Virtual Assistant SEO – How To Become In 2024?

Virtual Assistant SEO

From someone who has been in the role for a few years, in this guide, I will show you how to become a Virtual Assistant for SEO. I have covered some of the benefits I cannot get in my current role (that I sometimes miss!) and some of the drawbacks attached to it. 

Within this read, I have taken a survey of many other expert SEOs from our team, clients, and many freelancers, which has helped me add more perspectives to this research. 

The only thing essential is that you be aware of the level of SEO expertise you have and if you can drive in clients based on your experience. This guide will also help you form a clearer picture of the same. 

So, let’s get into the details!

essential Factors to become an SEO virtual assistant

To understand how to become an SEO virtual assistant – glance over the table below to get a brief idea about it. 

Key ResponsibilitiesSkills Required
Keyword researchSolid client network
Competitor analysisImpressive portfolio
On-page SEO servicesRelevant Pricing structure
Media OutreachCredible certifications
Link-buildingAdvanced Communication

What is an SEO Virtual Assistant?

The ways of working are changing, and roughly  3% of white-collar employees want to return to work five days a week schedule. The working virtually trend is rising, and in terms of SEO, a virtual assistant is basically an SEO freelancer who offers their services remotely.

The tasks and skills required are similar to those of any in-house SEO expert; the only things that can usually differ are the location of the employee, the amount charged for services, and the availability of the individual.

It has perks for both the assistant and the company that hires them. Having worked in both roles, I know how difficult it is to work in-house, as I was never really fond of working around people and the distractions that come with it. I loved the freedom that being an SEO virtual assistant had given me!

Now that I am leading an SEO team, I realize that having a virtual SEO assistant can benefit the company massively, as it saves costs to the company in many ways that I didn’t realize. If executed properly, this form of employment can help both parties get their work done efficiently. 

If you are an SEO expert still wondering if it’s a substantial option, read further to learn more.

Why should you become a virtual assistant? 

Being a virtual SEO assistant has a lot of benefits as I said earlier, I enjoyed my time when I was one myself. Here are some of the best parts of it:

become a SEO virtual assistant

1. Increased earning potential

While you get a fixed salary inside an organization, there is no limit to the amount of money tha can be earned as a virtual SEO assistant. You can earn your bread and butter and don’t have to rely on anyone else.

On average, an SEO specialist’s salary ranges between $55,000 and $62,000 in an organization. As a virtual assistant, you can surely aim and achieve higher figures than that. 

2. Independence

Being a pilot of your ship gives a feeling of independence worth more than any amount of money for some. You don’t have to report to anyone and sit to work for a select number of hours in a typical 9-5 corporate setup. You can be in the Maldives on vacation and still be able to make money as a remote SEO assistant.

3. Personal choice of projects

Another benefit of being on your own is the choice of projects you want to take. You can actively choose to decline the projects you don’t like or the ones you know cannot be best done by you. It lets you choose the most efficient and profitable projects per your skill set.

4. Lesser investment 

Being a distant SEO expert to an agency can help you save money in multiple aspects. Some major ways you can save money are by saving the relocation and traveling costs. 

You don’t have to invest your time and money to reach your workplace or the client’s office and use it to serve multiple clients from one location, multiplying your income with a bit of investment.

5. Professional growth

As an SEO expert, you can get the professional growth you wish. Your only competition can be YOU to define your successful career. Your learning is also in your own hands as you don’t have to bear the brunt of having a bad manager who cannot teach you values. 

How do you become a virtual assistant? (Tips and Resources)

That said, you need the skills to stand out from existing SEO employees in an organization or your other potential freelancing competition. You might need to work with an existing team and act as an extension, or you can be an organization’s whole and sole remote SEO department.

But you need to gain specific skills to become a Virtual SEO Assistant. 

Grab a pen and paper and start noting!

What Are The Skills You Need to Become an SEO Virtual Assistant?

Here’s a list of basic things that you have to be good at to become an expert virtual SEO assistant:

Skills You Need to Become an SEO Virtual Assistant

1. Being An SEO Expert

SEO is not an easy task and is one of the most crucial factors for any business online. About 88.28% of SEOs charge up to $150/per hour for their services, but to be able to justify that, you need to be an expert who knows when to do, what to do, and how to do anything in SEO.

