SEO strategies

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Verdict: Best SEO Agency Services & Agencies 2023

These agencies can help take your website to newer heights and ensure a constant flow of customers to your website. For your store to have a strong online presence, you must have a good SEO done.

Choose the agency wisely, carefully considering your needs and the agency’s compatibility with your Shopify store.

Additionally, you can understand how much an SEO costs in general for a better understanding of how much each service should cost you. Read our SEO cost guide here.

Happy selling!


Does Shopify offer SEO services?

Shopify offers some basic SEO services like auto-optimization and auto-generated canonical tags but not expert services that an agency would offer you. 

How much does a Shopify SEO service cost?

It depends on the work that needs to be done and the type of service that your website needs. You can expect it to cost you from $1000 to $10,000.

What are the benefits of Shopify SEO services?

Shopify SEO services help you generate traffic by increasing the visibility of your product, helping you find content gaps, and optimizing your website. This also adds up to improve user experience with your store

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