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There’s no shortage of SEO tools in the market nowadays. If you have the money, you can easily find one that will help you with your SEO and rankings.

However, when you are an SEO agency and not an individual business owner, things become a bit tricky. Because you don’t only need a tool that can provide you with reliable SEO data and insights but also the functionality to generate reports and dashboards with your agency’s branding.

Fortunately, you don’t need to keep searching anymore. In this article, we’ll share with you the 10 best white-label SEO tools that provide the best of the best data and insights while also allowing you to brand them with your own logo and brand name. Let’s start!

Best White Label SEO Tools: In A Nutshell (2023)

Sr. No.ProductBest ForPricing Starts From
1.SEMRushEverything$119 per month
2.SE RankingAll SEO tools at a competitive price$89 per month
3.PosiRankOutsourced SEO with SEO tools$200 – $300 per month
4.Web CEOSelf-hosted SEO suite$99 per month
5.WooRankSite audit$199 per month
6.SEOptimizerSite audit at competitive pricing$29 per month
7.Rank RangerSEO Reporting $79 per month
8.ReportzCreating in-depth SEO reportsCustom
9.Authority LabsLocal SEO data$99 per month
10.AccuRankerRank tracking and SERP monitoring$116 per month
11.DashThisFor providing reports in an online dashboard $129 per month

11+ Best White Label SEO Tools

SEO tools can be divided into two categories: full-service SEO suites and special-purpose tools. Full-service tools, as you can expect, offer everything that you may need for doing the SEO of a site, while special-purpose tools specialize in completing a certain task better than others. We’ll take a look at both, but let’s start with full-service white-label SEO suites first.

#1. Semrush

Let’s discuss the undisputable king of SEO first. Semrush is unarguably the best-known tool in the SEO space as it offers a reliable set of all the tools that one may need for doing the SEO of their site.

Best White Label SEO Tools - Semrush

But most people don’t realize that it offers white-labeling functionality too which can be used by agencies to create reports with their own branding and customizations. So if you can afford it, choose SEMRush for your agency. You can’t find anything better than that. DemandSage is the official partner of Semrush, and we have offered our readers a 14 days exclusive free trial of Semrush.



  • Pro plan  — $119.95
  • Guru plan — $229.95
  • Business plan — $449.95

#2. SE Ranking

Just like SEMRush, the SE Ranking platform also offers a full-fledged SEO suite that can be used for any kind of SEO-related task. Whether you’re looking for rank tracking, keyword research, content ideas, on-page SEO suggestions, or anything else — all of them are available in this tool. The best part is that it’s much cheaper than any of the other full-service SEO tools available in the market. 



  • Rank tracker
  • Keyword researcher
  • On-page SEO checker
  • SERP checker
  • Backlink analysis
  • Webpage monitor (to track the changes in a page)
  • Competitor analysis


  • Essential plan — $31.2 per month
  • Pro plan — $71.2 per month (this is the minimum you need for white-labeling)
  • Business plan — $151.2 per month

#3. PosiRank

This is arguably the most unique entry on our list. PosiRank is not an SEO platform only – instead, it’s an SEO service company that has developed its own SEO tools. But the key highlight of its offering is not its 360-degree coverage of necessary SEO features. Instead, it’s the integration of outsourcing options within its dashboard. 


If you are an agency having a shortage of quality workforce (i.e. content writers, link builders, etc.) to complete your SEO work, you don’t need to sign up for any other freelancing site or hire any other SEO agency. With PosiRank, you can do all of that from within the dashboard of your SEO tools. Rest assured — reports generated for all the work will have your company’s label and branding and not that of PosiRank. 


  • Outsourcing functionality
  • Rank tracker
  • Site speed auditor
  • Keyword density checker


  • Pricing is disclosed only on discussion but starts from $200. 

#4. Web CEO

Just like all the other options, we have discussed till now, Web CEO is another suite of SEO tools that offers everything except for the ability to outsource SEO tasks like PosiRank. And while it’s not as cheap as SE Ranking, it’s also not as expensive as SEMRush either. It allows for automated website auditing, the ability to host their tools on your own server, and a lead generation widget that can be put up on your site to capture the details of prospective customers and feed it into your SEO tools for easier analysis of their site.



  • Host on your custom domain and server
  • Lead generation widget
  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword research
  • SEO content assistant
  • Backlink checker
  • Traffic analysis
  • Competitor analysis


  • Solo plan  — $37 per month
  • Startup plan — $99 per month
  • Agency unlimited — $99 per month (this is where you get white-labeling features)
  • Corporate plan — $299 per month

Best White Label SEO Auditing Tools 

We’re now getting started with special-purpose tools. Auditing is at the heart of any SEO campaign because that’s how you come to know what work needs to be done to increase the traffic of a site. White-label SEO auditing tools help you generate SEO audit reports with your branding, and fortunately, there are quite a few of them that can generate really helpful audit reports. Two of them we want to include in our list are given below:


WooRank is more of an SEO auditing tool than a full-service SEO suite like the ones that we explored till now. It offers professional white-labeled website auditing and reporting features that can help you win more clients and close more deals easily.


Each report contains actionable steps and insights that can guide your SEO strategy in the right direction and help you “Woo” your clients. The reports are also quite complete in themselves as they cover every aspect from on-page issues to user-friendliness, competition analysis, and link-building suggestions. 


  • Rank tracking
  • Technical analysis
  • Competitor rank tracking and analysis
  • Actionable SEO suggestions


  • Pro plan — $79.99
  • Premium — $199.99
  • Enterprise plan — Custom pricing.

