WriterZen Review 2024 – Is This Best For You?

Are you looking for an unbiased WriterZen review? Well, you’ve landed on the right page.

Content creation is a trending business in this digital era almost every digital marketer is trying out their luck in. There are a lot of SEO tools available in the market that are helping out marketers in ranking their content on search engines. WriterZen is also one of them, but is it the right tool for you?

To answer this question, We have done an unbiased WriterZen Review based on this tool’s features, ease of use, and pricing. Stick to the end to find out everything about this tool.

Let’s get started right away.

WriterZen Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of using WriterZen.


  • The UI of WriterZen is straightforward & all the tools are easily accessible.
  • To get unique ideas for topics, you can use Allintitle and KGR features
  • The pricing is more affordable than most AI writing tools 
  • Lifetime deal available on AppSumo


  • The content creator of WriterZen is not as good as Jasper AI and Frase.
  • You will get average results in comparison to other plagiarism checker tools when checking for plagiarism in your content.

WriterZen Review: In A Nutshell (2023)

WriterZen is an AI-based SEO content creation tool. This tool can help you create unique content, do topic research based on specific keywords, etc. It offers features like keyword explorer, topic discovery, plagiarism checker, and keyword data. Using these features, you can easily create content that can rank higher on search engines.

WriterZen Review - Overview

This tool is relatively new in the market because it was launched back in 2018 in Southeast Asia Market. Since then, it has gained immense popularity, which led to its global launch recently. Many AI-based content creation tools are available, such as Jasper AI, but you won’t find something like WriterZen because it offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

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WriterZen Features

Here in this section, we will explain all the features of WriterZen in detail.

Topic Discovery

It takes a lot of time to decide on the next topic for your article/blog, and doing all the manual research can consume a lot of your valuable time. The Topic Discovery feature can save a lot of your manual research time because it provides you with topic ideas for relevant keywords in just a few minutes. To use this tool, you just need to enter a keyword in the search box, and it will search the top 100 URLs for all the related keywords.

Topic Discovery

It will show you plenty of topic ideas within a few seconds with their search volume. You can also see the headlines you need to consider within these topics. You can add them directly to your list from there. If you want to see highly relevant topics, sort them directly from the relevancy option. There are three relevancy options: Closely, Medium, and Widely.

Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer feature of this tool is an amazing feature to have because it can help you do keyword research within a few seconds. Top SEO experts believe that without proper keyword research, you can harm the rankings of your website. That’s why it is essential to know which keywords will be best for you, and Keyword Explorer can help you with that. It provides a lot of keywords to work with.

Keyword Explorer

You need to enter a keyword in the search box and select a country and language to use this tool. Click on the “Search” button after entering all these details. It will show you the global search volume of that keyword with top-ranking pages for that keyword. You can also see the CPC (Cost Per Click), keyword ideas, total search volume, and overview chart of the search volume.

Keyword Data

When you conduct keyword research on Keyword Explorer, you will also see the Keyword data on all the keyword ideas. It shows a complete list of keywords with a trend chart, volume, CPC, word count, and PPC competition. Once you click any one of the keywords, you can see the keyword difficulty, search volume, and overview SERPs.

Keyword Data

You need to understand that it is easy to rank for those keywords that have low keyword difficulty. If you choose a keyword with a high KD, you will have a hard time ranking your content on the first page of search engines. There are a lot of filters available to see the specific result in the keyword data section. There are four classifications of keyword data: Total, Phrase Match, Having the same terms, and also search for.

All In Title

This is one of the best features of the Keyword Explorer tool. With this feature, you can see how many top-ranking websites are using the exact keyword in their title. You can also see a keyword golden ratio (KGR) filter in this feature. It is basically a ratio between the total search volume and the All In Title.

You can use this filter to sort out more keywords. If the KGR of a keyword is low, then there is a high chance that you will rank for that keyword. The average KGR is 25, and you are good to go if it is below average for a keyword. You can plan the content for keywords with fewer All In Title numbers. This method won’t always give you the desired results, so you need to experiment with it a little bit to see if it is working for you.

Keyword Insights

With the Keyword Insights feature, you can see the questions that come with the keyword you’ve searched for. These are the questions that people have been asking on the internet. You can answer these questions in the FAQs section of your blog posts. This feature alone gives you so many ideas that you can scrap keywords worth months for your website.

Keyword Insight

Keyword Cluster

In the Keyword Cluster section, you can see all the related keywords to the keyword you’ve searched for. Using these keywords in your content gives you better chances to rank higher on search engines. You can use these keyword clusters to create your content outline as well.

Keyword Cluster

Content Creator

The content creator feature of WriterZen is straightforward to use, but the content we’ve created using it is nothing compared to Jasper AI. The quality of the content is not as good as Jasper AI’s. They need to improve their algorithm because it primarily suggests irrelevant keywords. To use this tool, you need to enter a keyword in the content creator and select a location & language.

