6 TikTok Trends To Build Your Audience (2023 Edition)

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With 1 billion active users, TikTok is not just a popular social media platform in the United States but in the world. Today, every company wants to promote its brand on TikTok effectively.

If you are a marketer or a creator on TikTok who is looking to gain insights into all the latest TikTok trends, then you are in the right place.

In this article, I have compiled all the important trends of TikTok that may help you in your marketing strategy in 2023. 

What Is Trending On TikTok?

Here I have compiled TikTok trends that will help you to build your marketing strategy in 2023. 

Without wasting time, let’s get into it. 

So, I have divided these trends into two categories The first section is for brands, and the latter is for creators. If you want to get a quick overview of these trends, then here I have covered it:

Six Significant TikTok Trends For Your Brands.

  1. TikTok Ads Are Trending Like Never Before
  2. TikTok Viewers Want To Get Enteretained
  3. TikTok Is Like Search Engine For Gen Z
  4. TikTok Is Ready To Enter Its Experimental Phase, And Brands Should Prepare For It. 
  5. Keep Real People Center And Front
  6. Memes Are Getting Lightning Speed

Five Significant TikTok Trends For Creators. 

  1. A Powerful Personal Brand Can Go A Long Way.
  2. People are searching for new paths.
  3. Joy Is In: Tress Is Out
  4. Find Your Niche
  5. Entertainment

Now you have the overall idea of TikTok Trends, let’s get into their details and make you understand them better. 

Six Significant TikTok Trends For Brands In 2023

TikTok is constantly evolving. Stay on top of the latest trends with these top 10 picks for 2023.

1. TikTok Ads Are Trending Like Never Before

If you are considering where to invest your social media ad money, then TikTok can be your best bet. 

At the beginning of 2023, the TikTok ad was reached up by over 14% y-o-y. This indicates how receptive TikTok users are to branded content. 

Moreover, TikTok Ads are cost-effective and highly productive. These ads can expand your brand to a broader audience because TikTok has 1 billion active monthly users as of 2023. 

Because of the higher engagement rate of TikTok, it is a golden opportunity for any brand to engage with the audience and increase its sales. 

The #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag is also trending on TikTok. It has 28.6 billion views.

The creators of TikTok are promoting this hashtag among its users who purchase from TikTok. 

 TikTok Trends - Ads

By using trends like this, users are promoting your brand on TikTok. 

18% of marketers are using TikTok for marketing already. So, investing in TikTok ads can benefit you more in 2023. 

2. TikTok Viewers Want To Get Entertained

Over 78% of TikTok viewers open apps to watch funny or entertaining content. That shows almost 8 out of 10 users seeking fun on this platform. 

Brands that can desire to deliver fun and entertaining content to their users have a scope to engage more with their audience. 

With more engagement, your TikTok audience can be turned into your customers. 

TikTok Viewers

More than half of TikTok users in the United States say TikTok advertisements are fun and engaging. 

TikTok’s study shows that ads with entertainment content have rated high for brand attachment and higher purchasing intent. 

So, making your brand’s ads fun and engaging on TikTok can add more benefits to your account in 2023. 

3. TikTok Is Like A Search Engine For Gen Zs

As we know, Google is the king of all kinds of searches. But now Google is in jeopardy. Because the study has shown Gen Zs are using social media as their main search tool. 

Gen Zs are the generation living with the innovation of technology. They know how to handle and use the internet and social media better than any other generation. 

As reported in New York Times, young people are searching for their answers on TikTok. 

According to Hubspot, Gen Zs searche and purchase from TikTok more than any other generation. 

TikTok Search Engine

Also, Google’s study revealed that people between the ages of 18 to 24 years go to TikTok or Instagram when they want to search for any kind of information. 

It is not surprising that Gen Zs are taking over TikTok. More likely, Tiktok is turning into another Google.  

If you want to gain more customers in 2023, then while preparing for your TikTok marketing strategy, you need to target the Gen Z audience.

Targeting Gen Z audiences in 2023 will be the trend for many brands. 

4. TikTok Is Ready To Enter Its Experimental Phase, And Your Brand Should Prepare For It

Like any other social media platform, TikTok has also been introducing new features in its platform since its launch. 

In 2022, TikTok introduced seven features, including TikTok Stories and TikTok Now. These two features are the clone of Instagram and BeReal, respectively. 

TikTok Experiment

No doubt, TikTok is the king of short-form videos. But, the potential for what else it can do more is limitless.  

We can say that TikTok is on a journey of self-discovery. They were adding new features in the past, which will continue in 2023. 

Brands should prepare for these changes and extra features of TikTok. They should think about getting benefits from these features of TikTok in a creative way.

With the short-form video marketing strategy, now brand also should have a plan for these other extra feature strategies.  

These features can be the best tool for their brand promotion on TikTok in 2023. 

5. Keep Real People Center And Front

TikTok users like to watch content from a relatable person. So let’s skip your straight sales pitch on TikTok and give a chance to some real person to talk about your brand. 

And let them feel comfy sharing their original story about the brand. 

Trust is also built on who is telling the story of your brand. 

According to TikTok’s trend 2023 report, if TikTok itself features or interests your audience, then that content will be more relevant and meaningful to viewers. 

Additionally, TikTok users feel more connected to the brand, which brings details and insider advice in their videos by the creator. 

