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Want to host webinars that convert viewers into paying customers? Can WebinarJam help you engage audiences and monetize webinar content? This WebinarJam review examines whether its webinar production and marketing tools justify the price tag for businesses and creators.

In today’s age, brands are realizing the shortening attention spans of consumers. People are busy today, and webinars are like virtual events that only work if you’re presenting them in a genuine, engaging, and actionable way.

In this blog, we are going to discuss one such webinar tool, “WebinarJam,” since this market is expected to reach the webinar market is expected to reach an impressive $800 million by 2023.

WebinarJam Review: Quick Overview

Here is a quick overview table of key aspects of WebinarJam:

Webinar CreationProvides templates, slides, invites, and registration management to create live or automated webinars
BroadcastingBroadcast webinars live or host recordings on the platform
Engagement ToolsPolls, surveys, and chat box for viewer interaction and engagement
MonetizationSell products/services, promote offers, and collect payments during webinars
AnalyticsTrack registration, attendance, drop-off rates, and sales data
IntegrationIntegrates with platforms like Zoom, Facebook, email services, and payment processors
MarketingRegistration and landing page builders, promotions through social media and email
SupportSetup assistance, live chat, email ticketing, and community forums
PricingMonthly subscription plans ranging from $39 to $379 per month

What Is WebinarJam?

As discussed above, WebinarJam is a cloud-based webinar hosting platform businesses and schools use to conduct webinar sessions. 

Through WebinarJam, users can conduct live sessions, stream on social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook, or event broadcasting via private webinar rooms. Being a presenter and user, you can design webinars by using existing videos and animations and sharing slides on the computer screens with attendees.

WebinarJam Review - Overview

WebinarJam is an innovative software that helps in broadcasting, event streaming, and live casting. The latest stats by  Letter.ly suggest that the webinar market is projected to reach $800 million by 2023, and as per outgrow.com, nearly 70% of webinars are oriented toward increasing sales and engagement. These stats confirm the growing demands for different industries and businesses for online marketing.

Another thing that makes Webinarjam a preferred option for everyone is that it is compatible with and supports every operating system and web browser. Also, it provides multiple options for engagement with each other, like polls and surveys, and gives access to basic event analytics.

WebinarJam allows users to use customized templates according to their own choice, and they can also design and manage webinar funnel setup and their landing pages. There are landing page templates that allow you to broadcast live streams to thousands of audiences regardless of where they currently are.

Apart from this, we must remember the importance of integration in increasing any business’s efficiency and data consistency. Therefore, WebinarJam is specially designed to support integration with third-party CRMs like Active Campaign, Mailchimp, and automated email. There is another built-in feature of WebinarJam that helps users schedule audiences for a webinar event with the help of autoresponder technology. 

What Does WebinarJam do?

The software WebinarJam can be globally used as it is available in three major languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and others. 

With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, people don’t have time to remember every detail on a daildailyWebinarJam allows you to schedule a series of reminder notifications ensuring maximum audience presence. You can perform this via email and phone text so your users never miss your events.

For your reference, you can note whether people are not attending webinars, exiting early, or staying until the end. Later, you can draft emails based on these actions. Stats suggest that the average webinar attendance rate is around 40%. 

So far, we have understood the basic concept and functionality of WebinarJam, but this is just one aspect of WebinarJam. Let’s understand how WebinarJam works and what steps are included in setting it up. 

Users and webinar organizers can create events, sessions, or training and send automated emails as well. Here are a few things WebinarJam does that can help your business:

  • Automated Recordings

You can surely expect the absence of a few attendees while organizing a webinar. As per previous stats, 25% of the registered attendees are expected to miss the live show and watch the replay instead for any reason. 

Considering this default action in mind, WebinarJam is designed to automate such webinar recordings. Once you get a positive audience response and high-converting rates, you can use these recordings and convert them into an automatic webinar in Webinarjam.

 For adding such a unique feature, EverWebinar comes into the picture as a part of WebinarJam. 

In EverWebinar, you don’t even have to log in and start, as they’re completely automated. 

Also, the automated mechanism of EverWebinar helps you against trollers and haters as the system will detect and automatically delete any chat containing wrong words or if you have messed up in the live or evergreen webinars.

Bonus: Want to know what is the difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar? Check our detailed comparison of WebinarJam vs EverWebinar here. 

