Command Your Pipeline

Pipeline Status Over Time
Identify Pipeline Bottlenecks
Deeper Pipeline Drilldowns
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Analyze Campaign Impact

Campaign Impact Across Funnel
Clicks, Views, Interactions Together
Campaign Performance Over Time
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Supercharge HubSpot ABM

Account Engagement Trends
Target Account Metrics Over Time
Account Content Engagement
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Automatically Connect HubSpot Data to Google Sheets

Put your reports on autopilot
Nightly sync ensures your data is always fresh
Stop manually exporting CRM data into a spreadsheet

Leverage Best-Practice Insights, Reports And Custom Metrics

Our library of pre-built reports offer instant intelligence
Calculated metrics bridge gaps between Contacts, Companies and Deals
Metric snapshots enable reports over time

Customize Reporting To Make Your Expectations Reality

Build custom database queries with no coding required using our visual report builder
Manipulate HubSpot data as you see fit in spreadsheet
Use robust Deal, Contact, and Company lists to create flexible engines for report building
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