Keep Real People

65% of TikTok users said they depend on online reviews and recommendations of creators to decide what to purchase online.  

If you collaborate with an influencer, putting real people center and front can help your brand gain more trust from your audience. 

Try to bring out the first people or influencers in your marketing ads. That will help you in 2023. 

6. Memes Are Getting Lightning Speed

Sometimes it Looks like TikTok is operating in another language, with many cultural touchpoints, jokes, and slang that appear to exist in the apps.

If your brand picks up this trend and puts your marketing in everyday hot ticket references, you will get the year’s hottest trend.

Tiktok Mems

You can watch the trending meme topic on any social media app. And utilize that in your brand promotion.

Connecting through memes to your audience is a more fun way than anything else. 

Using memes in your TikTok promotion strategy can boost your audience engagement, which may benefit your brand in 2023. 

Five Most Important Trends For Creators

If you are just a creator and want to promote your brand, then here are the top 5 trends for you. 

1. A Powerful Personal Brand Can Go A Long Way

TikTok users do not just come to see a random dance of a teen in his McMansion. 

Users sometimes look for solutions to their problems, such as diet myths, best hairstyle tips, etc.

As we have already discussed above, people come to search for many things on TikTok, like Google. 

So, here you have a chance to promote your personal brand by solving users’ problems. 

 If you are a hairstylist, then you have a chance to prompt yourself through TikTok. You can solve the problems of users by sharing your experience. 

Building a personal brand can attract a connected and passionate audience in 2023. 

2. People Are Searching For New Paths

According to TikTok’s 2023 research, people are searching for new paths to happiness, success, and well-being due to changing economy, climate issues, and personal stress.  

Nowadays, people are not just searching for recipes to try. They are searching for lifestyle inspiration. 

For example, what it looks like to work full-time remotely, how to deal with mental health, etc. 

You can create more actionable entertainment content to reach people. 

Or, you can just share your “How To” stories to help people and make changes in their lives. 

92% of users felt positive feelings after watching a TikTok video that eventually resulted in an off-platform activity. 

You must create specific and unique content to connect with your audience.  

By using new paths in your content, you can connect more with your viewers in 2023. 

3. Joy Is In: Stress Is Out

TikTok users worldwide have been burned out for many reasons in recent years. 

So it is unsurprising that people release their stress on social media platforms such as TikTok. 

With creative, funny content, you can give joy to your viewers. 

According to TikTok’s report, viewers seek joyful and humorous content on TikTok to get them out of stress. 

Creating joyful content in 2023 can help you to get your viewer out of stress and to connect with them. 

4. Find Your Niche

A niche is a community brought together with the same interests or goals on TikTok or any other social media. It is a community of small sections in a large market. 

If it is a dancetok, musictok, or booktok, you are a part of many niche communities on TikTok.  

TikTok algorithm reads the behavior of viewers and finds their interests. And then, TikTok shows a related post to viewers according to their interests. 

It is easy to viewers to find their interest areas on TikTok. 

For creators, it is important to find their niche. 

If you have a Beauty account on TikTok, what will your Niche community be?

  • Haircare
  • Beautycare
  • Beauty Products Reviews, etc.

This could be your Niche communities. It’s not necessary to have one niche community. 

Now you must find your niche community and provide them with the content they want.  

Providing content to your niche community in 2023 can add extra benefits to your account. 

5. Entertainment

As we have discussed earlier in the section on six TikTok trends for brands, Entertain will be the most significant trend on TikTok for everyone. 

According to Hootsuite, People who want funny and entertaining content go straight to TikTok.

It is important for creators to create content for your TikTik. Your content must be funny, entertaining, and engaging. 

If you have a channel on TikTok of beauty, finance, DIY, music, fashion, dance, etc., but without entertaining content, viewers will not come to you. 

You have to entertain your audience with your content. Then, the audience engagement rate will increase in 2023.

Do you know posting on TikTok at the right time can be highly beneficial for you? Learn the right time to post your TikTok videos!

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Conclusion: TikTok Trends (2023)

I want to sum up the post by saying these TikTok trends will help to build your TikTok strategy in 2023. 

TikTok is a significant player in the social media platform, you have a good chance to reach a big audience via TikTok. Promoting your brand on TikTok in 2023 will add extra benefits to your account. 

TikTok trends are changing day by day. For the latest TikTok trends, keep revisiting this article. We will be updating this from time to time. 


 What are the best day-to-day TikTok trends in 2023?

Day-to-day trends are frequently changing on TikTok. But some trends have been treading for a long time, such as hashtag challenges, Trending music, and Dance. 

 What is the best time to post on TikTok?

According to Marketing Hub, the best time to post anything on TikTok is 9:00 AM on Tuesday, 12:00 AM on Thursday, and 5:00 AM on Friday.

 How many TikTok should one post a day?

According to Hootsuite, to notice your TikTok activity by the TikTok algorithm, one should post at least 1 to 4 times daily. ( Recommended by TikTok)

 How much TikTok pay to TikTokers?

TikTokers are also getting paid by TikTok like any other social media app. Tiktokers get an average of 2 to 4 cents per 1000 views. 

 How many hashtags should one use on TikTok?

On TikTok, there are no restrictions on the number of hashtags one can use. But TikTok experts suggest one can add 3 to 5 hashtags to optimize their efforts. 

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