76 Women in Tech Statistics For 2024 (Updated Report)

According to the latest data, women comprise 49% of the workforce and 26% of tech occupations in the United States. That is a huge gap between the genders!

If more women are graduating with STEM degrees every year and companies are making commitments to diversity and inclusion of women in job roles, why does such a gender gap exist in the tech industry?

Let us shed light on all these factors through this post. We will see the challenges that women face during tech employment, The factors that encourage women to go for tech jobs, and what other things they have to deal with once they are in the industry.

Women in Tech: Top Picks for 2024

  1. As we enter 2024, women make up 26% of the tech workforce in the United States.
  1. 32% of women work in the tech industry worldwide.
  1. Globally, women make up 47.70% of the total workforce.
  1. Women take up 39% of the workforce positions at the internship level in the tech industry. 
  1. Only 28% of the women are in tech leadership roles as of 2024.
  1. 15% of the founders in the tech industry are females.
  1. Women comprise 24% of the STEM workforce in the United States.
  1. 50% of women leave tech roles by the age of 35. 
  1. The rate of leaving tech jobs is 45% higher in women than men. 
  1. The female representation in the tech workforce across the selected countries accounts for 43% to 48%. 
  1. Women earn an average of 17% less than men. 

How many women work in the tech industry as of 2024?

  1. The proportion of women working in tech jobs is 32%. 

This number has decreased compared to 1984. In the year 1984, 35% of the women made up the worldwide tech workforce. 

  1. Women comprise 26% of tech occupations in the United States.

According to the CompTIA State of the Tech Workforce 2023 report, 49% of the US workforce comprises women. 

At the same time, nearly in 10 workers are female in tech occupations. 

Source: CompTIA. 

  1. 28% of workers in computer and mathematical occupations are women. 

In the United States, women occupy just 23% of the workforce in technology and STEM-related fields. Meanwhile, women comprise almost 16% of the workforce worldwide in engineering and architecture jobs. 

  1.  At the internship level, women make up 39% of the total tech workforce. 
  1. In entry-level roles in computer science-related jobs, women comprise 32.80% of the workforce. 

Source: explodingtopics.com, bls.gov

Global Women Workforce Statistics for 2024

  1. Only 47% of working-age women participate in the global workforce. 

The participation is further lower in some countries. This means for every two men working, there is a woman in the workforce. 

  1. 57.40% of women were in the total workforce in the United States. 

Still, it is 2.60% less than the peak of 60% in 1999. 

  1. Divorced women are more likely to participate in the workforce.

 63.7% of divorced women are working, while 60.8% of married women participate in the workforce. 

  1. According to Statista, the total women workforce was 32.9% worldwide
Percentage Of Women In The Workforce

Here is a table showing the percentage of women in the workforce from 2019 to 2022. 

YearWomen workforce
  1. The proportion of women in technical roles is 26.7% worldwide as of 2023. 

A table shows the proportion of women in technical roles worldwide from 2019 to 2022.

YearWomen workforce in technical positions
  1. In Facebook’s total tech jobs, women make up only 24%.

Here is a table showing women’s representation in tech jobs in some of the largest tech companies in the world. 

Tech companiesWomen’s representation in Tech jobs
  1. In 2022, there were 74.09 million employed women in the United States. 
Number Of Employed Women in The US

The table shows the number of employed women from 2010 to 2022 in the United States. 

YearNumber of Employed Women
202274.09 million
202171.75 million
202069.23 million
201974.08 million
201873.06 million
201771.94 million
201670.87 million
  1. In 2022, the employment rate of women was 54.7% in the United States. 

Here is a table showing the employment rate of women in the United States from 2010 to 2022. 

YearEmployment rate of women 
  1. The unemployment rate for white women is 3.2% in the United States as of 2023. 
  1. Asian women have the lowest unemployment rate, with 2.7% in the United States as of 2023. 
Unemployment Rate Of Women In The US 2023

Here is a table showing the unemployment rate of women in the United States as of 2023. 

The ethnicityUnemployment rate of women
  1. In tech companies with over 10,000 employees, women’s representation is 26.2%.
  1. 21.10% of Software engineers in the United States are women as of 2023. 
  1. 20% of more than 30 years old women are still in junior positions.

Source: Zippia, Statista, explodingtopics.com, dataprot.net.

Women In Tech and STEM Workforce Statistics

  1. In the United States, women’s representation in STEM is 48%. 
  1. In Georgia, women’s representation in STEM is 56%, the most in the world.

Here is a table showing the leading countries where women’s representation in STEM is the most. 