2. Take expert coaching

Learning should be essential in your journey to becoming an SEO expert. To become one, you must learn from the best in the industry. I followed the courses from best SEO courses and mastered the art of SEO. These include free and paid resources from some of the top educators. 

3. A strong client network

Sound SEO skills are insufficient to make a name for yourself in the industry. You also need to have a good connection with people/clients that can drive profitable business to you. I can tell you from experience that good clients tend to give less hassle work, and a good relationship with them can also help you get a good referral!

4. Exceptional portfolio

These referrals, again, are not enough to float your boat.  Your portfolio is more than just your work for a specific client. You also need good work that you can display and show as proof of those referrals from your clients. This will help your prospects know the quality of work and services you provide; hence, building a strong one is key! Trust me!

5. Market Relevant Pricing

In the initial days of my journey, I thought of raising the bar and offering my services at a higher price than anyone else, owing to my expertise. This obviously isn’t the ideal approach, and unlike me, you should conduct thorough market research before announcing yourself into the market and staying relevant to the market pricing.

6. Credible Certifications

You must possess specific certifications with SEO expertise to show yourself as an authenticated service source. Basically, it shows that you can walk the talk you do.

7. Advanced Communication Skills

To communicate with a client online and relay your work and differences appropriately, you need to be efficient in how you communicate. Since there are no physical ways to communicate, having good online communication tools – for video conferencing, report generation, progress tracking, etc.

8. Build your website

This should be one of the key aspects to focus on before launching your virtual assistant SEO services. By using the best website builders, you can easily take your business online, which will help you build trust and be a platform to display your skills and services on a website.

Pro Tip: To generate leads, I advise you to start a dedicated blog. People who do get 55% more traffic rate than those who don’t.

9. Good SEO Toolkit

Lastly, you need a good set of tools under your SEO arsenal. This will boost your productivity and help you provide the best possible solutions to your clients. 

Here’s a bonus for making it through this part of the article. Grab these amazing SEO tools used by your competition, and must be a part of your toolkit (some of these also include free trials)

Virtual SEO Strategist vs SEO Specialist: What’s The Difference?

An SEO virtual assistant can be a master of one or both. You can be a strategist who can guide an organization or a specialist who is a technical expert for everything related to SEO.

Virtual SEO Strategist

I have listed some common differences between the two here:

Virtual SEO StrategistSEO Specialist
Focuses on forming a plan of actionFocuses on implementing practices technically
Works on forming a long-term planWorks towards short-term goals
Get help from SEO specialists to identify weak areasSEO Specialists rely on strategists for a direction or approach to be followed
Strong communication and interpersonal skillsStrong technical skills
Higher average salaryLower average salary than an SEO strategist

How an SEO Virtual Assistant Can Help With A Business?

From the company’s point of view, hiring a virtual SEO assistant is an added benefit. As an organization, here are some of the benefits I find are noteworthy:

  • Remote expert SEO service at the fingertips
  • Less workload on the in-house SEO team
  • Potential to fully outsource SEO
  • Save money on expensive SEO tools and courses
  • Less investment toward a physical workspace

Tips to Get Hired as an SEO Assistant

There is no one cheatsheet or foolproof guide that guarantees you success in becoming a  virtual SEO assistant. But there are some key pointers that should always be the base of your services for it to be successful:

  • Start applying
  • Building expertise
  • Good track record of delivering quality results
  • Transparent client communication
  • Honest reporting
  • Posses required SEO tools
  • Market relevant pricing 

PROs And CONs of Being An SEO Virtual Assistant

Being an SEO virtual assistant has both good and bad sides to it. While I feel that it mostly has more upsides, some factors should be considered. 


  • Save money on traveling to work.
  • Freedom of working hours.
  • Personal project choices.
  • Higher career growth opportunities.
  • Increased average income.


  • Your success is your responsibility.
  • It can make you feel detached as no/less human interaction.
  • Irregular income cycles.

Virtual Assistant SEO – Is it worth it?

Being an SEO virtual assistant, or any virtual assistant for that matter, is difficult. I have been one, and I can understand the level of stress that can build up and the responsibilities that come with it.

But with those worries comes a sense of independence and an opportunity to build something of your own. The only thing that can act as a barrier is your experience, SEO knowledge, and communication skills, which you can easily master by following the things mentioned in this guide. 

If you do all these things efficiently and manage to expand your services rapidly, you can also turn this into a full-fledged organization of your own!

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