12+ Best Video Hosting Sites In 2023 (Free & Paid)

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Are you in search of the top video hosting sites? If so, we’re here to help you. In order to share your content with people across the world, you’ll require a platform that can stream and host your videos to viewers. And with the rising wants of people associated with sharing audio-visual content, video hosting sites have become overly popular. 

However, with a plethora of video hosting sites to pick from, how do you decide which one is the most suitable choice for you? To help you choose, we have outlined the top nine video hosting sites and their key features. 

By the end of the article, we will also answer some frequently asked questions to aid you in understanding better.

So, let’s get started.

Top 12 Video Hosting Sites: In A Nutshell (2023)

Whether you’re an individual willing to share your talent through videos or an online business planning to grow by showing your product’s value through audio-visual content, video hosting sites have become utterly important. Thus, we have enlisted below the ten best video hosting sites to help you find whatever you look for in such a hosting site. But before we get to it, let’s first get an overview of each of these hosting sites. 

Sr. No.Video Hosting SiteWhy This?Pricing
1.YouTubeMonetize videos through advertisements Free
2.DailymotionUnlimited bandwidth for contentFree
3.VimeoGoogle Analytics integration in premium plansFree
4.SpotlightrComprehensive training materialsStarts from $7 per month
5.BrightcoveGet a custom paid plan according to your requirementFree
6.VidyardRobust analytics dashboardFree
7.Jetpack VideoPressUnlimited hosting with WordPress.comStarts from $4.95 per month
8.Hippo VideoIn-built teleprompterFree
9.WistiaAnalytics and market integrationsFree
10.FacebookIn-stream adsFree
11.UscreenCreate a VOD or OTT platformStarts from $99 per month
12.SproutVideoCustomize video player for your brandStarts from $10 per month

#1: YouTube

If there’s anything that every single person is familiar with in terms of a video hosting site, it’s YouTube. With over two billion users worldwide, this platform is the second most famous website, and that too, after its owner – Google! Moreover, the number of users is advantageous for people sharing videos since it enhances the chances of a broader subscriber base. 

Video Hosting Sites - Youtube

You can upload as many videos as you wish, and the number of views and the number of your channel’s subscribers will decide how popular you are on the platform. 


  • You can upload videos for free.
  • Monetize your videos through ads.
  • Discovery of videos through Google search algorithm

Pricing: The platform is free. 

#2: Dailymotion

Dailymotion is similar to YouTube concerning your ability to share free videos. Moreover, there aren’t any bandwidth limits to your content as well. The platform is formed to be accessed by everyone, and it’s easy to use. However, there is a daily limit of two hours of content to be uploaded, and one video cannot be more than 60 minutes.


The platform’s content is divided into the following categories: News, Entertainment, Music, and Sports. So if your business matches any of these, you’re good to go!


  • The customizable player delivers high-quality videos.
  • Ability to change colors, logo, and more. 
  • Picture-in-picture mode

Pricing: Dailymotion is free of cost. 

#3: Vimeo

Vimeo is a video hosting site that is specially created for businesses and creative professionals. Although it brings in comparatively lesser traffic than YouTube, it is famous for its fantastic user experience due to its high-quality content. 


While Vimeo has paid plans, you can opt for the Basic one, which is free and provides a maximum of 5GB of storage space, 500 MB of weekly upload space, and unlimited bandwidth. 


  • Zero recommendations or ads after clips
  • Fast loading space of videos
  • Google Analytics integration in premium plans

Pricing: Apart from the free plan, Vimeo offers four paid plans: Starter ($12 per seat per month), Standard ($35 per seat per month), Advanced ($55 per seat per month), and Enterprise (custom). 

#4: Spotlightr 

If you seek a robust, ad-free platform for video hosting, Spotlightr is what you should consider. You can customize your videos using overlays, timed buttons, and much more.


Not to mention, you can upload content of various kinds – the platform supports 360-degree videos as well as those of HD quality to a maximum of 4K. What’s more, Spotlightr offers a free version that consists of an impressive video player.  


  • Access to analytics tool
  • Live chat and email support 
  • Comprehensive training materials

Pricing: Spotlightr offers three paid plans, namely Spark ($7 per month), Aurora ($16 per month), and Polaris ($40 per month). 

#5: Brightcove

The entourage behind Adobe, Johnson & Johnson, and McDonald’s, Brightcove concentrates on offering customizable and creative means to encompass video into your business-level marketing measures. Among numerous offerings of Brightcove is a flagship product named Video Cloud.


This platform ensures high-performance, high-quality video streams that are secure, customizable, and reliable. What’s more, the platform also offers keys associated with video marketing to drive large audiences to your videos. 


Pricing: You can opt for a free plan or contact their team to get a customized plan based on your needs. 

#6: Vidyard

Are you looking for a more robust platform that can help you level up your business? If so, Vidyard has got you covered. It will provide you with a blend of marketing features and ad-free video hosting.


Although Vidyard offers inexpensive, essential plans, the high-end plans will allow you to use an entirely personalized video player. Other features include an analytics dashboard, opt-in forms, and in-video call-to-actions. 


  • Unlimited video uploads
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Powerful analytics dashboard

Pricing: Vidyard offers three plans: Free, Pro ($19 per month, billed annually), and Business (custom). 

#7: Jetpack VideoPress

Jetpack Videopress enhances a website’s performance and security, especially for WordPress users. Its video hosting feature is incredible – you can upload videos from your computer to host them on WordPress.com.

