Teikametrics Discount & Coupon Codes 2024 (Flat 20% OFF)

Planning to purchase a subscription to Teikametrics? Before you do that, check out these exclusive Teikametrics discount offers that can help you save a few bucks on your purchase.

Teikametrics is excellent advertising software that can help you manage every advertising product you launch. With this tool, you can grow your business and connect with your visitors on different marketplaces at once. This AI-powered tool is called Flywheel 2.0, can help you run a profitable business on Walmart, Amazon, etc.

If you are not considering this tool only because of its expensive pricing, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue. To help you out, we have brought you these Tiekametrics discount offers that can help you out for sure. Stick till the end to find out the pricing structure of Teikametrics in detail.

Let’s get into all the juicy details.

Available Teikametrics Discount Offers 2024

As of now, there are no discount offers available on Teikametrics because their pricing structure is complex. The pricing depends on your monthly sales, and they only take a percentage out of your monthly advertising expenditure. But there are a few websites that claim to offer discounts and coupon codes on Teikametrics, and they are all fake.

If they introduce a subscription plan in the future, they will also offer discount offers. So keep an eye out for that. Until then, you can try this tool out for 30 days for free. Yes, you heard it right; Teikametrics do offer a free trial where you can try out the premium features for free.

How To Claim Teikametrics Free Trial (Step By Step)

To claim the Teikametrics free trial, you need to follow this step-by-step guide in a similar order. Let’s take a look at all the steps.

Step #1: The free trial is available on the website, so you can visit it manually or just click on this link to get redirected to the official website of Teikametrics. On the top right corner, you will see a “Get Started For Free” button; click on it to start the process.

Teikametrics Homepage

Step #2: To sign up on Teikametrics Flywheel 2, you must fill in your personal details, such as name, email address, business name, phone number, and password. Agree to the terms & conditions of Teikametrics and click on the “Sign Up” option to move to the next step.

Step #3: You will be asked to verify your email in the next step. They will send you an activation link to your email address. Click on the link to verify your email. After your email gets verified, you need to log in to Teikametrics with your login credentials.

Teikametrics Coupon - Verify Email

Step #4: To complete your account setup, you need to answer a few questions: “How are you planning to use Flywheel,” “In which channels do you sell products,” and more. It would be best if you answered all the questions to move to the next step.

Teikametrics Coupon - Question

Step #5: Now, you need to connect your Flywheel account with your Amazon seller account (If you are selling on the Amazon marketplace) to retrieve the products & advertising data. Once you connect the account, you can start your advertising campaigns using Teikametrics.

Your 30-day free trial is activated; now, you can use all the premium features of Teikametrics for free. It will be completely free until you cross the monthly sales threshold, which is $10k/mo. You will be charged for Teikametrics Flywheel 2 features if you cross this threshold.

Teikametrics Pricing Plans

Teikametrics has three pricing options, and they are not regular subscription plans. We have explained them in detail below.

Teikametrics Coupon - Pricing

1. Basic Plan: You can sign up for free for the basic plan. This plan is free to use forever. With this plan, you can only analyze your product, advertising performance, and marketplace. This plan gives you features like product-level profitability insights, multi-channel data reporting & aggregation, proactive inventory & advertising notifications, and keyword performance metrics & campaign & ad groups.

2. AI-Powered Plan: The pricing of this plan depends on your monthly sales, which means if your monthly sales are over $10K/mo, you need to pay 3% of monthly ad spend to Teikametrics Flywheel 2. You also need to pay $0.30/tracked search term for the market intelligence feature. This plan includes all the basic plan features and also gives you features like inventory optimization, AI-powered keyword bidding, and more.

3. Ad Management + Flywheel AI-Powered Plan: The pricing of this plan starts at $750/mo for Walmart and $1950/mo for Amazon. This plan gives you a combination of day-to-day ad management, the power of Flywheel 2.0 technology, and market expertise. In this plan, you will get features like standard ad management, premium ad management, and Amazon DSP management.

These are the pricing options of Teikametrics. With this explanation, you can decide which plan is best for you.

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Conclusion: Teikametrics Discount (2024)

In this digital marketing era, the rules of different marketplaces are constantly changing, so you need a tool like Teikametrics to keep up with them. They have an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, unlimited product support, etc. It would help if you started focusing on bringing more sales on Amazon instead of profitability, and this tool can help you achieve that.

You can sign up for its free trial to see if this tool is right for you. Let us know about your experience with Teikametrics in the comment section below.

FAQs On Teikametrics Discount

Is there a free plan available on Teikametrics?

Yes, the basic plan of Teikametrics is free of cost, but this plan will help you analyze your products & advertising data.

Can I upgrade my plan on Teikametrics?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan whenever you want, from the basic plan to the AI-powered plan.

Can multiple users use my Flywheel account?

Yes, multiple users can use your Flywheel account, and you won’t have to pay a single penny for multiple access. You can create multiple access from the account> users section.

Is there a free trial available on Teikametrics?

Apart from a free plan, Teikametrics also offer a 30-day free trial of their AI-powered plan, which gives you complete access to all the premium tools. You can cancel the free trial whenever you want, and you won’t be charged if you cancel your free trial before it ends.

The pricing of Teikametrics is unclear. How my monthly bill will be calculated?

The pricing structure of Teikametrics is complex and not easy to understand. Your monthly bill is calculated based on your monthly ad spend, and they will charge you 3% of the total ad spend at the end of the month only if you are getting over $10K in monthly sales.

How do Teikametrics’ Ad Management services work?

You will be assigned an Ad manager who will send weekly reports via email. You can log in to your Teikametrics account whenever you want, and exports report whenever you want. If you choose premium Ad management, then you will be assigned an account analyst who will give you detailed reports of your Ad campaigns weekly and quarterly.

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