12 Video Marketing Trends for 2023 (The Ultimate List)

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Over 244.4 million people in the United States watch digital videos as of 2023, making video marketing an excellent choice to boost your business!

Whether you are a content creator, digital marketer, or media buyer, we have compiled top 12 video marketing trends of 2023!

These trends will help you to plan your video marketing strategy for your businesses or websites to gain more potential consumers.

With that, let’s get into the details. 

What Is Trending In Video Marketing In 2023?

Here are the top video marketing trends of 2023. 

1. Vertical Videos

7.33 billion people in the world have mobile phones as of 2023. They make up more than 91% of the world’s total population. 

And 99% of social media users access social media platforms through mobile devices. So it is important to understand the use of vertical videos.  

When it comes to mobile, vertical is king. 

Studies show that mobile users use mobile 94% of the time vertically worldwide, whether calling, scrolling, chatting, or-indeed-watching videos. 

Video Marketing Trends - Vertical Videos

Snapchat has been credited with pioneering vertical video ads, but Twitter and Facebook were not far behind. 

Many biggest brands in the world are now involved in vertical video ads. For instance, Adidas has used a verticle video to promote its brand. 

Surprisingly, Mercedes Benz reached 2.6 million people through a vertical video ad campaign. 

Besides big brands, the maker of movies like Mad Max and Fury Road has commissioned the vertical trailer of these movies to reach a mobile audience. 

Source: Wyzowl.

2. User-Generated Content

The survey of Stackla found that, according to consumers, user-generated content is 9.8x more impactful than influencer content. 

User-generated content is the most reliable, authentic, and creative online content. 

Because it is content created and posted on different online platforms, such as review platforms or social media channels, by customers, influencers, employees, or content creators.  

User-generated content includes reviews, photos, and videos. 

Additionally, in the user-generated content strategy, brands or businesses are not promoting their brand. Users are doing it for them.

Anything you see online, feedback, reviews, testimonial, or blog is a part of user-generated content.

93% of marketers said they gained new consumers due to video content posted on social media. 

Source: taggbox.com, traffictail.com. 

3. Silent Video

Silent films are less famous now than in the first quarter of the 20s. However, the modern version of these videos is set to trend on social media in 2023. 

Reports have shown that unbelieving 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound turned off. And 92% of mobile users also watch videos with no sound. 

There is one group of commuters that often watch silent video content. And it is essential to take note of this while advertising for B2B. 

A few years ago, Facebook released an autoplay feature of videos that allows users to stream without sound.

Watching videos with sound is still advantageous in many circumstances, but silent video optimizing for video marketing is beneficial in many cases.  

Silent Video

Making a beautiful story for your video without audio is possible. You can use eye-catchy visuals, animation, subtitles, and textual descriptions to make your silent video more engaging.

For Example, you can see the ad on Hotels.com On YouTube, how they have made an interesting and engaging silent video with the best visuals and subtitles.

Your video should have the ability to be read on mute because 50% of consumers said that captions are essential because they view videos without sound. 

Additionally, adding subtitles to your video can increase online views of the video rate by 80%. 

Audioless animation videos like GIFs have long been doing just that. 

So, using silent videos in your video marketing strategy will benefit you in 2023. 

Source: kartoffelfilms.com, Finance Online, explodingtopic.com.

4. Vlogs 

According to Statista, over 44% of internet users watch vlogs every month. 

 And more than 17% of internet users have watched a vlog in the past week in the first quarter of 2023. 

Everyone knows that brand storytelling is one of the most valuable ways to connect with customers, for brand awareness, develop your brand personality, and to engage your audience. And Vlogs are the best vehicle for storytelling. 

Vlogs are very useful for showing tutorials and product information. This makes viewers more engaged with the video, and these viewers can convert into customers. 


94% of customers said that watching a product video has helped them to make a purchasing decision at least once. 

Vloging is a cost-efficient, effective, and engaging way to educate your audience and solve their doubts about your service and product.  

There are many online Vlogs for sports, parenting, pet care, cooking, and travel. 

Vlogs are more engaging than any text to keep the audience coming back for more Vlogs on your website. 

Source: marketinsidergroup.com.

5. Social Media Stories

Globally, there are 500 million active daily Instagram story users. 