Jetpack Videopress

Furthermore, you can record unlimited videos without worrying about exceeding limits since there is no data limit. One thing you need to remember while opting for a plan is the number of videos it allows. 


  • Unlimited hosting with WordPress.com
  • Multi-user access collaboration 
  • No ads to intrude 

Pricing: Jetpack Videopress offers three plans: Backup ($4.95 per month, billed annually), Security ($10.95 per month, billed annually), and Complete ($39.95 per month, billed annually). 

#8: Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a fantastic platform for companies to benefit from videos in their service, sales, and marketing phases. It categorizes its products into different services for internal communications, services, sales, and marketing.

Hippo Video

So if you wish to execute audio-visual content for one of the particular objectives, Hippo Video is a more unique and less expensive choice. The marketing tool also offers detailed viewership analytics, CRM integrations, CTAs, and in-video forms. 


  • Ability to record your product video testimonials
  • Track conversions through metrics
  • In-built teleprompter 

Pricing: Other than the free plan, Hippo Video offers different plans based on various categories: Sales (starting from $15/month), Marketing (starting from $23/month), Support (starting from $10/month), and Team communication (starting from $4/month).

#9: Wistia 

Wistia is a video marketing company apart from being a video hosting site. It comprises features such as embeddable channels, lead generation tools, and a customizable player. What’s more, you can manage your ad audience to aid you in forming detailed audiences on social and search channels.


You will also ask for a password, add chapters, and add a CTA. In fact, your audience can also control the player – they can change the playback speed and resolution. 


  • Analytics and marketing integrations
  • Fast video loading speed
  • Built-in social sharing tools

Pricing: Wistia offers four pricing plans: Free, Plus, Pro, and Advanced at $0, $19, $79, and $319, respectively. These are the prices for monthly plans that are billed annually. 

#10. Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms. If you think it is not an ideal video hosting site, then you’re wrong because Facebook has been working on promoting video content for 2-3 years now. It is the best place for you to host your video and then distribute it in different markets. According to recent Facebook stats, it was found that it has over 2 billion daily active users, and you can easily find your audience here.

Facebook Watch

Facebook is the perfect alternative to YouTube, but you can always use both of them together to grow your audience. On Facebook Watch, you can find videos just like you find videos on the homepage of YouTube. However, it still has a few limitations, but you can neglect those if you want to use a free video hosting platform.


  • No limit on storage
  • Stream your videos live
  • Unlimited video sharing

Pricing: Facebook is completely free to use.

#11. Uscreen

Uscreen is a little bit different from other video hosting platforms on this list because it helps creators in creating a VOD and OTT platform to help them monetize their videos. You can host videos, organize your content, and create subscriptions for your visitors. You can easily launch an OTT app allowing you to play your videos on TV, mobile, and PC devices. The best part about it is that you don’t even need coding knowledge to do all this because it has all the tools to help you.


It also has a live streaming feature that you can use to monetize your live videos and sell them as Pay-Per-View (PPV). You can also sell a live-streaming option in your subscriptions. There is a chat option available where you can interact with your subscribers during live streaming. Setting up Uscreen can take some time because you will need to create a website, upload all the videos yourself, create subscription plans, integrate payment options, and more.


  • Create playlists, chapters, and episodes
  • HTML5 video player for fast playback
  • Pre-built themes

Pricing: Uscreen comes with two pricing options. The basic plan costs $99/mo or $79/mo billed annually and gives you 50 hours of video storage. The growth plan costs $199/mo or $159/mo billed annually and gives you 150 hours of video storage.

#12. SproutVideo

SproutVideo is another video hosting service that is made for businesses. You can use it to share videos and do live streams using a customizable video player for your company. The video player is customizable, and you can change the player’s colors and match your brand. With SproutVideo, you can also create playlists for your audience and embed them on your website.


In the player, there is a feature to run the videos on a loop or autoplay all the playlist videos. There are also plenty of security features available which make sure that your videos aren’t compromised. Your audience can also set a resolution and choose the playback speed of the video.


  • Create animated video thumbnails
  • AES 128 encryption for secure video delivery
  • Easily embed videos on your site
  • Use video marketing tools to capture leads, boost traffic, and drive campaigns

Pricing: There is a 30-day free trial available, and after you can choose from four pricing options. The Seed plan costs $10/month, the Sprout plan costs $35/month, the Tree plan costs $75/month, and the Forest plan costs $295/month.

The Final Verdict: Best Video Hosting Sites (2023)

In this article, we outlined the nine best video hosting sites. Often, users tend to face issues with bandwidth limits, video quality, and uploading limits.

So based on your needs – the number of videos you wish to upload every day, the duration of these videos, the amount of data you will use, and your budget, you can choose the best video hosting site that suits you. This will help you pick the ideal platform. 

Bonus: Once deciding upon a hosting platform, ensure that the videos you post are of the highest quality. Use our guide on the 9 best tools using AI for enhancing videos.


Which is the best video hosting site?

Several video hosting sites are incredible, such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, and Hippo Video.

Where can I host my video for free?

Video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vidyard, and Vimeo allow you to host your videos for free. 

What is a video hosting site?

A video hosting site is a platform that allows you to share audio-visual content online.

Should I host my own videos?

We strongly recommend you opt for a video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo to host your videos since they have a large audience base. 

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