#6. SEOptimizer

Another promising audit tool on our list is SEOptimizer, which is known not only for its cutting-edge audit reports but also for its competitive pricing. It’s extremely easy to use as it’s designed for both marketing professionals as well as website owners who like doing things themselves.


Yet, it analyzes each website on every single factor that’s important for its ranking before generating an audit report. In addition to audit functionality, it also includes a wide range of SEO tools and features, as you can see below.


  • Meta tag generator
  • HTACCESS file generator 
  • XML site map generator
  • Keyword researcher
  • Embeddable audit tool
  • Keyword tracking
  • Bulk reporting


  • DIY SEO plan — $19 per month
  • White label plan — $29 per month
  • White label and embedding plan — $59 per month 

Best White Label SEO Reporting tools

Doing good SEO is important, but being able to show the results of your work to clients is even more important. If clients don’t know exactly how much value you are driving to them, they won’t want to continue working with you. Therefore, high-quality reporting tools are also as important as auditing and link-building tools. That’s where these tools come into the picture.

#7. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger offers the most versatile SEO reporting tools in the industry. Some of its reporting features you’ll fall in love with include the ability to generate separate reports about a particular factor to explain it in greater detail to your clients, and the ability to import data from a vast range of SEO tools and services. Reports can also be fully customized as per your preferences. You can generate them either from scratch or by using a template available within Rank Ranger. 

 Rank Ranger


  • Interactive reports 
  • Report templates
  • Rank tracker
  • Landing page performance tracker
  • Social media analytics
  • On-page optimization tool
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis


  • Lite plan — $79 per month
  • Standard plan — $149 per month
  • Pro plan — $699 per month
  • Premium plan — $2,700 per month

#8. Reportz

Reportz is another white label SEO tool that can help you create in-depth reports. In those reports, you can gather data from all analytic tools and add it to the report. You can also get real-time data and KPIs directly from your marketing channels. Reportz also allows you to customize your reporting dashboards, and once you properly set them up, you won’t need to make changes in there again. It also has a one-click dashboard sharing option allowing you to share those dashboards with your team members and clients.



  • Create detailed reports
  • Display any data you want on reports
  • Use filters to separate the specific data
  • Add unlimited widgets to your dashboard
  • Combine multiple metrics
  • Predefined templates for your campaigns
  • Multiple integrations for extracting the data
  • Real-time tracking and updates

Pricing: The pricing of this tool depends on the number of dashboards you want. The number of dashboards starts from 3, and there is no limit to how many dashboards you can get. If you choose to pay yearly, then you will also get a 20% discount compared to monthly plans. It also offers a 15-day trial, and for that, you don’t even need to give your payment information.

Best White Label SEO Analytics And Rank Tracking Tools

Without data, there’s no direction. And without analytics, there is no data in SEO. If you want to know whether or not your SEO efforts are yielding the desired results, you’ll need analytics tools that can provide detailed insights into your traffic, search rankings, backlinks, and other data. Fortunately, there are some good white-label SEO analytics tools available for that, which include:

#9. Authority Labs

There’s no shortage of SEO analytics tools in the market, but few of them generate reliable local SEO data. That’s where Authority Labs comes in. But generating local analytics data is not the only thing it does — it also has many other features, which are given below.

Authority Labs


  • Local keyword data sorted by states, cities, or even zip codes; 
  • Traffic data sorted by cities and detailed clickstream data about keywords;
  • Data sorted on the basis of device type (i.e. computers, smartphones, etc.);
  • Detailed white-label reports for your clients.


  • Plus plan — $49 per month
  • Pro plan — $99 per month (white label functionality starts from here)
  • Pro Plus plan — $225 per month
  • Enterprise plan — $450 per month

#10. AccuRanker

There is no better rank tracking and SERP monitoring tool in the market than AccuRanker. Not only it can track main rankings but also the rankings in special SERP features i.e. featured snippets, shopping results, and much more.


Once you have this data, you can generate white-label SEO reports based on it and send them directly to your clients from within the AccuRanker dashboard. It also has the following features for more detailed insights.


  • SERP history
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Historic search volume data
  • Data segmentation and cubing 
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis


  • Keyword-dependent pricing. Starts from $116 per month for 1,000 keywords. 

#11. DashThis

If you prefer to provide your clients with SEO reports in a dashboard instead of PDF files or emails, then DashThis is the tool for that. It can fetch analytics and other SEO data from a wide range of services (including Google Analytics and Search Console) and then put them together in a dashboard that can be accessed by you, your team members, and also your clients. You can create as many client accounts as you want, and with their Professional plan, you can white-label the dashboards with your own branding. 



  • Integrates with everything from Google Analytics to Moz to Facebook and Twitter;
  • Import custom data using CSV files
  • Add unlimited client accounts and users
  • Report templates and cloning options
  • Custom themes, domain, logo, and other white-label options
  • Share reports via email, URL or PDF


  • Individual plan — $39 per month
  • Professional plan — $129 per month (white labeling starts from here)
  • Business plan — $249 per month
  • Standard plan — $399 per month

Conclusion: Best White Label SEO Tools

SEO industry has evolved a lot in the last few years, and with that evolution, it has become much easier to find useful tools for your SEO agency. Modern white-label SEO tools not only do the work with accuracy but also allow you to claim the credit for it with your branding. We hope the tools mentioned above will come in handy for you to start your SEO agency, and your clients will be impressed by the quality of your work done using them. So incorporate them in your business processes today, and thank us later. All the best!

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