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In today’s Era, top tech startups are a hot topic that everybody is talking about. I am sure that if you have reached here, you indeed are interested to know more about it.

7.1% of the startups in the world belong to the fintech industry. Whereas the Artificial industry has a 5.0% share of the startup world, and gaming startups rule 4.7%.  Furthermore, 60% of entrepreneurs have a view that AI is the best technology to work with. 

In this era of growing technology, we have listed the top startups that have converted marvelous ideas into reality and provided the world with valuable services. 

Top Tech Startups: In a Nutshell

If you are on the go or busy with other stuff, you can take a glimpse of the following table. 

Sr. No.Startup nameFounders 
1.Landing AIDr. Andrew Ng
2.0x LabsAmir Bandeali and Will Warren 
3.Observe.aiSwapnil Jain, Sharath Keshava Narayana, and Akash Singh
4.MoonpaySoto-Wright and Victor Faramond
5.DiscordJason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy
6.Astera LabsSanjay Gajendra, Jitendra Mohan, and Casey Morrison
7.AtoBHarshita Arora, Tushar Misra, and Vignan Velivela 
8.BoulevardMattew Danna and Sean Stavropoulos
9.CelonaVinay Anneboina, Ravi Mulam, Rajeev Shah, and Mehmet Yavuz
10.AtmosphereAlen Durbuzovic, Michael Grisko, John Resig, Leo Resig, and Eric Spielman
11.CloudTrucksTobenna Arodiogbu, George Ezenna, Jin Shieh
12.DatabricksAli Ghodsi, Ion Stoica, Matei Zaharia, Patrick Wendell, Reynold Xin, Andy Konwinski, and Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji.

Let us take a look at all the detailed information of the startups listed and the factors that made them stand out from other startups.

1. Landing AI

Founders of the company: Dr. Andrew Ng

Total funding raised: $57 million

Lead investors of the company: State Street Corporation, Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Geode Capital Management, and Two Sigma Investments.

Landing AI

Landing AI provides solutions for customers using artificial intelligence in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, automotive, etc. The platform allows companies to embrace AI and include it in their work structure.

The main product of the startup is LandingLens. It provides an end-to-end workflow to build, operationalize and iterate Ai-powered solutions. It also helps customers achieve optimal data accuracy and consistency using data preparation tools and workflows. 

2. 0x labs

Founders of the company: Amir Bandeali and Will Warren 

Total funding raised: $85 million

Lead investors of the company: Greylock Partners, and Pantera Capital

Ox Labs

Launched in the year 2017, 0x labs is a decentralized structure that facilitates token exchange. The aim of the startup is to create a decentralized p2p exchange that doesn’t involve any middleman. 

The platform is free for users and works on open-source codes.  0x labs provide a new market for developers and business owners to sell their tokens and other digital valuables, including Ethereum and Avalanche. 


Founders of the company: Swapnil Jain, Akash Singh, and Sharath Keshava Narayana.

Total funding raised: $214 million

Lead investors of the company: Softbank Vision Fund 2, Menlo Ventures, Zoom, Nexus Ventures, and Scale Ventures.

Observe AI

Observe AI tracks the customer conversation and switches the sales team, using AI and machine learning. It uses an intelligence workforce platform that has an embedded AI system to track sales conversations. 

The platform helps to automate repeatable processes and optimize agent performance. The startup states that there has been a 201% increase in the automated coaching segments. 

4. MoonPay

Founders of the company: Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond

Total funding raised: $642 million

Lead investors of the company: Greylock Partners, and Pantera Capital


MoonPay was launched in the year 2019. It is a fintech that offers a solution to users throughout the world to manage their cryptocurrency. The app allows you to trade the currency as well as invest in them. 

It was created to increase awareness about cryptocurrency and boost its adoption. Its mission was to help people with software that would help them participate in the digital revolution of currencies. 

5. Discord

Founders of the Company: Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy

Total funding raised: $979 million

Lead investors of the company: Benchmark, Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, Greenoaks Capital Partners, Tencent. 


Launched in the year 2015, Discord is one of the fastest-growing startups that has reached every corner of the world. It is a chat service made especially for gamers by the gamer community. The platform provides free services of voice notes, live streaming, messages, etc. 

The platform provides servers for the rooms, communities, etc. You can also take the advantage of features like screen sharing, voice calling, video calling, etc. Privacy can be managed by the user by changing the privacy settings. The apps make it flexible to use across all the devices available. 

Most of the revenue of the platform is generated by Discord Nitro a feature for the premium user. Besides, it provides a platform for developing the games and distributing them on discord. 10% of the revenue from the sales of the games is owned by discord. 

6. Astera Labs

Founders of the company: Sanjay Gajendra, Jitendra Mohan, and Casey Morrison

Total funding raised: $85 million

Lead investors of the Company: Avigdor Willenz Group, Fidelity, and Sutter Hill


Astera Labs have developed a smooth-flowing connectivity solution despite heavy information flow on the cloud. It was founded in the year 2017. 

