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Creating strategies and not measuring results is a big mistake in the digital world.

You must analyze a website’s traffic data to understand whether your actions yield the desired results.

A website traffic analysis can offer a wealth of information regarding visitors, their behavior, engagement, etc.

Thankfully, there are multiple website traffic checkers to get the job done for you.

I have rounded up a list of the best Traffic Checkers in 2023 to help you find the perfect fit for your website traffic analysis needs.

Let’s dive in to learn about them;

10+ Best Website Traffic Checkers: In A Nutshell (2023)

Sr. No.Traffic CheckerDetails
1.SemrushPowerful SEO tool with detailed traffic analytics.
2.AhrefsComprehensive SEO tool with in-depth website traffic analysis.
3.Similar WebProvides crucial data on website traffic and engagement.
4.SE Ranking Robust traffic analytics and competitor comparison features.
5.Search Console Free Google tool for tracking website traffic and performance.
6.ClickySimple, Real-time website traffic monitoring and analysis tool
7.StatcounterEffectively tracks website traffic and offers insights on visitor behavior.
8.UbersuggestProvide a straightforward website traffic analysis.
9.Sitechecker ProDetailed website traffic analytics and SEO insights.
10.GoingUpFree website traffic monitoring and analysis tool.

From the well-known, Semrush and Google Search Console, to the lesser-known Sitechecker Pro, in this section, we will explore the best website traffic checkers along with their key highlights and pricing details;

1. Semrush

I haven’t found any tool better than Semrush for traffic analysis. That’s why it’s my top recommendation.

Its dedicated Traffic Analytics feature lets you uncover website traffic data for both mobile and desktop. SEMrush traffic analysis includes traffic source, audience engagement, visitor behaviors, and audience overlap.

Best Website Traffic Checker - Semrush

But above all, the accuracy of data is what makes Semrush the top choice as a website checker.

Key Highlights

  • Accurate website traffic estimation for domains and subdomains.
  • Key traffic insights include bounce rate, session duration, unique traffic, etc.
  • Traffic source, whether mobile or desktop.
  • Location-based website traffic data.
  • Includes Traffic Analytics API.


  • The only limitation, in my opinion, is its pricing.

Pricing Details

SEMrush Pricing plans start at $119.95 and go all the way up to $449.95 monthly.

2. Ahrefs

If there’s a tool that can rival Semrush, it’s AHREFS. Incidentally, AHREFS includes a free website traffic checker.

It reveals the estimated traffic, top countries where the traffic is coming from, and traffic value. However, for an in-depth website traffic analysis, you must subscribe to the paid plan.


Its paid version includes the Site Explorer tool, which offers an in-depth analysis of the website’s traffic, top pages, and traffic on subdomains and subfolders.

On top of that, AHREFS Site Explorer also reveals data about paid traffic and backlinks profiles.

Key Highlights

  • Provide details about organic and paid traffic.
  • Reveals the list of keywords that the website is ranking for.
  • List the top pages getting the most traffic.
  • Show subfolders of a particular website getting the most traffic.
  • Disclose the competing domains for the same keywords.


  • Too expensive
  • More emphasis on backlinks data.

Pricing Details

Its lite plan costs $99 monthly, while its Enterprise Plan charges a hearty $999 monthly.

3. Similarweb

Similar Web is a dedicated traffic checker that reveals more than just the traffic data. It reveals key traffic metrics like average page visits, bounce rates, average session duration, and total monthly visits.


Likewise, it also provides details about changes in the website’s ranking as well as similarly ranked sites. Further, Similarweb also provides location-based traffic analysis and details about audience demographics.

Key Highlights

  • Useful Chrome extension to easily access traffic data.
  • Accurate traffic analysis that is close to the real traffic numbers.
  • Provide details about demographics and traffic sources.
  • Provide estimation about where the traffic is coming from (social, search, paid, direct).


  • Functionality is only limited to website traffic estimation.
  • Most of the features are locked behind a paywall.

Pricing Details

A similar Web starting price is $167 a month. But the free version is enough to get a reliable traffic estimate.

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a versatile SEO tool with comprehensive functionality to measure SEO performance.

The best thing is it includes a free traffic estimation tool that reveals search and paid traffic, estimated traffic cost, and ranking keywords.

SE Ranking

Besides, the tools also reveal backlinks data and region-wise traffic details. On top of that, you can also refine your search based on the search engine.

Details-wise, SE ranking is as exhaustive as Smerush and Ahrefs; however, its cost is nominal. And its traffic estimation tool is entirely free.

Key Highlights

  • One-click traffic checker for any website.
  • Accurate traffic estimate with keywords details.
  • Location-based traffic search.
  • Provide details about paid traffic too.
  • Easy integration with search console and Google Analytics for more comprehensive traffic details.


  • Its dashboard seems hectic.
  • Website analysis and rank tracking features should be more elaborate.

Pricing Details

Its Website traffic checker is free to use. It also comes with a premium subscription that starts at $31.20 per month.

5. Search Console

When it comes to real traffic insights about a website, nothing beats Google Search Console.

Besides the traffic overview, Search Console also reveals performance issues, provides suggestions to fix them, and takes steps to make your website shine on search engines.