  • Grab More Audiences and Collaborate

WebinarJam provides maximum accessibility to the users to engage and interact in live-stream events such as webinars. One special feature, Attendee Spotlight, allows attendees to invite their connections and share their ideas and experiences with the rest of the attendees.

 The invited attendees will be allowed to speak, broadcast, and screen share via his/her webcam. They can also raise questions and comment through the system’s built-in live chat feature.

WebinarJam Audiences

Features of collaboration as Solo host, a roundtable of 6 presenters give a unique and innovative system. Users can run sales or promotion presentations, tutorial training sessions, or lectures through these live sessions. 

  • Now Easy Integration with Third-Party

This is used for promotional purposes and to get a larger audience in your live sessions. WebinarJam allows you to record your live sessions through integration with Facebook & YouTube. 

  • Registration Process in Just a Few Steps

Unlike other software applications, you will find the WebinarJam registration process easy and just a few simple steps away. Interested people can simply click the link “Click to Register” sent by users. Following that, they’ll be automatically registered without filling in any long-form details. 

Registration Process

The one-click auto-register technology makes WebinarJam a very easy option to connect to Webinars. Other features like secure access and password-protected webinar rooms are extremely popular among people. 

Password Protection
  • Real-Time Chats and Queries 

Real-time chats and taking questions from attendees are very important for the success of webinars. Through this session, attendees feel satisfied and will surely join another session organized by you with the help of WebinarJam.

A Short Demo On How To Use WebinarJam

After reading this long list of features on how WebinarJam can amplify your business goals, you must be sure that WebinarJam will stick beside you through thick and thin. 

WebinarJam - Demo

It’s time to sit back and see how you can use Webinarjam:

Step 1: Setting-up

  • Firstly, log in to your account.
  • Click on ‘Add Webinar’ > ‘Full Configuration’.
  • Click on ‘Express’ if you want. (Optional as it limits the options, but will help you create a webinar in less than 60 seconds)
  • Click ‘Next.’

Step 2: Configure the Webinar

You can configure any webinar according to your choice:

  • The first option to configure the webinar is “Right Now”. As the name suggests, you can directly send an invite link right at the moment to start a quick webinar.
  • The “Schedule for Later” option lets you set a particular time and date at which you want the webinar to happen.
  • You can create a webinar room that can be accessed anytime for repeated webinars with the “Always On” configuration feature.

Step 3: Basic Settings

It’s time to do some basic settings. You’ll find more basic options after you click on the pencil icon.

WebinarJam -Basic Settings
  • Webinar Name 
  • Webinar Title 
  • Webinar Description 
  • Webinar Language 

Now in this setting, you will find four options for setting up your webinar portal:

  1. On-demand section: Here, you can select all the upcoming webinar sequences. Choose your category from the options, whether your webinar is for cooking, any app production, or marketing.
  2. Webinar presenters: This is the section where all your information is already entered by default. You will see the option “webinar host and presenter,” which means you’re the host of the webinar. You can add people without them being a moderator and edit their details by just clicking on the profile circle on the left.
  3. Streaming service:  With the help of WebinarJam live, YouTube live, and Facebook Live feature, you stream through the servers pretty fast. You can stream both in your webinar room in your Facebook group or on your YouTube account. 

Step 4: Scheduling

Never forget to schedule your webinars.

Webinar Schedule

Choose any of the options from these three at your convenience.

  • One single session
  • Multiple sessions
  • A recurring series of presentations

Step5: Registration

People will see your registration page as the first impression of your webinar. So you better make it worth it.

You can select any template and choose the best image, text, and YouTube link to make your registration page creative yet simple to use.

Quick note: It’s best to use Password Protection in the setting. To generate a unique password for every registrant, you can add a Master Password, as shown below.  You can create a password that is the same for every registrant.

Step 6: Integration

The next step is crucial since integration is a huge part of your webinar. You can add various Email Autoresponders as well as analytics or any tracking system you may have (such as Facebook Pixels).

Webinar Integration

Besides this, there are options to add email notifications and notify your users for the webinar using record-recorded messages via phone calls.

Step 7:  Setting up a Thank you page 

The last step is to design your thank you page just like you did for your registration page.

Select a theme and element by clicking on the option.

You will come across two options here: you can survey your registrants or choose to not survey.

Webinar Survey

Click the plus icon next to the survey question ( poll allowing one answer or question for a short answer) of your type and add questions as per your choice in your survey.