Leading CountriesWomen’s representation in STEM
North Macedonia51%
Dominican Republic51%
The United States48%
Lao People’s Democratic Republic47%
  1. Women are underrepresented in engineering, computer, and physical science jobs, with 15%, 25%, and 40%, respectively. 

Here is a table showing women’s representation in the STEM field. 

STEM fieldWomen Representation
Life Science48%
Physical Science40%

Source: Finance Online, Zippia.

Women In Leadership Positions Statistics

  1. The percentage of women in tech leadership roles has fallen to 28% in 2023. 

50% of women in tech leadership roles leave them by age 35. 

  1. In Google, women’s representation in leaders’ jobs is 28%. 

Here is a table showing women’s representation in leaders’ jobs in some of the tech companies in the world.

Tech CompaniesWomen’s representation in leaders’ job
  1. Only 10.90% of women hold CEO or senior leadership roles in the total workforce. 

Almost 5% of women are CEOs of large companies. 

  1. In Fortune 500 companies, only two black women CEOs exist. 

Besides, the black women CEOs in Fortune 500 companies get 38% less pay than the men. 

  1. Women’s representation in senior vice president has increased from 13% to 18% since 2019. 
  1. Women hold 20% of senior software engineering positions. 
  1. 14.30% of board seats are held by women in tech companies.  
  1.  Women-led tech companies perform 3X times better than male-led companies.    

Besides, Startups that are led by women CEOs make 0.89 cents for every dollar. 

Source: Zippia, explodingtopics.com, dataprot.net.

Did You Know? 41% of the digital nomads are female.

Women In Tech Demographics

  1. 14.1% of all women in the tech workforce are white in the United States. 
Percentage Of Women In The Workforce In Tech By Ethnicity

Here is a table showing the percentage of women in the workforce in tech by ethnicity. 

EthnicityPercentage of women in the tech workforce
  1. Among all the Software engineer women, 52.30% are white women. 

Meanwhile, 33% of software engineer women are Asian/Asian American women.

Source: Finance Online.

Women in Tech: Data by Country and Region

  1. Women make up just 23% of the Canadian Tech industry as of 2023. 
  1. Women occupy only 22% of all technology roles in European countries. 

According to McKinsey,  this number could double to 45% by 2027. However, if the trend recorded over the past years continues, the percentage of women in tech in European countries could decrease to 21%. 

  1. In East Asia, women accounted for 30% of the developer’s share as of Q1 2023. 

According to Slashdata, the percentage of women in tech has significantly increased in East Asia over the past years. In Q1 2021, only 15% of the developers in the region were women. 

  1. Women occupy 24% of the tech roles in South Africa as of 2023. 

According to  OfferZen reports, only 56,000 women are working in tech, over  236,000 jobs. 

  1.  21% of France’s IT and tech teams comprise women as of 2021. 

At the same time, 48% of the total labor workforce in the country comprises o0f women. 

Germany has the highest percentage of women in the tech and IT teams. 

Here are further details about the percentage of women in nIT and tech teams in different countries worldwide. 

Country IT and Tech Teams Total Labor Force 
France 21%48%
United Kingdom20%47%
United States20%46%

What Is The Gender Gap In Tech?

  1. The gender gap in the tech industry is 16% in the United States. 

It is above the national average gender gap of 11.6% across all industries. This gender gap exceeds in small businesses, where the gap is between 19% to 20%.

  1. Only 52 women for every 100 men are promoted to the tech industry manager position. 

According to McKinsey, 86 women are promoted to manager for every 100 men across the industry. 

  1. Only 38% of women who majored in the computer science field are working compared to 53% of men. 
  1. 50% of the women said they had experienced gender discrimination compared to 19% of men. 

According to the Pew Research Center, this discrimination becomes even higher for postgraduates and women in computer jobs. 

Here are further details about the women who have experienced gender discrimination:

  • Postgraduate women: 62% have experienced a gender gap.
  • Women working computer jobs: 74% have experienced a gender gap.
  • Women working in male-dominated workplaces: 78% have experienced a gender gap.
  1. Women’s median earnings in STEM occupations are 74% of men’s median earnings in STEM.

Besides, women in tech make $10 per hour less than men. Besides, 91.1% of tech companies pay more to their male employees than females. 

  1. 83.60% of tech companies’ hiring and training process is unbiased as of 2023. 
  1. 75.50% of tech companies say they have implemented an equal pay policy in their workplace. 

Women In Technology Education Statistics

  1.  Women pursuing computer science degrees have declined by 18% in recent years. 

Only 6.3% of Black or Hispanic women receive degrees in Computer science. At the same time, 25% of Asian women receive degrees in computer science. 