Search Console

Also, Search Console lets you analyze what keywords bring the most traffic. It also displays the number of impressions your site is receiving,

Likewise, you can also configure Search Console to receive notifications whenever Google finds an issue on your site.

Key Highlights

  • Detailed search analytics reports covering key matrices like website traffic etc.
  • Data highlighter is a real gem that allows your content to stand out in Google.
  • Provide important website traffic details, like impressions, CTR, and clicks.


  • The dashboard is complex and not beginner friendly.
  • Too much data is overwhelming at times.

Pricing Details

Search Console is a free Google product.

6. Clicky

If you want something simpler to measure your website’s traffic, Clicky can be a good choice.

It provides real-time detail of your website traffic, including all the essential factors like average session duration, bounce rate, and the pages getting the most traction.


Additionally, Clicky also packs uptime monitoring functionality and heat maps that can be filtered for pages, visitors, or segments.

Key Highlights

  • Convenient live traffic snapshots.
  • Customization options to extract details per your need.
  • Live visitors preview.
  • Easy backlinks analytics features.
  • Filters to eliminate traffic based on region or location.
  • Path analysis feature to track visitors’ journeys.


  • Cluttered interface.
  • Behavior analytics is limited in the base plan.

Pricing Details

Clicky charges $9.99 a month for its Pro plan.

7. Statcounter

Statcounter is a dedicated web analytics tool designed to provide extensive details about website traffic. Its live visitor feed is quite helpful for web traffic analytics.

In my opinion, though, its session reply is the handiest feature. It lets you tap into the user experience of your visitors and understand where they drop off from your site. You can improve those sections to retain visitors for longer session duration.


Another nifty feature of Statcounter is that it can track multiple paid clicks from the same user. You can use the information to optimize your PPC campaigns better and bring more qualified traffic.

Key Highlights

  • Session replay lets you watch recordings of visitors’ activity on the site.
  • Allowing tracking landing page conversion rate.
  • Offers you insights about traffic trends.
  • Allow setting alerts for returning visitors.


  • The user interface looks dated.
  • There could be more integration options.

Pricing Details

Statcounter’s basic plan is free. Its paid plan starts at €28.

8. Ubersuggest Traffic Analyzer

Ubersuggest has created a niche for itself as a straightforward tool with powerful SEO features.

Its traffic analyzer reflects the same principle. It’s simple, functional, and provides key website traffic details.

Ubersuggest Traffic Analyzer

You can refine the search based on location. Once you have set the location filter, it displays the traffic over time, the top pages, and the top keywords. Likewise, it also reveals total backlinks and domain scores.

Key Highlights

  • Simplicity is definitely a bit plus for Ubersuggest.
  • The browser extension allows quick insights into traffic details.
  • Essential metrics without extra data make things easier to grasp.


  • Data accuracy is not top-notch
  • Too simple for expert use.

Pricing Details

Ubersuggest’s monthly plan ranges between $15 to $40. Its lifetime plan for individual usage costs $120.

9. Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker Pro is a complete SEO tool package. Therefore, in addition to traffic data, it provides key insights about technical SEO, backlinks, and rank tracking.

Likewise, the tool offers mobile optimization features, site audits, and page speed tests.

Sitechecker Pro

Also, it includes a standalone traffic checker to quickly obtain website traffic insights about your and your competitor’s website.

Besides, you can connect your GSC and GA accounts with Sitechecker to obtain more exhaustive traffic details, plus ensure better data accuracy.

Key Highlights

  • Provide details about organic traffic as well as the top-ranking pages.
  • Includes Search Console traffic data for better accuracy.
  • Provide SERP analysis for in-depth traffic overview.
  • For e-commerce stores, you can also access sales data.
  • It reveals competitors’ traffic data too.


  • Doesn’t include in-depth keyword data.
  • Site audit tools sometimes display incorrect data.

Pricing Details

Sitechecker Pro Standard plan costs $124 per month.

10. GoingUp

What catches the eye about the GoingUP web analytics tool is the strikingly colorful interface. But looking apart, GoingUp is a useful tool with intuitive features to analyze website traffic.


Besides, it combines web analytics with basic SEO features, making it easier to develop SEO strategies tailor-made for specific SEO needs.

Also, it provides live website traffic stats about recent visitors, location maps, top pages, and traffic trends analysis.

Key Highlights

  • Allow easy tracking of website traffic and sales.
  • Provide details about conversion rates.
  • Live web stats for real-time insights into traffic data.
  • Simple, easy-to-read traffic reports.


  • Has only basic functionality for website traffic and SEO analysis.
  • Not robust enough as other paid web analytics tools.

Pricing Details

GoingUp is free to use.

Conclusion: Best Website Traffic Checkers (2023)

Having a top-notch website checker is crucial to succeeding online.

Website traffic checkers offer comprehensive details about your website’s performance and help identify areas of improvement. Armed with the traffic information, you can swiftly adjust your SEO strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for a robust website checker, I highly recommend Semrush and Ahrefs. Both are powerful, include a range of features, and ensure top-notch data accuracy. Besides, their powerful analytics capabilities make them a complete SEO package.

Try them out and see for yourself how they help you push your website to the next level.

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