Content Creator

Now you need to enter the seed keyword, writer’s name, turn on Google NLP, set the priority & date, and a bit about the article. Once you do that, click on the “Add” button. Now its algorithm will compare all the top competitors for that keyword and show you the outline of the article. Now you can start writing the complete article from scratch, and the AI assistant will help you in writing.

Plagiarism Checker

This tool is a bonus for all the content writers out there. You can check all the content you create if they any plagiarism in it. The plagiarism checker is good, but it does not work up to the mark. For example, if you’ve written an article with a bit of plagiarism in it.

Plagiarism Checker

It will show up on this tool, and you can see the exact words you’ve copied from other articles. If you make a few tweaks in words, the plagiarism will disappear. So it is an average plagiarism checker tool. But we do have a list of the best plagiarism checker tools that you can check now.

A.I. Assistant

WriterZen is a writing platform whose AI assistant aims to automate and optimize parts of the content creation process. It provides various capabilities to ideate, outline, rephrase, rewrite, and restructure content.

The AI assistant generates related keywords and questions using the initial topic seed to spark ideas. It summarizes long-form content into key points for easily digestible outlines.

AI Assistant Tool Of WriterZen

For existing drafts, the AI can reorder sentences and paragraphs to improve flow and organization. It also rephrases sentences to enhance clarity while preserving meaning.

The AI assistant analyzes tone across text and suggests adjustments to consistently match a desired style. For rewriting, it can completely re-generate the piece with concision optimization.

Who Should Use WriterZen?

WriterZen is an amazing AI-based writing and SEO tool that allows you to optimize your content for SEO and create new & unique SEO-optimized content with the help of their AI algorithms. They also offer tools like topic discovery, keyword data, keyword explorer, and keyword cluster to help you find the best keywords & topics for your business. 

Bloggers, Programmers, Content Writers, Marketers, and Designers can use WriteZen to their advantage. You can use WriterZen to write your ad campaigns, find hidden keyword opportunities, discover topics, get in-depth insights into keywords, and create content that performs really well on search engines. WriterZen is a complete package that is also affordable compared to its alternatives.

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen offers four pricing options, and they are as follows:

WriterZen Pricing Plans

1. Cluster Only ($23/month or $19/month, billed yearly)

  • 30,000 Keyword Credits
  • 50 Keywod lists
  • 20,000 Keywords/import
  • Content Brief Suggestions
  • Keyword Clustering

2. Cluster & Research ($69/month or $61/month, billed yearly)

  • Everything from the Cluster Only plan
  • Unlimited keyword lookup per day
  • Keyword insights from Google
  • Trending keyword report
  • Golden Score Keyword filtering

3. Cluster & Content ($69/month or $61/month, billed yearly)

  • Everything from the Cluster Only plan
  • 100 Content Briefs per month
  • 60+ AI Writing Templates
  • Queries Insight Suggestions
  • Import content from URL
  • Google NLP keywords

4. All-in-one ($119/month or $99/month, billed yearly)

  • Everything from Cluster & Research and Cluster & Content plans
  • Unlimited topic lookup
  • 2 additional member seats

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Conclusion: WriterZen is Good for Beginners!

So this is our unbiased review of WriterZen, and now the only question remains: Is this tool right for you? If you are looking for a cheap SEO tool to help you with keyword research and content creation, this tool is a good choice. But if you want to create unique, high-quality content for your website, then Jasper AI can be your best choice. All in all, it comes down to your requirements.

After reading this entire review, if you think this tool is best for you, you should try out one of the lifetime membership plans because it offers much more value than regular ones. Let us know your thoughts on WriterZen in the comment section below.

FAQs On WriterZen

Does WriterZen offer a free trial?

Yes, WriterZen offers a 15-day free trial to all their new users. The best part about this free trial is that you don’t need to give your credit card details to get it. So you don’t need to worry about canceling it to avoid getting charged.

What is the refund policy of WriterZen?

If you dislike WriterZen, you can apply for a refund within 48 hours of the purchase. Remember, you can cancel your subscription after the decided time limit, but you won’t get a refund.

Is there a lifetime deal available on WriterZen?

Yes, AppSumo offers amazing deals on many products, and WriterZen is one of them. To check the lifetime deal of WriterZen, check our post best AppSumo deals here.

Does WriterZen offer discounts?

Yes, WriterZen offers amazing discount offers from time to time, but there is no active discount offer as of now. However, if you pay for its subscription annually, you can save 30% immediately.

What happens when I spend all my credit limit on WriterZen?

If you spend all your credit limit on WriterZen before the month ends, you will have to wait for them to renew. Or you can go for one-time credits from the pricing section of WriterZen.

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