Who Should Use WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a reliable webinar solution for anyone who wants to conduct live webinars and create a business out of them. You should choose WebinarJam if these are your requirements:

  • Want to earn money by selling your online webinars
  • Searching for an all-in-one webinar solution that has features like replays, flexible scheduling, email automation, detailed analytics, live interaction features, etc.
  • Need a webinar software to host more than 1000 attendees for training seminars, online courses, or live events
  • Want to interact with your audience through live streaming on a regular basis
  • Want to embed webinars to your website to increase the authority of your website and build trust among your visitors
  • Want to give high-quality video content to your audience
  • Searching for an affordable webinar tool

If you are meeting any of these requirements, then WebinarJam is a great option for your business.

Pricing Of Webinarjam

This WebinarJam review will brief you about the plan you can choose to access this software. As per the information available on the Webinarjam page, below is the pricing:

WebinarJam - Pricing
  • Unlimited webinars for just $39 per month that can support 100 attendees for a webinar. 
  • The basic plan is with 500 attendees for $79 per month.
  • Professional plan for $229 per month that can comprise 2000 attendees.
  • The enterprise plan can support 5000 attendees for $379 per month.

For all the plans, the billing is done every year. Instead, you can opt for the 14-day trial at just $1 before you choose a premium plan. 

Also, it comes with another benefit you get a 100% refund in case you didn’t find the performance up to the mark.

WebinarJam: Pros and Cons

Since every software comes with its strengths and weaknesses, Webinarjam has the same. Thus, some of the most prominent pros and cons of WebinarJam are discussed below:

WebinarJam Pros

  • Simple and easy-to-access user interface.
  • Good user experience
  • Customer support is available 24 hours and is free.
  • Customization option for every Webinar, including templates and color themes.
  • Private & public messages feature to all the attendees.
  • Accessible to all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
  • Lowest price as compared to other alternatives
  • Automated recorded sessions
  • High-quality videos with super readability
  • Integration with social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • The refund policy of 30 days.
  • Easy access to recorded sessions
  • High voice quality for the live webinars

WebinarJam Cons

  • Interruptions in webinars due to connection issues.
  • Voting results with names are not displayed in a poll.
  • Sometimes, a live session plays with a few seconds of delay.
  • Although the price is less compared with other webinar software, the premium price of Webinarjam is also not less or affordable to everyone.

Few Alternatives For Webinarjam

In the growing market, there are always many alternatives to all the software made till now. Thus, Webinarjam also comes with a lot of alternatives. A few of them are mentioned below:


With no space required feature, Livestorm is the first suggested alternative that can be used if you are bored of accessing Webinar or want to switch to another platform. It comes with webinar analytics, source tracking, and polling features.



  • Live and automated webinars
  • Free plans available
  • Email reminders for upcoming events
  • Endless Storage space
  • Customer care availability for 24 hours
  • Easy user interface


  • Good discount but only if you choose a yearly plan.
  • Recorded sessions are not of good quality.


Here’s another replacement for the WebinarJam named Demio. It also comes with a live session feature. Also, you can get recorded webinars, custom logos, themes, and colors. This great feature can help you build your brand. 



  • Very easy to use – Simple User Interface
  • Accessible through browser
  • Live customer care service


  • A different link for every attendee
  • Slows down when more than 100 attendees join
  • The replay session doesn’t include chats and polls.


This software is the best choice after Webinarjam as it is the most reliable. With features such as a waiting room, automated webinars, and custom interface themes, this is the best replacement for Webinarjam. Since each software comes with some cons too, but it has more advantages than other alternatives.



  • Monetization of webinars
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Includes surveys & polls
  • Facebook and YouTube integration
  • Addition of Whiteboards  


Although there are not so many cons to this software. Below are some improvements that are required.

  • Customer care services can be more efficient.
  • Internet connection issues


EasyWebinar provides HD-quality webinars with the ability to share screens with 4 attendees. It comes with a 14-day trial feature where you can overview its performance before buying the premium version. 



  • 24-hour customer service in 15 different languages
  • Includes scheduled webinars
  • HD quality screen sharing


  • New users can face difficulties in using the software.
  • Connection issues can interrupt sessions. 

Final Thoughts On WebinarJam

Until now, WebinarJam is a highly reliable software for any business. 

With different premium plans from basic to enterprise, it is the best feature you can get for organizing a revenue-based webinar. Although every software has its features, if you are looking for live webinar software that is reliable and affordable, try WebinarJam. 

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