The main product of the startup is LEO. The product is used to pool and extend memory in the cloud. It will support complex workloads of AI, machine learning, and other data-centric workloads. 

7. AtoB

Founders of the Company:: Harshita Arora, Vignan Velivela, and Tushar Misra.

Total Funding raised: $100 million

Lead investors of the Company: Bloomberg Beta, General Catalyst, and Elad Gil


Founded in the year 2020, AtoB has helped many truck drivers save their dollars on fuel. The fleet fuel card is a flagship product of the startup. It is applicable to all gas stations and truck stops in the nation. 

The powerful fleet card can also be used to get credit access to the consumption of fuel. It has no monthly, late, or transaction fees. The card requires no personal guarantee and is powered by Visa. The owner will receive a 5-cent discount on each transaction. 

8. Boulevard

Founders of the Company: Mattew Danna and Sean Stavropoulos

Total funding raised: $130 million

Lead investors of the company: Bonfire Ventures, Point72, Index Ventures, and Toba Capital


The platform was founded in the year 2016. It is an appointment-based software. A great revolution in the business of self-care to solve the issues faced by salon owners. 

Boulevard provides appointments for the Spa, Medspa, Massage therapy, Barbershop, Salon, etc. The software is integrated with more than 2000 businesses and had a total of 25000+ active professionals. Every month more than 530,000 appointments are made. The estimated revenue of the company in the year 2021 was $16 million.

9. Celona

Founders of the company: Vinay Anneboina, Rajeev Shah, Ravi Mulam, and Mehmet Yavuz

Total funding raised: $100 million.

Lead investors of the Company: DigitalBridge Group, Norwest Venture Partners, NTT Venture Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Qualcomm Ventures


Providing a new direction to the world of technology and networks the startup introduces a 5G VOLTE system. It is based on 5G networks, machine learning, edge computing, etc to help businesses and working organizations advance in their fields. 

Celona has created a network that aligns with the requirements of the application and uses microservices to manage the network operating system.

10. Atmosphere

Founders of the company: Alen Durbuzovic, Michael Grisko, John Resig, Leo Resig, and Eric Spielman

Total funding raised: $140 million.

Lead investors of the Company: S3 Ventures, SageView Capital, and  Valor Funding Partners


How about a Tv in your business arena which is totally under your control? May seem unrealistic, but here comes the Atmosphere TV that brings the idea into reality. You can control what is displayed on your TV as well as advertise your own personalized ads. 

It is a great tool to increase customer engagement and control what the clients watch. You will have to just pay a one-time activation fee and enjoy the free services. The revenue estimated for 2021 Atmosphere TV was $25 million. 

11. CloudTrucks

Founders of the company: Tobenna Arodiogbu, George Ezenna, and  Jin Shieh

Total Fundings raised: $142 million

Lead investors of the company: Caffeinated Capital, Craft Ventures, and Tiger Global


It is a business management software for independent truck drivers. The platform helps drivers with tasks like booking loads and finding loads across multiple shippers and brokers.

Moreover, their cash flow is managed by instant payment and credit card options. The drivers can work with the software under the authority of the company or under their own authority. 

12. Databricks

Founders of the company: Ali Ghodsi, Ion Stoica, Matei Zaharia, Patrick Wendell, Reynold Xin, Andy Konwinski, and Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji.

Total Fundings raised: $3.5 billion

Lead investors of the company: Counterpoint Global.

According to the official site, We understand that the Databricks Lakehouse Platform provides a unified set of tools for building, deploying, sharing, and maintaining enterprise-grade data solutions at scale. Databricks integrates with cloud storage and security in your cloud account and manages and deploys cloud infrastructure on a business’s behalf.

Wrapping Up On Top Tech Startups Of 2023

With booming technology and the increased importance of AI, Machine learning, Deep learning, and software, a number of tech startups have come to the forefront with various tech solutions. Technology has provided a solution to daily life problems and made operations easier. 

60% of the startups fail due to negligence and improper execution of plans and unavailability of funding. However, out of that 40% of startups that succeed, the maximum number of startups belong to the Tech industry. 

That’s all about the Top tech startups of 2023. I believe that the above article has fulfilled your curiosity and provided you with answers to all your questions. 

Which tech startup is your favorite and why?

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What are the fastest-growing businesses in 2023?

The fastest-growing business in the year 2023 is the Global Airport operation. It has an overgrowth of approximately 47.5 %. With the ever-increasing demand for transportation between distances, airport operations have gained a tremendous rise. 

Which startups are booming?

The startups in the field of Technology are booming at a great rate. With the digitalization of all services, all businesses have shifted online. 

Which industry will boom in 2025?

The startups in 2025 will mostly comprise AI and will bring a revolution in other industries as well.

What are deep tech innovations?

The tech innovations that are based on scientific discoveries and advances belong to deep tech innovations. 

Is Crypto deep tech?

Yes, Crypto, NFT, and all the blockchain startups are categorized into deep tech. Decentralized finance, metaverse, etc. Are also included in the deep tech industry. 

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