Shubham Singh

Shubham Singh

Head Of SEO

Expertise :

Content Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Education :

Computer Science & Bachelor in Business Administration


I have a passion for content marketing to tell a brand’s story. Other than DemandSage I’m running my content marketing agency (

I’m the content marketing & organic growth head at DemandSage. Mostly I design the content strategy based on what’s trending and performing in industry.

I have created and scaled multiple Niche Websites from 0-300K visitors a month. 


My career started in 2017, when I met with a tragic tragedy leaving me in a wheelchair for life. I was a computer science student and due to the incident my life took a different angle.

From 2017, I started a career as content writer for SaaS niche, and then scaled to different niches like SEO, marketing and so on. I worked with brands like Ultimate Blocks, NitDit, and many more I can’t disclose.

From 2017-20 I worked closely with bloggers to understand the blogging and SEO scenarios. Deep down I knew I’m a guy who lives and breathes content. In 2021, I started my own content marketing agency (

Since then, I’ve been involved in multiple projects like DemandSage where I take care of the content and the organic growth. My expertise is growing a brand/business with content and SEO. That’s how I have grown DemandSage to 300K visitors in a super competitive niche.

Our work at DemandSage has been cited in publications like — TechCrunch, BusinessInsider, Semrush, Shopify, USAToday,, and so on.

As of now, I’m looking to scale DemandSage into different verticals like marketing agencies, and help businesses with content marketing and SEO.


I’m a computer science dropout, I had to drop out due to my injury. However, I have completed my Bachelors in Business Administration from Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India.

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