  1. Only 27% of women said they would like to pursue a career in the tech field. 
  1. 74% of high-school girls express interest in the STEM field. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that STEM field occupations will increase by 11% by the end of 2030.

  1. 16% of women earned bachelor’s degrees in Computer and Information science. 
  1. 21% of women graduated in engineering technology. 

Source: explodingtopics.com, womentech.net.

Women In Tech Startups Statistics

  1. Only 15% of founders in the tech industry are female. 

According to a survey conducted by start-up Genome, 31% of startups have atleast one female founder. 

  1. 49% of all startups were formed by women in the United States in 2021.

However, only 2.5% of all startups had solely female founders. Comparatively, 17% of the tech startup founders were recorded to be women in 2017. 

  1. Women own 42% of all businesses in the United States.  

68.9% of women business owners are Gen X in the United States. 

Women Business Owners By Generation

Here is a table showing the women business owners by generation. 

GenerationShare of Women
Gen X68.9%
Baby Boomers19.4%
Post War1%
  1. Black women own 21% of businesses.  

Here is a table showing the percentage of women owners by ethnicity. 

EthnicityShare of Women
Native American1.4%
Pacific Islander0.3%

Source: explodingtopics.com, dataprot.net, incfile.com

Why Women Quit Tech Jobs?

  1. The rate of leaving tech jobs is 45% higher in women than men. 

Besides, 50% of the women with engineering degrees do not enter the engineering field or quit soon after. Meanwhile, 28% of women quit tech jobs because of fewer career growth opportunities. 

  1. 37% of women respondents say they leave their tech industry because of poor company culture. 
Top Reasons Stated By Women For Leaving Tech Jobs

Other top reasons stated by women for leaving tech jobs are as follows:

ReasonsShare of respondents
Poor company culture37%
Dissatisfaction with the current job31%
Interested in other industry22%
Lack of diversity10%
  1. 60% of the time, women are offered a lower salary than men for the same job. 

Source: Statista, dataprot.net. 

Interesting Fact: Men are 25% more likely to get laid off as compared to women. To know such more facts read our article on layoff stats.

The COVID-19 Impact On Women In Tech

  1. 79% of the working moms in the tech industry reported burnout. 

The females in the tech reported 63% burnout if they had male supervisors, while the females with women supervisors reported 44% instances of burnout. 

  1. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there were pay cuts. 

The average cut pay of women CEOs was 27%, while the average pay of Men CEOs was increased by 1%. 

  1. Only 31% of women said their mental well-being was good after the COVID-19 Pandemic, while 67% said their mental well-being was good before the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Here is a table showing the percentage of TMT sector women rating each aspect of their life “good” before and after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The aspect of lifeBefore the PandemicAfter the Pandemic
Productivity at Work74%49%
Motivation At Work74%42%
Loyalty to Employer73%57%
Work-life Balance70%32%
Physical Health69%42%
Job Satisfaction69%47%
Mental well-being67%31%
Ability to “Switch Off”65%46%

Source: Explodingtopics.com.

Barriers to Women In Tech Statistics

  1. According to 53.8% of female respondents, being taken seriously because of gender perceptions was the biggest challenge in the technology industry. 

Conversely, 9.9% of females did not face any challenges in the technology industry. 

Here is a table showing the biggest challenges for women in the technology industry. 

ChallengeShare of Respondents
Being taken seriously because of gender perception53.8%
Gender Pay Gap37.9%
The glass ceiling30.9%
Having no women role model30.5%
Sexism in the company30.2%
Lack of diversity in the workplace26.7%
Lack of diversity in the team20.4%
Conservative career perspectives as a part-time employee18.5%
No challenges9.9%
  1. 25% of women think they are managed differently because of gender. 
  1. 10% of women report unwanted sexual attention in the tech industry.

Source: Statista, dataprot.net, techopedia. 

Future of Women In Tech in US

  1. GenZ women are more likely to enter the tech industry in the upcoming years. 

Over 60% of the GenZ girls have started coding between the ages of 16 and 21. At the same time, 25% of Gen Alpha girls have begun to learn coding. 

  1. Nearly 25% of the ICT specialists will be female by 2030. 
  1. The share of women in the total workforce will be 47.6% by the end of 2029 in the United States. 
  1. The share of white women in the workforce will be 35% by 2029.

Here is a table showing the total representation of women in the total workforce of the United States by ethnicity (projections for 2029)

EthnicityShare of Women
All Other Groups9.3%

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