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The mission of bringing enterprise-grade marketing intelligence for everyone starts with the marketing agencies who work everyday to make their client's marketing better. To support this we've created the Demand Sage Agency Partner Development program to provide access to powerful Demand Sage tools for agencies and their clients.

Leading HubSpot Agencies Use Demand Sage For Themselves And Clients

We were able to build an all-in-one monthly pipeline forecast report which allows us to look at individual deals, their projected close size, comparison to targets, monthly and YTD cumulative amounts, and deal owners including powerful dynamic filters, all within one single sheet. Such a complex report is not possible to do from within HubSpot Reporting itself.

Carl Davies, Founder & Managing Director, RevM (HubSpot Platinum Partner)

Demand Sage gets all of my data into spreadsheets in exactly the format I need, so I can connect it with my other data; for example, my content calendar, to better understand how different investments drive revenue.

Doug Davidoff, Founder & CEO, Imagine LLC (HubSpot Platinum Partner)

Eliminate manual client report generation

With Demand Sage you can quickly and easily deploy client reporting that updates itself automatically. No more downloads, no more cut and paste, just good clean data ready to be interpreted.

Remotely collaborate with clients on Google Sheets

Google Sheets is the best way to collaborate with clients in real time. Create new views that instantly appear to on your clients screen. Leave comments, and assign tasks, and have a dialogue around the best way to interpret the data. 250 million Google Sheets users can't be wrong!

Take your clients to the next level

Quickly and easily show clients areas to improve. Separate the reporting "signal from the noise" and give a clear picture of what's working and what's not. With Demand Sage, you'll have a differentiator that can take your clients to the next level.

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