Of these 500 million, 70% of users watch, and 86.6% post stories daily.  

Social media stories also show the personality of a brand like Vlogs does. They can create more personal connections with customers. 

Any other content marketing trend can not make the personal connection that social media stories create. 

Social Media stories are more casual than Vlogs. If the Vlogs is an overall description of your brand, social media stories are the daily outtakes that do not belong in the final version. 

Social Media Stories

Social Media Stories also have many ways to interact with their customers uniquely. 

They can use the question features of Instagram and arrange a Q&A session with customers. 

Using poll features, they can get input on their products and ideas. 

Or you can ask your customers to tag you in their stories. You can share their stories if they tag you by wearing your product. These are just examples of social media stories. 

Many brands use social media stories marketing, such as Sephora, Anthropologie, Coach, and NBC Olympics. 

By using more social media stories in your video marketing strategy, you can gain potential customers in 2023. 

Source: marketinginsidergroup.com, techjury.com

6. Live Videos

68% of people aged between 18 to 34 years watch concerts regularly on live streaming. 

Live video streaming refers to live broadcasting to users over social media platforms. It is a standard tool for creating a virtual buying experience for online consumers.

Because of its popularity, the live video option is now available on almost every social media platform. 

Video content producers and influencers use live videos to talk directly with their audience. 

For example, Twitch. 

Live Videos

Online gaming influencers long engage with a massive audience on a video game streaming site like Twitch. 

In the last few years, the technique of conversational commerce has increased with more and more advanced options. 

Live video can create a connection with many consumers at once. So you can achieve the goal of reaching more potential consumers at a time. 

Additionally, Live videos are more affordable than video ads. Even a simple product video also comes with some cost. 

In 2023, you can use live video marketing to reach your consumers with an affordable budget. 

Source: gettalkative.com

7. Search-Optimized Videos (Video SEO)

SEO is not new to us. But do you know Video SEO for search? 

Recently Forrester Research found that videos are 53% of the time more likely to generate first-page ranking than the other SEO strategies

According to the report of Brightedge, Google is putting video snippets next to 26% of search results. And users are likelier to click on video snippets when they see them. 

You can rank your website or page by using the strategy of videos in your SEO. And get more traffic. 

You can optimize video SEO for your business or website by focusing on three areas. These three areas are as follows:

  • Relevance

First, you must be sure that your video has a clear goal. Make your video relevant to your consumers by educating them, answering questions, solving their problems, and creating an interesting video. 

  • Consistency

Like other traditional SEO content, you should be consistent in video SEO. Consistency is the key to triggering your ranking. Creating video content frequently and posting it on your website can help you to boost your ranking.

  • Backend Optimization

Like the traditional SEO techniques, do not forget the steps, such as keywords in the description, title tags, thumbnail images, etc., to drive engagement. 

Using these techniques in your video SEO, you can rank your business or website in 2023. Video SEO trend will be on top in 2023.

Source: marketinginsidergroup.com

8. Shoppable Videos

Content marketing is changing and becoming more advanced day by day. Shoppable videos are an example of one of them.

According to Lemon light, 41% of viewers have added products to their cart after watching shoppable videos. 

Shoppable videos are featured with products and embedded links. When users watch these videos, they can just click or tap on them and buy the product instantly. 

Users can visit the brand’s website without leaving the social media platform where users are watching videos. 

These shoppable videos come in various formats, providing consumers with a streamlined experience from the ad to checkout. 

Previously, videos featuring product information could only use linked text in the description box. After watching the videos, users went to the description box and clicked the link. 

Shoppable videos make a simplified buying funnel, increase consumer engagement, improve conversion rate, provide valuable performance insight, and a better customer experience. 

These shoppable videos stream on platforms like Amazon Live, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

Above is an example of a shoppable video. If you like the product, tap on the See More tab and buy the product. 

Because of the many benefits, shoppable videos will trend in 2023. To gain more potential consumers, you should use a shoppable video marketing strategy in 2023. 

Source: rockcontent.com, channelsight.com. 

9. Educational Videos

The trend of educational videos came during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which is still ongoing. 

Even after three years of the Pandemic, 58% of people use digital videos to learn new skills. 

One study has found that 24% of users of TikTok in the United States and the United Kingdom visit this platform to learn how to do new things. 

Educational Videos

Additionally, According to Think With Google, “how to” is the most popular category on YouTube. This gives your business an opportunity to provide more educational video content to users who want to learn more. 

Educational videos give you the opportunity to provide content that users want while promoting your product and brand in a more informational and approachable way. 

Source: quickframe.com 

10. Experience With 360-Degree Videos

Videos are great ways to completely visualize the brand and what it offers to its customers. Videos can show us the service and product directly in action, which pictures can not. 

If you want to show complete visualization of your product or service, you should opt for something more immersive, such as 360-degree videos. 

This type of video makes consumers feel like they are “Demoing a Product” before buying it. Thus,  this makes sense that 98% of customers said 360-degree videos are way better than other formats of videos.

360-degree videos recorded more than 46% completion rate than the usual video and more than 300% click-through rate compared to other videos.  

For example, Qantas Airline’s Hamilton island virtual reality experience shows how 360-degree videos are helpful in marketing. With these videos, Qantas Airline gave travelers a better idea of the destination. 

A similar strategy has been used by Visit Dubai to promote the Dubai Mall. In this video, they have used the technique of 360-degree video to give their viewer a virtual tour of the Dubai Mall.

Give your customer a complete 360-degree visualization of your product in 2023 and gain more loyal customers.  

Source: Finance Online, 

11. AR/VR Videos

When discussing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, people start imagining futuristically. But AR and VR content is already here and is not a new concept. 

According to Statista, AR/VR video users will reach 2.593 billion by 2027, and the user penetration rate will be 28.8% by the end of 2023. 

AR and VR content is finally finding its way into mainstream video marketing trends as consumer demand increasingly interactive content. 

 AR/VR Videos

AR and VR technology offers consumers a “Try before you buy” facility. Using AR/VR technology, consumers can try everything from clothes to jewelry to makeup without entering a shop. 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, teachers and students were struggling with the challenge of virtual engagement. But AR/VR technology provided them with learning tactics such as gamification of practical tasks, VR field trips, etc. 

Many marketers and travel agents use AR and VR technology as marketing tools. 

Travel businesses are using AR/VR technology to attract customers. They are creating AR/VR videos of tourist destinations. ESCAPE NOW; this YouTube Channel has more than 25 tourist destination videos created by AR/VR technology. 

AR and VR videos may not replace the in-person experience, but they are here to stay for a long as a tactic for marketers. 

AR/VR videos can gain importance in 2023. Marketers can use this technology to give their consumers a virtual experience in 2023. 

 Source: marketinginsidergroup.com. 

12. Short Form Video (Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook Videos, etc.)

Short videos will dominate social media in the future, but short videos are here to trend. They are trending everywhere like never before. 

According to Woosuite, Short videos contributed 90% of all internet traffic in 2022. 

The growth of social media is driving the human engagement span to become shorter and shorter. So creating short-form content will give you better user engagement.

 According to Sprout Social, consumers said short videos are 2.5X more engaging than long videos. 

Short Form Video

Today, TikTok is ahead of everyone in the engagement of short-form videos. TikTok is followed by YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat. 

Now, Netflix is also introducing a platform for short videos called Fast Laughs. 

Short-form videos are popular among all age groups. People like them. They are the most effective way to reach people. 

You can create more trending videos with the help of a video marketing tool. With short-form videos, businesses can powerfully communicate with their customers. 

With the social media platform mentioned above, marketers can use video content marketing as a part of their plan. 

By short-form videos, you can reach a massive audience in 2023. The trend of short videos will be here in 2023. 

Source: traffictail.com

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Conclusion: Video Marketing Trends (2023)

The demand for more online videos is increasing day by day. 91% of people want to see more online videos of brands. 

Using these trends in your online video marketing strategy will help you to gain more customers, gain customers’ trust and increase your Google ranking. 

For more updates, revisit this article. We will be updating this article from time to time. 


What is trending in video advertising in 2023?

Short-form videos are trending in video advertising in 2023. Because in 2022, short videos contributed to 90% of all internet traffic. 

How important is video marketing in 2023?

People prefer 80% of video content to written text content. Already 87% of businesses are utilized video as a marketing outlet. 

What are the predictions for marketing in 2023?

The experts predicted that marketers would use Artificial intelligence and Automation for marketing more innovatively in 2023. 

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